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jelkner!remind Short summary of ECWD (
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ubuntourist!remind 2019.10.20 Chair: C'est moi, at the last minute. ;-)10:52
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ubuntourist!remind 2019.10.20 Chair: C`est moi, at the last minute. ;-)10:53
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jelknerGood morning, lbolz, GFbot, and nrcerna!10:56
lbolzgood morning!10:56
nrcernaGood morning!!! 10:56
ubuntouristHey ho.10:57
GFbot : @ubuntourist : lbolz : nrcerna : +jelkner : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ : wolcen11:00
Better and non-roaming documentation? Please? (ubuntourist)11:00
Better to beg forgiveness: Replaced Gallaudet footer with NWD footer on ARA/RAGU site. (ubuntourist)11:00
Short summary of ECWD ( (jelkner)11:00
2019.10.20 Chair: C`est moi, at the last minute. ;-) (ubuntourist)11:00
ubuntouristSo... Shall we wait the proverbial tick of the clock?11:01
jelknerwhy, let's role11:01
jelknerwe have a lot to do11:01
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GFbotGood morning11:01
ubuntouristWe will wait for stefan to join us...11:01
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ubuntourist(He's doing that yea, verily even as we chat.)11:02
ubuntouristI will be your circus ringmaster this morning.11:02
ubuntouristAnd I declare the time to be "close enough to start".11:03
ubuntouristItem 1: ask Stefan to work with German developing boxes and navbars (nrcerna)11:03
jelknernrcerna, that's you11:04
nrcernaYes as we all know we have a new customer11:04
nrcernaSo, Im going to be brief11:04
nrcernaWe need to know how we are going to proceed11:04
nrcernaWe need a basic website and a CMS11:04
nrcernaSince LibreOrganize is not done yet as CMS11:05
nrcernaWe need to choose if we are going to make it with LO or tendenci 11:05
jelknernrcerna, we need to understand what it will take to make LO CMS11:06
nrcernaSo, I suggest. That Stefan could help us with that, he can work on that with GFbot 11:06
jelknermy concern is dividing our limited resources / mindshare between serving two products11:06
nrcernaYes, that o what we need to know the time we have11:06
jelknerif we go with Tendenci11:06
jelknerour resources are sooo limited11:07
nrcernaI know 11:07
jelknerwe need to be very stratigic11:07
nrcernaGFbot, what do you think? We need tour opinion11:07
nrcerna+ jelkner11:08
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ubuntouristjelkner is explaining the boundaries between Tendenci and LO to SITarabuta...11:08
GFbotWe can't use LibreOrganize at the moment for new proyectos11:08
nrcernaO surr11:08
jelknerso GFbot, i am soo confused11:09
jelkneri asked replaceafill if we should look at other Django CMSs11:10
jelknerthere are several11:10
jelknerthey are small and light weight11:10
jelknerthey offer only CMS11:10
jelknerTendenci is a monster11:10
jelknerif we use it only for a CMS11:10
jelknerit seems like trouble11:10
GFbotYep 11:11
jelknerbut replaceafill told us not to look at other Django CMSs11:11
jelknerso what do we do?11:11
nrcernareplaceafill told us that this could be a chance to develop LO11:11
jelkneryes, of course11:11
jelknerbut GFbot is saying we can't do tthat11:11
nrcernaAnd then try it on that site11:12
GFbotWell, i prefer use tendenci since we finish with LibreOrganize11:12
nrcernaThen GFbot can migrate ir to LO when it is ready 11:12
jelknerGFbot, are you confident you can to that?11:13
SITarabutaMigrating could be a problem, but if we can do it...11:13
ubuntouristI am probably the least knowledgeable about both LO and Tendenci. My concern:11:13
GFbotWe already did ir with nova11:13
jelknerSo, GFbot, let's be clear11:13
jelknerWe are talking about the possible new ATU site, yes?11:14
ubuntouristFrom personal experience, I know how easy it is to get stuck maintaining a system that's... shall we say "less than perfect" while dreaming of getting to the "better" system.11:14
jelknerif we are not careful, we could dig ourselves into a hole11:14
jelknerso, GFbot, are you talking about ATU?11:14
jelknerSo, that may make sense11:15
jelknerWe are talking only about design and CMS11:15
jelkneras long as they don't want anything else11:15
jelknerwe can do that with Tendenci11:15
