IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2020-01-12

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nrcernagm jelkner10:03
ubuntouristnrcerna, he's stepped out to let people into the building. but hi. ;-)10:09
nrcernaHi! Ok ubuntourist  :) Thanks for let me know. 10:10
ubuntouristnrcerna, He's back, and today, we10:10
ubuntouristnrcerna, and today we have broken a record, I think: six of us on site, and I'm not sure, but more may be coming.10:11
nrcernaThat's great! :)10:11
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jelknergm, nrcerna 10:34
nrcernagm jelkner10:35
jelknerwe have a big meeting today, nrcerna 10:36
nrcernaYes jelkner 10:37
jelknerwe have a group of students at ACC who are interested in working on the tendenci fork10:39
jelkneresutko, lbolz, stefan, peter, and adrian10:39
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jelknernrcerna, you will be managing them10:40
jelknernrcerna, you and i will agree on a budget10:40
jelknerwe will negotiate a bounty with them10:40
jelknerand they understand they get paid on delivery10:40
jelknernrcerna, we need GFbot here today10:41
nrcernaOk jelkner, sounds good10:41
ubuntourist!remind Intros: esutko=Ellis, nrcerna=Natalia, hrodriguez=Heylin, SITarabuta=Stefan, ubuntourist=Kevin, lbolz=Lena, z0nny=Edzon, GFBot=Germon, jelkner=Jeff, mjsir911=Marco 10:41
"Intros: esutko=Ellis, nrcerna=Natalia, hrodriguez=Heylin, SITarabuta=Stefan, ubuntourist=Kevin, lbolz=Lena, z0nny=Edzon, GFBot=Germon, jelkner=Jeff, mjsir911=Marco" added to message queue10:41
jelknerhe's coming, yes?10:41
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nrcernaYes jelkner10:41
nrcernajelkner Doisaac  is here too! :)10:42
jelknerGood morning, Doisaac 10:43
DoisaacGood Morning everyone10:43
nrcernaGood morning Doisaac 10:44
jelknernrcerna, we have a lot to talk about tomorrow at 9:30 am10:48
jelkneri'll wait until then to update you on everything10:48
jelknernrcerna, ubuntourist is telling me we have a run away machine10:48
nrcernaSure jelkner :) 10:48
jelknerusing 97% of cpu10:48
jelknerthe one for nea4or10:48
jelknermaybe we need to shut it down?10:49
nrcernaI didnt get it jelkner 10:49
nrcernamaybe we need to ask GFbot, he is coming soon10:50
jelknernrcerna, ubuntourist just shut it down10:51
jelkneruntil we can talk to GFbot10:51
jelkneri'm afraid it may be forwarding spam10:51
jelkneri don't want to take that chance10:51
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jelknerGood morning, GFbot 10:57
jelknermeeting is about to start, but ubuntourist shutdown the nea4or server10:58
GFbotgood day!10:58
jelknerit was running at more than 97% cpu10:58
jelkneri'm afraid it was relaying spam10:58
jelkneri have no hard evidence for that, GFbot 10:59
GFbotmaybe some progress was running10:59
GFbotand took all ram10:59
jelknerbut i'm combining the fact that you were trying to get the mail server working10:59
jelknerno, GFbot, it ran at 95% for like a whole day10:59
jelknerbad sign10:59
GFbot : Doisaac : SITarabuta : esutko_ : esutko : hrodriguez : lbolz : nrcerna : @ubuntourist : +jelkner : @ChanServ : @mjsir911 : wolcen11:00
talk about EAE issue (nrcerna)11:00
jelknerwe need to pull the plug on mail11:00
GFbotjelkner, i had issues with services.11:00
Intros: esutko=Ellis, nrcerna=Natalia, hrodriguez=Heylin, SITarabuta=Stefan, ubuntourist=Kevin, lbolz=Lena, z0nny=Edzon, GFBot=Germon, jelkner=Jeff, mjsir911=Marco (ubuntourist)11:00
nrcernaCan we wait GFbot , jelkner that is an item in our agenda11:00
jelknerno, nrcerna 11:00
jelknerit's your show11:00
nrcernaI want to say Hello to everyone first of all11:01
