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jelkner!remind Invoice NOVALACIRO for LibreOrganize work.10:55
"Invoice NOVALACIRO for LibreOrganize work." added to message queue10:55
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jelknerGood morning, nrcerna10:59
nrcernaGood morning jelkner 10:59
zOnnyHello Everyone!11:00
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jelknerGood morning all11:00
DG123Good morning11:00
mjsir911good morning11:00
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nrcernaHello :) 11:00
zOnnylet's start with the agenda's items11:00
ubuntouristACTION yawns, grumbles, etc.11:01
zOnnydiscuss problems with business email and Gallaudet's contract (zOnny)11:01
zOnnyzOnny go for it11:01
DarvinWyou can do it11:01
jelknerubuntourist, you're our email guy11:01
jelknercan you help zOnny debug what happened with the email sent to his novawebdevelopment address?11:02
zOnnywell, this is a problem with our business email as you may guess11:02
jelknerif we want to use those addresses, they need to work11:02
ubuntouristlooking back, I can find no evidence that anyone has done an Adobe Sign from an address.11:02
zOnnyWe problably test it sending documents with adobe sign11:03
ubuntouristI'm not certain what address Gallaudet used when sending Adobe Sign documents to Louis.11:03
jelknerif you are suggesting they can't, that's a problem11:03
jelknersince we don't want these contract emails to fail11:04
jelknerand if we are giving out addresses, our customers will use them11:04
zOnnynot sure if Adobe sign keeps the records and it is not for testing porpuses11:04
jelkneranyway, ubuntourist, would you be willing to look into it?11:05
jelknermaybe mjsir911 could help you?11:05
ubuntouristSince I still have an address, let me see if I have enough access to Adobe Sign to create a test document.11:05
zOnnyubuntourist: great!11:05
zOnnynext item11:06
zOnnyCheck-in on AEA CMS save problem. (jelkner)11:06
ubuntouristIf I cannot, maybe I can "ride shotgun" with Susan and see what the error message says, exactly.11:06
jelknerzOnny, did you get a chance to try to change that page?11:06
jelknerubuntourist, +111:06
zOnnyjelkner: yes, I did11:06
jelkneryou were able to change it11:07
jelknerwas it a permissions problem or me being stupid?11:07
zOnnyjelkner: I can change it even with another user11:08
jelknerok, probably me11:08
jelknerunless i see it again, let's move on11:08
jelknerACTION done11:08
zOnnyjelkner: do you see a warning?11:08
jelknerit seemed like it worked (no warning)11:09
zOnnyjelkner: tendenci is good telling you if something doesn't work11:09
jelknerbut the page looked the same11:09
jelknermaybe, but i tried refreshing11:09
jelkneri'm thinking it is not worth our time now11:09
jelkneri'll keep an eye out for it11:09
jelknerlet's move on11:10
zOnnyjelkner: we need to look on it together11:10
zOnnynex item11:10
jelknerwhen i get to santa ana11:10
zOnnySet goals for week 1 of Summer sprint starting tomorrow. (jelkner)11:10
jelknerso this is super important11:10
jelknerzOnny, nrcerna, GFbot 11:10
ubuntouristSprinting for four weeks, yes?11:10
jelknertomorrow at 10 am our time, the summer sprint starts11:11
jelknernrcerna, you'll be working with one of our interns11:11
jelknerdo you know what to do?11:11
jelknerwhile we wait for nrcerna, since time is short11:12
jelknerlet me suggest what we should do with both interns11:12
nrcernaYes, I planned the first week we can investigate with Samantha about our chance to promote us11:13
jelknerzOnny, get them working on learning html and css11:13
jelknerand unix cli11:13
jelknerthose are the survival skills they will need to work with us11:13
nrcernaI mean specific places we can offer our core product and services11:13
ubuntourist(BTW we have DarvinW on-board this morning, you may have noted.)11:13
nrcernaIm I right? 11:13
jelkneri have, ubuntourist, i was going to ask who he is11:14
zOnnyjelkner: ok11:14