jelknerand migrate with little pain11:15
jelknersince there won't be a lot of data11:15
ubuntouristIf we're simply installing Tendenci for customers and washing our hands of it after that, okay. But, if the customer wants continuous tweaks to Tendenci, there may be little or no time to work on LO.11:16
jelknerbut for NOVALACIRO, we are going right to LO, yes?11:16
GFbotHmmm 11:16
nrcernaGFbot is reading understanding the documentation11:17
ubuntourist(Can you hum in harmony now?)11:17
GFbotWe can't use LibreOrganize on novalaciro right now 11:17
ubuntouristBy royal decree, I'm tabling this discussion until after the meeting. We're 15-minutes in, and a longer agenda than usual...11:18
nrcernaThat is where we need ubuntourist and SITarabuta 11:18
nrcernaAs the developer team11:18
ubuntouristACTION swings the bag of gravel until it hits someone.11:19
ubuntouristItem 2: following up ATU Website (nrcerna)11:19
jelknerit looks like we just decided that one11:20
ubuntouristmoving on.11:20
ubuntouristItem 3: Following up Celina Guzman issue (nrcerna)11:20
nrcernaYes, and we didnt received yet a reply from the customer about timing 11:20
jelknerto be clear, that is a tendenci project that zOnny could do with the skills he has now11:20
jelkneri'll call customer, nrcerna 11:20
jelknerbut i wanted to know what we were going to do11:21
nrcernaThen GFbot and SITarabuta could ficus on developing LO11:21
ubuntouristOops. I took "decided" to mean "done".11:21
nrcernaThe features we need to add to make it funcional 11:21
ubuntouristmoving on.11:21
ubuntouristItem 3: Following up Celina Guzman issue (nrcerna)11:21
jelknerCelina Benitez11:22
nrcernaThis is a question for GFbot 11:22
jelknerGFbot, we need her site back11:22
nrcernazOnny is helping him to solve this issue11:22
ubuntouristDone with 3 all?11:22
GFbotWell i think we are going to use the flask site again11:23
GFbotThat site has spanish ando english versiĆ³n11:23
GFbotVersion 11:23
ubuntouristSorry. Didn't mean to rush things.11:23
jelknernrcerna, just work with GFbot to make sure that gets done11:23
jelknerzOnny comes thursdays11:23
nrcernaOkay jelkner 11:24
ubuntouristItem 3,,, going once...11:24
ubuntouristgoing twice...11:24
ubuntouristItem 4: Better and non-roaming documentation? Please? (ubuntourist)11:24
jelknerubuntourist, it would be a huge help if you would take the lead on this11:25
ubuntouristI was in a griping mood (as usual) when I put that in.11:25
jelkneri'd like to see a Django wiki11:25
jelknerThat we authenticate to11:25
jelknerwith our LO login11:25
jelknerubuntourist, could you look into that?11:25
ubuntouristSpecifically, I haven't kept up with moving targets, and went to webfaction to fix a Gmail problem with the NWD domain... except that, apparently, NWD is11:26
jelknerwe want to close the Webfaction acccount11:26
jelknerand move things to one place11:26
ubuntouristregistered simultaneously (?) with both webfaction and linode. And I couldn't find the details for when / where / how to access the Linode instance.11:27
ubuntourist(I believe GMail is complaining in part because it finds two different domains.)11:27
ubuntouristWe have a wiki on webfaction, and google docs, etc. But dog-fooding it is the answer: Putting a wiki into our site is the way to go, methinks.11:29
ubuntouristSo, I have said my piece, and will be trying to do implement something within our stuff. I hope.11:30
ubuntouristACTION done with that.11:31
ubuntouristItem 5: Better to beg forgiveness: Replaced Gallaudet footer with NWD footer on ARA/RAGU site. (ubuntourist)11:31
ubuntouristMerely a quick "report back"11:31
jelknerACTION emailed about item 611:31
jelknerand he is chair next week11:32
ubuntouristSo, until we get a complaint about it, we're advertising ourselves now on the footer of that page, with credits to z0nny, myself, and the Gallaudet folks who were involved.11:32
ubuntouristItem 6: See jelkner email.11:33
ubuntouristChair for next week?11:33
ubuntouristACTION drops the ball of gravel.11:33
jelknersweet, lbolz, GFbot, nrcerna, SITarabuta can we talk LO?11:34
ubuntourist!remind 2019.10.27 Chair = jelkner 11:34
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jelkneri don't want to talk too much time11:34
jelknerbut we need to find a way to move LO or our business plan doesn't move forward11:35
