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nrcerna!remind check in (progress) NOVALAVALACIRO (Stefan, Heylin and German)09:23
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ubuntouristIn the space now.09:29
ubuntouristIf you need to be let in,09:29
ubuntouristI think both of these should reach me09:30
ubuntouristHacDC: 202-556-4225 (HACK)Google Voice, (I hope): ‪(202) 683-7559‬09:30
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ubuntouristjelkner, Good timing.09:31
jelknerGood morning nrcerna and ubuntourist 09:31
nrcernaGm jelkner09:32
jelknerWhat's up, ubuntourist?09:32
nrcernaGm ubuntourist 09:32
jelkneri was about to try to get the financial report together09:32
ubuntouristjelkner, My bad regarding communication: I don't have a number for young padawan Stefan. I'm at the space, but I don't know if he knows how to call to get in.09:33
ubuntouristjelkner, I've sent him a message (CC'd you) and will keep headphones and music off until I hear from him,09:33
ubuntouristnrcerna, Hi ;-)09:34
jelknerubuntourist, i'll email you his phone number09:34
jelknerbut i need to focus a bit to get the report together before the meeting after thqt09:34
ubuntouristjelkner, which is why this was good timing. ;-)09:34
jelknerphone number send, ubuntourist 09:36
jelknerand i don't know that guy you emailed about09:36
jelknerno time to read email now09:36
jelknerbut name is unfamiliar09:36
ubuntourist!remind Google Business (expect postcard)09:58
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ubuntourist!remind Reminder: Friday afternoon meeting at Gallaudet coming up. (Nothing more to say about that, really.)09:59
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ubuntouristlbolz, g' day, as the Aussies would say.10:08
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GFbot : +jelkner : lbolz : @ubuntourist : nrcerna : wolcen : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ10:56
LibreOrganize ready for the political season (ORA and NEA4OR site status) (jelkner)10:56
check in (progress) NOVALAVALACIRO (Stefan, Heylin and German) (nrcerna)10:56
Google Business (expect postcard) (ubuntourist)10:56
Reminder: Friday afternoon meeting at Gallaudet coming up. (Nothing more to say about that, really.) (ubuntourist)10:56
jelknerGood morning, everyone!10:56
lbolzgood morning!10:57
jelknerlet's role with this10:57
ubuntouristA tad early, I see... 10:57
jelknerlbolz, did you see my email about your new mentor?10:58
ubuntouristOh. I thought I was chairing, and was going to wait 3 minutes.... But since you're taking charge...10:58
lbolzyes i saw it10:58
ubuntouristjelkner, I defer to you.10:58
jelknerno sir, it was a request10:58
jelkneryour in charge10:58
ubuntouristIn the hopes that a certain absent party will check in, I'm going to give it two minutes.10:59
jelknerubuntourist, i imagine he is away10:59
jelknersince if he didn't answer his phone10:59
jelknerhe isn't likely to show up10:59
ubuntouristSo. Item 1: Monthly financials from the good mr. jelkner 11:01
jelkneri sent out an email this morning11:01
jelkneri need to learn to produce proper financial reports11:01
jelknerthe workshop i attended at the baltimore coop conference gave me the broad idea about what we need11:02
jelknernow i need to learn to do it11:02
jelknernot much happened in november11:02
jelknerwe made the regular payment to nrcerna and GFbot 11:02
ubuntouristjelkner, I need to learn to read financial reports -- proper or not. ;-)11:03
jelknerno revenue11:03
jelknerubuntourist, i'll be tasked with training us on that11:03
jelknerbut i need to learn first11:03
jelknerACTION done11:03
jelknerunless there are questions11:03
nrcerna"No revenue" - we need to keep moving to make it happen (just saying)11:04
jelknernrcerna, thanks11:04
jelknerfor bringing that up11:04
jelknerwe need to get NOVALACIRO delivered11:04
jelknerand we can bill them11:04
nrcernaOf course11:04
jelknerand we have a meeting with Gallaudet next friday11:05
jelknerfor a potential new contract11:05
jelknerregarding timeline, nrcerna 11:05
jelkneri'm thinking we need to work real hard to be ready for next july / august11:05
jelknerby which we need to really start looking for gigs11:05
jelknerACTION done11:05
ubuntouristIn the interest of "keep moving" ;-) - assuming no other members of the peanut gallery weighing in...11:06
ubuntouristItem 2: Sign and Read and our training program, again from jelkner 11:06