hrodriguezHello nrcerna 11:01
nrcernaThat is why I suggested that11:01
nrcernaHello hrodriguez 11:01
nrcernaHello and welcome everyone :)11:01
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nrcernaSo first item , you wrote this jelkner  Update DNS for now that it is moved to namecheap 11:03
jelknerwell, with zOnny out of the picture for the foreseeable future11:04
jelknerwe may not have anyone who can do this?11:04
jelkneri was asked to move to our NameCheap account11:05
jelkneri did11:05
jelknerthat's all i wanted to report11:05
jelknerthe dns records are complicated11:05
ubuntourist(BTW, if folks miss something during the "live" conversations, IRC logs are at
jelknerwe should probably find a time to ask mjsir911 for help simplifying them11:05
nrcernathanks ubuntourist11:05
jelknerso that GFbot understands them11:05
jelknerACTION done11:06
nrcernaor we can add it to the list to ask Josue (the developer who is going to mentor GFbot )11:06
nrcernaNext item belongs to Team Guanaco, GFbot  and nrcerna - NE4OR report 11:07
nrcernaSo GFbot , give us the report,please.11:08
GFbotwell, i did the migration for nea4or this week, unfortunately i had issues with services.11:09
GFbotnea is already has LibreOrganize with the new theme11:09
jelknerGFbot, what "issues with services"?11:10
GFbotI need to figure that out to complete the work.11:10
jelknerGFbot, remove mail11:10
jelknerthat should make it a lot easier, yes?11:10
nrcerna(replaceafill cc'd you an email jelkner, he is going to help GFbot  with that, on Tuesday)11:10
GFbotjelkner, mod_wsgi doesnt run the wsgi from django.11:10
jelknerokie dokie11:10
GFbotI email replaceafill11:11
GFbotfor help but, maybe he is busy11:11
GFbothe'll help me on that this Tuesday.11:11
ubuntouristCPU was running 97% "hot" with most of that due to both outgoing and incoming IP traffic.11:11
GFbotjelkner, but, nea4or basically done talking about migrating.11:12
ubuntouristIt spiked yesterday morning and was still running hot til I shut it down a few minutes ago.11:12
jelknerGFbot, please keep an eye on that11:12
GFbotjelkner, sure.11:12
jelknerthe worst thing for us would be to be locked out because we are forwarding spam11:13
jelkneror something like that11:13
jelknerACTION done11:13
nrcernaThis one belong to me - "plans / mentoring GFbot (new developer)"11:13
nrcernaI just wanted to report that I meet a developer here in El Salvador, he agreed to help us to mentor Gfbot11:14
nrcernaI'm waiting he respond to coordinate a meeting11:14
nrcernaand do a check list of things we need to fix / update 11:15
jelknerthat will be a huge help, nrcerna 11:15
nrcernathen I'm going to share that list, hours and budget we are going to need to do it11:15
jelknergood work!11:15
nrcernaACTION done11:15
nrcernathanks jelkner 11:15
nrcernaThe nex item :  "talk about EAE issue"11:16
nrcernathis is about the email you received jelkner11:16
jelknerAEA has a new administrative assistant11:17
jelknershe wants to start managing the website11:17
jelknerso this is a request for CMS support11:17
jelknerthat's a really important discussion for us11:17
jelkneresutko was asking me about our user stories11:17
jelkneri didn't even mention basic CMS support11:18
jelknerwhich, if i understand from GFbot, is a big problem for us with the new LibreOrganize11:18
jelknersince we were relying on Tendenci's CMS11:18
jelkneris that correct, GFbot?11:18
GFbotjelkner, LibreOrganize is on development.11:19
jelknerso, what do we tell AEA to manage their expectations?11:19
GFbotwe need things to add/fix11:19
jelknerhow long to you estimate?11:19
jelknerthat's what i need to know11:19
