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nrcernaHi jelkner09:36
jelknerGood morning, nrcerna 09:37
jelkneri just sent you an email09:37
nrcernaACTION checking...09:38
nrcernaI just read it, I have the items already, I was about to paste it here jelkner09:40
jelknerit's important for us to have regular discussions about our process, nrcerna 09:41
jelknersince you and i need to get this right if we are going to succeed09:41
jelknernrcerna, we need to set clear goals for what we are trying to accomplish, and who is responsible for delivering what09:47
jelkneri'm not sure why we scheduled the meeting for last thursday09:48
jelkneri had proposed taking off time for the holidays09:48
jelknerbut folks said they wanted to meet09:48
jelknerwhen we say we are going to do something, and then we don't, it drains our energy09:49
jelknerdoing what we way we are going to do, and being successful, builds our energy09:49
jelknerin life, things will always come up in the last minute09:49
jelknerbut the rate at which that happens is too high, we will fail09:50
jelknerso we need to work hard to keep the rate low09:50
jelknerthe way i see it, the goal of the sign and read project is to get nrcerna and zOnny working together, under the mentorship of aelkner09:51
jelknerif the 3 of you can't make it09:51
jelknerdon't do it!09:51
jelknersince that is the goal09:51
jelknernrcerna, GFbot is not needed to work on that project09:52
nrcernaI understand everything you're saying, believe me a lot, I really try to be responsible, 09:52
jelkneri know you do09:52
jelknerand we need to keep on trying, until we get it right! ;-)09:53
nrcernaAlan, ask that German help me about that Dev things that I dont understand and German agreed09:53
jelknerahh, but German can't help you when you're not there, now i understand09:54
jelknerok, so just reschedule for january 9th09:54
nrcernaEdzon couldnt join the last meeting because of work09:54
jelknernrcerna, did you talk to replacefill about the idea of looking for another team guanaco developer?09:55
jelknerone full time developer is not going to be enough09:55
jelknerand we can't afford zOnny full time09:55
nrcernaHe is on vacations, he is leaving to the beach with my grandparents09:56
jelknerok, i think all this will need to wait until the holidays are over09:56
nrcernaBut I'm going to talk him when he come back09:56
jelknernrcerna, i won't be here next sunday09:56
jelkneri'll be traveling back to VA that day09:56
nrcernaOk I'll keep that on mind09:57
jelknerok, i'll let you go until the meeting09:57
nrcernaI want to talk about something jelkner09:58
nrcerna(even if is a meeting item)09:58
nrcernaGerman, talked Heylin and explain her how to test LO09:59
nrcernaShe understood, as I know they talked twice about it 09:59
nrcernaand everything was clear10:00
nrcernaI talked German yesterday, he has NOVALACIRO on production now10:00
jelknerthat is great news, nrcerna 10:00
nrcernathe plan is get it online today, but we need to be sure10:01
jelknerwe need to be sure about what?10:01
nrcernaI mean to have a green light to do it , meaning (You and Heylin) as customers10:01
jelknerwe are not going to break the main site, nrcerna 10:01
jelknersince that needs to be bilingual10:01
jelknerso no one will see the new site except heylin10:02
jelknerso there isn't really any risk, is there?10:02
jelknerlet's move on this10:02
nrcernaAre you talking about LO or the static website we mentioned the last time we spoke?10:02
jelknerwe want nea4or tan pronto que sea possible after that10:02
jelknerthe static site can remain as it is10:03
jelknerit has too10:03
jelknersince it needs to be bilingual10:03
jelknerhas to10:03
nrcernaSo today we are moving to discuss NEA4OR planning10:03
jelkneri keep getting the feeling i'm not making this clear somehow10:03
jelknerwhen visitors go to novalaciro.org10:04
jelknernothing will change10:04
jelknerthat is the public facing website, and needs to be bilingual10:04
nrcernaGot it10:04
jelknerso (or something like that) will point to LO10:05
jelknerthat will be separate and will only be used by hrodriguez and the board10:05
nrcernaSo are we going to bill NOVALACIRO?10:06
jelkneronce the new site is live10:06
jelknerbtw. Daniela wants us to fix emails for them10:06
jelkneri think that should be top on the agenda10:06
jelknersince it is more billable work10:06
jelknermaybe ubuntourist can take that on10:07
jelkneror better still, zOnny10:07
jelknerthat's the agenda item i added10:07
jelknersince daniela keeps asking hrodriguez and me, and we didn't follow up10:08
