IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2019-11-24

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jelkner!remind Timeline for ORA and NEA4OR LibreOrganize07:04
"Timeline for ORA and NEA4OR LibreOrganize" added to message queue07:04
jelkner!remind Ask Natalia to follow up with Tim about ORA members07:12
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ubuntouristACTION yawns, stretches, rubs sore old back,..07:21
ubuntouristping jelkner 07:21
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jelknerGood morning lbolz and nrcerna!10:30
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jelknerand welcome to you too, SITarabuta 10:30
nrcernaGood Morning!10:30
SITarabutaGood morning!10:30
jelknerlbolz, got a few minutes for a pre-meeting conversation?10:31
jelknernrcerna, did you see my email to Tim?10:31
nrcernaYes jelkner10:32
jelknercan i give you a quick call now to talk about that?10:32
lbolzGood morning everyone! 10:37
jelknerlbolz, got a minute?10:40
jelknerACTION waits for lbolz to reply...10:40
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jelknerlbolz, ubuntourist just sent you an email10:42
lbolzi just saw it10:42
jelkneri would love to give you your bounty this thursday10:42
jelknercan you have two things done by then:10:42
jelkner1. a running instance of testament for ubuntourist to try out10:42
jelkner2. a message sent to the developers letting them know what you've done10:43
jelknerif you can answer "yes" to those 2 questions10:43
jelkneri'll write you a check on thursday10:43
jelknerthursday is thanksgiving ;-)10:43
jelkneri can't give you the check until monday after10:44
jelknerbut we can still make that the goal10:44
jelknerto get it ready by then end of thanksgiving break10:44
jelknerwhat say you, lbolz?10:44
lbolzi think we can get both of those things done by then10:44
lbolzwe have it running, just some of the pages are broken10:44
jelknerjust let ubuntourist know when they are done10:44
ubuntouristAs the Brits say "Luv'ly".10:45
jelknerbtw. lbolz i spoke with our ASL teacher10:45
jelknershe is interested in sign and read10:45
jelknerso the thrusday after thanksgiving10:45
jelkneryou and zOnny can start on that10:46
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jelknerGood morning, hrodriguez 10:55
nrcerna!remind Ask Heylin to help us with Database / info upgrade on NOVALACIRO website10:55
"Ask Heylin to help us with Database / info upgrade on NOVALACIRO website" added to message queue10:55
hrodriguez : GFbot : @ubuntourist : SITarabuta : lbolz : nrcerna : +jelkner : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ10:56
Check on where folks are at in order to do human resource planning (jelkner)10:56
Should we upgrade all of our templates, just some sites, or nothing to Bootstrap 4/5? (SITarabuta)10:56
Timeline for ORA and NEA4OR LibreOrganize (jelkner)10:56
Ask Natalia to follow up with Tim about ORA members (jelkner)10:56
Ask Heylin to help us with Database / info upgrade on NOVALACIRO website (nrcerna)10:56
nrcernajelkner Big_Brother came up a bit earlier than usual 10:57
jelknernrcerna, it keeps doing that10:57
jelkneri want to talk to SITarabuta about moving it off webfaction10:57
jelknerand taking it over from mjsir911 10:57
jelknerwe're all agreed on that, so SITarabuta have at it as your holiday project ;-)10:58
mjsir911I can help ofc if you need10:58
ubuntouristMy limited sense: Not too difficult, though I haven't poked at it beyond restarting it.10:58
SITarabutaalright, i got it ;)10:59
nrcernaGood morning everyone!:)11:00
ubuntouristHi all11:01
jelknerGood morning11:01
nrcernaWe have a great agenda today!11:01
nrcernaSo we are going to try to make it quickly, we have a lot of work to do 11:02
nrcerna first item : Check status of NWD from /opt to /srv (ubuntourist)11:02
ubuntouristSo, that's my question: GFbot what's the scoop?11:02
GFbotubuntourist is running on srv right now :)11:03
ubuntouristWell. That was a quick agenda item. ;-)11:03
jelknerYou rock, GFbot!11:03
ubuntourist(And that was item two as well. So two birds with one stone.)11:03
nrcernaso jelkner the next its yours ... Check on status of move NOVAWeb website from /opt to /srv (jelkner)11:04
jelknerACTION done ;-)11:04
nrcernasorry, next item11:04
nrcernacheck on where folks are at in order to do human resource planning (jelkner)11:04
ubuntouristACTION is in DC. ;-)11:05
jelknernrcerna, i met with SITarabuta, lbolz, and zOnny last Thursday11:05
jelknerthey are all interested in a continued relationship with NOVA Web Dev11:05
jelknerso we should plan accordingly11:05
jelknernow all we need to do is two things:11:05
jelkner1. develop enough skills to grab gigs11:06
jelkner2. grab enough gigs to keep everyone getting paid what they want to earn11:06
jelknerACTION done11:06
nrcernaGreat, thanks jelkner11:06
