IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2019-12-15

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nrcerna!remind Talk about SCRUM and #novawebdev_scrum08:59
"Talk about SCRUM and #novawebdev_scrum" added to message queue08:59
nrcerna!remind NOVALACIRO progress report and plan for this week (German)09:01
"NOVALACIRO progress report and plan for this week (German)" added to message queue09:01
jelknernrcerna, where do i file the issue about our irc channels?09:49
jelknernrcerna, where do i file the issue about our prices not being on the website?09:49
jelknernrcerna, could you please paste links here to each of these?09:50
jelknerso i can file the issues09:50
nrcernaI think we dont have a place 09:50
jelknerthanks, nrcerna!09:50
nrcernaBut I can create one09:50
nrcernajelkner FYI I just found this:
nrcernaMarco did a ircBot project jelkner09:55
nrcernajelker to file IRC issues:, and use the label "IRC channel"10:01
nrcernaOn IRC project we can create branches for each channel  ;)10:02
nrcernaIf you need to file something about prices, organization or another internal issue, use this :
nrcernayou should use :" Princing and NWD Organization10:09
nrcernaIm going to send an email10:19
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jelknerboth issues filed, nrcerna 10:27
nrcernaI just send an email10:27
jelkneras we discussed, all issues should be assigned to nrcerna 10:27
jelknernrcerna, i don't need an email10:27
jelkneri already filed the issues ;-)10:28
nrcernaIn order to comunicate that to all the team10:28
jelknerACTION goes to read the email10:28
nrcernadid you read the email? jelkner10:30
jelkneri did, nrcerna, and i replied10:31
jelknernrcerna, did you see my reply?10:31
jelknernrcerna, we discussed this before10:31
jelkneremail is not the best way to do this kind of communication10:31
jelknertwo months from now i'm not going to be able to easily find this10:32
jelknerour website would be the best place for this, imho10:32
nrcernaOK, sorry about that jelkner10:32
jelknerno, nrcerna 10:33
jelknerthis is fine10:33
jelknerfor now10:33
jelkneryou did great10:33
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jelkneri got the issue filed10:33
jelknermy point is that in the longer term, we need better organization10:33
jelkneri'm thinking next Summer's sprint should be about that10:33
jelknerstarting in July, when I can work 12 hour days 7 days a week10:34
jelkneri can work with ubuntourist to reorganize all our information10:34
jelknerand integrate that into our LibreOrganize instance10:34
jelknerso we have a "one stop shop"10:34
jelknerfor finding things10:35
jelknerin the mean time, nrcerna 10:35
jelknerthe goal is to get you first hand experience10:35
jelknerwith handling issues10:35
jelknerso now you have two ;-)10:35
jelknerto practice with10:36
jelknermjsir911, are you around at all today?10:36
jelknerStefan is not going to be able to handle ircbot BigBrother10:37
jelknersince he will be returning leaving the country for school10:37
jelknerGFbot said he emailed you10:37
jelknerbut didn't get a reply10:37
jelknermjsir911, do you have time to help him take over that?10:37
mjsir911Will do10:38
mjsir911checking my email now10:38
jelknermjsir911, did you see his email?10:38
jelknernrcerna, i didn't see an email10:38
jelknerdid you?10:38
jelkneryou told me on the phone he sent one, yes?10:39
mjsir911I don't see any email10:39
jelknernrcerna, i'm confused10:39
nrcernaI said that GFbot tried to reach mjsir911 10:39
nrcernaI think was here10:39
jelknernrcerna, he should email him10:39
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nrcernaI'm talking Gbot to joing us here10:40
hacdcubuntourist here. Using an old broken-down machine from HacDC that I just installed HexChat onto.10:40
hacdcNot worth setting up my full identity, since it's not my machine.10:41
jelknernrcerna, i filed a follow up issue about irc10:45
jelknersince its a two step process10:45
jelkner1. move our bot and logs to our own server10:46
jelkner2. add #novawebdevelopment_scrum channel and rename learn channel to #novawebdevelopment_learn10:46
jelknernrcerna, so now you have three issues assigned to you ;-)10:47
nrcernayes jelkner10:47
nrcernaI'm asking for help to zOnny  in order to get the old pricing info10:48