nrcernaWhen you say: "once the new site is live" Its always LO right? Im asking twice because I really need to be clear about it , my mind understand site as the website no the theme. 10:08
jelkneris hrodriguez asking for theme changes?10:09
jelkneri haven't heard that10:09
nrcernathat is the main misunderstanding I always had10:09
jelkneryes, i mean LO10:09
jelknerwe need to work hard on clear communication, nrcerna 10:09
jelknerand you and i need to learn how to help make that happen10:09
nrcernaWell Heyling didnt say anything about changes10:10
jelknerso we don't have any ;-)10:10
nrcernaThats good10:10
jelkneri think that is a task for daniela in any case10:10
jelknersince she is the president10:10
jelknerso we'll wait for her to get used to her new role10:11
jelknerjanuary is the launch of the campaign for novalaciro10:11
jelknerso i bet they will need info updates and theme changes then10:11
jelknerwhat they need now, is to manage members!10:12
nrcernaOk I'll keep that in our radar10:12
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jelknerGood morning, Doisaac!10:20
jelknernrcerna, i need some help from you10:20
jelknerwe need an invoice for NOVALACIRO10:21
jelknerif we don't bill soon, we won't have enough in our bank account for the February payment10:21
jelknernrcerna, i just made the january payment10:21
nrcernaI just saw that 10:22
DoisaacGood morning10:22
jelknerbut the well is running dry, nrcerna 10:22
jelknerif we don't start replenishing it, there will be no more left to withdrawal10:22
jelkneryes, nrcerna?10:23
nrcernaHello Doisaac 10:28
nrcernahow are you?10:28
nrcernaIt's great to see you here10:28
Doisaacthank you, i am fine what about you?10:28
nrcernaI'm fine Doisaac 10:29
nrcernathanks for asking10:29
Doisaaci just finish
nrcernaAre you practicing / studying what jelkner suggested you? 10:30
nrcernaHey! Doisaac 10:30
nrcernathat's Great10:30
Doisaacbut it's strange Its end on chapter 210:30
Doisaacin page #7610:31
jelkneri'm looking now, Doisaac 10:31
Doisaacoh yes jelkner10:31
jelkneryou're right Doisaac 10:32
jelkneri didn't notice that before10:32
jelknerthe whole book isn't there10:32
Doisaacoh i thought my was my computer10:32
jelknernope, it's the pdf in the link10:33
Doisaacit was my computer10:33
jelknerit ends on page 7610:33
jelknerso you will need another resource10:33
jelknerhow do you feel about learning javascript?10:33
jelknerwe really need that10:33
Doisaacit sound great10:34
jelkneri think that pdf is complete10:35
Doisaacoh thank you10:35
Doisaaci think it too10:35
Doisaacso start learning something new :)10:36
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jelknerthe three langauges of the web browser are html, css, and javascript, Doisaac 10:37
jelknerwe need someone who can master all three10:37
jelknerGM, lbolz 10:37
lbolzgood morning!10:37
jelknernrcerna, why don't you make it your task to develop a resources of websites like the one i just sent10:38
jelknerwith postings of Django gigs10:38
jelknerthen look at them regularly and carefully10:38
jelknersee what kinds of skills they require10:38
jelknertalk to GFbot about them10:38
jelknerfigure out which onese we could apply for10:38
jelknerand what we need to get ready for the ones we can't yet apply for10:39
jelknernrcerna, look at this one:
jelkneri think there will be several of these as Python 2 goes end of life next month10:40
jelknerthat's why i encouraged lbolz and zOnny to do the two projects i gave them10:40
jelknerHere is another site:
nrcerna!remind Fix NOVALACIRO emails10:44
"Fix NOVALACIRO emails" added to message queue10:44
nrcerna!remind NOVALACIRO Report ( Test / Live site / Billing)10:45
"NOVALACIRO Report ( Test / Live site / Billing)" added to message queue10:45
nrcerna!remind Plan for this month: Focus on NEA4OR 10:45
"Plan for this month: Focus on NEA4OR" added to message queue10:45
jelknernrcerna, i just sent an email to you and louie10:56
jelknermy son, louie10:56
jelknerhe is learning javascript now10:57
jelknerand did work with us before trying to market us10:57
jelknerthe economics didn't work at that point10:57
jelknerwe couldn't bring in enough money to keep him employed10:57
jelknernrcerna, i'm hoping you can communicate with him to benefit from his experience10:58
jelknertrying to do what you are going to try to do now10:58
lbolz : Doisaac : nrcerna : +jelkner : @ChanServ : @mjsir911 : wolcen11:00
Plan for this month: Focus on NEA4OR (nrcerna)11:00
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nrcernajelkner do you know if Heylin is coming?11:02
jelkneri don't11:03
nrcernaHello GFbot11:03
nrcernaWe should wait11:04
