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jelkner!remind Natalia chair 2019-12-22 meeting10:35
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jelkner!rename learn channel from - to _10:36
jelkner!remind rename learn channel from - to _10:37
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jelknerGoog morning GFbot 10:42
GFbothello jelkner 10:42
jelknerBigBrother was broken10:43
jelknerubuntourist is working to fix it10:43
jelknerwe lost our agenda10:43
jelknerso nrcerna is going to need to re-add that10:43
jelknerAfter that, GFbot, i'm hoping you can work today with hrodriguez 10:44
jelknershe needs access to data!10:44
jelknerdid you get a separate server setup of NOVALACIRO admin?10:44
jelknerthat's what we agreed to do, right?10:44
jelknerone, bi-lingual public facing website10:45
jelknerat novalaciro.org10:45
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jelknercool, Big_Brother is back10:46
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nrcerna!remind NOVALACIRO report and testing10:47
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nrcerna!remind Plans for this week10:47
"Plans for this week" added to message queue10:47
jelknerGFbot, don't touch Big_Brother10:48
jelknerubuntourist will handle that10:48
jelknertoo many cooks spoil the stew ;-)10:48
jelknerGood morning, nrcerna 10:48
jelknerOK, since logging is back10:48
jelknerGFbot as i was saying10:49
jelkneror asking10:49
nrcernagm jelkner10:49
jelknerand i'm glad nrcerna is here for this conversation10:49
nrcernai just came to GFbot place10:49
jelknernrcerna, we need to get hrodriguez able to use LibreOrganize to organize10:50
jelkneras i've been saying over and over and over10:50
jelknerwe are going into the data business10:50
jelknerLibreOrganize is about reports and data10:50
jelknerand communication10:51
jelknernrcerna, we need to start making it do that effectively10:51
jelknerwe lost more than 3 weeks on NOVALACIRO10:51
jelknerand we are behind10:51
jelknerpart of the problem was not understanding how much of a problem translation was going to be10:52
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jelknergm, lbolz 10:52
jelknerbut nrcerna, you and i need to draw a lesson from this experience10:52
jelknerwe let it go on too long10:52
jelknerafter week 1, we should have been pressing GFbot for an ETA (estimated time of arrival)10:53
jelknerwhen he couldn't produce one10:53
nrcernaI know but I would say that we only have GFbot as full time developer and we depend of his skills and what he knows, right? jelkner10:53
jelkneryes, nrcerna 10:53
nrcernaI talked about ETA with replaceafill10:53
jelknerthat is a problem too10:53
nrcernawe met him a couple of time during this "lost weeks"10:54
jelknerwe need at least one other full time developer10:54
jelknernrcerna, i have a question for you10:54
nrcernaWe tried to follow what he recommend us10:54
jelknerwhat to you think the possibility is to recruit another developer in El Salvador?10:54
jelknerat this stage, we can't afford US developers10:54
nrcernaI think is a good idea10:54
jelknerthey cost too much10:55
nrcernaI know10:55
jelknernrcerna, talk to your uncle about that10:55
nrcernawe could try to find someone here to support GFbot10:55
jelknermy idea would be to reach out to the free software movement there10:55
jelknersince we want someone who believes in free software10:55
nrcernaGFbot told me several times that he needs zOnny back10:56
jelkneryes, nrcerna, but we need a good Gallaudet contract for that10:56
nrcernabut we need revenue to bring him back10:56
jelkneri'm working with ubuntourist on that10:56
jelkneri'm also pushing zOnny to learn to budget10:56
jelkneri'm thinking that we ask him to work full time in july and august10:57
