IRC log of #novawebdev for Friday, 2019-10-04

*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev12:24
jelknermjsir911, why is your gasp package suddenly unreachable?12:25
mjsir911no idea. was it working earlier?12:25
jelknerjust after I write up this:
jelknernow gives a 40412:26
jelkneryes, mjsir911 12:27
jelknerright after you sent me the instructions12:27
jelkneri tested it on a machine12:27
jelknerand it worked12:27
mjsir911well the url above will always 40412:28
jelknerbut i got a "doesn't have a release candidate"12:28
mjsir911a url like this will work in your browser:
mjsir911I don't see debian in that path there^...12:28
mjsir911I haven't changed anything recently btw12:28
jelknerin what path?12:29
jelkneri'm confused12:29
jelknerare my instructions wrong?12:29
mjsir911My instructions might have been..12:29
mjsir911let me double check, but I'm pretty sure the url to put in sources.list is `` (without the /debian)12:30
jelknerlet me try that12:30
mjsir911not sure why it wouldve worked before..12:30
jelknerAnd so you did ;-)12:32
jelknerremoving the debian worked12:32
jelknerthis won't work on ubuntu, right?12:32
mjsir911I mean, it should12:32
mjsir911if all the packages have the same names12:32
mjsir911and all the paths are the same12:32
jelkneri'll try that too12:32
jelknerthere was a python3.6 vs python3.7 issue i think12:33
jelkneri'll let you know12:33
jelknerit's now easy to install python3.7 on ubuntu12:33
mjsir911you can have buster, bionic, or testing12:33
mjsir911pretty sure bionic is ubuntu12:33
jelknerfrom the deadsnakes ppa12:33
jelkneryes, bionic is ubuntu12:33
jelkneryou don't want testing anymore12:33
jelkneri think12:34
jelknersince it's not buster12:34
jelknerbuster is now stable12:34
mjsir911Alright, well, the CI will automatically build for bionic and buster then12:34
jelknerbtw. restaurant yet?12:35
jelkneri want to email the crew12:35
jelknerwhat's the plan for that?12:35
jelknerand what's the hold up?12:35
mjsir911hold up is the effort ;-;. How about the quincy oyster house? its half a mile / 12 min walk from the red line12:36
jelknerACTION does a quick check on quincy oyster house...12:37
mjsir911oh, wait jelkner 12:38
mjsir911the name is actually "union oyster house"12:38
jelknerthanks, i was coming up empty12:38
jelkneri mean i got union oyster house12:39
jelknerhell yeah!12:39
jelknerold boston12:39
jelknerestablished 182612:39
jelknerwhat's not to love?12:39
jelknerif you like that, i certainly do12:39
jelkneramerica's oldest restaurant12:40
jelknerlet's see if we need reservation like 3 years in advance ;-)12:40
jelknerNope, we can do it12:41
jelkneri'll make reservations as soon as i hear from flint and kevin12:41
jelkneron sunday12:41
mjsir911Alright, sounds good12:42

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