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nrcernaGM jelkner08:07
jelknerGM nrcerna!08:15
nrcernaHow are you? jelkner08:15
jelknerI'm well, nrcerna, how about you?08:16
nrcernaGood to know, I'm fine :D thanks for askking jelkner08:16
nrcernaany news from Kevin? jelkner08:16
jelknerHe wrote back to Gallaudet08:17
jelknerthings are looking good08:17
jelkneri'm hoping we can catch up on that today08:17
jelknernrcerna, did you see my last email to you?08:17
jelknercan you see if you can make a spreadsheet with all our current customers who have hosting with us08:18
jelknerand when they were last billed?08:18
nrcernathe one from 3 days ago right? jelkner 08:18
jelknerno, from this morning08:18
jelkneri sent several08:18
jelkneri'm at HacDC already08:18
jelkneri sent the linode invoice to everyone08:19
nrcernaah, the one you sent to everyone08:19
jelkneri sent two08:19
nrcernaYes, I was reading that08:19
jelknerbut one of them asks you about the list08:19
jelkneri am happy to take over that responsibility08:19
jelknerof sending invoiced and updating the spreadsheet, i mean08:19
jelknerif you can get it ready for me08:19
jelkneri don't have the time to gather the info08:20
nrcernaSure jelkner08:20
nrcernaI'm going to do it08:20
jelknerThanks, nrcerna, that would be a big help to us!08:23
nrcernajelkner one question: Since today the time has change there, our meeting is going to be at 9 or 10 here?08:32
jelkneri'm here, nrcerna 09:02
jelkneri'm grading09:02
jelknerso i get focused09:02
jelknerwe meet at 11 EST09:02
jelknerwith is in 2 hours09:02
jelknerit is 9 am now09:02
jelknerso it will be 10 your time, right?09:03
nrcernaYes, but I received a email from Kevin, about the time. is 8 am here09:03
nrcernaSo the meeting for Team Guanaco is going to start at 10 am jelkner09:04
nrcerna11 am EST09:04
jelknerthat's better for GFbot, right nrcerna?09:05
jelknersince he can sleep an hour later ;-)09:05
nrcernajajajja Yes jelkner09:05
jelknerthis is a big week, nrcerna 09:06
nrcernaI know :) jelkner09:06
jelknerBernie Sanders is going to Prince William County today to help make phone calls for Lee Carter, Elizabeth Guzman, and the other progressive democrates there09:07
nrcernaHey that's great!09:07
jelknernrcerna, i got a call yesterday from someone at the Our Revolution national office09:07
jelknerthey want to help us form a state wide Our Revolution group in Virginia09:08
jelknerwe need to move forward on LibreOrganize, nrcerna 09:08
jelknerif we want folks to use it09:08
jelknerwe don't want the train to leave the station without us :-(09:08
jelkneri know what we are trying to do is *really* hard09:09
jelknermake big changes on a tiny budget09:09
jelknerbut we need to keep trying09:09
nrcernaYes jelkner ;) we are on it. I mean, this week GFbot is going to see how to make it billingual, if we have that we can say that we got LO v.0209:09
jelknerthen we can work on ORA09:09
jelknerthe timing will be good09:10
nrcernaI thought NOVALACIRO where first jelkner09:10
jelkneryes, i mean after novalaciro09:10
nrcernaOk, we are on the same page09:10
jelknerin fact, maybe we could get stefan to work with heylin on novalaciro09:11
jelknerand ask GFbot to move on to ORA09:11
jelknerwhat do you think?09:11
nrcernaYes I already started homepage design, so Stefan can work on building it jelkner09:11
jelknerheylin will be here at 11, btw09:11
jelknerok, let me grade until folks arrive09:12
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nrcernaI just shared with you the Linodes spreadsheet jelkner09:48
nrcernaACTION Getting reade10:15
nrcernaACTION Getting ready to go to GFbots Place10:15
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ubuntourist!remind NWD site cleanup and / or documentation? I need info.10:56
"NWD site cleanup and / or documentation? I need info." added to message queue10:56
nrcernaGood Morning!11:00
jelknerGood morning!11:00
jelknerI'm thinking our agenda won't fire11:01
jelknerbecause of the time change11:01
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jelknernrcerna, just type "!remind"11:02
nrcernaAre we going to wait Stefan and Heylin right?11:02
jelknerto see the agenda11:02
jelknerStefan is here, he is just not on line11:02
jelknerwe shouldn't wait11:02
jelknerlet's go11:02
nrcernaWe are going to start...the first item:11:02
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SITarabuta_I am here! I am here!11:03
