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jelknerGood morning nrcerna and hrodriguez!10:51
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hrodriguezGood Morning jelkner and nrcerna 10:51
nrcernagood morning jelkner and hrodriguez 10:51
jelknerApologies for being late10:52
jelknerit took me 2 hours to get here10:52
jelknerubuntourist and i are here10:52
jelknernrcerna, i'm going to try to login to nea4or10:52
jelknernrcerna, question for you:10:52
jelknerwhere do i file issues?10:52
jelknerhrodriguez, you should pay attention to this too10:53
hrodriguezyes jelkner 10:53
jelknersince you and i both need to learn to file issues10:53
jelknersince we are the testers10:53
jelknernrcerna, my first issue has to do with the art work on the home page10:53
jelknera bunch of hands of white people10:53
jelknernothing to do with education, and not diverse at all10:54
jelkneri want to file an issue on that10:54
jelknernrcerna, i logged in successfully, cool!10:55
ubuntouristhrodriguez, last week, we spoke briefly about NOVALACIRO board members getting e-mail addresses.10:55
nrcernaWait jelkner I'm going to send you where,  I just want to say something. I just talked German's mom and he is whitour internet now :(10:55
ubuntouristhrodriguez, Step 1: I need "real" addresses that I can forward to.10:55
hrodriguezyes, ubuntourist 10:55
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nrcernahis mom is going to share internet to his phone jelkner10:56
hrodriguezthose two are their gmail addresses ubuntourist 10:57
jelknerGood morning, GFbot 10:57
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nrcernayou can file issues here jelkner 10:58
jelknerthanks, nrcerna 10:58
jelkneri'll get on that now10:58
nrcernaand Ok jelkner we are going to change the header picture10:58
ubuntouristhrodriguez, Got 'em. So, in a few minutes I'll have "incoming" mail set up so that they can receive mail. 10:58
hrodriguezthanks ubuntourist 10:58
nrcernaI'm going to create a new label10:59
ubuntouristhrodriguez, Step 2 will require someone sitting with them so that they can then send mail OUT with that address.10:59
nrcernahrodriguez, why jelkner has quit, do you know?10:59
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nrcernaOh, he is back10:59
jelkneryeah, nrcerna, my connection went weird10:59
jelkneri'm back10:59
jelkneri'm sitting next to ubuntourist in any case11:00
hrodriguezubuntourist: I can do that on the day of our meeting February 211:00
jelknerso if you loose me, you can message him ;-)11:00
nrcernaI'm going to create a new label to file issues jelkner and we are going to change later the header picture11:00
ubuntouristhrodriguez, Oh, the other question: What should their new addresses be? If so, I need a first and last for the first address you gave.11:01
nrcernaSo, jelkner what do you need from GFbot ?11:01
GFbotI'm waiting ;)11:01
jelknerGFbot, i don't think i need anything now11:01
jelknernrcerna told me where to file issues11:01
ubuntouristhrodriguez, The other option would be to use their board position (e.g.,, etc.)11:02
jelknerand i can login11:02
jelknerso now i need to file issues11:02
jelknerGFbot, we can talk more tomorrow11:02
nrcernaI sent you the link here jelkner 11:02
GFbotSo i can't log out or do you need anything else?11:03
nrcernayou can file issues here jelkner 11:03
GFbotI can*11:03
GFbotI can stay here :)11:03
hrodriguezubuntourist: let me ask jelkner since their position can change or they can leave11:04
hrodriguezjelkner: should we make the mail addresses as their board positions 11:04
jelknerhrodriguez, ubuntourist and i are discussing that now11:04
ubuntouristjelkner is arguing for both.11:04
jelknermy thought was if we could, both11:04
ubuntouristhrodriguez, I see the point, and will see if that's an easy possibility...11:05
jelknerso you would get *and* staff@novalaciro.org11:05
hrodriguezooh okay jelkner that make sense 11:05
jelknerbut we need to find out from ubuntourist if that is easy to do11:05
jelknerif not, we will have to choose11:05