jelknerin brief11:06
ubuntourist(Put your pants on.)11:06
jelknermy brother agreed to work with lbolz, nrcerna, and zOnny11:07
jelknereach thursday from 6 to 7 pm11:07
jelknerstarting this week11:07
ubuntourist+1 that11:07
jelknergreat opportunity for us11:07
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ubuntouristwelcome hrodriguez 11:07
jelknerGM, hrodriguez 11:07
nrcernagm, hrodriguez 11:08
hrodriguezGood morning everyone!11:08
jelknerThe three of you can start with him this week11:08
jelkneri have digital artifacts on my laptop11:08
jelknerthat i'll be bringing back with me11:08
jelknervideos and artwork11:08
jelknerACTION done11:10
ubuntouristMoving on...11:10
ubuntouristItem 3: LibreOrganize ready for the political season (ORA and NEA4OR site status)11:10
ubuntouristagain, jelkner 11:11
jelkneri put it on the agenda11:11
jelknerbut i'm asking, not telling11:11
jelknerin terms of our business plan11:11
jelknertiming is important11:11
jelknerwe won't have another presidential season for 4 years11:11
nrcernaWe agreed this week that GFbot needs to focus on ORA right jelkner?11:11
jelknerso if we can get nea4or ready in a month11:11
jelknerwe can use it11:11
jelknerthis time round11:12
jelknerotherwise, we miss a big opportunity11:12
jelknerora is an ongoing concern11:12
jelknerso that we can use at any time11:12
ubuntouristYes all, the Silly Season in American politics is already well started. So, as jelkner says often enough, timing is important.11:13
nrcernajust to be clear, what nea4or needs, in order to have basic LO theme migration? jelkner11:13
nrcernawe need to know to plan that with GFbot11:13
jelknerwe need to manage membership, nrcerna 11:13
jelknerjust like novalaciro and ora11:13
jelknerthat's the main thing LibreOrganzie needs to deliver11:14
jelknerit's all about data11:14
jelknerwe're in the data business11:14
nrcernaSo we are good,this could be a smooth transition jelkner11:14
jelkneras my brother said to me years ago11:14
jelknerreports, reports, reports11:14
jelknerthat's what we need to deliver11:14
jelknereffective reports that present data to users in a way that empowers them to do their organizing11:15
nrcernaOk, we need to take care of automate that jelkner as I mentioned, I have no trouble doing that manually, but we need to skill up 11:15
jelknerthat is the essential essence of libreorganzie11:15
jelknernrcerna, you should do them manually so that you can learn what needs to be done11:16
nrcernaI'm going to coordinate that with GFbot as well this week and send you all a report11:16
jelknerbut the power is real time automated reports11:16
jelknerthat are accessible at any time11:16
jelknerto the end user11:16
jelknerwithout having to ask you, nrcerna 11:16
ubuntouristData in forms that can be reported, analyzed, massaged, searched, etc. (Never anticipate -- or rather, don't limit your expectations regarding -- how someone else might use data.)11:16
jelknerbut will do this in an agile way, ubuntourist 11:17
jelknerour customers will determine what reports we generate11:17
jelknerby telling us what they need11:17
jelknerso we can create simple, easy to use, clean interfaces to the data they need11:17
nrcernaI know that GFbot is really smart have the skills to start creating something like this, he only need to learn abour data11:17
jelknerwell, novalaciro is the best place to start11:18
nrcerna(I need to learn about that too)11:18
jelknersince we have hrodriguez as one of us11:18
jelknerso we need to get the new website for novalaciro up ASAP11:18
nrcernaYes, speaking of that where is Stefan?11:19
jelknernrcerna, i don't know11:19
nrcername either, I sent him an email a few day to check in (I cc'd yo jelkner) 11:20
ubuntouristjelkner, too many years of working with data scientists who knew how to work with data... (I usually found for them, the more the better. But, since we're paid by time not product, the agile approach makes sense.)11:20
ubuntouristnrcerna, Last I heard from him he was supposed to be meeting with me, but alas, no sign.11:20
ubuntouristSo, Moving on? Going once...11:20
ubuntouristGoing twice...11:21
nrcernaI have a question11:21
jelknernrcerna, communication is soo important11:21
jelknerdon't know what happened to Stefan11:21
jelknerthat's why we need to scale up11:21
ubuntouristnrcerna, go ahead11:21
jelknercan't have single points of failure11:21
