IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2019-09-25

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nrcernaACTION AFK16:02
nrcernaACTION back16:25
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jelknerGood afternoon nrcerna and GFbot 16:29
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nrcernaHello jelkner GFbot16:30
jelknerStefan is trying to learn about irc16:31
jelknerhe's quick16:31
jelknerbut he's never used it before16:31
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nrcerna+1 16:31
jelknerhe's on now16:31
nrcernaWelcome SIBarbu16:32
nrcernais good to have you here with us! SIBarbu16:32
SIBarbuNice to meet you.16:33
nrcerna+1 :)16:33
jelknerlet me get things started16:34
nrcernaplease jelkner16:34
jelknerSIBarbu, nrcerna is our project manager16:34
jelknerGFbot, is the main developer working on LibreOrganize16:34
jelkneri guess what we need most is for GFbot to give you a quick tour16:34
jelknerso that you can look at the LibreOrganize source16:34
jelknerand we can get you started working on Sunday16:35
jelknerbtw, nrcerna, i'm acting as if we have voted already to approve SIBarbu's internship16:35
jelkneri guess we know that is going to happen ;-)16:35
nrcernayou already know my answer jelkner jeje16:35
nrcernaso GFbot, you need to vote too!16:36
GFbotSIBarbu this is our gitlab repo where we have our LibreOrganize product
SIBarbuAlright, let me check it out16:36
GFbotit will be easy to understand what it does at this point.16:37
jelknerlet me give SIBarbu a history after you are done with him16:38
GFbotwe need to improve it16:38
jelkneri'll tell him about Tendenci16:38
jelknerand what we have done16:38
jelknerand i'll show him our client list16:38
jelknerand goals16:38
jelknerso the important thing is that GFbot can help SIBarbu start with setting up the NOVALACIRO branch this sunday16:39
SIBarbuI got a basic idea from the website's bio, but I don't know the details yet.16:39
jelknerwe need to give him a bit of time to get oriented16:39
jelknerbut he'll start on sunday16:39
jelknerso, nrcerna do you have anything more you want to say to SIBarbu?16:40
jelkneryou won't be here sunday16:40
nrcernaJust the thing I mentioned at my last email jelkner16:40
jelkneri don't think he saw the email16:40
nrcernawe need to figure it out how to create independent apps (Boxes)16:41
jelknerso, nrcerna, when could he and GFbot meet with replaceafill?16:41
nrcernaI mean to keep moving forward we need to add the CMS part to our LibreOrganize base theme16:41
jelknersome day next week, perhaps?16:42
nrcernammm I need to ask that to replaceafill16:42
nrcernaand schedule a meeting16:42
GFbotjelkner we need you to test novawebdevelopment to keep moving!16:42
nrcernaI'm going to ask him today16:42
jelknerexcellent, nrcerna 16:42
jelknerGFbot, i'll be testing this weekend16:43
jelkneri have grad school papers due16:43
jelkneractually, only one left16:43
jelknerso sunday is test day16:43
nrcernaremember we think we already fix the issues. right GFbot?16:43
nrcernaI mean jelkner can start to testing too.16:43
jelknernot just me, but hrodriguez and ubuntourist can help16:43
jelknerwe can all test on sunday16:44
jelknerand SIBarbu can learn from thata16:44
jelknerhe'll see what we have and what we need16:44
jelknerokie dokie16:44
jelkneri don't want to take too long here now16:44
jelknerso we'll log off16:44
jelkneri'll give him our history16:45
jelknerand our list of clients16:45
nrcernaI'm going to email replaceafill and cc you16:45
jelknerand we will meet on sunday16:45
SIBarbuok nice to meet you all. I am looking forward to helping you16:45
jelknerok, nrcerna, hasta lunes!16:45
nrcernaThanks, and nice to meet you too SIBarbu16:45
jelknerGFbot, c u sunday morning16:45
GFbotsee u jelkner16:45
GFbotgood to meet you SIBarbu16:46
nrcernammm jelkner, today is Wednesday16:46
jelknerACTION signs off for the day16:46
SIBarbuACTION logs off16:46
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