jelknerwe have our monthly meeting tomorrow11:19
jelkneri told Darlene (the new staff person)11:20
jelknerthat i would give her a time estimate at the meeting tomorrow11:20
jelknerso that's all i need11:20
GFbotjelkner, well, if they want to manage the site with tendenci.11:20
jelknerGFbot, they don't know the difference11:21
jelknerthe issue is for us11:21
GFbotjelkner, well aea works with voting, we dont have that yet.11:21
jelknerGFbot, i understand, but they haven't been using it much11:21
jelknerand we are moving away from Helios to our own system11:22
jelknerso we need to make the most sensible plan for us to move forward11:22
GFbotjelkner, well if we migrate aea to our system "it would be easier for them" manage the site.11:22
jelknerthen need CMS more than voting11:22
GFbotbecause LibreOrganize is simple.11:22
jelknerthen we should to that11:22
jelknerthat's what i'm saying11:22
jelkneri will explain they will loose voting11:23
jelkneruntil we can implement our own system11:23
GFbotjelkner, i need time to learn services and mailman or whatever mail services.11:23
jelknernext year hopefully (meaning after next summer)11:23
GFbotjelkner, as I was saying last meeting11:24
jelknerGFbot, my basic is approach is to get all our current customers on our LibreOrganize system11:24
GFbotwe can create a simple app to get users stories.11:24
jelknerso that it makes it manageable for you, GFbot 11:24
jelknerGFbot, let's talk about that after the meeting11:24
jelknerWe have a group here that is interesting in working that app11:25
jelknerACTION done11:25
nrcernaOk ubuntourist you wrote this: Intros: esutko=Ellis, nrcerna=Natalia, hrodriguez=Heylin, SITarabuta=Stefan, ubuntourist=Kevin, lbolz=Lena, z0nny=Edzon, GFBot=German, jelkner=Jeff, mjsir911=Marco 11:25
nrcernathere's anything you want to add or share ? :) ubuntourist 11:26
ubuntouristThat was just so that people could put "human" names together with IRC names.  and Doisaac="Junior". ;-)11:26
ubuntouristNothing really more to add to that.11:26
ubuntouristACTION is done11:26
nrcernaanyone has something to share?11:28
GFbotno from me.11:29
nrcernaOk I just want to ask you something jelkner 11:29
jelknershoot, nrcerna, but we are running over our 30 minutes11:30
jelknercan we talk after the meeting?11:30
nrcernaThe next Sunday, Eduardo and me we'll be having our 8th marriage anniversary, could you please chair the meeting?11:30
jelknersure, nrcerna 11:31
nrcernathanks :)11:31
jelknerGFbot, you'll be here, yes?11:31
GFbotjelkner, yep11:32
nrcerna!remind chair 01/19 - jelkner11:32
"chair 01/19 - jelkner" added to message queue11:32
nrcernaOk thanks everyone 11:32
nrcernaACTION drops the bag of gravel11:33
Doisaac:), i'm in Working in the book Jeff, in making interactivity in a image called iRock11:33
jelknerthanks, nrcerna!11:33
jelknergreat, Doisaac 11:33
nrcernaSweet Doisaac 11:33
jelknernrcerna, GFbot, let's use today to work with lbolz, SITarabuta, and esutko 11:34
jelknersince this is the best time to get y'all together11:34
jelknerlbolz, esutko, SITarabuta, Peter, and Adrian will be working on two things:11:34
jelkner1. Removing unused Tendenci apps from LibreOrganzie11:35
jelkner2. Adding on-line voting11:35
jelknerthey should coordinate their activity with GFbot 11:35
SITarabutaActually, we are removing unsused Tendenci apps from *Tendenci*11:35
jelknerSITarabuta, we are calling the new forked thing "LibreOrganzie"11:36
jelknerit will start as Tendenci11:36
jelkneranyway, whatever we call it, it is our application for NOVALACIRO / ORA / AEA and NEA4OR11:37
GFbotthats cool11:38
jelknerso then, y'all, take it away!11:39