nrcerna Following up Jeff email to Kevin (Susan request / Gallaudet project) this is for you ubuntourist and jelkner11:03
jelknerso, ubuntourist, SITarabuta_ and I are planning on meeting at Gallaudet this Tuesday11:03
jelkneri'll email everyone with a detailed update after that day11:04
jelknershort version, it looks like 2 more contracts!11:04
jelknerwe love Gallaudet!!!11:04
ubuntouristAs it stands, there's a mix of Drupal and Django that will probably need to be untangled. 11:04
jelknerACTION done11:04
ubuntouristAs well as resolving any hosting issues. (Red Hat contract vs. Ubuntu no contract.)11:05
nrcernaOk, so next item11:05
ubuntouristACTION done11:05
nrcernaNext item: Following up Stefan and German this week progress (LibreOrganize)11:05
nrcernaThis is for GFbot and SITarabuta_ 11:05
nrcernaHow are you doing whith navbars SITarabuta_ 11:06
SITarabuta_Alright, so I continued doing navbars. I kind of figured it out, but I expect it to be done by today-tomorrow11:06
GFbot1+ SITarabuta_ 11:06
GFbotsounds good11:06
nrcernaYou are making a great job SITarabuta_ 11:06
SITarabuta_Thanks. I will update GFBot later today11:07
SITarabuta_If I manage to finish11:07
nrcernaYou know that GFbot could help you if you need something11:07
GFbotSITarabuta_, cool11:07
SITarabuta_ACTION thinks he's done for now11:07
nrcernanest item: Planning for NOVALACIROS Website11:07
jelknernrcerna, can you move that to the end11:08
jelknerheylin is arriving now11:08
jelkneri need to go let her in11:08
nrcernanext item:  Talk briefly about Pamela McCelland (from Gallaudet) email and contract signing. (jelkner)11:08
nrcernaACTION waiting for jelkner11:09
ubuntouristI told him I'd let heylin in, but jelkner said "No, I'll go." So, let's move that later too.11:09
nrcernaThanks for let us know ubuntourist  :-)11:10
ubuntouristMaybe just wait, since the next one is his also.11:10
nrcernaSure 11:10
ubuntouristOh what the heck. Just skip to mine and we'll let him do his last.11:11
nrcernaNWD site cleanup and / or documentation? I need info. (ubuntourist) 11:12
ubuntouristSo, last week I was able to login to ams@novawebdevelopment.org11:13
ubuntouristToday I'm getting a "Connection refused"11:13
ubuntouristBut when I was looking last week I was hopelessly confused:11:13
ubuntouristThere appears to be at least three places where the root of our site lives. 11:14
ubuntouristOne was /srv something, another was /var/www/html (I think) and I forget the third.11:14
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ubuntouristSo, either remove the dead branches or document what is where and what is live.11:15
jelknerA man with one watch always knows what time it is. A man with two is never really sure.11:15
ubuntourist(And why am I getting "connection refused" today? Is the site down? I THINK I may be able to check that.)11:15
GFbotubuntourist, it is your ssh key added?11:16
ubuntouristGFbot, As I say, it worked last week. So, yes. I have not changed my key.11:16
ubuntouristACTION is done for the moment, but awaiting info and / or cleanup.11:17
jelknerso hrodriguez an jelkner are back11:18
GFbotubuntourist, maybe you got ban ip for too many attempts11:18
GFbotor something like that11:18
jelknernrcerna, feed us the items any way you wish11:18
nrcernanext item: Planning for NOVALACIROS Website (nrcerna11:18
jelknerok, no need to take too much time11:18
jelknernrcerna, as we discussed this morning, SITarabuta_ should work with hrodriguez on that11:19
jelknerbringing in design help from you, nrcerna 11:19
jelknerok, let's do that11:19
nrcernaI started the homepage11:19
jelknerACTION done11:20
nrcernaI'm going to share with you the assets SITarabuta_ 11:20
nrcernaafter the meeting11:20
nrcernaSo jelkner the next is yours11:20
nrcernaTalk briefly about Pamela McCelland (from Gallaudet) email and contract signing.11:20
jelkneri only wanted to mention one thing on this to see if everyone agrees11:21
jelknerour operating agreement says any one of us can sign a contract11:21
jelknerbut to ease workflow, i'm proposing that in general i do it11:21
jelknerthe one that came from Pamela11:22
jelknerrequires Louie to sign11:22
jelknerthat won't work11:22
jelknerwe need to fix that11:22
jelknerthat's the one for Sound Advice11:22
jelknerso the legacy info they have keeps haunting us11:22
jelkneranyway, Susan has me listed11:23
jelknerso we're good11:23
