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zOnny!remind 2019.07.07 Chair = zOnny10:34
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zOnny!remind ARA project report10:36
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zOnny!remind Does the business' email work with Adobe sign?10:39
Big_BrotherInvalid arguments: No closing quotation.10:39
zOnny!remind Does the "business'" email work with Adobe sign?10:39
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zOnny!remind plans for the next week with prime students10:40
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zOnnyHello World!11:00
zOnnyIt seems that everyone are off today.11:01
zOnnyif most of the team are away, I will move the agenda for the next sunday11:04
Nath_Hello zOnny!11:04
zOnnyhi Nath_ 11:04
Nath_so are we going to work on the plans until next sunday zOnny?11:05
zOnnyNath_: plans?11:05
Nath_you wrote this: 11:06
Nath_" plans for the next week with prime students"11:06
zOnnyNath_: ah good point11:06
Nath_As we talked last time, I propose to keep practicing zOnny11:07
zOnnyNath_: We need to work with the prime students and get something from them.11:08
zOnnyNath_: I agree11:08
Nath_So when Jeff come here we can plan all the things we are going to try to work zOnny11:09
zOnnyNath_: ok11:09
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zOnnyNath_: I just want to make sure that they are doing something11:10
Nath_What do you think zOnny?11:10
zOnnyNath_: Both seems to learn fast11:12
Nath_kgreco sent an email with some stuff he worked zOnny11:12
zOnnyNath_: Both of them are working in a small project 11:12
Nath_so am I :D zOnny11:12
Nath_but isn't finnished yet11:13
zOnnyNath_: I will show them part of our work with tendenci11:13
Nath_would you show me that too? zOnny 11:14
zOnnyNath_: of course11:14
zOnnyNath_: before getting into the pool11:14
zOnnyNath_: you need to be familiar with HTML and CSS11:15
Nath_I'm a bit familiar now zOnny11:16
zOnnyNath_: great11:16
zOnnyNath_: ask me if you have questions 11:16
Nath_Ok, I'm going to ask what i need at learn channel11:17
zOnnythe prime students are testing from the other sources not only from Getting down with HTML and CSS11:17
Nath_with other sources you refer to JS  for example? zOnny11:17
zOnnyNath_: let seee how much they can learn11:17
zOnnyNath_: I saw Kgreico using when he started his project11:19
zOnnyNath_: just to have more ideas11:19
Nath_quick question: zOnny do you know something about Gfbot?11:19
zOnnyNath_: are you familiar with git ?11:19
Nath_Great, that's what I'm using too zOnny11:20
Nath_I just log in a couple of imes, but I didnt upload anything zOnny11:21
zOnnyNath_: are you in touch with Gfbot?11:21
Nath_No really zOnny11:21
Nath_what about you? zOnny11:22
zOnnyNath_: that's fine11:22
zOnnyNath_: Not much, since I have been working in a different project11:23
zOnnyNath_: you're probably work better once Jeff arrives there11:23
zOnnyNath_: He will teach you a lot11:24
Nath_zOnny:Yess, Im pretty excited!11:24
zOnnyNath_: He is coming to learn Django and teach you best practices with HTML and CSS11:25
zOnnyNath_: Please ask Jeff about git11:26
Nath_That's nice11:26
zOnnyNath_: He will help you with the git basics11:26
Nath_Ok, Im going to ask him zOnny11:26
zOnnyI would like to see your work and help you to improve11:27
zOnnyNath_: team work 11:27
zOnnyNath_: we need front end developers11:27
zOnnyNath_: Let's talk tomorrow11:28
Nath_I agree zOnny11:28
zOnnyACTION  Drops the bag of gravel11:28
Nath_I can share with you, Sambrem and kgreco tomorrow11:29
zOnnyNath_: Great11:29
Nath_bye zOnny11:29
zOnnyNath_: Have a good day.11:29
Nath_You too zOnny!11:29
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