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jelknerGood morning, GFbot!10:48
jelknerbtw. everyone, i met with a financial consultant yesterday for an hour10:48
jelknershe is going to teach me how to do our tax reporting for this year10:49
jelknerand she is going to setup GNUCash for us10:49
jelknerso i can do better financial reporting each month10:49
jelknerexpect an email from me with details10:50
nrcernaGFbot do you want to ask something to mjsir911,right?10:50
GFbot : hacdc : zOnny : lbolz : +jelkner : nrcerna : @mjsir911 : wolcen : @ChanServ10:56
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nrcernaGood morning everyone!11:00
jelknerGood morning!11:01
hrodriguezGood morning everyone!11:01
lbolzGood morning!11:01
hacdcACTION is ubuntourist in disguise.11:01
jelknerdeep disguise, as a 15 year old laptop!11:02
nrcernaouch hacdc 11:02
nrcernawell we are going to start our meeting11:02
hacdci386. My machine started dying after I arrived at HacDC this morning.11:02
nrcernathe first item : Talk about SCRUM and #novawebdev_scrum 11:03
nrcernaThis is mine,11:03
nrcernaas you all know I'm trying to get a better organization and good communication between all of us11:03
nrcernawe really need to communicate11:04
nrcernaso I propose to use SCRUM 11:04
nrcernain order to do it easier11:04
nrcernareplaceafill send this :
nrcernaSo GFbot created a IRC channel to do it 11:05
nrcernaBut is not working yet, we need to fix that11:05
jelknernrcerna, we need logging for it to be useful11:06
nrcernaYes, jelkner11:06
GFbotwe also need11:06
GFbotmjsir911, helping us11:06
GFbotwith Log bot.11:06
jelknermore specifically, we need mjsir911 teaching GFbot how to manage that11:07
nrcernaI found the gitlab project mjsir911 created11:07
jelknersince while we are most grateful for mjsir911's help, he has another full time job11:07
nrcerna  11:07
jelknerwe need to be able to manage this in-house11:08
nrcernaCan mjsir911 talk GFbot a couple of minutes about it?11:09
nrcernaor GFbot should ask something specifically?11:10
jelknerGFbot, what do you need?11:11
jelknerspeak up, my friend!11:11
hacdcBTW, I will try to do it unless mjsir911 or GFbot get to it first: Rename the learn channel with an underscore instead of the dash.11:11
nrcernaplease do it hacdc 11:11
jelknerhacdc, if you can handle this yourself, that would be best11:11
jelkneryou know mjsir911 well enough to ask what you need11:12
hacdc(I forget who said something about consistency and the hobgoblin of small minds...)11:12
jelknercoordinate which server with nrcerna 11:12
jelknerand GFbot 11:12
nrcernaGFbot we are waiting, I mean if you need help from mjsir911 , this is the time to ask11:12
GFboti need help11:13
GFbotadd Big_brother to the server11:13
GFbotand be able to see channel logs11:13
GFbotfirst time using irc things so, i need help11:13
mjsir911well as per above, the repo is located here:
mjsir911(I'm downloading the uncommited changes from webfaction to commit them shortly)11:14
GFbotmjsir911, where is running?11:14
mjsir911webfaction at, irclogs.novawebdevelopment.org11:15
GFbotoh got it11:15
mjsir911password is somewhere in the google drive I think11:15
GFbotoh i see you have not push new commits right?11:16
mjsir911well, there are a few miscellanious changes but that shouldn't stop you from doing anything11:16
GFbotmjsir911, i'll take a look of it11:17
mjsir911yeah, ok. the surce code is pretty straightforwards, only ~100 lines total11:18
mjsir911the important part might be the webserver, which  is seperate11:19
mjsir911but that's just
GFbotim looking files in webfaction11:19
GFbotmjsir911, got it11:21
GFbotI think i understan11:21
mjsir911well if you need anything, I'll try to be around11:22
GFbotmjsir911, ty11:23
nrcernathanks mjsir911 11:23
nrcernalet's continue with item two 11:24
nrcernaNOVALACIRO progress report and plan for this week (German) 11:24
nrcernathis is yours GFbot 11:24
nrcernawe need the report11:24
nrcernathe work you did this week GFbot 11:25
GFboti fisnished NOVALACIRO design.11:25
GFbotand also Profile Pictures and ID cards11:25
GFboti'll focus on translation this week11:26
jelknerGFbot, will we be ready for hrodriguez next Sunday?11:26
GFbotjelkner, not sure but maybe11:27
