IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2019-09-05

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nrcerna16GFbot, ahora tenemos reunion a las 2 pm. no se te olvide 11:46
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GFbotACTION goes to lunch15:02
GFbotACTION is back15:54
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nrcerna16Hello zOnny16:09
nrcerna16Nice to see you here :) 16:10
zOnnynrcerna16: Hello16:10
nrcerna16How is everything going? zOnny16:10
zOnnynrcerna16: good so far16:11
zOnnynrcerna16: Anything that I can help with?16:11
nrcerna16Great to know that zOnny16:11
nrcerna16Well we are working on NWD redesign and then port the site, zOnny16:12
nrcerna16GFbot has some troubles to port the site a few days ago zOnny16:12
nrcerna16he was asking for help doing that on sunday16:13
GFbotnrcerna16, had*16:13
nrcerna16(I mean the last sunday) 16:13
nrcerna16right, thanks GFbot16:14
nrcerna16Douglas helped him, but I think you two can talk about how is the better way to do it zOnny16:15
nrcerna16so, zOnny and GFbot , you should communicate and share thoughts about it16:15
nrcerna16jelkner? zOnny?17:04
jelknernrcerna16, sorry17:05
jelknerzOnny is teaching lena Django17:06
jelknernrcerna16, can i help you with something?17:07
jelkneroh, i mentioned we would check-in at 4 pm, right?17:08
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jelknerthere she is17:08
jelknernrcerna16, i was only thinking it would be a good time to welcome lbolz 17:08
jelkneri didn't have anything on the agenda besides that17:09
jelknerbut they got started learning right away, so i didn't want to interrupt them17:09
nrcerna16yes, jelkner17:09
nrcerna16Welcome lbolz17:09
jelknernrcerna16, how are things coming with our new website?17:10
nrcerna16Hello! :) Its a pleasure to meet you, we are excited to work with you17:10
jelknerwill we be able to look at it on sunday?17:10
nrcerna16GFbot is working on "Our team" section17:11
jelkneri can't wait for a tour17:11
jelknerok, nrcerna16, see you sunday morning17:11
jelknerwe are all having breakfast together at 9 am our time17:11
jelkner(7 am ES time)17:12
jelknerso we should be logging on around 8 am your time17:12
jelknerlbolz and hrodriguez will both be there17:12
jelknerhrodriguez is going to be the point of contact for our next LibreOrganize deployment - NOVALACIRO17:13
jelknerok, i've got to get back to work17:13
jelknernrcerna16, i'll see you sunday morning17:13
nrcerna16I'm going to send you a report today jelkner17:13
nrcerna16Sure jelkner17:13

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