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jelkner!remind High priority deliverable for today - work estimate to Susan08:26
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jelknerGood morning, lbolz!10:29
jelknerGood morning mjsir911!10:29
mjsir911jelkner: for any more synchronous communications about gasp, you could redirect yourself & students to irc channel #gasp if you would like10:30
jelkneryou setup a channel?10:30
mjsir911I mean, all channels *exist*, I haven't registered it or anything10:31
jelkneri got you10:31
jelknersince Peter and Adrian were tasked with setting up a registered channel on freenode for ingredient_guru10:31
jelknerlet me ask them next thursday if they could do the same for gasp10:32
jelknerto make it useful, we would want big_brother style logging10:32
jelknerso we have an easy history to refer to10:32
jelkneri'll follow up with that on thursday10:32
jelknerlbolz, could you please confirm with zOnny whether he is coming in on thursday next?10:33
jelknerlbolz, i emailed him this morning saying that if thursday's don't work for him, i wanted to setup another regular weekly meeting with him10:33
jelknerlbolz, it is important for progress to have regular communication10:34
jelknerlbolz, connor tried to apply as a coach to our django girls workshop10:34
jelknerbut that part of the website is broken10:34
lbolzis it? ok i'll look at it10:35
jelknerlbolz, you should see that a few more people have registered10:35
jelkneri'm promoting it actively, lbolz 10:35
jelknerand will keep doing so10:35
lbolzok the link to the coaches sign up should be fixed now10:44
jelknerexcellent, lbolz 10:44
jelkneri'll ask connor to try again on tuesday10:45
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jelknerGM, GFbot!10:55
GFbotgm jelkner10:55
GFbot : SITarabuta : lbolz : +jelkner : wolcen : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ10:56
Distraction or useful tool? is free for open-source and non-profit teams (ubuntourist)10:56
High priority deliverable for today - work estimate to Susan (jelkner)10:56
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jelknerGood morning, hrodriguez!11:00
hrodriguezGood morning jelkner!11:00
GFbotwhere is nrcerna?11:02
jelknerGFbot, she told us she was going to a wedding11:02
jelknerand would not be here11:02
GFbotoh, ok.11:02
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jelknerGFbot, you're chairing, remember?11:03
jelknerso we're ready when you are11:03
GFbotoh yeah11:04
GFbotGood morning everyone!11:04
jelknerGood morning11:04
GFbotlet's start with our meeting for today.11:04
GFbotFirst item: "How do we find a solution to our email Spam problem?"11:05
jelknerthis is connected to the 2nd one11:05
jelkneris it time to run our own email server?11:05
ubuntouristI say we have to bite the bullet and run our own mail server11:05
GFboti was reading about that this week jelkner11:06
GFbotbut, no sure exactly what service should we use11:06
jelknercan we each do some investigation this week11:06
ubuntouristThere are a number of "walk-throughs" that take you through the basic process. Beware though: Since we're already invested in PostgreSQL,11:07
jelknerand put it on our agenda next week to see if we can make a decision?11:07
jelkneryes, ubuntourist, we want PostgreSQL11:07
jelknerno doubt about that11:07
jelknerit's the best open source database11:07
jelknerbest GIS support11:07
GFbotjelkner can we ask Douglas for some help on that?11:08
jelknerGFbot, no11:08
jelknerhe was against it11:08
ubuntouristremember to replace "MySQL" with "PostgreSQL" in various tutorials.11:08
jelknersince he doesn't know that well11:08
GFbotjelkner got it.11:08
jelknerso this is in ubuntourist's hands11:08
jelknerwe will follow his lead11:08
ubuntouristThe thing I don't know about is DNS. So, I may muddle through or try to get help for ... "MX records"? I think.11:09
GFbotright 11:09
jelknerubuntourist, we have lots of places to go for help11:09
jelkneri can always ask mattva0111:09
ubuntouristThe rest, I've done before, though it was a long time ago.11:09
jelknerwho runs email servers that send millions of emails11:10
jelknerso until next week11:10
jelknerACTION done11:10
ubuntourist'T'would also be good to have someone like mattva01 or someone more current on security practices than I am to review whatever I do.11:11
ubuntouristACTION is done.11:11
GFbotnext item: "Distraction or useful tool? is free for open-source and non-profit teams "11:11
GFbotubuntourist thats on you11:12
jelknerI did some investigation of this when I saw that ubuntourist put it on the agenda11:12
ubuntouristSo. We have our documentation scattered to the four winds.11:12
ubuntouristSince we use git, and because Markdown is an easy format to write decent documentation, and, because the pandoc application can convert between several11:13
ubuntouristdifferent documentation styles, it would seem like a version controlled documentation system like GitBook would be a good choice.11:13
jelknerubuntourist, can i make a proposal?11:14
ubuntouristI also liked the philosophy / background of the team behind it.11:14
ubuntouristjelkner, aye.11:14
jelknerubuntourist, you have been taking the lead on this11:14
jelknerand your arguments in favor of the tech seem really sound to me11:14
jelknerthey have different pricing arrangement on their website11:15
jelknerincluding free for open source projects11:15
ubuntouristThere was also the "Free for teams working on FLOSS projects" angle.11:15
ubuntouristNever mind. ;-)11:15
jelknerit seems like a jelkner task to contact them to let them know who we are and ask if they would let us try it a bit for free11:15
jelknerwe are not technically a non-profit11:16
jelknerbut we are dedicated to software freedom11:16