nrcernaWe know that Stefan maybe is busy with his class11:21
jelknerlet's move on11:22
nrcernashould GFbot see where Stefan is (with the code) and try to finnish that? or should we wait for Stefan?11:22
ubuntouristnrcerna, was there a question? Or move on.11:22
jelknernrcerna, GFbot is our main developer11:23
ubuntouristnrcerna, Sorry. I didn't see your question until after I hit enter.11:23
jelknerhe should always try to take charge of the whole process11:23
jelknerwith you helping him11:23
jelknerinterns will come and go11:23
ubuntouristSo... Next item: check in (progress) NOVALAVALACIRO (Stefan, Heylin and German) 11:23
ubuntouristnrcerna, you're the author of that one.11:24
nrcernaGFbot is going to do that before nea4or11:24
nrcerna(I think we already start with this item jelkner11:24
nrcernameaning I just wanted to check in the progress11:24
nrcernahrodriguez, sent me a google doc with info11:25
nrcernaso we are going to use that to fill the content on the website11:25
nrcernaI'm going to share with GFbot what I did for the website and he could check what Stefan did on Id cards and profile pictures)11:26
nrcernaACTION done11:26
ubuntouristSpeaking of Google Docs, this is a good segue...11:27
ubuntouristItems 5 & 6 are from yours truly.11:27
ubuntouristItem 5: Google Business (expect postcard)11:27
ubuntouristjelkner, I'm hoping by the time you return to the wilds of VA a postcard with a verification code will be waiting for you.11:28
jelkneri'll let you know as soon as i do, ubuntourist 11:28
ubuntouristFor the rest of you...11:28
jelknerhopefully today11:28
ubuntouristI've signed us up for Google Business.  While we'd like to divorce from Google, we need to find a new romantic partner that shares our values. ;-)11:29
ubuntouristUntil then, a dependence on Google remains.11:29
ubuntouristis the URL to access the Google Business page.11:29
ubuntouristI don't know if everyone can see it, but at the moment, jelkner, nrcerna and I (ubuntourist) can.11:30
ubuntouristIn theory, it may help customers find us. We'll see.11:30
ubuntouristACTION is done with Item 511:31
ubuntouristLast, and least Item 6 is really just a !remind reminder. ;-)  Not much to say.11:31
ubuntouristAs jelkner already mentioned: Reminder: Friday afternoon meeting at Gallaudet coming up.11:32
jelknerubuntourist, we are running long on our time11:32
jelknerbut i had something quick to report on this item11:32
ubuntouristThis is in regard to the Research Support and International Affairs (RSIA) department at Gallaudet, which anticipates dropping the "RS" portion of their name and services.11:33
ubuntouristjelkner, go ahead.11:33
jelkneron Tuesday, i saw one of my very talented sophomore students signing in class11:33
jelknershe is a 2nd year ASL student11:33
jelkneri asked her if she would be interested in an internship11:33
ubuntouristjelkner, do tell. ;-)11:34
jelknerlet's see what happens11:34
jelknerbut we have an ASL program at ACC11:34
jelknerso the possibility for synergies abound11:34
jelknerACTION done11:34
jelknermore later11:34
ubuntouristWell, I think that's a wrap.11:35
ubuntouristAny volunteer chairs for one week hence (Dec 8)?11:35
ubuntouristP.S. to all Stefan will be AWOL from Dec 10 to Dec 24, and then it's the holidays... So, probably not seeing him til January, in reality.11:36
ubuntourist(He said in his e-mail, IIRC, that he'll be available electronically, but I know how vacations and travel go, and the reality may be far different.)11:37
jelknerubuntourist, i'm confused11:38
jelknerStefan said he would come with us Friday11:38
jelkneri'll reach out to him tomorrow11:38
ubuntouristFriday is the 6th. Six comes before ten. You are confused. ;-)11:38
jelknerGFbot, can you chair?11:39
ubuntourist!remind 2019.12.08 Chair = GFbot 11:39
"2019.12.08 Chair = GFbot" added to message queue11:39
ubuntouristAnd with that, the gravel falleth, methinks.11:39
ubuntouristACTION drops the bag of gravel11:40
jelknerok, everyone, time for me to drive back to va11:41
jelknernrcerna, i'll call you tomorrow during planning11:41
nrcernaSure jelkner11:42
jelknerACTION signs off11:42
ubuntourist[AWOL = Away WithOut Leave = missing. Originally a military term but used in popular culture to refer to someone who becomes "unreachable" for a time.]11:42
ubuntourist[IIRC = If I Recall Correctly]11:43
ubuntouristACTION wanders away...11:43
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