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nrcernaThere she is! :)11:04
nrcernaHello hrodriguez 11:04
hrodriguezHi everyone 11:04
nrcernahello :) 11:05
nrcernaany news about ubuntuorist? jelkner, someone?11:05
hrodriguezjelkner: is traveling 11:05
jelkneri don't know, nrcerna 11:06
jelknerit's difficult to tell from down here in Texas ;-)11:06
jelknerin general, we should start on time11:06
nrcernajaja right11:06
nrcernaSure, 11:06
jelknersince it encourages folks to show up on time11:06
nrcernaGood morinig everyone11:07
jelknerGood morning111:07
nrcernathe first item in our agenda: Fix NOVALACIRO emails11:07
nrcernaWe talked about this briefly earlier with jelkner11:08
jelknerhrodriguez, you should coordinate with the board on this11:08
jelknerwho wants an email?11:08
jelkneri know daniela would like both president@novalaciro.org11:08
jelknerand daniela.londono@novalaciro.org11:09
hrodriguezperfect jelkner i will contact them11:09
jelknernrcerna, you need to figure out who can do this11:09
jelknercan zOnny?11:09
jelknercan GFbot?11:09
jelknerubuntourist set up email for us11:09
jelknerbut we want one of our younger developers to know how11:09
nrcernaCould you please provide us a Google doc or spreadsheet with the list? hrodriguez 11:10
jelknersince ubuntourist is heading into retirement11:10
jelknerhis main role should be teaching others11:10
jelknernot doint the things himself11:10
hrodriguezyes jelkner 11:10
jelknerACTION done11:12
nrcernaSo I'm going to create the issue and assign to one of them11:12
nrcernaI'll be waiting the info hrodriguez 11:12
nrcernaThank you!11:12
nrcernanext item11:13
jelknernrcerna, i want jeff.elkner@novalaciro.org11:13
nrcernaSure :) jelkner 11:13
nrcernaNext item: NOVALACIRO Report ( Test / Live site / Billing)11:13
nrcernathis is for you GFbot, hrodriguez 11:13
nrcernaYou already start to learn how to use it hrodriguez 11:14
nrcernaGFbot,  helped you on that11:14
*** GFbot has joined #novawebdev11:14
hrodrigueznrcerna: yes I have been practicing and yes he was helping me  11:15
nrcernaIt's everything clear hrodriguez ? we need to know about what you experienced ;)11:15
jelknerhrodriguez, on jan 12, we should meet at HacDC again11:15
jelknerand go over our membership list11:15
jelknerhrodriguez, i can help you file issues at that point11:16
hrodriguezyes i need to practice on my own more but at the moment everything is clear 11:16
nrcernaGreat hrodriguez 11:17
nrcernathanks for let us know that, 11:17
hrodriguezjelkner: all right I will be there 11:17
GFbotjelkner, you should take a look of the new design of novalaciro11:17
nrcernaGFbot, could continue helping you if you have any concern11:17
nrcernawe are not going to use it11:18
hrodriguezthanks nrcerna :)11:18
nrcernajelkner mentioned that it needs to be bilingual11:18
jelknerGFbot, the design could be part of a new static site11:19
nrcernaso we need to push just the LO theme (so hrodriguez can use it)11:19
jelknerbut we can't have the public facing site be English only11:19
nrcernaIt is in spanish jelkner11:19
jelknerGFbot, nrcerna understands what needs to be done11:19
nrcernawe designed it in spanish11:19
nrcernaso can we start using it?11:19
jelknernrcerna, GFbot we have our next NOVALACIRO board meeting on Jan 611:20
jelknerdo you want hrodriguez to present the new design to the board for approval?11:20
jelkneri was going to call her after this meeting anyway11:20
jelknerto talk about our board meeting11:20
jelknernrcerna, GFbot, if you think it is ready for use, work with hrodriguez to get it on our agenda for 1/611:21
jelknerACTION done11:21
nrcernaIt's ready if we assume to have that in spanish as we mentioned last sunday11:21
GFbotjelkner, the site?11:22
jelknerGFbot, let nrcerna handle this11:22
jelknerlet's not take more time now with it11:22
nrcernaGFbot, could you provide a dev link to jelkner and hrodriguez, so they can see it?11:22
jelknerhrodriguez, and nrcerna can discuss what needs to be done11:23
nrcerna(after this meeting)11:23
nrcernahttp:// jelkner , hrodriguez 11:24
nrcernathe info will be replaced once we make it live 11:24
nrcerna(meaning nuestros recursos section)11:25
nrcernaACTION done11:25
nrcernahrodriguez, jelkner?11:27
jelkneri'm done11:27
jelknerwe are going to follow up later, yes?11:28
jelknernrcerna, i'm going to call hrodriguez after the meeting to talk about this11:28
jelknershe will work with you11:28
GFbotwell i'll wait for nrcerna 11:28
jelknerto move forward11:28
jelknerACTION done11:28
GFbotto tell me what to do with novalaciro.11:28
nrcernaOk, lets continue11:29
