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jelknerGood morning, nrcerna and GFbot, we have a lot to do today!09:15
jelkner1. Respond to Elizabeth Guzman campaign - nrcerna.09:15
jelkner2. Follow up with AEA request for email - jelkner.09:16
jelkner3. Move LibreOrganize closer ready for use - GFbot.09:16
jelknerSound good?09:16
nrcernajelkner about Elizabeth's website updates, I'm not sure how to proceed, I mean Is not just "design" Its about functionality (QUOTING Keiht- "Need to update the news room or have a better system for updating it.", GFbot developed her website, so I need to know how make this happen09:16
GFbot1+ jelkner 09:17
jelknerAsk zOnnny about the parts you don't understand, nrcerna.09:17
nrcernaare we going to work on this after LibreOrganize?09:18
nrcernaOk he is not here yet jelkner09:18
jelknerYes, nrcerna, i understand that.09:18
jelknerThe library opens at 10 am (8 am our time here).09:18
nrcernaThen zOnny is the one is going to help me with that?09:18
jelknerI usually call him a bit after that if I don't see him on irc.09:19
jelknerThat's an hour, nrcerna, seems to me you have more than an hour of design work in this, yes?09:19
jelknerSo there is plenty to do.09:19
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zOnnynrcerna: are you around10:28
nrcernayes zOnny10:29
zOnnynrcerna: can you share the redesign site for elizabeth10:31
zOnnynrcerna: they are asking for an upgrade that we are looking for.10:31
nrcernayes this is the list :
zOnnynrcerna: In terms of redesign 10:32
nrcernaI'm trying to figure this out zOnny, how can we make that changes? I mean, as I told jelkner some are functionality issues 10:33
zOnnyjelkner: is this the time where we can integrate simple sites within one server?10:33
nrcernaI already resize the header, GFbot is updating that and moving the logo to the navbar10:34
zOnnynrcerna: oh10:34
zOnnynrcerna: ok10:35
zOnnynrcerna: the shared link is empty 10:36
nrcernaI need your thoughts,  zOnny. We can discuss how to make it.10:37
zOnnynrcerna: does the shared link requires permission?10:38
nrcernaas you see the three uf us are switching between LibreOrganize and now this zOnny10:39
nrcernalet me check10:39
jelknerzOnny, not now10:39
jelkner(integrating simple sites in one server)10:39
jelknerzOnny: there is too much going on, and too much riding on having everything work between now and the election10:40
jelknerzOnny: the time to integrate the sites is right after the election10:40
jelknerin the middle of november10:40
zOnnyjelkner: ok10:40
jelknerboth of them will hopefully be reelected at that point10:40
jelknerand have 2 years to worry about running again10:40
jelknerso that would be the perfect time for them10:41
jelknerbetween now and november10:41
jelknermake only the changes they request10:41
nrcernaACTION Waiting that jelkner finish the idea (In order to not confuse zOnny)10:41
jelknerand do so as simply as possible10:41
jelknerACTION done.10:41
nrcernaThanks jelkner10:43
nrcernazOnny: So could you see the list?10:43
zOnnynrcerna: yes10:44
nrcernaWe already fix with GFbot the header picture10:45
zOnnynrcerna: ok10:45
zOnnynrcerna: Let me know if you have questions10:45
nrcernaBefore continue with this I need to know: how is membership going?10:45
nrcernaBecause we need to get ready LibreOrganize,jelkner is going to leave in a week zOnny10:46
zOnnynrcerna: I understand10:47
nrcernaSo we can switch to Elizabeth's Things, but we need to know the time is going to take make that changes10:48
zOnnynrcerna: I'm not clear at all what the admin should see once the membership is clicked 10:48
nrcernaOk, zOnny 10:50
zOnnynrcerna: have you tried on creating a membership form?10:50
nrcernaLet me try to explain10:50
nrcernaYes, well with tendenci demo10:51
zOnnynrcerna: right10:51
zOnnynrcerna: which steps you have to do first?10:51
zOnnynrcerna: can you tell me how the membership template should looks like10:52
nrcernaCreate a membership adn categories10:52
nrcernaYes, zOnny I'm there10:54
zOnnynrcerna: where is categories ?10:54
nrcernaMembershio types 10:55