nrcernajelkner you should use this label to file NEA4OR issues: NEA4OR website11:06
jelknerwe should then perhaps wait until our call with daniela tomorrow11:06
jelknerGFbot, question for you11:06
jelkneras the list manager, i want to see a spreadsheet like list (one member per line) of all the members11:07
jelknershould i file an issue on that?11:07
GFbotSure, thats css11:07
ubuntouristhrodriguez, So it still leaves me with the questions: Who is, and which board positions go with which address?11:07
GFbotFrom theme11:07
hrodriguezIngrid Vaca Vice-president 11:08
GFbotWe can change it11:08
hrodriguezGloria Galvez Treasure ubuntourist 11:08
ubuntouristhrodriguez, (When I looked at a second time, I thought "Oh. I see the name now." ;-) )11:09
ubuntouristhrodriguez, thanks.11:09
hrodriguezubuntourist: you’re welcome 😉 11:09
jelknernrcerna, this is really on you, i think11:18
jelkneras our designer11:18
ubuntouristhrodriguez, It may take a little while (20 minutes to an hour) but you should test by sending four messages -- one to each address11:19
jelknerto build websites for nea locals and caucuses, etc. you as a designer will need to get to understand the community we are targetting11:19
jelknerGFbot, what do you mean by ??11:19
jelkneri don't understand11:19
jelknerGFbot, btw. we have a real initiative going with the LibreOrganize refactor11:19
jelknerGFbot, i don't know if they will be able to do it, but they want to:11:20
GFbotWhat do You mean?11:20
jelkner1. remove all apps we aren't using11:20
ubuntouristhrodriguez,,, vice-president@novalaciro, treasurer@novalaciro11:20
jelkner2. rename the project from tendenci to libreorganize11:20
jelkner3. add tests11:20
hrodriguezthanks ubuntourist 11:20
jelkner4. make it work!11:20
jelknerGFbot, if they are successful, it will really become our project11:21
jelknerand we can build on it11:21
jelknerGFbot, i keep telling them that it will be important for you to understand what they have done11:21
jelknerso that you can build on it when they aren't here anymore11:21
ubuntouristhrodriguez, but be sure to explain that they can only receive with those addresses, until they work through the other part.11:21
jelknerGFbot, i'm going to file the next issue11:22
GFbotjelkner if you want to do that all this time that we worked on libreorganize was time Lost.11:22
jelknerGFbot, no, not true11:22
ubuntouristhrodriguez, Because I have not communicated with them, I'll send the instructions to you again, and you can just substitute their names and addresses in the appropriate places.11:22
jelknerGFbot, we always wanted to do that11:22
GFbotRemove apps from tendenci not sure11:22
jelknerwe just didn't have the skills11:22
hrodriguezall right ubuntourist 11:22
jelkneri'm not sure we do now either11:23
ubuntouristhrodriguez, they will each need to do the procedure twice because they are getting two addresses.11:23
jelknerbut these young gedi want to try11:23
jelknerthey only get paid if they succeed11:23
jelknerso we have nothing to loose11:23
GFbotYou just want to step back using tendenci again11:24
jelknerGFbot, i don't know what you mean11:24
jelknerwe decided together last summer we were going to fork tendenci11:24
jelknerthat has been our plan since august11:24
jelknerreplaceafill approved it11:24
GFbotI don't really know what You want ay this point11:24
jelknernrcerna, can you help me?11:25
jelkneroften i feel like GFbot and i talk past each other11:25
GFbotI need help with libreorganize11:25
nrcernajelkner, GFbot says that he thinks that he already forked tendenci11:25
nrcernahe needs help with the current theme11:25
nrcernathe one we started jelkner 11:25
jelknernrcerna, can i call you?11:26
nrcernaI prefer you try to chat with us jelkner 11:26
nrcernanot just me11:26
jelknerok, i will try to chat11:26
jelknerbasically, we have GFbot and nrcerna as our only full time folks11:27
jelknerso i will continue to work with the two of you on customer projects11:28
jelknerthat's what we are doing here today11:28
jelkneri'll file another issue for GFbot 11:28
jelknerand we can make progress toward the following:11:28