jelknerwhen i can work 7 day weeks 12 hours a day10:57
jelknerand you and i can make our marketing push10:57
jelkner1st, we need to skill up!10:57
jelknerwe're not there yet10:58
nrcernaI know the struggle10:58
nrcernawell we know (meaning GFbot and I)10:59
nrcernaWe believe that we are going to make it jelkner10:59
jelknerif we work hard enough and don't give up, we will10:59
jelknerthe work is there10:59
jelknerlots of it10:59
jelknerbut we need to get ourselves ready10:59
lbolz : nrcerna : +jelkner : GFbot : hrodriguez : ubuntourist : Doisaac : @ChanServ : @mjsir911 : wolcen11:00
NOVALACIRO report and testing (nrcerna)11:00
Plans for this week (nrcerna)11:00
nrcernaGood morning everyone!11:00
jelknerGood morning!11:00
lbolzgood morning!11:01
ubuntouristHi all.11:01
hrodriguezGood Morning everyone!11:01
nrcernaBefore we start , two things:11:01
nrcernais zOnny coming?11:01
jelkneri don't know, nrcerna 11:01
lbolzi think he said he wouldn't be here11:01
nrcernaanyone knows?11:01
nrcernaOk thanks lbolz 11:02
nrcernathe second one: 11:02
nrcernawe are glad to have Doisaac  (AKA junior) here11:02
DoisaacGood Morning everyone, Thank you is awesome to be here11:03
nrcernaIs great to see you Doisaac ;)11:03
nrcernaWell first item11:03
DoisaacThank you nrcerna11:04
nrcernarename learn channel from - to _ (jelkner)11:04
jelknernrcerna, ubuntourist already did that11:04
jelknerthanks, ubuntourist!11:04
jelknerACTION done11:04
ubuntouristAnd retroactively renamed all occurrences in log files.11:05
jelknerunix rocks!11:05
nrcernathanks ubuntourist 11:05
ubuntouristLater today (maybe) I hope to move it to the new site.11:05
ubuntouristACTION is done11:05
jelknerwe were discussing how we need another dev with unix chops11:05
jelknerkeep that in mind, nrcerna 11:05
nrcernaOk :)11:06
nrcernaNext item: NOVALACIRO report and testing 11:06
nrcerna(this is GFbot, hrodriguez  and jelkner)11:06
jelkneryes, i'm hoping this is the work for today11:06
jelknerhrodriguez needs to be able to manage and engage members11:06
jelknerGFbot needs to make that work for her11:06
jelknerACTION done11:07
GFbotwell, i've created the dev instance for test novalacario using libreorganize11:07
GFboti had some issues migrating data 11:07
hrodriguez GFbot can you teach me how to use It after the meeting 11:07
GFbothrodriguez, yes.11:07
GFboti can11:08
hrodriguezthanks GFbot11:08
GFbothrodriguez, jelkner this is how it looks for now11:08
GFbotis using nrcerna designs11:08
jelknerwe aren't going to look now, GFbot 11:08
jelknerthat's an after meeting project11:08
jelknerACTION done11:08
jelknertill after the meeting11:09
nrcernaOk 11:09
GFbotalso i was looking about making pdf files with django11:09
GFbotso, we can take users report with that11:10
jelknerWe will need that big time11:10
GFbotlibreorganize doesnt have that already but, we can create a simple that does it for us11:10
ubuntouristGFbot, I had once looked at ReportLab to do that but it wasn't quite fancy enough to do what I wanted.11:10
GFbotubuntourist, yes, i saw that too11:10
ubuntouristGFbot, If you don't find a good Python library and ReportLab doesn't do the trick, there are alternatives I've used.11:11
GFbotubuntourist, it would be good if you share them with me :)11:11
ubuntouristGFbot, but they require multiple steps. For example, outputing reStructured Text or MarkDown and then running it through something to produce a PDF output.11:12
ubuntouristACTION is done with that thought.11:12
GFbotthere is a package that use html11:13
GFbotand css11:13
GFbotso i think i create a simple app for pdf report.11:13
GFboti can create*11:14
GFbotACTION done11:14
nrcernaGood GFbot ,thanks.11:14
nrcernanext item: Plans for this week11:14
nrcernaWe started this before the meeting, right jelkner ?11:15