DarvinWI'm Sophia11:14
jelknerah yes11:14
jelknersorry DarvinW 11:14
DarvinWStill picking up Django, should I learn some html and css as well?11:14
DarvinWNo worries11:14
jelkneri didn't recognize your nick11:14
DarvinWI'm focusing on django right now11:15
jelknergreat to have you hear with us11:15
nrcernajelkner: it is okay to work in that? Or should we work in something else? 11:15
DarvinWOn html and css as well?11:15
jelknerno, DarvinW, you shouldn't do that11:15
jelknerlet me propose what i see that the "big picture" for our summer sprint11:15
jelknerbeginning with the following assumptions:11:16
jelkner1. We have 3 coop members, nrcerna, GFbot, and zOnny, who want our coop to be their full time jobs11:16
jelkner2. We have interns and others who want part time employment with us11:16
jelkner3. To make that possible, we need revenue11:16
jelkner4. To make that possible, we need skills and expertise we can market11:17
jelknerso, working backward11:17
jelknerwe need to:11:17
jelkner1. Learn enough Django to be able to effectively build custom web applications11:17
jelkner2. Learn to style them so that our applications are not only nice applications, but beautiful too11:18
jelknerso we need some of us with design chops, lead by nrcerna to learn to make beautiful and easy to use UIs11:19
jelknerand we need other of us, lead by zOnny, to build back-end application logic11:19
jelknerdoes that make sense?11:19
jelknerzOnny, nrcerna does that make sense to you?11:19
zOnnyjelkner: ok11:20
nrcernaYes, as the last summer right? 11:20
jelknerso the way i see it, zOnny works with GFbot and DarvinW to learn Django11:20
DarvinWGot it.11:20
jelknerand nrcerna works with the interns on HTML and CSS with a specific focus on styling Django templates11:21
jelknereveryone needs basic unix cli11:21
jelknerso that's where to start11:21
jelknerbtw. i need to leave at 11:30, so we probably should move on11:22
jelknerif this was helpful11:22
zOnnynext item11:22
zOnnyInvoice NOVALACIRO for LibreOrganize work. (jelkner)11:22
nrcernaAre we going to start that since tomorrow or when you come jelkner? 11:22
nrcernaI asked that to GFbot  last time11:22
jelknerCool, zOnny we now have a customer we can bill for LibreOrganize work11:23
jelknerso let's get working on that11:23
jelknerand keeping track of our hours for the purpose of invoicing11:23
DG123This should be a simple invoice, I created a template and all that needs to be done is I need to work with zOnny to write in what specific tasks we're invoicing for11:23
jelknerDG123 agreed with me that we should bill NOVALACIRO at $60 per hour11:24
jelknerbut we can't get paid if we don't invoice11:24
jelknerACTION done11:25
zOnnythere is someone else would like to share something ?11:26
nrcernajelkner: I'm going to reach you by email11:26
jelknergreat, nrcerna11:26
jelkneri need to leave now11:26
nrcernaOk cool11:26
jelknerand i will be off the grid for the next week11:26
jelknerexcept by email11:26
jelknerso nrcerna, GFbot, looking forward to seeing you in santa ana!11:27
nrcernaYesss!!! 11:27
jelknerhave a great week, everyone!11:27
GFbotyou too jelkner 11:27
jelknerACTION signs off11:27
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zOnnyIt seems that we're done11:28
zOnnyACTION ACTION drops the bag of gravel11:28
ubuntouristDropped me and missed this message 11:28
ubuntouristJust remember to keep the invoice numbering system reasonable. What we'd somewhat agreed on before was a unique prefix for the project, followed by a sequential number11:28
zOnnyubuntourist: right 11:29
ubuntouristBTW, once again has a case-sensitive version of the channel name...11:29
zOnnyBig Brother seems to be case sensitive11:30
zOnnytry to join the channel ----> #novawebdev (all lowercases)11:31
mjsir911wierd, I checked before the meeting and it wasnt there...11:31
mjsir911will investigate further11:32
zOnnymjsir911: great 11:32
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