jelknerACTION done11:23
ubuntouristMy belief is that it will be less confusing to Gallaudet to have one point of contact for a single organization. jelkner SEEMS like the logical choice.11:23
ubuntourist(I would say that I am, except that there are rules about "double-dipping" -- working for a place after retiring and thus getting paid twice.)11:24
nrcernais this item done?11:25
jelknerlooks done to me11:25
nrcernaanyone else?11:25
ubuntouristI am receiving retirement money, and NOVA Web Development is receiving the contract money, even some or most ends up in my pocket. Keeping those separate is a legal fantasy, but it works.11:25
ubuntouristACTION is done11:25
nrcernagreat, lets continue with you ubuntourist 11:26
nrcernaNWD site cleanup and / or documentation11:26
ubuntouristI think that is now a post-meeting thing. I've "said my piece" on it11:26
ubuntouristand it will take a bit of back-and-forth with GFbot and / or others to work out the kinks.11:27
ubuntouristACTION is done again11:27
jelknernrcerna, i have an announcement when we finish11:27
jelknerlbolz has been busy
nrcernaACTION going to check...11:28
jelknerwe should ask her to report on what she is doing next week11:28
jelknernot next week11:28
nrcernaGreat, the site you jelkner asked her.11:28
jelkneri'll be in boston11:28
nrcernaI have an announcement too, we are going to have LO v.02 soon11:29
ubuntouristlbolz, slick site.11:29
nrcernaas I talked jelkner earlier11:29
nrcernaGFbot is going to work on make it billngual and SITarabuta_ with navbars11:30
jelknerok, nrcerna, you need to pick a chair for next week11:30
nrcernathe're doing a great job11:30
GFbotjelkner, i'll chair11:30
GFbotnext week11:30
ubuntourist!remind 2019.11.10 Chair = GFbot 11:31
"2019.11.10 Chair = GFbot" added to message queue11:31
nrcernaSo anything else?11:31
nrcernasomeone has something to share?11:31
nrcernaIf not...11:32
nrcernaACTION drops the bag of gravel11:32
jelknernice job, nrcerna 11:32
nrcernaThanks everyone11:32
ubuntouristGFbot, So. You can still ssh as
GFbotubuntourist, wait11:47
GFbotubuntourist, let me restart the instance i cant11:49
hrodriguez : SITarabuta_ : GFbot : @ubuntourist : nrcerna : lbolz : +jelkner : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ : wolcen11:56
ubuntouristI'm back in.11:56
Planning for NOVALACIROS Website (nrcerna)11:56
Talk briefly about Pamela McCelland (from Gallaudet) email and contract signing. (jelkner)11:56
October financial report (jelkner)11:56
NWD site cleanup and / or documentation? I need info. (ubuntourist)11:56
2019.11.10 Chair = GFbot (ubuntourist)11:56
GFbotubuntourist, can you try to ssh now?11:57
ubuntourist!remind 2019.11.10 Chair = GFbot11:57
"2019.11.10 Chair = GFbot" added to message queue11:57
ubuntouristSee my previous message above: I'm back in.11:57
ubuntouristGFbot, see previous message ("I'm back in" 11:56:16)11:58
GFbotubuntourist, im confused11:59
ubuntouristGFbot, confused about what? I successfully ssh'd in after you rebooted. I'd like to know when and why it died.12:02
ubuntouristGFbot, I'm confused about which directories contain the actual NOVA Web Development stuff and how they interact with Apache and Django and Tendenci. 12:03
GFbotubuntourist, oh got it12:03
ubuntouristGFbot, Why are there multiple copies of what appear to be the NWD site on
GFbotubuntourist, our site12:04
GFbotis on /opt/12:04
GFbotwhat you see in /srv/ is deprecated12:04
ubuntouristGFbot, /opt is a VERY odd place to keep our stuff. the depreciated stuff in /srv should be deleted and the live stuff should move from /opt to /srv12:06
ubuntouristGFbot, do you have any knowledge about why /opt was chosen?12:06
GFbotubuntourist, nope, i just trying to not delete things as Douglas told me.12:07
ubuntouristGFbot, /opt is typically reserved for ubuntu packages that are not part of the standard repository (similar to /usr/local) and also for SOME Python pip packages but12:08
ubuntouristGFbot, not for code that is user-specific. No one else in the world is going to want NOVA Web Development's list of members, images, etc. Those are all12:09
GFbotubuntourist, so, should i try to move our site to srv?12:10
ubuntouristGFbot, "customer specific" even if we're the customer.12:10
ubuntouristGFbot, I think so. You can check with replaceafill. And if he has a compelling argument about why you should not move stuff, I would like to know.12:11