jelkneri had a wonderful conversation with zOnny and lbolz last thursday11:35
jelknerwe agreed that lbolz is watching the LO development process, and will contribute when she thinks she can11:36
jelknerthat is an accurate summary, lbolz, yes?11:36
jelknerright now, we need to onboard SITarabuta 11:36
jelknerso let's work on that today11:36
jelknerwe've got to get the point where we have a team view of the product11:37
nrcernaOk, GFbot please try to guide SITarabuta 11:37
jelknerand can use that to make wise choices11:37
ubuntouristWho can send me the info on our Linode NWD instance (login credentials, important URLs, etc)? 11:37
jelknerGFbot, you really need to focus on helping SITarabuta get up to speed11:37
jelknerso, i'll be quite now11:38
ubuntouristACTION is stepping away for a minute or two. Will catch up on return.11:38
jelknerand let that happen11:38
SITarabutaalso, GFBot please approve the last merge request that I posted today which fixes a rotation issue on buttons11:38
GFbotNeed yo check11:38
GFbotFirst with nrcerna11:38
jelknerno time like the present!11:39
SITarabutaalright, so how do we proceed GFBot?11:44
ubuntouristACTION is back.11:45
jelknernrcerna, we have a planning issue here11:45
jelknerwe have such limited resources11:46
jelknerwatching SITarabuta sit around and wait makes me feel pain11:46
jelknerwe can't afford to do that11:46
jelkneryou should line up a plan *before* sunday as to how you are going to on-ramp him into the project11:47
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jelknerhe is eager to go11:47
jelknerdon't hold him back11:47
jelknernrcerna, are you getting this?11:47
ubuntouristSo. To reiterate: Can someone provide me a means of getting into the Linode control panel (if there is one) and the login credentials for NWD? NOT via IRC! Preferably via a GPG-encrypted file or message.11:51
nrcernaYes jelkner 11:52
nrcernaBut you need to understand that GFbot is the one with te technical knowleadge11:52
nrcernaSo GFbot please, try to explain the process of the 'main apps' to SITarabuta 11:53
ubuntouristHi zOnny 11:53
zOnnyHello World!11:53
nrcernaThat is important, I mean, if you could explain him he can understand how to start helping us to develop boxes for example 11:53
nrcernaWaiting for GFbot 12:00
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GFbotim back12:05
nrcernaDid you read what I wrote? 12:06
nrcernaOk 12:09
GFbotnrcerna, checking Stefan12:09
nrcernaI was telling that you need to explain step by step to SITarabuta  the process he need to develop an app12:10
nrcernaGFbot: 12:10
GFboti know that12:10
nrcernaSo he can help us to develop boxes 12:10
nrcernaYes but you and SITarabuta need to start to work on that today12:11
nrcernaGFbot 12:12
GFbothe's gone, well merge his changes12:13
jelknerGFbot, he went to the restroom12:15
jelknerhe'll be back12:15
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SITarabutaalright, i am back12:21
jelknernrcerna, you and i will meet at 13:30 UTC tomorrow, yes?12:21
jelkneror as close to that as i can12:22
jelkneri'll call you12:22
GFbotSITarabuta, i just merged your changes.12:24
SITarabutagreat! i am looking for more work ;-)12:24
GFbotyou know django right?12:26
GFbotSITarabuta, you'll work on make "navbars" for libreorganize12:27
GFbotfirst you need to know how12:27
GFbotSITarabuta, go here12:29
GFbotand login as an admin12:29
GFbotSITarabuta, thats 100% tendenci12:29
SITarabutai'm in there12:30
GFbotwell as you can see12:31
GFbotthere are things that we removed12:31
GFbotour goal12:31
GFbotis to take this out from django admin12:31
GFbotand make it on libreorganize12:31
SITarabutaso taking the navbars themselves, or the UI that creates navbars12:32
GFbotthe ui12:32
GFbotjust take it out12:32
GFbotfrom there12:33
SITarabutai see12:33
SITarabutaand it should be able to create navbars on libreorganize?12:33
SITarabutaor it should be just a ui that does nothing, like a template12:33
SITarabuta(for now)12:33
GFbotSITarabuta, both12:34
GFbotForums manage12:34
GFbotthat used to be django admin12:35
GFbotand now it is LibreOrganize12:35
GFbotand you see our dashboard12:35
GFbotthere's a new 12:35
SITarabutayeah yeah i understand12:35
GFbotSITarabuta, so12:35
