IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2019-06-23

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nrcernaGM GFbot 11:12
nrcernaQuick quesiton11:12
GFbotnrcerna, yes?11:13
nrcernaDid you see the message I sent you? 11:13
GFbotnrcerna, where?11:14
nrcernaOn messenger, I was asking something about your place to work11:14
GFbotoh no11:16
GFbotnot yet11:16
nrcernaI needed a quick answer so I did it there, since I couldnt reach you last time on hangouts11:16
nrcernaCan we hangout? 11:20
GFbotDG123, do we have meeting today?11:27
DG123It doesn't look like it11:27
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