GFbotubuntourist, ok, i'll ask him about that.12:12
GFbotubuntourist, thanks for you advice.12:12
ubuntouristGFbot, (Of course, as my buddy Flint would say "The five most important words in the English language are: 'Did you back it up?'" So, I suppose it is a good idea12:19
ubuntouristGFbot, to back up /srv somewhere (not on the linode site). But mark it clearly as depreciated.12:20
GFbotubuntourist, where then?12:21
ubuntouristGFbot, good question. ;-) Is the stuff in /srv an old branch of a git repository? Because that would have been the right way to12:23
ubuntouristGFbot, back up everything except what is in the PostgreSQL database.12:24
ubuntouristGFbot, If it IS an old git branch, then it already is backed-up off-site.12:25
ubuntouristGFbot, If it is NOT an old branch, then I guess I would try putting it out on GitLab as its own repository and make the repository name something like "old"12:26
GFbotjust postgreSQL and secret keys right?12:26
ubuntouristGFbot, or "depreciated".12:26
ubuntouristGFbot, What? I didn't understand the question.12:27
GFbotjust removing SQL and secret keys from instance12:28
GFbotif we use branches12:28
ubuntouristGFbot, hold a sec.12:29
ubuntouristACTION needs to step away for a few minutes.12:29
jelknernrcerna, r u here?12:30
nrcernayes jelkner12:30
jelknerubuntourist and GFbot are having a bit of a challenge understanding each other12:31
jelknerubuntourist stepped away12:31
jelknerbut he was asking for my help12:31
jelkneri thought bringing you in too is a good idea12:31
jelknersince we are making decisions about backups and reorganization12:32
jelkneri'm not expecting you to have the tech background on this12:32
nrcernaI was lost too, when I was reading out what they where talking12:32
jelknerbut we may need your help communicating with replaceafill12:32
jelknerGFbot is right that he needs to be careful12:32
jelknersince we don't want to delete something important12:33
jelknerso the solution to that is to learn how to properly back up things12:33
nrcernagot it12:33
jelknerGFbot, what is in /opt that ubuntourist is trying to get rid of?12:33
nrcernaso GFbot is going to ask him 12:34
nrcerna(meaning replaceafill)12:34
jelknerok, we may need to wait until after that12:34
jelknerbut nrcerna, can you please be in on that conversation?12:34
nrcernaof course12:34
ubuntouristACTION is back and catching up...12:34
GFbotjelkner, yes our site is in /opt/12:34
jelknersince it will be helpful to have two "witnesses" to what replacefill says12:34
GFbotso as i said i don't want to delete things12:35
ubuntouristGFbot, Discussing w/ jelkner. I guess I will take care of everything in /srv (including secret keys and the database). And then, I'll wipe out the stuff in /srv.12:38
ubuntouristGFbot, Except... one small problem -- really a BIG problem: the site kicked me off and closed port 22 again. SSH no longer working. So, something is killing it.12:40
GFbotubuntourist, mmm12:40
GFboti can give root access12:40
GFboti mean12:40
GFbotroot password12:40
GFbotbut, it doesnt work12:41
GFboti think12:41
ubuntouristGFbot, the graphs at show these spikes in usage and I think they happen at the same time that SSH dies.12:43
GFbotubuntourist, there is something called "keepConnectionAlive"12:44
GFbotfor ssh i think12:44
GFbotthat could work?12:44
ubuntouristGFbot, it might help but I think the problem is somewhere else.12:45
ubuntouristGFbot, If the connection dies and I get kicked off, I should be able to ssh in again. But something kicks me off and then closes the port.12:46
GFbotubuntourist, weird12:46
ubuntouristGFbot, I don't think the keepConnectionAlive setting will prevent the second problem.12:46
ubuntouristGFbot, I will now investigate that to see if others have experienced the same trouble.12:47
GFbotubuntourist, ok12:47
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SITarabuta_GFBot ! I got them working13:55
SITarabuta_I pushed the changes13:55
SITarabuta_on the tendenci_cms repo13:56
SITarabuta_not repo, branch13:56
SITarabuta_I have created a merge request13:59
GFbotSITarabuta_, cool13:59
GFboti'll checkit13:59
GFbotdid u add my changes?13:59
SITarabuta_there shouldn't be any merge conflict13:59
GFbotlet me check14:00
SITarabuta_I did not add anything in the dashboard though. You can access them at /liberorganize/navbars14:02
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