nrcernaNex item: Plan for this month: Focus on NEA4OR 11:29
nrcernaHe need to plan about this jelkner, GFbot11:30
jelknerGFbot, how long would it take you to have an OR site ready for NEA4OR?11:30
jelknerwould that be possible by 1/12?11:30
jelknerif so, hrodriguez and i could both be learning to use it that day11:30
jelkneri really need to access the membership list11:31
jelknerupdate the entry form11:31
jelknerand generate reports11:31
nrcernaThis could be easier for you right GFbot?11:31
jelkneri'd like to do that as soon as possible11:31
GFbotwhat do you mean with "or site ready for nea4or"?11:32
jelknerGood question, GFbot 11:32
jelknerwhat i mean is:11:32
jelknerhave a Libre Organize website with the membership database from the old site preserved11:32
jelknerwe should work on a new design11:33
jelknerbut that can come after11:33
jelknermy first user stories are all about membership management11:33
GFbotjelkner, nea4or has mail list?11:34
GFboti mean tendenci use it?11:34
jelknerit does11:34
GFbotwell i cant handle that11:34
jelknerGFbot, let's drop it then11:34
jelkneri need a printout11:35
jelknerso that i can reach out to everyone11:35
jelknerbut i'll setup a Google group :-(11:35
jelknersince we can't handle that now11:35
jelknerwe need to focus on doing one this really well11:35
jelknerand that one thing should be membership management11:35
GFbotjelkner, but11:36
jelknerif we don't have that, we don't have anything11:36
GFbotif you want libreorganize11:36
GFboton nea11:36
GFbotwe should have a design11:36
jelknerOK, GFbot 11:36
jelknersee what you and nrcerna can come up with 11:36
jelkneri can write stories to make changes later11:37
jelknerright now, i need to manage members!11:37
GFbotjelkner, death line?11:37
GFbotfor that11:37
jelknerGFbot, can you get it done by 1/12?11:37
nrcernathe questions stills GFbot, can we deliver that on the time jelkner asked?11:37
jelknerthat would be really, *really* helpful!11:37
GFbot12 of january?11:38
nrcernathis could save us GFbot ;)11:38
jelknerit could11:38
jelknerif we can get that done by jan 12, we are back on schedule11:38
GFbotjelkner, without mail setup yes.11:38
GFbotjust migrating11:39
jelkneryes, GFbot, no mail11:39
jelknercut that part out11:39
jelknerbut don't loose the data!11:39
jelkneri need the email addresses11:39
GFbotnrcerna, you need to make a design for that.11:39
jelknerso i can contact people11:39
nrcernayes GFbot11:39
GFbotjelkner, data is it on database i think.11:39
GFbotthats how Douglas made it11:39
jelknerGFbot, confirm that, please11:39
jelknernrcerna, i'll be checking email11:40
jelknersend me an email when you have something you want me to look at11:40
GFbotjelkner, i can confirm since novalaciro has it.11:40
nrcernaOk jelkner11:40
nrcernaanyone has something to share?11:41
jelknernrcerna, i have a suggestion11:41
nrcernayes, jelkner?11:41
jelknersince all the deliverables are due on 1/1211:41
jelkneri propose we not meet next sunday11:42
jelkneri can't make it in any case11:42
jelknerand it is better not to meet when there is no important agenda11:42
jelkneri'll promise to pester ubuntourist before 1/1211:42
jelknerto get him to the meeting on 1/1211:42
nrcernaOk, I can meet GFbot to see the progress, I mean check in11:43
jelknerand i'll be able to communicate with zOnny the week before that11:43
jelknernrcerna, you need to work with GFbot 11:43
jelknerto get the deliverable ready11:43
nrcernaGot it jelkner 11:43
jelknerlastely, nrcerna you and i can work during the week of 1/6 to talk to replaceafill11:43
jelknerand hopefully, louie will get back to you before then, nrcerna 11:43
GFbotshe can come to my house11:43
nrcerna+1 11:44
GFbotACTION is happy about that :')11:44
jelknerACTION is too ;-)11:44
nrcernaACTION Happy too11:44
nrcernaI would like to thank lbolz and Doisaac  to be here ;) even if they're just seeing this meeting11:45
lbolz:) no problem11:46
nrcernaI appreciate your time lbolz and Doisaac. We are trying to succeed and you're part important ;) 11:47
nrcernaThanks everyone11:47
DoisaacThank to you :) for allow stay here11:47
*** hrodriguez has joined #novawebdev11:47
nrcernaEnjoin the holidays ;)11:48
Doisaacyou too Nrcerna 11:48
nrcernaACTION drops the bag of gravel11:48
jelknernrcerna, i'm going to sign off11:53
jelkneri just talked to hrodriguez 11:53
jelkneryou should communicate with her about the website11:53
jelknerwe want it ready to show our board by 1/611:53
jelknertalk to y'all soon11:54
jelknerACTION signs off11:54
*** hrodriguez has left #novawebdev (None)11:54

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