IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2019-08-18

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wolcen : @ChanServ11:00
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jelknerHello, GFbot 12:11
GFbothey jelkner12:17
jelknerI just emailed you, GFbot 12:19
jelknerHow are things going with LibreOrganize and our new website?12:19
jelknerAnything new to report?12:19
jelknerGFbot, you can reply by email if that would be easier.12:20
GFbotjelkner sure12:20
jelknerI just wanted to check-in12:20
jelknerI'm in NJ with my brother12:20
jelknerand we are about to go to visit our grandmother.12:20
jelknerTomorrow I take the bus back to Virginia.12:21
GFboti'll reply12:21
GFbotthe email12:21
jelknerLet's talk on Tuesday12:22
jelknertalk to you then, GFbot 12:22
GFbotse you jelkner12:22
jelknerACTION signs off12:22
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