jelknerwith you all's approval11:16
jelkneri'll be tasked with contacting them11:16
jelkneronly three of us voting members are here11:17
jelknerbut three of five works11:17
jelknerif we are unanimous11:17
ubuntouristjelkner, I don't THINK I saw any specific requirement about being a non-profit to get the gratis account. Just that we're in the libre camp when it comes to software.11:17
GFbotanything else?11:18
jelknerGFbot, do we have your vote?11:18
GFbotubuntourist, jelkner11:18
GFbotim thinking about it11:18
GFboti'll give my 1+11:18
jelkneri'll do it11:18
GFbotlets do it11:19
GFbotNext item11:19
GFbot"High priority deliverable for today - work estimate to Susan"11:19
jelknerthis is mine11:20
jelkneri'll keep it quick11:20
jelknerGallaudet, thanks to ubuntourist, loves us11:20
jelknerthey want us to do more stuff11:21
jelknerand susan wants a proposal11:21
jelknerso SITarabuta and ubuntourist will work on that today11:21
jelknerand i'll send it to her tomorrow11:21
jelknerACTION done11:21
GFbotsounds good11:21
GFbotwe are done with the todo list11:21
GFbotfor today11:21
jelknerGFbot, we are11:21
GFbotI just want to say something about my progress11:22
jelknercan i mention one other thing that ubuntourist asked me to report on?11:22
GFbotand a few things11:22
jelkneryou got first11:22
jelknergo first11:22
ubuntouristThe important thing here is for others, at the moment that being mostly SITarabuta, to gather enough history so that I am not the sole point of failure (or success).11:22
jelknerGFbot, you're on11:23
jelknerGFbot, are you going to say something about your progress?11:24
GFbotwell, this week i've been working on bilingual app, currently its working on libreorganize but, using django admin.. so i need to talk with my mentor about how to add this on LibreOrganize without django adm11:24
GFbotbtw, novawebdev site is running last changes from SITarabuta and me11:24
GFbotNavbars and boxes.11:24
GFbotACTION done11:25
ubuntouristGFbot, Where is it located? Has it migrated from /opt to /srv?11:25
GFbotGFbot not yet.11:25
jelknerGFbot, can you do that this week?11:25
GFbotjelkner sure.11:25
GFbotI hope do not get stuck with gunicorn.11:26
GFbotjelkner we can end this meeting.11:27
GFbotanything else?11:27
GFbotSITarabuta ?11:27
GFbotor we done?11:27
GFbotACTION drops the bag of gravel11:27
jelknerGFbot, you forgot to pick a successor11:28
jelkneri propose nrcerna in her absence ;-)11:28
GFbotoh yeah my bad.11:28
GFbotjelkner can you add her to the chair for next week?11:29
jelknerubuntourist, will do that11:29
jelknerlbolz, i'm going to put an item on the agenda next week asking us to take stock of our resources11:30
ubuntourist!remind 2019.11.24 Chair = nrcerna11:30
"2019.11.24 Chair = nrcerna" added to message queue11:30
jelknerlbolz, we need to figure out who we have willing and able to do what11:30
ubuntourist!remind Check status of NWD from /opt to /srv11:30
"Check status of NWD from /opt to /srv" added to message queue11:30
jelknerwe can't market without knowing what we can do11:30
GFbotSITarabuta how you doing this profile pic11:30
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SITarabutaunfortunately, i have not started it. i am just finishing the homepage today11:31
jelknerlbolz, are you still here?11:31
SITarabutaso that will be done some point during next week11:31
GFbotSITarabuta oh, if you need some help let me know!11:31
SITarabutamaybe my thursday11:31
GFbotlets work together this week11:32
GFbotwith id cards and profile pics11:32
jelknersince lbolz is not responding, jelkner will email her and talk to her in school11:32
lbolzoh i'm here11:36
lbolzsorry i was doing something11:36
jelknerlbolz, cool11:36
jelkneri need to get together with you and zOnny11:37
jelknerthis week11:37
jelkneri'm going to put on the agenda next week11:37
jelknercheck-in on where folks are at with their needs / plans11:37
jelknerfor us to have a successful business, lbolz 11:37
jelknerwe need to reach out for customers11:38
jelknerto do that, we need to know what resources we have11:38
jelknerso that we know what we can do11:38
jelkneri'd like you to think about your experience so far with us, lbolz 11:38
jelknerand i'd like to find out your thoughts about where you'd like to go from here11:39
jelknerfor example, do you have interest in working with us part time when you go off to college?11:39
jelkneri'm also going to want to talk to you and zOnny about how you're doing as a team11:39
jelknerand like i mentioned to you, talk about the two bounty projects i have for you11:40
jelknerthe one you're working on now11:40
jelknerand which i hope you will deliver soon11:40
jelknerto ubuntourist's satisfaction11:40
jelknerand then the sign-and-read app11:40
jelknerthere is hopefully a method to this process, lbolz 11:41
jelkneri'm doing it intentionally11:41
jelkneri'm trying to see if you and zOnny can develop solid skills around the Python 2 to 3, Django upgrade problem11:42
jelknersince i think we could market that skill11:42
jelknerlbolz, is this making sense to you?11:42
jelknerso please reach out to zOnny and find a time the three of us can meet11:42
jelknernext Thursday at 4 pm would work for me11:43
lbolzi'll do that now then11:43
jelkneror next Saturday morning is another possibility11:43
jelknerbut we should meet in person11:43
jelknerso let's see if zOnny can do one of those times11:43
jelkner!remind Check on status of move NOVAWeb website from /opt to /srv11:46
"Check on status of move NOVAWeb website from /opt to /srv" added to message queue11:46
jelkner!remind Check on where folks are at in order to do human resource planning11:47
"Check on where folks are at in order to do human resource planning" added to message queue11:47

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