IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2019-08-08

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nrcernaGm jelkner, how are you?10:34
jelknerGood morning, nrcerna 10:40
jelkneri'm working with zOnny on setting up his gpg key10:41
jelknerand signing our operating agreement10:41
jelknernrcerna, you know what you need to do, right?10:41
jelknerwork for that bonus!10:41
jelknerhow is the car, btw?10:41
nrcernaYes, in fact we made some progress yesterdat, GFbot is doing good jelkner10:42
nrcernathe car still bad jelkner10:42
jelkneri'm sorry to hear that, nrcerna 10:44
nrcernaWe spent around 200, and more bills are going to come jeje 10:44
nrcernayes, that's what i need to keep going10:44
jelknerso, nrcerna, that should provide plenty of motivation to finish our website10:47
jelkneri'll leave you be so you can focus on that10:47
jelkneras soon as we have a new novawebdevelopment website10:47
nrcernayes :)10:47
jelkneri'll send you the bonus10:48
jelknerlet's get to work, nrcerna 10:48
jelknertty later10:48
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nrcernatty later jelkner10:48
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nrcernaGM GFbot10:49
GFbotnrcerna, :D?10:50
nrcerna(Good morning) jajaa , Thanks for being responsible and work so hard. GFbot10:50
nrcernawe need to discuss our plans for today GFbot10:51
nrcernaEn que te quedaste ayer? GFbot10:51
GFboten delete y agregarlos10:53
GFbotal evento10:53
nrcernaOk entonces eso es lo que vas a trabajar ahora no? crees que vas a poder empezar retomar lo de memberships?10:57
GFbotsi termino el boton si nrcerna 10:57
GFbotboton = funcionalidad.10:57
GFbota no ser que zOnny  ya lo tengo10:58
nrcernaOk, ojalá no sea tan complicado y podas terminar lo del botón ahora para que podamos ver lo demás el domingo GFbot10:59
nrcernaeso quiere decir que el domingo vamos a poder ver lo pocos detalles que nos hacen falta y ver como los vamos a ir trabajando11:00
GFbotnrcerna, ci11:02
nrcernaGFbot, vas bien, solo tenemos que mantener el ritmo11:03
GFbotnrcerna, :D11:06
zOnnyGFbot: are you around ?12:18
GFbotzOnny, yes?12:19
zOnnyGFbot: one question12:20
GFbotzOnny, yes sir12:20
zOnnyGFbot: what is wrong?12:22
zOnnyGFbot: my loop doesn't retrive the list12:23
GFbotzOnny, mmm12:31
GFbotzOnny, i see12:35
GFbotthat you have12:35
GFboton one view12:36
zOnnyGFbot: -.-12:36
zOnnyGFbot: I don't get it12:37
GFbotzOnny, i mean that you have that fine, for some reason its not show in up12:37
nrcernayou can hangout zOnny and GFbot12:37
zOnnyGFbot: right12:38
zOnnyGFbot: I also tried using the model =  MembershipApp12:38
nrcernaand try to talk about that :D (Just saying) zOnny GFbot12:38
zOnnyGFbot: membershipApp has the field --> membership_types = 12:39
zOnnyHowever it didn't work as well12:39
GFbotzOnny, m12:41
GFbotzOnny, 12:42
GFbotyou miss 12:42
GFbotin class MembershiptypeListView12:42
zOnnyGFbot: ?12:44
GFboti cant no see12:44
GFbottemplate_name = ''12:44
GFbotin that class view12:44
zOnnybut still doesn't work12:46
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GFbotzOnny, let me fix my problem12:47
GFbotand then i can help you12:47
zOnnyGFbot: sure12:47
GFbotzOnny, i kind of stuck too12:47
zOnnyGFbot: ping once you are free12:47
GFbotzOnny, sure12:48
jelknernrcerna, GFbot, i'm going to go eat with zOnny.  we will be back online in about an hour13:09
GFbotjelkner, cool13:09
nrcernaOkay, buen provecho13:09
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nrcernaACTION going to cook for lunch13:42
nrcernabb in about an hour13:42
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jelknerhello, GFbot, we're back from lunch14:51
GFbotjelkner, cool15:14
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GFbotnrcerna, delete button done.16:06
GFbotim going to push16:06
nrcernaLuego de eso ibamos a ver lo de memberships verdad GFbot? o zOnny ya completo eso?16:12
GFbotnrcerna, zOnny tiene problemas ahora16:15
GFbotcreo que le ayudare.16:15
GFbotya que mañana son los dayoff16:15
zOnnyzOnny: 16:15
nrcernaLo sé, entonces continuamos con lo demas el jueves, como te mencioné en la mañana16:15
nrcernaGracias por tu esfuerzo GFbot, también zOnny16:16
zOnnynrcerna: trying to make it work16:16
nrcernaI know zOnny, you are doing great16:17
nrcernaGFbot is going to help you 16:18
zOnnynrcerna: not really 16:24
nrcernawhy zOnny?16:27
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