jelknerACTION done11:40
GFbotwhat do you need from me?11:40
SITarabutawell, here is what we are doing. we are forking the latest version of tendenci and we will start removing apps from that and converting their templates to our.11:42
SITarabutajelkner went to the bathroom11:42
nrcernaJust a reminder GFbot, I wrote you on private the tasks we need done today11:42
GFbotSITarabuta, right.11:43
Doisaachave a good day everyone, see you next Sunday.11:52
jelknernrcerna, hrodriguez is here to file issues for NOVALACIRO today11:52
jelknerSee you next Sunday, Doisaac!11:52
nrcernasure jelkner11:52
jelknernrcerna, is the project where she should file them?11:53
nrcernaACTION Checking...11:53
jelknernrcerna, i just added her to the NOVA Web Dev group11:53
nrcernaI cant find where GFbot worked jelkner11:57
nrcernaBut i just got the issues11:57
nrcernaAt the LO theme11:57
jelknernrcerna, i'm here with hrodriguez trying to figure out how to see members11:58
jelknerthat is going to be our first story11:58
jelkner"I want to see a list of current members"11:58
nrcernaI remember that GFbot set that up11:58
jelknerI should add that to[]=NOVALACIRO%20website ?11:59
jelknerGFbot, before we file that issue, is there a way to see members now?11:59
jelknerWe see a dialog to edit membership types12:00
jelknerbut can't figure out how to see member list12:00
nrcernathis is the branch NOVALACIRO under LO theme :
jelknernrcerna, can you help us with this?12:02
jelkneri think it would be helpful for you, nrcerna 12:02
jelknersince you can get a feel for our application12:02
nrcernai see12:02
nrcernaI know, but I think and suggest that GFbot is the one who knows better all of this jelkner12:03
nrcernasince he developed it12:03
nrcernaOr you can file the issue, everything you found and we can check it with GFbot12:05
jelkneryes, nrcerna, i understand that he developed it12:06
jelknerbut what i am suggesting is that you and i need to be power users12:06
jelknerso here we have a great opportunity to do that12:06
jelknerwe have a real customer, hrodriguez, ready to use the app12:06
jelkneryou and i should both be able to help her12:06
jelknerbut we can't12:07
jelknerso we have a problem to fix ;-)12:07
jelknernrcerna, so you have an account on the system?12:07
jelknerhrodriguez says you don't need an account12:08
jelkneryou can login as admin12:08
jelknerthat's how she does it12:08
jelknernrcerna, are you here?12:08
nrcernahrodriguez, please share with me the link GFbot provided you to log in12:08
nrcernayes jelkner12:09
nrcernajust reading12:09
hrodrigueznecesitas el link para log in12:09
GFbotjelkner, if you want to see members12:09
GFbotin dashboard you have "Users"12:09
nrcernasi , porfa hrodriguez 12:10
jelknerCool, GFbot, we looked at that12:11
jelknerbut we want much better reports12:11
jelknerso we need to file issues12:11
jelknerthat's what we'll do today12:11
jelknerGFbot, question for you12:12
jelkneras i think about this story, i'm not sure where we want this12:12
jelknerdo we want to add a new choice under members?12:12
jelkneror a new block named "Reports"12:12
jelknerfor all the reports12:12
jelknernrcerna, we need to figure out how we want this to work?12:13
jelknerhrodriguez needs to be able to do the following things:12:13
jelkner1. Easily present a list of current members12:13
GFbotjelkner, well i need a clear idea about what you want to get it done. :)12:13
jelkner2. Show information on expiration dates for members.12:14
jelkner3. Add new members12:14
GFbot"Easily present a list of current members" but, we have that12:14
jelknerWhere, GFbot 12:15