zOnnynrcerna: the first step that admin does is 10:55
zOnnynrcerna: create a membership type10:56
zOnnynrcerna: then the membership application10:56
nrcernaYes,zOnny 10:57
zOnnynrcerna: so10:57
zOnnynrcerna: in order to have these options10:57
zOnnynrcerna: membership template should throw two icons 10:57
GFbot_zOnny, nrcerna will call u10:58
zOnnynrcerna: as the dashboard I guess10:58
zOnnyGFbot_: how do you think that membership template should looks like?10:59
GFbot_zOnny, -.-11:01
nrcernaOne page with membership types and membershhip applications, zOnny GFbot11:02
nrcernaI mean we need to keep that simple11:03
GFbot_zOnny, can you add my ssh to elizabeth instance?11:18
GFbot_if you have time11:18
zOnnyGFbot_: done11:20
GFbot_zOnny, thanks!11:20
GFbot_zOnny, some idea11:49
GFbot_navbar doesnt work?11:49
zOnnyGFbot_: Ave maria :O11:50
GFbot_i just merged dev version to prod11:50
zOnnyGFbot_: checking11:51
GFbot_zOnny, :(11:51
zOnnyGFbot_: did you restart apache11:51
GFbot_yes i did it11:52
GFbot_zOnny, some idea?11:57
zOnnyGFbot_: I'm checking 11:58
zOnnyGFbot_: give me a min11:58
zOnnyGFbot_: did it works in your dev?12:01
GFbot_it does12:01
zOnnyGFbot_: ah I see12:12
GFbot_zOnny, any solution :(?12:13
zOnnyGFbot_: Interesting that it works in your dev12:13
zOnnyGFbot_: In my opinion, you are using {% static '' %} without loading it12:14
GFbot_it should12:14
GFbot_be load static12:14
zOnnyGFbot_: right12:14
GFbot_zOnny, one question12:17
GFbot_its weird because on my local instance works12:17
zOnnyGFbot_: not sure if load static works with django1.812:17
GFbot_its that correct one12:17
zOnnyGFbot_: I use load staticfiles12:18
zOnnyGFbot_: it work12:19
zOnnyGFbot_: UHhmmmmm12:19
zOnnyGFbot_: the logo is broken12:19
GFbot_zOnny, checking12:20
zOnnyGFbot_: make sure that the img exist 12:20
GFbot_it does12:20
zOnnyGFbot_: it belongs to media12:22
GFbot_zOnny, "{{ THEME_URL }}media/"12:23
GFbot_should be like that12:23
zOnnyGFbot_: right12:23
GFbot_zOnny, what a mess :D12:24
jelknerzOnny: can you please reply to chris when you get a chance?12:27
jelknerzOnny: He is asking if you need him tomorrow night.12:27
jelknerWe need to get an invoice for him for his work.12:27
zOnnyjelkner: ok12:27
jelknerbut if you don't need him, he doesn't need to come, right?12:27
jelkneri mean invoice *from* him12:28
jelknerthat's my job, zOnny, so when you are finished with his help12:28
jelknerlet me know and i'll email him about getting us an invoice12:29
GFbot_zOnny, done, thanks for your help!12:29
jelknerzOnny: nice email from jeff whitaker12:31
jelknerthings are moving12:31
zOnnyjelkner: done12:42
jelknerdone what, zOnny?12:42
zOnnyjelkner: email12:42
jelkneri assume you mean email to chris?12:42
zOnnyGFbot_: are you around ?14:50
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nrcernazOnny how are you doing with the memberships? :D16:31
zOnnynrcerna: getting errors and fixing it.16:36
nrcernaGreat at least we are making progress right? zOnny16:36
zOnnynrcerna: Hopefully16:38
nrcernayesss, hopefully zOnny16:38
zOnnynrcerna: membership form is a puzzle17:21
GFbot_zOnny, ill logout for today17:21
zOnnynrcerna:  I'm getting into it :)17:21
nrcernaI know zOnny17:22
GFbot_if you have some progress or things to ask, send me an email17:22
nrcernathat's great!17:22
zOnnynrcerna: for sure17:22
zOnnynrcerna: I will complete the puzzle17:22
nrcernaAwsome zOnny :)17:23
zOnnynrcerna: it's not complete yet but will be for tomorrow17:23
zOnnynrcerna: I was messing around17:23
nrcernaSure!!! :D17:23
nrcernaIm about to go now, text me if you need something zOnny17:23
zOnnynrcerna: I admire tendenci developers 17:24
zOnnynrcerna: too much going on17:24
nrcernabye zOnny! o/ 17:24
nrcernaACTION Leaving17:24
zOnnynrcerna: no17:25
zOnnynrcerna: :17:25
zOnnynrcerna: lol, see u17:25
nrcernaI was terrified  zOnny17:26
nrcernasee u :D17:26
nrcernaACTION Leaving17:26
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jelknerACTION signs off for the day, bb early tomorrow morning18:23

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