IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2019-11-10

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jelknerGM from Boston, Massachusettes, nrcerna!10:25
nrcernaGm jelkner10:26
nrcernajelkner I just want to let you know that I'm not going to be able to attend the meeting the next week, I'm going to a familiar event (a wedding) 10:29
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GFbot : +jelkner : nrcerna : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ : wolcen10:56
jelknerthanks, nrcerna, but don't let *me*, know, let *everyone*!10:59
jelknerbtw. I wonder where ubuntourist is?10:59
jelknerhe emailed that he was at HacDC10:59
nrcernaThat is I told that here ;) jelkner10:59
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jelkneryes, but you still addressed to me11:00
jelknerGood morning, hrodriguez 11:00
nrcernaGM hrodriguez11:00
hrodriguezGood Morning everyone!11:00
nrcernajelkner do you know if Stefan is coming?11:00
jelknergood morning11:01
jelkneri don't know, nrcerna 11:02
jelkneri thought he was11:02
jelknerbut i'm in boston11:02
jelknerwhich is a 10 hour train ride from DC11:02
nrcernaOk I think we need to wait a bit jelkner11:03
nrcernaI mean this meeting is going to be really short (we have just items)11:04
jelkneri'm calling him11:04
jelknerhe said now his is here11:04
jelknerbut i still don't see him11:05
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jelknerSITarabuta, did you ever confirm with Kevin about going to HacDC?11:07
jelkneror not going?11:07
jelknerlet's get this show on the road11:08
jelkneri'm in a starbucks11:08
SITarabutauhm, i did not? I thought that we talked on Thursday that nobody will show up this Sunday because I am not ready and you are not there11:08
jelknerthat's not what i said, SITarabuta 11:08
jelknerwhat i said is, "I won't be there, you need to communicate with ubuntourist directly"11:08
jelknerwe need to work on this communication thing11:08
jelkneri can't be a single point of failure11:09
jelknerit makes us not robust11:09
jelknerkevin showed up11:09
SITarabutai agree11:09
jelknerand sent out an email11:09
jelkneranyway, he isn't responding now11:10
jelknerlet's bring this up next week11:10
jelknerwhen i will be at HacDC11:10
SITarabutai don't think he is very happy :(11:10
GFbotlets start?11:10
jelkneri'm in a starbucks, they might kick me out soon11:11
GFbotOk, lets start with item #111:11
GFbot"Following up NOVALACIROS Website progress"11:11
nrcernaThis is for you SITarabuta 11:11
SITarabutaWell, I am working on the homepage.11:12
SITarabutaIt is half-way done I would estimate11:12
SITarabutaIt should be done by next week.11:12
SITarabutaACTION done11:12
jelknerSITarabuta, can you push real hard to make sure it is?11:13
jelknerThen we can have hrodriguez join us at HacDC11:13
SITarabutayes, i am trying11:13
jelknerand work on setting up the new site11:13
SITarabutai am pretty sure it will11:13
nrcernaOk, we need to plan about timing, beacause the website has a lot of information SITarabuta 11:13
jelknerhow do you think we should do that, nrcerna?11:14
nrcernaI'm going to design the other sections so we con continue a workflow11:14
nrcernaYes jelkner11:15
jelknerand since you won't be here next Sunday, nrcerna, make sure GFbot and SITarabuta have what they need11:15
jelknerbefore then11:15
nrcernaI suggest that SITarabuta start with the design and then when he has some progress we need to share it to hrodriguez 11:16
nrcernayes jelkner11:16
jelknerGFbot, when we get to the end of the meeting, i have a few quick annoncements11:17
jelkneri didn't put them on the agenda since i wasn't sure i could be here11:17
GFbotlets start item #2 then?11:17
GFbot"progress (bilingual LO)"11:17
nrcernaThat's for you GFbot11:18
nrcernacould you give us a brief report of what you encountered?11:18
GFbotno to much from this, i can run it on tendenci7 but, we can plan to move to LibreOrganize11:18
GFbotand if you plan to move NOVALACIRO to LibreOrganize11:19
GFbotthere are some apps that should be update too11:19
GFbotID Cards, profile pictures11:19
jelknerso, GFbot, how can you coordinate that activity?11:19
nrcernayep, so what's the plan? GFbot11:20
jelknerthe team is GFbot, nrcerna, and SITarabuta 11:20
jelkneryou 3 need to coordinate the work11:20
GFboti want to take Billingual11:20
GFbotsince i have Douglas11:20
GFbothe can help me11:20
GFbotI can't help SITarabuta on that because11:21
jelknerwe love help from replaceafill!11:21
GFboti dont have knowledge11:21
GFboton that11:21
nrcernaAre you going to ask him or try to reach him today? GFbot11:21
GFbotright now11:21
GFboti'll try11:21