jelkneri think NOVALACIRO needs to move forward11:15
jelknerthat's goal number 111:15
jelknerstart today11:15
jelknerand take it from there11:15
jelkneri've got user stories11:15
jelknerand hrodriguez is here to learn the system11:15
jelknernow we just need to make it work ;-)11:15
jelknerACTION done11:16
nrcernaand also we talked with you that what we are going about GFbot proposal to solve the bilingual issue11:16
jelknernot really, nrcerna 11:16
jelknerwe are going to "punt" the bilingual issue11:17
jelknerthat's a US idiom11:17
jelknerfrom football11:17
jelknerit means kick it away11:17
jelknerwe are going to keep a public facing website that is bilingual11:17
jelknerand an English only LibreOrganize site for hrodriguez to use to organize data11:17
nrcernayes, that was I'm saying ;)11:18
jelknerit's ok to do that with NOVALACIRO for now11:18
jelknersince the members don't use the site for data11:18
nrcernathen we move to NEA11:18
nrcerna;) we're on the same page11:18
nrcernathat's good11:18
jelknerhrodriguez and jelkner can collaborate11:18
jelkneron learning to use the system11:19
jelknersince they have similar needs11:19
jelknersee lists of members11:19
jelknerexpiration / renewal dates for memberships11:19
jelknerupdate contact info11:19
jelknerACTION done11:19
nrcernaOne question, are we going just migrate NEA? or redesign it too?11:20
nrcernameaning on the website11:20
nrcernaI just want to have that in minfs11:20
jelknerwe should redesign it, don't you think, nrcerna?11:20
jelknersince it doesn't need to be bilingual11:21
nrcernaSure :) 11:21
jelknerwe can have a single LibreOrganize site for it11:21
jelknerACTION done11:21
GFbotjelkner, well you need see novalaciro redesign11:22
nrcernaThat's what we talked with GFbot, we need a LO theme for each 11:22
jelknerlet's talk after11:22
nrcernaGFbot +111:22
jelknerwe are getting into the weeds11:22
nrcernaAre we done whit this item? so we can move forward to end the meeting and test NOVALACIRO11:23
ubuntouristACTION raises his hand. 11:23
ubuntouristBrief update:11:24
nrcernaOk thanks for being here everyone!11:24
nrcernasee you all next week!11:24
nrcernaOh sorry, continue ubuntourist 11:24
ubuntouristI've set the old ARA site to forward to the new ARA site via the use of http meta redirects. Not ideal, but I think it works.11:25
ubuntouristI may need to make it a bit more informative, but my brief tests seemed to do the right thing.11:26
ubuntouristACTION is done.11:26
jelknernrcerna, can you and i chat after the meeting?11:26
nrcernayes jelkner11:26
nrcernathanks for the report ubuntourist 11:27
nrcernaso see you all next week, thanks!11:27
nrcerna(you too Doisaac )11:27
jelknerdon't forget the bag of gravel, nrcerna 11:27
nrcernaACTION drops the bag of gravel11:28
nrcernaI was tyoing it11:28
Doisaac:) thank you nrcerna.11:28
ubuntouristFarewell, all.11:28
hrodriguezGFbot, Podemos comenzar 11:29
GFbothrodriguez, can we hangout?11:29
hrodriguezGFbot, sure 11:29
Doisaacbye, have a good day everyone11:29
GFbotDoisaac, see you!11:29
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ubuntouristhrodriguez, jelkner visit and download and install...11:31
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hrodriguezGFbot: hi 11:50
hrodriguezGFbot: should we start 11:52
GFbothrodriguez, hi11:53
GFbothrodriguez, go to
hrodriguezI am on it GFbot 11:54
GFbotlog in to the site as admin11:54
hrodriguezwhat should type for the Username and password 11:55
GFbotusername: admin and password: admin11:56
hrodriguezgot it11:56
GFbotwell that should see is the Profile user11:57
GFbotdo you want to hangout11:57
hrodriguezokay that’s fine11:57
hrodriguezGFbot: the link you sent me doesn’t work but I’m in hangout12:03
GFbothrodriguez, calling!12:07
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