jelknerthat's what we are asking12:15
jelknerUsers is not it12:15
GFbotwhy not?12:15
GFboti confused12:15
jelknerBecause I mean a nice, clean list of members, one per line12:15
jelknera report12:15
jelknerright now we see @System_generated12:16
jelknerthen @Admin12:16
jelknerthose three take up the whole screen12:16
jelknerWhere are our members?12:16
jelknerNone of those are members?12:17
GFbotjelkner, thats a dev site.12:17
GFbotthose are  the current members12:17
GFbotonce we migrate12:17
jelknernrcerna, please help me12:17
GFbotthey should appear12:17
jelkneri feel like GFbot and me are not communicating12:17
jelknerand i don't know how to do it12:17
nrcernaI agree with GFbot, jelkner12:17
jelknernrcerna, do you understand what we are saying?12:17
jelknerwhat do you mean "You agree with GFbot"?12:18
nrcernaI mean we agreed that we need to have your aproval to get this online and have all the "features"12:18
nrcernaYou are testing this on dev mode12:18
GFbotjelkner, you can not see members because that a dev site.12:19
jelknernrcerna, how do we move forward?12:19
jelknerhrodriguez came in to help test this12:19
jelknerbut she can't test it without members12:20
jelknerthere is nothing for her to do12:20
nrcernajelkner GFbot is trying to answer 12:20
jelknerthen please, GFbot, by all means, try again12:20
jelknernrcerna, what do you want hrodriguez to do?12:21
nrcernaGFbot,Please could you try to explain this better12:21
jelknerthat's my question12:21
jelknershould she just go home?12:21
jelknerafter i apologize to her for asking her to come in12:21
GFbotjelkner, 12:21
GFbotjelkner, good example is our site.12:21
GFbotif you go to User you'll see all the members.12:21
jelknernrcerna, let's do this12:22
jelkneryou tell hrodriguez next time you think we will be ready for her12:23
jelknershe needs to present the board with a list of members each month12:23
jelknercurrently she can't do that12:23
jelknerwe could keep a spread sheet somewhere12:23
jelknerbut the whole point of LibreOrganize is to use it12:23
nrcernaIt is ready , I mean, we work on that, we are waiting the approval of Daniela to push everything and hrodriguez could test all the things as well12:23
jelknertest which things, nrcerna 12:24
jelknershe can't test anything without data12:24
nrcernathats what we ( hrodriguez , GFbot, you and me agreed)12:24
jelknerok, i think i understand the confusion12:24
nrcernathings: LO theme (NOVALACIRO) and the website12:24
jelknernrcerna, there are two things going on12:24
jelknerthe theme12:24
jelknerwhich Daniela has to approve12:25
GFbotACTION is on the moon12:25
jelknernrcerna, hrodriguez and i will call Daniela now12:25
jelknerthen we can get the approval12:26
jelknerand move forward12:26
jelkneri remember now12:26
jelknersorry GFbot and nrcerna 12:26
nrcernaNP jelkner 12:26
jelknerEveryone, ubuntourist needs to restart Big_Brother12:27
jelknerso we will loose logging12:27
nrcernawhen appoved the website, you need to push the theme and the site GFbot 12:27
nrcernamake it online12:27
GFbotwe cant12:27
nrcernaah? GFbot12:27
GFbotthats not multi language.12:28
jelknerwe are stuck12:28
jelknerwe need multi language12:28
jelknerso we are still waiting for that12:28
nrcernaWe agreed with jelkner the last time we talk (call) with him that the site will be in Spanish and the LO theme in English12:28
jelknerwe can do that, GFbot 12:29
jelkneractually, i'm confused how that will work12:29
GFbotLibreOrganize is in english12:29
GFbotthe homepage can be in spanish12:29
nrcernawe design the website in spanish and LO is in english12:29
nrcernalike that12:30
jelknerbut they work together, nrcerna?12:30