jelkner1. GFbot and nrcerna understand our "business problem" very well11:29
jelkner2. GFbot and nrcerna can design good looking websites that customers like11:29
jelkner3. GFbot and nrcerna can make the websites have the essential features that customers want to be happy with us11:30
jelknernrcerna, GFbot that's what we've been trying to do, right?11:30
jelknerthat was our plan at the end of august11:30
nrcernaYes that's what we have been doing jelkner11:31
jelknerwith NOVALACIRO, NEA4OR, AEA, and ORA as our four current partners who are helping us develop our product11:31
jelknerso, nrcerna, what is the confusion?11:31
jelkneri don't understand why GFbot says he doesn't understand what i want.11:32
jelknerthat's what i want11:32
GFbotWe need customers that pay for that11:32
jelknerand what i thought we agreed11:32
jelknerGFbot, we aren't ready to get customers to pay11:32
jelknersince we don't have the skills11:32
jelkneri'm the only paying customer for that, GFbot 11:32
jelknerwith a bit here and there from AEA11:33
jelknerand good fortune donations like we got last summer11:33
jelknerif we get further along11:33
jelknerwe may be able to get more donations11:33
jelknerbut we need to get people exited about and happy with our app before they would want to donate11:34
jelknerand we haven't done that yet11:34
nrcernaGFbot,  was saying that he didnt understand why you want to refactor tendenci, are we using that instead our current LO theme? jelkner11:35
jelknernrcerna, it wasn't my idea to refactor tendenci11:35
nrcernaIf so, GFbot said that the things (meaining LO) we started was a waste of time, that's what I understood11:36
jelknerit was Ellis, Stefan, and Adrian11:36
jelknerGFbot, you should know that we need to refactor tedenci11:36
jelkneryou just don't have the skills to do it yet11:36
jelknersoftware always needs refactoring11:37
jelknerit's an essential part of the development process11:37
jelknerto keep it from growing so complex and broken it can't be modified or maintained11:37
jelknerwe don't even have tests11:37
jelknerso i'm just letting you know what they are trying to do11:38
jelknerthey are young folks11:38
jelknerthey may never get this done11:38
jelknerbut it won't cost us anything to let them try11:38
jelknerall i am saying to you, GFbot, is to keep an eye on what they are doing11:38
jelknerso that you can learn from either their success or their failure11:38
GFbotOk, thanks for that11:39
jelkneri'm just trying to keep you informed11:39
jelkneryou don't have to worry about it at all11:39
jelknerso, back to our task11:39
jelknerlet me file the other issue11:39
jelknerhrodriguez, are you still here with us?11:39
hrodriguezyes, jelkner 11:40
jelknerhrodriguez, i think you and i are going to have the same issue11:40
GFbotFile issues11:40
jelknerwe need to see clean, easy to use list of our members, right hrodriguez?11:40
jelkneri'll file that issue now11:40
GFboti'll work on them this week11:40
jelknernrcerna, did you see the one i just filed?11:40
jelknerit is a design issue11:41
jelknerso you'll assign that to yourself, yes?11:41
nrcernawe are going to work on that on monday, Im going to go GFbot places11:41
nrcernajelkner, 11:41
ubuntouristhrodriguez, I just resent the instructions for setting up outgoing mail, but you may want someone "riding shotgun" when you're helping Ingrid and Gloria out.11:42
hrodriguezooh okay ubuntourist 11:43
jelknernrcerna, GFbot any questions about this issue?11:43
jelknerand then i only have one other thing to talk to the two of you about, and we can be done for today11:44
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GFbotgot it11:46
GFbotthat issue11:46
GFbotmaybe be easy11:46
GFboti think.11:46
GFbotthats just css and html.11:46
jelknerso GFbot and nrcerna, i think that's enough11:46
jelknersince we need to work on AEA this week11:46
jelknernrcerna and GFbot, what is your time line for that?11:47
jelknerIngrid and Darlene are asking to be able to use a CMS11:47
jelknerwe need a plan for that11:47
jelknerwe don't want to keep them waiting11:48
jelknerwell, nrcerna and GFbot?11:48
