IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2019-08-20

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jelknernrcerna, are you here?12:03
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jelknernrcerna, GFbot i was just about to email you.12:11
nrcerna16hi jelkner12:11
jelknerplease try to be on irc regularly during your work hours12:11
nrcerna16We are here at GFbot place12:12
jelknersince i will be on very irregularly, it will help communication a lot if you are on the channel often12:12
nrcerna16Ok jelkner as we already being doing it12:12
jelknerAre you feeling better, nrcerna16?12:12
nrcerna16yes jelkner12:13
jelkneri'm glad to hear that12:13
jelkneri wanted to check-in with you on LibreOrganize12:13
nrcerna16thank you12:13
jelknerGFbot suggested he was stuck with something12:13
jelknervery important to reach out to replaceafill when that happnes12:14
nrcerna16I know jelkner, is what I'm here, he is showing me all the work he did12:14
jelknerso we can keep it moving forward12:14
jelknerok, i don't want to disrupt progress12:14
jelknerso if you don't need me, i'll return to something else12:14
jelknernrcerna16, did you see my email with the link to the operating agreement translation?12:15
nrcerna16is kind of stuck on memberships, but we are trying to fix it, the first time (early morning he could)12:15
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nrcerna16yes jelkner12:15
jelknerhrodriguez is looking that over now12:16
nrcerna16but I'm going to read that out again12:16
jelknerwe need it for a meeting we have tomorrow12:16
jelknerwith trabajadores unidos de washington, dc12:16
jelknerthey want to talk about cooperatives12:16
jelknerso i'm going to bring printed copies to our meeting12:16
jelknerto talk about how we organized ourselves at nova web deve12:17
nrcerna16ACTION reading...12:17
jelkneralso, hrodriguez and i met with diego so he can turn over the finances to me12:17
jelkneri need to figure that out soon12:17
jelknerthat will be my top priority now12:17
jelknerfiling taxes and doing our bookkeeping12:18
jelknerok, that's all i have for now12:18
jelkneri hope replaceafill can help get GFbot unstuck12:18
jelknerwe have so much to do, and our first step is getting our own website ported12:19
jelknerhasta pronton, nrcerna16 12:19
nrcerna16Vamos a intentar hablar con el jelkner12:19
nrcerna16hasta pronto jelkner12:19
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replaceafillGFbot nrcerna nrcerna16 ping12:56
nrcerna16Hola replaceafill12:57
replaceafillnrcerna16, que problema tienen?12:57
nrcerna16estamos tratando de solucionarlo, pero German te va a decir ahorita con que tiene problema12:58
nrcerna16(no podes hablar verdad)?replaceafill12:58
replaceafillnrcerna16, ahorita no12:59
replaceafillnrcerna16, y es bueno que aprendan a describir estas situaciones12:59
replaceafillnrcerna16, especialmente que GFbot aprenda13:00
replaceafillnrcerna16, no podes asumir "sincronia"13:00
nrcerna16Eso estoy tratandl de que haga eso13:00
GFbotreplaceafill, ya se cual es el problema que tuve 13:00
replaceafillGFbot, ok, ya no necesitas nada de mi entonces?13:00
GFbotreplaceafill, el problem fue13:01
GFbotque quite campos de los forms, pero las views o templates13:01
GFbottienen o piden los campos13:01
GFboty ese era el problema.13:01
GFbottengo que hacer una template13:01
replaceafillok, ya te desatascase?13:01
GFbotsin los campos que quite.13:01
GFbotosea no lo he hecho pero se que ese es el problema.13:01
GFbotlo acabo de descubrir13:02
GFbotreplaceafill, de momento estamos testeando todo ya que lo he unido las 3 apps13:02
GFbotpero como usted dijo, la de memberships iba a ser la más cabrona13:03
replaceafilly funcionan?13:03
GFbotlas demas sí y la memberships la estamos probando y viendo si sigue con más bugs13:04
GFbotsi llega a funcionar lo basico seguiremos con el theme13:04
GFbotreplaceafill, si me sale un problema más complejo le avisare13:04
replaceafillGFbot, chivo13:05
GFbotgracias por ayudarnos replaceafill :)13:05
replaceafillvos solo te ayudaste13:05
replaceafillsegui trabajando13:05
GFbotreplaceafill, vamos bien es lo bueno13:05
replaceafillok, avisenme si necesitan que regrese13:05
GFboto/ ci13:05
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