IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2019-10-02

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jelknerGM nrcerna 09:37
nrcernaGM jelkner09:37
jelknerI got an email from Xoom yesterday09:38
jelknerand then called them on the phone when I got home from work.09:38
jelknerthey told me i was in violation of the agreement09:38
jelknerwhich apparently says you can only have one Xoom account09:39
jelknerand the new one i was setting up would be my 2nd09:39
nrcernaI see09:39
jelknerthey understood is was not intentional09:39
jelknerso i cancelled my old Xoom account09:39
jelknerand told them i want this new one09:39
jelknersince i'm only using it for our business09:40
jelknerthey needed documents showing NOVA Web Development is a legal business, 09:40
jelknerand that the bank account we are using is linked09:40
nrcernaI want to let you know that I finnally have a bank account where you can transfer as Dougla's one jelkner09:40
jelknerperfect, nrcerna 09:40
jelkneri should hear back from them today09:40
jelknerso over the next few days we can get this all setup09:41
jelkneronce we do, we will have a process we can just use regularly09:41
nrcernaIs good to know that we are moving forward setting up al this09:41
jelknerok, did you post in the forum yet?09:42
jelkneri didn't look09:42
jelknerif you tell me you did, i'll read it09:42
nrcernaOh no jelkner, since I went to the doctor with Yurem, he is already sick, we are waiting, but i'm going to look it now09:42
jelknerok, i'll wait to hear from you09:43
jelknerremember, our forward progress depends on you and german staying engaged09:43
jelknerso i don't know what you are working on09:43
jelknerbut we can't afford to just stop making progress09:44
jelknermy fear is whenever you aren't on top of it, german may get off track09:44
jelknerthat's what happened in the past09:44
nrcernaI know, I call him yesterday jelkner09:44
jelknerok, i'll check in with you again tomorrow09:45
jelknerlet me know when you are ready for me to file issues09:45
jelknerwhich means you've posted in our forum how you want me to do that09:45
nrcernato talk about we are going to do, I'm going to talk today with him too, and tell him we need to reply on the forum and keep moving forward with the apps we need to continue09:45
jelknerthen i'll start09:46
jelknerokie dokie, let's talk again tomorrow at this same time09:46
nrcernaSure jelkner09:46
jelkneri hope Yurem is having a speedy recovery09:46
nrcernathanks for your time09:46
jelknerand thank you for yours09:46
jelknerhasta tomorrow ;-)09:47
nrcernasee you maƱana :)09:47
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nrcernaHello GFbot11:53
nrcernaI just send you a voice note on WA GFbot11:55
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