jelknerwhat are you thoughts on that?11:48
jelknerremember, as we discussed, we can remove voting11:49
jelknersince we don't plan to use helios11:49
nrcernathat's the thing jelkner 11:49
nrcernaGFbot told me that we have issues because we dont have voting11:50
jelkneri don't know what you mean, nrcerna11:50
jelknerby "we have issues"11:50
nrcernaAre we going to use tendenci o LO for AEA?11:52
jelknernrcerna, i thought we agreed we need to have a single app for all our clients11:52
jelknerwe don't have the capacity for more11:52
nrcernasorry I read wrong11:53
nrcernaI read: " We cant remove voting"11:53
jelknerno, *can*11:53
nrcernaIt was the opposite11:53
jelkneri fully understand we can't support it11:53
GFbotjelkner, well i know what i have to do.11:54
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GFbotif nrcerna has the design it will ready next meeting.11:54
jelknerbesides, the work zOnny and i did trying it out shows what it will need to be to work11:54
jelknerwe are a long way for that11:54
jelkneri think we will implement voting for ORA before AEA11:54
jelknerand it will be Ellis and Stefan who develop it11:54
jelkner*if* they can11:54
jelknerit will be built in to LO11:55
jelknernot bolted on11:55
jelknerthat's the plan11:55
jelknerthat's why they are refactoring, btw11:55
jelknerso they can start attacking that problem11:55
jelkneranyway, we here don't need to worry about it for now11:55
jelknerwe need to get the core features we already support: members, events, cms11:56
jelknerthat's what we need most immediately11:56
jelknerso our users can use the system11:56
jelknermake sense?11:56
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jelknerhrodriguez and i will be the first to test membership management11:57
jelknerAEA wants CMS11:57
jelknerso that's the last thing i was asking you about11:57
jelknerGFbot, nrcerna, what's your plan / timeline for AEA11:57
jelknerI need to tell Ingrid and Darlene what to expect11:57
GFbotjust told u11:57
jelknerGFbot, what did you tell me?11:58
jelkneroh, you have a design for next week11:58
jelknermy bad11:58
jelkneri got confused by our voting misunderstanding11:58
jelknerso, we are done for today, yes?11:58
jelknerthank you, nrcerna and GFbot, for taking time on your day off to meet with me11:59
jelknerhasta tomorrrow11:59
jelknerhrodriguez, i need to take a short break11:59
nrcernahasta lunes (yo) jelkner 12:00
jelknersi, nrcerna 12:00
jelkneroh, nrcerna 12:00
jelkneri'll be in richmond lunes12:00
jelknerso hasta martes12:00
nrcernaoki jelkner 12:00
jelknerwe have NVM lobby day on monday12:00
jelknerhrodriguez and i will be with our NOVALACIRO friends working to make virginia better12:01
jelknerhrodriguez, can we talk about lunes when i get back?12:01
hrodriguezjelkner: did you see ma message on whatsapp 12:03
jelknerhrodriguez, i'm back12:09
jelknerno, not yet12:09
jelknerlet me look12:09
hrodriguezlet me tell you12:10
hrodriguezevelin called me yesterday around 5 she said that their organization decided we are not going to richmond in Monday because of the gun rally. They think that our people are going to be scared and they dont want that.12:11
jelknerhrodriguez, oh, ok12:12
hrodriguezshe told me that they are goung to look for another day to go.12:12
jelknerthen i'll have an extra day to learn django12:12
hrodrigueznice jelkner!12:12
jelknerand you can focus on tuesday12:12
jelknerwe need to move on the coop, hrodriguez 12:12
jelknerwe are meeting in my classroom at 7 pm on tuesday12:13
jelkneri saw detta and tim last night12:13
jelknerthey are both coming12:13
hrodriguezgreat jelkner 12:13
jelknerhrodriguez, thanks!12:14
jelkneri'm going to sign off so i can focus on study12:14
jelknerlet's talk on monday12:14
hrodriguezyou are welcome jelkner have a great day!12:14
jelkneryou too, hrodriguez 12:15
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jelknerubuntourist, i have only one more12:15 to adrian.buchholz@novawebdevelopment.org12:16
jelknerACTION signs off for today12:16
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