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jelknerGood morning, nrcerna10:09
nrcernaGood Morning jelkner 10:10
jelknerThere is *a lot* of interest here in worker cooperatives10:11
jelknerWe really need to get LibreOrganize out as soon as possible10:11
jelknerSo we can be in the conversation10:12
nrcernaI know jelkner I feel the pressure, in fact, today Im going to GFbot place for a quick meeting and work on that10:13
jelknernrcerna: i'm working on a $500 "mini-grant" with VEA for the purpose of paying lena to work on deploying LibreOrganize for AEA10:13
jelknerI'll stop nagging, nrcerna, but you get the point10:13
jelkneri can't do promotion until we have something to promote10:13
jelknerACTION let's nrcerna and himself get back to work10:14
nrcernaI know that I why I'm trying to get something deliverable as soon as possible jelkner 10:14
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GFbotnrcerna im here!11:08
nrcerna:) 11:09
GFbotjelkner are you there?11:15
GFbotnrcerna done11:19
nrcernaGracias GFbot 11:21
GFbotnrcerna :D11:21
nrcernajelkner 'LibreOrganize Website changes' Done! 11:22
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GFbotim back nrcerna12:30
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GFbotjelkner are you there?13:12
jelknerGFbot: i am13:12
GFbotLibreOrganize changes done jelkner13:12
jelkneri'm here at gallaudet with zOnny and ubuntourist13:12
GFbotoh cool13:12
jelknerACTION goes to look13:12
jelkneroh, GFbot, we need to fix the SSL certificate13:13
jelkneris that a zOnny job?13:13
GFbotjelkner right!13:13
jelknerok, zOnny needs to test RAGU with our customer here first13:13
GFbotjelkner he knows how to fix it, I think13:13
jelkneri think he does13:13
jelkneri'll talk to him about it as soon as we leave here13:13
GFbotjelkner cool13:14
jelknernrcerna, i don't mean to be picking nits13:14
jelknerbut can we have the work "of" not in bold?13:15
jelknerwe want bold to draw attention to the main points13:15
jelknerso we want bold: "popular power", "democratic control" and "our data"13:16
jelknernot "of"13:16
jelknerdoes that make sense?13:16
jelknerthe icons are fantastic, btw!13:16
jelknerGFbot, is nrcerna around?13:17
jelkneri have one other nit to pick :-)13:17
GFbotnrcerna i don't think so but, i just removed bold from "of"13:18
jelknerand this one i leave up to nrcerna as our designer13:18
jelknerbut GFbot, i'll ask you what you think13:18
nrcernaYes 13:18
GFbotjelkner go ahead13:18
jelknerdon't you think LibreOrganize should be a bit larger?13:18
jelknerSince that's the product13:19
nrcernaDo you mean Libre Organize (the Word) 13:19
nrcernaRight jelkner 13:19
jelknerand, no space13:19
jelknerWe agreed that LibreOrganize13:19
jelkneris how we will write it13:19
GFbotjelkner i'll make the changes that nrcerna tell to do.13:20
GFbotso.i'll continue testing memberships13:20
jelknerGFbot, any idea on when we could port our NOVA Web Dev site to it?13:20
GFbotwe don't have theme ready13:20
jelknerI understand13:21
jelknerbut that's the easier part, yes?13:21
jelkneryou know how to do that without replaceafill's help13:21
GFbotjelkner that question is for nrcerna13:21
jelknerokie dokie13:21
jelknerGFbot, i'll be taking the bus to Philadelphia tomorrow13:21
nrcernaEstamos haciendo todo lo posible para acelerar las cosas y que sea funcional jelkner13:22
jelknerthanks, nrcerna!13:22
nrcerna:) 13:23
jelknernrcerna, i'll work with zOnny on the SSL certificate today13:24
jelknerfor LibreOrganize web page13:25
nrcernaGFbot is testing Memberships and cleaning it up a little but to have Just the things we are going to use jelkner 13:25
jelknerso we can show that off to interested folks at FOSSCON13:25
nrcernaAnd the. We are going see the button-theme thing 13:25
GFbotnrcerna done.
jelknerwow, it looks *great*!13:26
jelknerthanks nrcerna and GFbot13:26
jelkneryou two rock!13:26
GFbotjelkner your welcome.13:26
GFbotthats our job ;)13:26
nrcernaGFbot el único cambio que agregaría es que tengo que unir el logo en una sola palabra, haré eso y lo haces, al final del día, me interesa que sigas en lo de Membership 13:26
jelknerI understand, GFbot, time to shine!13:26
GFbotjelkner time to leave mom's house :D13:27
jelknerbut i want to give you my heart felt thanks non-the-less13:27
nrcernaJajaja siii GFbot  es hora 13:27
GFbotnrcerna ok13:27
nrcernaCon tu bono te podrás ir para otro lugar a vivir GFbot ;) 13:27
GFbot:D  ?13:28
nrcernaTime to shine jelkner 13:28
jelknerok, back to work for me...13:28
jelkneri'll be on irc sunday morning13:28
jelknerno meeting, but i'll be at my brother's house13:29
nrcernaOk jelkner see you on sunday 13:29
jelknersee you then13:29
jelkneroh wait, nrcerna 13:29
jelknerdo you have a minute?13:29
jelknerhrodriguez and i may have some design work for you13:30
jelknerwe need two fliers13:30
jelknernrcerna, let me know when you have a minute to discuss13:30
nrcerna:) 13:40
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jelknernrcerna, GFbot, ubuntourist and zOnny have delivered RAGU, and it looks like we can write an invoice for that soon.16:57
jelknerSo a good day.16:57
GFbot1+ jelkner17:01
jelknerGFbot, at the meetup tonight, we are going to clean up the branches so that the stuff we are running here is in main17:02
nrcerna:) Great17:05
jelknerok, we are packing up to leave gallaudet17:10
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