GFbotdo you want to migrate novalaciro?12:30
GFbotto libreorganize12:30
jelknernrcerna, can i give you a call?12:30
jelknernrcerna, are you here?12:31
nrcernaMy phone is charging but I can take the call I suggest include GFbot  to the call 12:31
nrcernaI'm here...12:32
jelknernrcerna, let me talk to you, and you can talk to GFbot after12:32
jelkneror we can chat12:32
jelknerlet me try one more time again12:32
jelknerWe need two things *both* to work:12:32
jelkner1. We need a public website for the world to see (in Spanish only is ok)12:33
jelkner2. We need a web application to manage members (in English only is ok)12:33
jelknerSo, how do these two things work together?12:33
GFbotjelkner, but12:33
GFbotfor that12:33
jelknerOr don't they12:33
GFbotis simple like just make the homepage in spanish.12:33
GFbotremember that pages that novalaciro has already are in spanish too12:34
nrcerna(we already did that with the new design GFbot )12:34
jelknerso, how do we get to the 2nd problem12:34
jelknerwe aren't waiting for anyone on that12:34
jelknerhow do we get a web application for hrodriguez to manage members?12:34
jelknerthat is blocking us now12:35
jelknerand hurting our organizing12:35
jelknersince we don't have access to our data12:35
GFbotthats LibreOrganize12:35
GFbotjelkner, wait.12:35
GFbotif you are agree with homepage and pages in spanish12:35
GFbotwith libreorganize as CMS12:35
GFbotin english12:35
GFbotwe can migrate12:36
nrcerna+1 12:36
GFbotand then you will see you "data"12:36
jelknerwhat do you mean "As CMS"12:36
jelknerI think you are using "CMS" improperly12:36
GFbotI mean as LibreOrganze12:36
jelknerCMS is content management system12:36
GFbotBoxes,navs,pages admin stuff.12:36
jelkner"content" means web pages12:36
GFbotright 12:36
GFbotadmin tools12:37
GFbotthat should be in english12:37
GFbotbut content in spanish12:37
jelknerthat's what we want for now12:37
GFbotonce we migrate novalaciro12:37
jelknerwe will have a user story about making the content bilingual12:37
GFbotyou'll be able to see data12:37
GFbotand then you can check if members list are ok12:38
GFbotor we should change it12:38
GFbotthats my plan12:38
jelknerGreat, GFbot 12:38
jelknerso, when will that be ready?12:38
jelknerCan you have that by next Sunday?12:39
jelknernrcerna, you should confirm it is ready for the next time hrodriguez comes to HacDC12:39
GFbotjelkner, for sure12:39
nrcernaOk jelkner12:39
GFbotonce i get Douglas help12:39
GFbotwe are going to have12:39
GFbotnea and novalaciro12:39
jelknerso she doesn't spend hours commuting for now reason12:39
jelknergreat, GFbot 12:40
jelknerthat sounds like a plan12:40
jelknerall i ask is that by next Friday you let hrodriguez know if you are not ready12:40
jelknerotherwise, we will plan on meeting here again next Sunday12:40
jelknerto work on members12:40
GFbotjelkner, no problem12:40
GFbotmy big problem for now12:41
GFbotis to solve services problem12:41
GFbot: )12:41
GFbotapache services*12:41
jelknerok, GFbot 12:41
nrcernaHopefully it will be ready righ GFbot ?12:41
jelknerhrodriguez is going to call it a day12:41
GFbotnrcerna, yes.12:41
jelknershe knows nrcerna will contact her by next Friday to confirm12:41
GFbotjelkner, im going to setup the meeting for ORA brb.12:41
*** hrodriguez has left #novawebdev (None)12:43
GFbotjelkner, nrcerna ready12:49
GFbotthe button will be online tomorrow at 5am12:50
nrcernathanks GFbot 12:51
nrcernaPlease do the 2nd task12:52
GFbotnrcerna, jelkner can you take a look of it:
nrcernaGreat GFbot 13:01
*** nrcerna has joined #novawebdev13:03
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