GFbotbut SITarabuta can work11:21
GFboton ID cards and profile picture11:21
GFbotshould be easy11:21
GFbotupdate them11:21
GFbotSITarabuta you will need help11:22
GFbotwe don't have doc for that.11:22
GFboti can help you11:22
nrcernacould you please try to explain him how it works, as you did it before?11:22
GFbotACTION done11:22
jelknermake sure you schedule time to work!11:22
GFbotwell, we don't have more items11:22
jelknercommunication is soooo important11:22
GFbotjelkner yes.11:23
nrcernaYes, we should do that now11:23
nrcernaI mean about the schedule11:23
jelknerbtw, nrcerna, SITarabuta does not have school tomorrow11:23
nrcernaGFbot SITarabuta 11:23
jelknernrcerna, i'll call you in the afternoon11:23
jelknerbut i'll be taking the train home all night11:23
jelknerand sleeping when i get back to arlington11:23
jelknernrcerna, GFbot we have an ORA meeting tomorrow11:23
jelknerplease make sure sign in works!11:23
nrcernaOk we are going to set it up jelkner11:24
GFbotjelkner i'll take of that11:24
GFbottake care of that*11:24
nrcernaSo SITarabuta , what time are you able to work with Gfbot tomorrow?11:25
SITarabutawell really any time after 11 am11:25
jelknerso pick a time11:25
jelknersince any time is hard to coordinate!11:25
SITarabuta12 am eastern time11:26
SITarabutaUH, i hate this11:26
nrcerna11 am here ;) SITarabuta 11:26
jelknercool, GFbot, does that work for you?11:26
SITarabuta17:00 UTC11:26
nrcernaIt is done the item 2?11:27
jelknerACTION is done11:28
GFbotjelkner go ahead11:28
jelknerok, i just wanted to share some of the thoughts that nrcerna and i talk about11:28
jelknerregarding our "big picture" plan11:28
jelknerwe had some great news from gallaudet last week11:29
jelknerand we are making progress on LibreOrganize11:29
jelknerto be "sustainable"11:29
GFbotwe have11:29
jelknerwe will need to reach the point where we can sustain around 10 full time people11:29
GFbotboxes and navbars down11:29
jelknerthat means around 1.2 million $ per year11:30
jelknerthat's what we need to shoot for11:30
jelknerfor in the short term, we want nrcerna, GFbot, and zOnny to be able to work full time11:30
jelknerand to take full advantage of interns to fill in the gaps11:30
jelknerwe are making progress there too11:31
jelkneri offerred zOnny and lbolz a small bounty for porting another Django app to python 311:31
jelknerit is something Kevin could use at DC Books to Prisons11:31
jelknerthey made good progress on that11:31
jelknerand told me they think they can handle it11:32
jelkneri am also going to ask the to revive a program we wrote11:32
jelknerSign'n Read11:32
jelknerit is also a Django 1.5.2 app11:32
jelknerthat needs updating11:32
jelkneri want to see if we can get some funding from APS to revive it11:32
jelknerand use it with our ASL program11:32
SITarabutathat would be nice11:33
jelknerso, i'll update you on that further next week11:33
jelkneri've been emailing lori at gallaudet11:33
jelknerto see if we can get permission to open source it11:33
jelknernrcerna, it will be a lot of work for you11:33
jelknersince much of the work is design work11:34
nrcernaThat's great! jelkner11:34
jelkneroriginially it was my brother alan, chris hedrick, and artist adrian lewis who developed it11:34
jelknerok, that's all for now11:34
jelknerACTION done11:34
jelknerGFbot, next week chair?11:35
jelknerthen you can drop the bag of gravel ;-)11:35
jelknerbtw. I had dinner with Tom Hoffman last night11:36
jelknerit was great to see him!11:36
jelknerwell, GFbot?11:36
GFbotACTION drops the bag of gravel11:37
jelkner!remind GFbot chairs for two weeks in a row 11/1711:37
"GFbot chairs for two weeks in a row 11/17" added to message queue11:37
jelknerok, everyone, see you soon11:37
jelknerhrodriguez, see you wednesday11:38
jelknerhrodriguez, are you here?11:38
GFbotSITarabuta see you11:38
jelknerhrodriguez, i talked to daniella11:38
hrodriguezSee you on Wednesday 11:38
hrodriguezI talked to her too11:38
jelknerroxana and i covered for her at the voice meeting11:38
jelknerit was good11:38
hrodriguezI'll be at the ACC at 4:00 on Wednesday  11:39
jelknerhrodriguez, Cicely Whitfield was at the meeting on friday11:40
jelkneri think the goal is to get you and her working together on the staffing coop11:40
jelknerwe'll talk more on wednesday11:41
jelknerbut read over their website, hrodriguez 11:41
jelknerso you have some background on who they are11:41
hrodriguezyes jelkner, thanks for the. Information 11:42
jelknerokie dokie, signing off for today11:42
jelknerSITarabuta, i'll email ubuntourist to see what happened.11:42
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