GFbotTake navbar UI(create navs etc) out from django admin12:35
GFbotand add it in libreorganize12:35
GFbotlike forums, events and memberships12:36
GFbotSITarabuta, tendenci used make forums like this12:36
GFbotSITarabuta, did you understand or i need to be more exactly?12:37
SITarabutai got it mostly, but I can use a bit more details12:38
GFbotyou'll need the repo from tendenci12:38
GFbottake from views, what you need to recreate those templates12:38
GFbotand use to make the new ones12:38
GFbotyou can take a guide from what we did with forums12:39
SITarabutajust to make sure12:39
SITarabutai go to
SITarabutaand go through each of the 3 navbars12:40
SITarabutaand reproduce the views inside them12:40
SITarabutaon LO?12:40
SITarabutalike Staff, Welcome, etc12:40
GFbotdo you have your libreorganize instance12:40
GFbotok check this12:41
GFbotas you can see12:41
GFbotthats in the CMS12:41
SITarabutaoh and one more question12:42
GFbotwell that used to be this GFbot>
GFbottell me12:42
SITarabutai take the things the users see and the CMS that it used by the admins12:43
SITarabutaand port it to libreorganize12:43
SITarabutaand then we will simplify it12:43
SITarabutaok great i got you12:45
GFbotSITarabuta, just re-create12:45
GFbotthat functionality on the cms 12:45
GFbotmaybe you'll stuck, i can help you in the case12:45
GFbotimport thing is that you'll need tendenci doc12:46
GFbotneed some imports from there.12:46
GFbotSITarabuta, tendenci is a monster12:47
GFbotif you don't understand something let me know12:47
SITarabutayeah i see12:47
SITarabutaalright, i will start and see what I can do12:47
GFbotcreate a new branch here:
GFbotSITarabuta, if we get this for the next meeting12:48
GFbotwill be a huge step12:48
GFbotfor LibreOrganize12:48
SITarabutayup, let's see12:49
GFbotim going to work on boxes.12:49
GFbotnrcerna, jelkner we have a plan12:49
SITarabutaalright, thanks GFBot12:49
GFbotSITarabuta, remember, if you stuck send me an email12:50
GFbotzOnny, you there?12:52
zOnnyGFbot: yes?12:54
GFbotzOnny, some news from celina site12:57
GFbotwe are going to use flask version?12:57
zOnnyGFbot: yes12:57
GFbotthat repo has everything12:58
GFbotspanish and english12:58
zOnnyGFbot: ok12:58
SITarabutaGFBot, quick question. is there anything that has priority and I should start with?12:59
SITarabutaLike news, or articles, or staff12:59
GFbotjust navbars for you13:00
GFbotand boxes for me13:00
SITarabutathat is what you mean13:00
GFbotnew,articles and staff are not need it13:00
SITarabutaby BOXES13:00
GFbotJaja did you see?13:00
GFbotboxes on tendenci right?13:00
GFboti'll take that out too13:01
GFbotzOnny, you'll do it or me?13:01
zOnnyGFbot: yes13:01
*** GFbot_ has joined #novawebdev13:19
SITarabutaGFBot, I see that they use IDs to identify boxes13:19
SITarabutaWhat do we use?13:19
SITarabutaSame IDs?13:19
SITarabutaif so, is this a good regex expression for them (we have it for memberships)   (?P<pk>\d+)13:20
GFbot_SITarabuta, what are you doing now?13:24
GFbot_do you mean in the urls?13:24
SITarabutasettings up urls for navbars13:24
GFbot_oh yep13:24
GFbot_use pk 13:25
GFbot_SITarabuta, you there13:38
GFbot_if you have other solution or idea how to make this13:38
GFbot_go ahead13:39
GFbot_i mean with the jquery or design13:39
SITarabutai will look into it13:39
zOnnyGFbot_: lbolz is ready to work in LibreOrganize Issues14:09
GFbot_zOnny, SITarabuta is working on that.14:09
zOnnyGFbot_: ok14:10
GFbot_we don't any issues on gitlab yet14:10
zOnnyGFbot_: I see14:10
GFbot_zOnny, what we need is if you can make celinabenitez site run again14:10
zOnnyGFbot_: I'm going to work on it.14:11
zOnnyGFbot_: ngnix or Apache?14:12
jelknerok, lbolz, nrcerna, zOnny, and GFbot_, i'm taking SITarabuta and heading to ACC to work in my classroom14:13
jelknernrcerna, hasta tomorrow ;-)14:13
jelknerACTION signs off14:13
GFbot_zOnny, what do you think its better?14:13
SITarabutasee you next time14:14
SITarabutaACTION logs off14:14
zOnnyGFbot_: ngnix works good if we want to host multiple sites in the same server14:14
GFbot_well, we are going to use one site14:15
GFbot_in this case14:15
zOnnyGFbot_: one site one server?14:15
zOnnyGFbot_: I'm fine with it. 14:16
GFbot_zOnny, just celinasite14:16
GFbot_i think14:16
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