nrcernanext item: Should we upgrade all of our templates, just some sites, or nothing to Bootstrap 4/5? (SITarabuta)11:07
nrcernaThis concern to GFbot as well11:07
jelknerGFbot, you're call11:07
nrcernaWe need to know your opinion GFbot11:07
GFbotwell, we talk with Douglas last year11:08
GFbotthe problem is that we have to change our template i mean LibreOrganize11:08
GFbotand template for tendenci11:08
jelknerdidn't SITarabuta do much of this?11:08
GFbotjelkner and it will take time11:08
ubuntouristSITarabuta made a compelling argument in e-mail in favor of this, in my opinion. I didn't see a downside, but, that's another tech I don't know well.11:09
GFbotjelkner at this point11:09
SITarabutaThe only thing is that they changed the name of some classes. And are we using Tendenci templates? I thought we are making our own11:09
ubuntouristIt's that whole "EOL" (End of Life) thing and getting ready for it earlier, rather than later, is pro-active rather than re-active.11:09
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GFbot95ups, i got dc11:10
jelknerGFbot, SITarabuta, it is crucial you two communicate regularly11:10
jelknernrcerna and i will help prod you in that direction11:10
jelknerbut you need to do it on your own11:10
jelkneri don't want to dampen SITarabuta's initiative11:10
jelknerso it is very important, GFbot, that you explain to him what the challenges are11:11
ubuntouristI did have the question about 4? or 5? How long is 4 supported for? and are there compelling reasons to wait for the fantasy that "5 will be ready in the spring" to become reality?11:11
jelknerso he can either say, "I can do that", or "I can't do that now", better to wait11:11
*** GFbot_ has joined #novawebdev11:11
SITarabuta Well, Bootstrap 4 EOL is at the end of 202011:11
jelknernrcerna, looks like GFbot dropped off11:11
GFbot_im here.11:11
SITarabutaAnd Bootstrap 5 is supposed to come in Q1-Q1 of 2020, but I don't know how accurate that is11:12
SITarabutaI do know that they have a public beta atm11:12
jelknerSo, GFbot_, can you please meet with SITarabuta on this today?11:12
GFbot_SITarabuta we should focus on BS411:12
GFbot_i worked with BS4, its stable for wha we need!11:13
SITarabutaAgain, they mainly renamed panels to cards and that is about it11:13
nrcernait is done the item?11:13
GFbot_SITarabuta yes, some classes are gone and that what we have to change11:13
SITarabutaACTION done11:13
GFbot_ACTION done11:13
ubuntouristThen BS4 it is. Forget 5 until the dust settles.11:14
GFbotubuntourist yes, sir!11:14
nrcernaOk, lets move on to the next one11:14
nrcernaTimeline for ORA and NEA4OR LibreOrganize (jelkner)11:14
jelknerwe have a huge opportunity with the US presidential election cycle this year that we won't have again for four years11:15
jelkner(or ever mayby, if Trump wins :-(11:15
jelknerbut to be relevant, we need ORA and NEA4OR working by January at the latest11:16
jelknercan that happen?11:16
jelknerACTION done11:16
nrcernaThis is a question for GFbot11:16
jelkneryes, nrcerna, that's who i'm asking ;-)11:16
GFbotthey are working or not?11:17
GFbotora and nea11:17
nrcernaGFbot, we talked a couploe of weeks that you need to focus then on ORA and NEA4OR11:17
jelknerGFbot, can ORA and NEA4OR be LibreOrganized by January?11:17
GFbotwe dont have helios11:18
GFbotat the moment11:18
jelknerGFbot, you and i need to meet on this11:18
jelknerlet's ditch helios for now11:18
jelknerORA doesn't need it11:18
jelknerremember, they want rank choice voting11:18
nrcernaI remember that jelkner11:18
jelknerwe got them to agree that we could do that in an less than anonymous way11:19
jelknerand they are ok with that11:19
nrcernaI told you GFbot that ORA dindt need it11:19
GFbotoh well in that case can be possible11:19
jelknerso we don't need helios11:19
jelkneronly AEA does11:19
jelknerand that is going to wait until later in 202011:19
GFbotgot it11:20
jelknerok, nrcerna and jelkner will talk more about this11:20
jelknerand follow up with GFbot 11:20
jelknerACTION done11:20
nrcernaNext item Ask Natalia to follow up with Tim about ORA members (jelkner)11:20
nrcernaits done jelkner11:21
jelknernrcerna, you and i talked11:21
jelknerwe just need to let everyone else know what we're up to11:21
jelknerbasically, i'm saying nrcerna needs to learn to be a power user of LibreOrganzie11:21
jelknerso she and i can market it11:21
jelknerso this is a good opportunity for her11:21
jelknershe agreed11:21
jelknerACTION done11:22
nrcernaso the next item 11:22
nrcernaAsk Heylin to help us with Database / info upgrade on NOVALACIRO website11:22
nrcernaThat's mine11:22
GFbotLibreOrganize is user friendly :)  jelkner11:22
jelkneryes it is!11:23
nrcernaAs you all know we are working on NOVALACIROS website11:23
nrcernaSo I wanted to ask you hrodriguez if you can take care of the content 11:23
nrcernaI mean we have the information of their website11:23
