IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2019-10-30

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jelknerGFbot, take a look at the email i just forwarded11:40
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jelknerit is challenging to reach kevin, but we need to talk to him as soon as possible11:41
jelknerhola, nrcerna_ 11:41
nrcerna_hi jelkner11:41
jelknerhi, nrcerna_ 11:41
jelkneri'm in class11:41
jelknerso i need to get back to my work11:41
nrcerna_Ok jelkner11:41
GFbotjelkner i just saw it11:41
jelknerbut i just mentioned to GFbot to look at the email11:41
jelknerlet's find kevin if we can11:42
nrcerna_let me know if you need something else11:42
GFbotjelkner ok11:43
jelknernrcerna_, do you use twitter?11:44
jelkneri don't but kevin does11:44
jelkneri don't know if that would be faster than email in times like this.11:44
nrcerna_No that much jelkner11:47
nrcerna_But I'm going to try to reach him11:47
nrcerna_I just send him an message on twitter jelkner, we need to wait 11:51
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nrcerna__ACTION AWAY14:54

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