jelkneri want to spend a few hours with her and you going over membership11:27
jelknersee what you can do to make that a yes, GFbot 11:27
jelknersince if we don't make next sunday11:27
jelkneri won't have another change until jan 1111:28
jelknerthe clock is ticking11:28
GFbotACTION is done with his report.11:28
jelknerand we aren't moving as fast as we need to11:28
GFbotwell im doing my best.11:28
nrcernai'm sure that GFbot is going to do his best11:28
GFboti'll stop "thinking" and start "doing"11:28
GFbotas Douglas told me11:28
jelknerACTION reminds himself to express mail the hot iron he needs to send to nrcerna to prod GFbot with11:29
nrcernaHe is working that in dev jelkner 11:29
jelknerokey dokeym, nrcerna 11:30
nrcernaGFbot did you push the progress?11:30
GFbotyes, also i made11:31
GFbotto our base theme and libreorganize app11:31
nrcernacould you paste here the link please?11:31
GFbotfixing small bugs.11:31
nrcernaHas everyone something to share? 11:33
nrcernaWe just had 2 items at this meeting11:33
nrcernaACTION is waiting11:34
hacdcI still need to fix the ARA redirects from my old ARA site to the current live site.11:34
nrcernathanks for let us know that hacdc 11:34
hacdc(At the moment... sometimes... people are reaching the now obsolete ARA site instead of the most recent ARA site.)11:35
GFbotACTION is done :)11:35
nrcernaGFbot this is for you, did you run ARA as replaceafill suggested us?11:35
hacdcI *WAS* planning to do that this morning before I learned my computer with all the SSH keys, passwords, etc. is dying.11:35
nrcernaI just wanted to make sure you did GFbot11:35
hacdcI have it all backed up but its going to be a PITA (pain in the ass) to restore, etc.11:36
nrcernaif not, that is your task for today GFbot ;) 11:36
hacdcACTION is done.11:36
nrcernaOk I think we're done11:37
jelknernrcerna, can i raise one question?11:37
nrcernayes jelkner 11:37
jelkneri would like to propose that for the next few months, you chair each week's meeting11:37
jelknerwe want to rotate it eventually11:37
jelknerbut until we get the communication workflow flowing11:38
jelknerwe could use a single hand on the steering wheel11:38
jelknerwhich should be yours11:38
jelknerwhat do folks think about that?11:38
jelknerGFbot, make is unanimous?11:39
jelkneroh GFbot 11:40
jelknerare you here?11:40
hacdcBut do encourage agenda submissions. (I understand that people often don't have anything to add to it, but, when, in the middle of the week,11:40
jelknerBig +111:41
hacdcwe think "Oh, I need to remember to ask about... or report about... bla-bla-blah" go ahead and drop it in !remind.11:41
hacdcEasier said than done, but I will try to practice what I preach.11:42
GFbotjelkner, 11:43
jelknerGFbot, that means todos11:43
jelknerwe are waiting for you vote11:43
nrcernaAre you ok with me chairing the meeting every week GFbot ?11:44
GFbotalways 1+11:44
nrcernaOk thank you GFbot 11:44
jelkneri'll call you tomorrow as usual nrcerna 11:45
jelknerhasta tomorrow11:45
nrcernaSo after to drop the bag of gravel, We really appreciate to have you at HacDC zOnny 11:45
nrcernaI talk with jelkner that we miss you 11:45
zOnnynrcerna: -.-11:45
nrcernajajaja I know, your face.11:45
nrcernaWell, thanks everyone 11:46
nrcernasee you next week11:46
jelknerthank you, nrcerna 11:46
jelknerzOnny and jelkner are heading out11:46
jelknerwe have meetings to make in VA11:46
nrcernaACTION drops the bag of gravel11:46
nrcernaGFbot, recordá tu tarea de ahora :) 11:47
nrcernaeso solo debe de tomar el día de ahora GFbot ;)11:48
hacdcACTION is outa here.11:48
GFbotmjsir911, need help with something11:49
GFbothow can i keep OP in channel?11:49
mjsir911gotta register the channel11:50
GFbotalready did11:50
mjsir911which channel?11:50
mjsir911oh, um, you need to tell chanserv to op you on join11:51
GFbothow can i do that?11:51
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GFbotmjsir911, it works11:57
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mjsir911just in case you didn't know12:10
mjsir911ah nm12:10
GFbotmjsir911, testing do not worry12:10
GFbotmjsir911, 12:11
GFbotits working12:11
GFbotgood, thanks dude!12:11
GFboti'll send an email about this.12:11
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