jelknerhrodriguez, are you here?11:23
jelkneras we discussed this morning, hrodriguez 11:24
nrcernabut SITarabuta needs help with the spanish 11:24
jelknerthis is one of your main tasks now11:24
jelknergetting the NOVALACIRO up11:24
hrodriguezyes I can do it11:24
jelknerby working with nrcerna, GFbot, and SITarabuta 11:24
nrcernaso, could you plase take care of this and see if we need to update some information?11:24
jelknernrcerna, can you help guide her through the process11:25
jelknerhow should she get you the info you need?11:25
jelknerand Google doc?11:25
nrcernawe need to updated this:
jelknerhrodriguez, please email nrcerna if you have questions11:25
nrcernaa google doc could be great11:25
jelkneror arrange to meet with her on irc11:25
hrodriguezso I jus need to check the content 11:26
hrodriguezand let you know if is good11:26
hrodriguezor if it needs changes11:26
nrcernayes, and you can help SITarabuta  put it all that together in a google doc11:26
jelknercool, we will check in again next sunday on progress11:27
ubuntouristNext weekend, being Thanksgiving weekend, I don't know about others availability. I will be around and available, and I assume our compatriots to the south will be as well, as this is a US holiday...11:27
nrcernaI can check it and help SITarabuta in case he has some questions11:27
jelkneri'll be in pennsylvania with family11:27
jelkneri should be able to attend11:28
jelknerbut not at HacDC11:28
jelknerso, SITarabuta, ubuntourist, you two should plan together what you're going to do11:28
jelknerlet's see if ubuntourist has an update from Susan by then11:28
jelknerwhich could mean it is worth your time to come to DC, SITarabuta 11:29
ubuntouristSITarabuta, I will assume Sunday 10:00 at HacDC unless I hear otherwise.11:29
SITarabutathat's a good time11:29
ubuntouristSITarabuta, (I usually don't check e-mail Sunday morning. So, if plans change, let me know by Saturday night.)11:30
nrcernaanything else?:)11:31
nrcernaor are we done?11:31
jelknerpick a chair, nrcerna 11:31
jelknerthen drop the bag ;-)11:31
nrcernayes :)11:31
ubuntouristChair du jour? Or du whatever week is in french?11:31
nrcernaYou can :) ubuntourist 11:32
ubuntouristACTION sighs "I *suppose*" ;-)11:32
nrcernathanks to everyone11:33
ubuntourist!remind 2019.12.01 Chair = ubuntourist 11:33
"2019.12.01 Chair = ubuntourist" added to message queue11:33
nrcernaACTION drops the bag of gravel11:33
jelknerACTION thinks nrcerna is an awesome chair.  Just say'n ;-)11:33
jelknerokie dokie everyone, i'm heading home11:34
nrcernaThanks jelkner11:34
jelknerthank *you*, nrcerna 11:34
jelkneri'll see y'all next sunday11:34
jelknernrcerna, i'm going to email tim from my classroom when i get there11:34
nrcernaOk, i think GFbot and SITarabuta are going to discuss about what they started11:35
jelknerto let him know you'll follow up with him11:35
jelknerACTION out11:35
nrcernaSITarabuta, i'm going to upload the the final home for NOVALACIRO so you can work on that maybe today or tomorrow11:36
nrcernaI'm trying to organize the information on the other sections11:37
nrcernaIt's kind of tricky you know11:37
SITarabutaalso, please show me a concept of how it should look on mobile screens11:37
nrcernagreat, but I think you could help me with that11:38
nrcernaI mean, you can suggest how is going to look better11:38
nrcernaI'm a graphic designer but as you did with GFbot, you can suggest 11:38
nrcernaI just need to know how are you doing with your tasks SITarabuta and GFbot11:39
nrcerna(this is a concern I have really often)11:40
SITarabuta  i will update you on email later today11:40
nrcernaGreat, SITarabuta 11:40
nrcernaI was talking GFbot about keep me informed  11:40
nrcernaAre you talking on emails? about the progress and stuff SITarabuta 11:41
SITarabutayes, pretty much11:41
nrcernaIf so, please cc'me11:41
nrcernajelkner talk me every morning to see how the things are going11:42
nrcernaand my job is to know what are you doing, the progress and all that :)11:42
nrcernaGFbot, what are you going yo work this week?11:43
GFbotnrcerna -.-11:45
GFboti told you.11:45
nrcernaremind me please11:45
GFboti was working11:45
GFboton id cards11:45
nrcernai know11:45
nrcernaare you don with that?11:45
GFboti need SITarabuta to tell me if he is done iwht11:46
GFbotprofile pictures11:46
SITarabutaalmost there11:46
SITarabutashould be done tomorrow11:46
SITarabutai had to work on templates too11:47
nrcernaOk and then? (this is for you GFbot)11:47
GFbotwell when he is done i can test id cards11:49
GFbotthose apps work together.11:49
nrcernaOk we need to think about timing11:49
nrcernasince we need to get ORA by January11:50
nrcernaand we are almost on December GFbot11:50
GFbotnrcerna yes11:53
GFbotbut, ora and nea need biligual?11:55
nrcernayes GFbot11:56

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