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nrcernaGM jelkner09:06
jelknerGood morning, nrcerna 09:09
jelknerJust made the Xoom transfer.09:09
jelkneri'm at my desk in my classroom, finally09:09
jelkneri'm about to read german's email09:09
nrcernaI got the xoom email09:10
nrcernaHey, thats great! 09:10
jelknerGreat news!09:10
nrcernaOk, jelkner 09:10
jelknerzOnny is working long hours at a restaurant.09:11
jelknerhe can't answer emails or phone calls while he's at work09:11
jelknerso it is now hard to reach him.09:11
jelkneri'll try to call him tonight09:11
nrcernaOh, I was wondering why he wasnt here as usual09:12
nrcernaOk jelkner 09:12
jelknerto see if he can respond to german's email in a reasonable amount of time09:12
jelknerif not, it is up to the two of you09:12
nrcernaWe tried to make that happen jelkner 09:13
jelknernrcerna, we need to begin doing better accounting09:13
jelkneri'm going to need your help with this09:13
nrcernaBut ir seems like GFbot really needs help 09:13
jelknerfor example, you, GFbot and I talked about the bonus the two of you get for finishing our own website with LibreOrganize 0.109:13
jelknerbut if zOnny helps you, we need to discuss in advance how he will be compensated09:14
jelkneryou and i need to think about budget09:14
jelknerhow much money to we have?09:14
jelknerhow should be best allocate it to make novawebdev sustainable?09:14
jelknerhow should we ;-)09:15
jelknernot be09:15
nrcernaI see jelkner 09:15
jelknerI think the easiest thing to do with zOnny if he is going to work irregular hours is for him to track his hours and we can compensate him at $30 an hour.09:16
jelknerthen you, nrcerna, decide how many hours of his time you need09:16
jelknerand get estimates from him on things you want him to do09:17
jelknerand approve his work when it is finished09:17
jelknerso I can transfer the funds to him09:17
jelknermake sense?09:17
nrcernaYes jelkner 09:17
jelknerwe can only afford to keep you and GFbot full time for now09:17
jelknerso the focus should be on keeping you two full time, and getting you to "skill up" to the level where you can bring in more work than you can handle.09:18
jelknerwe want to get zOnny back full time09:18
jelknerbut we can't afford it09:18
jelknerso he needs to work to live09:18
jelknerand that takes him away from us as a regular resource09:18
jelknernrcerna, did you get notice of the paymetn?09:19
nrcernaI got it09:19
nrcernaYes, I receive a $1000 xoom tansfer 09:19
jelknerok, your big bounty is still waiting for you09:20
jelknerwhich is really, really important09:20
jelknergetting our new website using it09:20
jelknerthen we can move on to NOVALACIRO09:20
jelknerand work with heylin on that09:20
jelknerokie dokie09:21
jelknernrcerna, i'm going to sign off so i can focus on getting ready for the arrival of my students on tuesday09:21
nrcernaHe are going to try reach replaceafill, maybe he can help us with the issue we have, Just in case zOnny cant help us that soon09:21
jelkneryes, don't wait09:22
nrcernaSure :) 09:22
jelknernrcerna, email me if you need anything from me09:22
nrcernaOkay jelkner 09:22
nrcernaThank you 09:22
jelkneri'll be sure to check-in tomorrow, and i'll try to reach zOnny tonight09:22
jelkneroh, one more thing09:23
nrcernaYes? 09:23
jelknerzOnny did say he will be with us sundays from 10 am to 4 pm, and thursdays from 4 pm to 8 pm09:23
jelknerthat's when lena will be with us too09:23
jelknerso starting next sunday, i think we can count on that and plan around it09:24
nrcernaGreat! 09:24
jelknertalk to you soon, nrcerna 09:24
jelknerACTION signs off to focus on teacher work09:24
nrcernaBye jelkner :) 09:24
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nrcerna : wolcen_ : @ChanServ11:00
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replaceafillnrcerna, ping11:37
nrcernaHace la video llamada y el se va a unir para mostrarte y yo con el audio para no estar con el problema del micro replaceafill 11:39
replaceafillahorita estoy comiendo11:39
nrcernaAh shis 11:39
replaceafillpero puedo digitar11:39
nrcernaAh ok11:40
replaceafillque German entre a IRC11:40
nrcernaAhorita te responde GFbot 11:40
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GFbotreplaceafill, hola11:40
replaceafillGFbot, la documentacion que mencionas que es "old"11:40
replaceafillGFbot, cual es?11:40
replaceafillGFbot, ese proceso lo hiciste el mes pasado verdad?11:41
replaceafillGFbot, durante el sprint11:41
GFboty el problema11:41
replaceafillGFbot, y funciono verdad?11:41
GFbotdonde usted me ayudo11:41
GFbotcuando en las dependencies11:42
GFbotcambiamos algo11:42
GFbotporque estaba desactualizado.11:42
replaceafillestas tratando de actualizar el tendenci de, verdad?11:43
replaceafillcomo lo estas haciendo?11:43
replaceafilldirectamente en el servidor de produccion?11:43
GFbotsí, pero en un directorio aparte11:43
replaceafillpodrias copiar la base de datos a tu maquina?11:44
replaceafillya has hecho eso para AEA?11:44
replaceafilllos snapshots?11:44
replaceafillel problema con este proceso de migracion es que vas a borrar tablas si recuerdo bien11:45
replaceafilly si te quedas a medias11:45
replaceafillvas a arruinar el sitio actual11:45
GFbotreplaceafill, lo que hic11:46
GFbothice antes11:46
GFbotduplicarla con un nombre diferente11:46
GFboty editar esa11:46
replaceafillduplicar la base de datos?11:46
replaceafillok, chivo, tuviste algun traceback?11:47
replaceafillo podes llegar al problema rapido ahorita mismo?11:47
replaceafillves este es un ejemplo claro de "tropezarte con la misma piedra multiples veces" :)11:53
replaceafillGFbot, ^11:54
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