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nrcernahi jelkner 09:20
nrcernagm jelkner09:22
nrcernaI have a quick question for you, since I'm about to respond to Tim's email09:22
nrcernaabout ORA, he's requesting a "blog" section, since they want to be able  to update info as well09:23
jelknerGood morning nrcerna 09:25
jelknerI don't know if you saw my message, nrcerna, but I was hoping to meet with you09:25
nrcernayes I saw the email09:26
jelknerYes, nrcerna, ORA (and all our customers) will want to update their websites themselves09:26
jelknernrcerna, first concern09:26
jelknerGFbot didn't show yesterday09:27
jelkneri had the chance to talk at length with stefan09:27
jelknerthe three of them, lbolz, stefan, and ellis, came in09:27
jelkneri'm not sure whether what they did will prove useful at all09:27
jelknerbut they are getting more familiar with Tendenci09:28
jelknerstefan keeps trying different approaches09:28
jelkneruntil he hits a brick wall with each one09:28
jelknerhe tried:09:28
jelkner1. rewriting Tendenci from scratch! ;-)09:29
jelkner2. Starting with Tendenci as is and removing apps we don't use.09:29
jelkner3. Staring with nothing and copying over Tendenci apps we do use.09:29
jelknerhe is still playing with 3, after 1 and 2 failed09:29
jelkneri told him 1 was crazy, but he's young, and needs to learn for himself09:30
jelknerso i mentioned to him that he really should be helping GFbot09:30
jelknerhe told me the problem with that is communication09:30
jelknerit is too hard to communicate with GFbot09:30
jelknerhe sends and email, then waits more than a day for a response09:31
jelknerhe is young and eager09:31
jelknerhe wants to move *fast*09:31
nrcernaI know, even is harder for me, you know.09:31
nrcernaI see09:31
jelknercan't you just walk two blocks and find him?09:31
jelkneri don't know what we can do09:32
jelknerbut we need to figure it out09:32
nrcernaIs not that easier jelkner, I mentioned German that I'm going to his house today.09:32
nrcerna(that was on sat)09:32
nrcernaI send him a message yesterday, after i saw the IRC logs09:33
nrcernahe login later, when you left09:33
jelknerthe meeting was at 1109:33
jelknerlike always09:33
jelknerit is really important to be disciplined09:34
jelknerif you show up *whenever*09:34
nrcernaI know that , everyone knows to. I dont know what happened whith him.09:34
nrcernaI'm going to try to talk with him09:34
jelknerthey you are not likely to be able to coordinate09:34
jelknerok, i'm here all day today09:34
jelknerlet's meet the three of us09:35
jelkneri want GFbot to give you and i a schedule09:35
jelknerand to be on irc *all the time* when he says he is at work09:35
jelknerthen i can share that with stefan09:35
jelknerand we can try coordinating09:35
jelkneri think stefan needs more experience actually working with tendenci09:36
jelknerbefore trying any major refactoring09:36
jelknerso helping GFbot would be good for him09:36
jelknerbut if GFbot isn't there to work with, it won't work09:36
jelknerbtw. i continue with my slow and steady study of django and tdd09:37
jelknerlook at this:
jelknertake a minute to read it ;-)09:37
nrcernaOK jelkner 09:38
jelkneri'll wait09:38
nrcernammmm, it shows a 404 error09:39
nrcernaI cant see it jelkner 09:39
jelknerwhat's your gitlab user?09:39
jelknertry again09:40
jelkneri had it private09:40
jelknerjust changed that09:40
jelkneri invited you, but that isn't needed09:40
jelknerit's public now09:40
nrcernaOk thanks09:41
jelknerdid you see it?09:43
jelknernrcerna, let me know when you've read it09:45
jelknerso we can continue meeting09:45
nrcernaOk jelkner 09:45
jelknerdid you get a laugh from it, nrcerna?09:45
jelkneri was hoping you'd get a few ;-)09:46
nrcernajajaja its funny read about me09:46
nrcernaI loved the end jajaja jelkner 09:48
jelkneryes, that's the goal09:49
jelknerok, a few serious things to discuss from this09:49
jelkner1. we need to become serious, skilled developers09:49
jelknerthat means learning agile best practices including tdd09:50
jelkneri'm going through
jelknerfor the forth time09:50
jelknerit is *hard* to learn all this09:50
jelknerbut as i mention in the readme, i may be slow, but i'm stubborn09:51
jelknerso i don't give up09:51
jelknereach time i've deviated more for the text09:51
jelkneri'm starting to "get it"09:51
jelknerand i'm working on two other side projects, my own website, and a library application09:51
jelknerthat will let me apply what i'm learning on my own09:52
jelknerwe need GFbot to learn this too09:52
jelknerwe haven't used your novawebdev_scrum channel yet09:52
jelkneri'm not sure what you planned on using it for09:52
jelknerbut i hope we get there09:52
jelkner2. the two to-do items i put in the user story are real09:53
jelknerwe need to get GFbot and stefan to collaborate09:53
jelknerif we can't do that, we aren't going anywhere09:53
jelknerwe also should take advantage of my brother's willingness to tutor09:53
jelknerwith zOnny out of the picture, it means you and lbolz09:54
jelkneri think that's good09:54
jelknerit gives you two to develop a collaborative relationship09:54
jelknerand we have an ideal application for that in sign-and-read (we need to rename it ASAP)09:54
jelknersince it relies equally on dev and design09:55
jelknerACTION done09:55
jelknerthoughts, nrcerna?09:55
nrcernaI'm trying to understand09:56
jelknerlet me help09:56
nrcernaIn factI do 09:56
nrcernaYou and me know that we have this struggle09:57
jelknernrcerna, any questions for me before i get back to studying?09:59
jelknernrcerna, still here?10:01
nrcernaWell not a question, I'm going to let you know when I'm with German10:01
nrcernaIm here10:01
jelkneri need to focus to learn this stuff10:01
jelknerso it's better for me not to have to keep checking10:02
jelknerand we plan on a time to check in?10:02
jelknerhow about 4 pm?10:02
jelknerGFbot should be awake by then10:02
nrcernaOk, I'm going to talk him before you and me meet him today at that time10:03
jelkneri'm going to sign off10:03
nrcerna4 pm our time, rigth?10:03
jelknerwhat time is it now?10:03
jelknerit is 10 am for me10:04
jelknerok, 3 pm my time10:04
jelkneri can do that10:04
nrcernaOk :)10:04
jelknersee you at 4 pm10:04
jelknerACTION signs off till 3 pm ES time10:04
jelkner4 pm ES time (3 pm VA time)10:04
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GFbot@nrcerna, 10:20
GFbotsse murio10:20
nrcernaPor que?? GFbot 10:20
GFbotno me llegan msj10:20
nrcernaQue raro10:20
GFbotni los mios10:21
nrcernadeberíamos de empezar a usar signal (la app que mi tio tiene)10:21
nrcernaes buena y la podes ver desde la pc segun me comentó10:21
nrcernaGFbot, 10:21
GFbotya se me asignaron todos los issues?11:00
GFbotnrcerna, 11:00
nrcernaACTION meeting wit replaceafill11:26
nrcernaACTION meeting with replaceafill11:26
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nrcernaACTION on lunch14:15
nrcernaACTION back14:49
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jelknerApologies for being late15:03
jelknerI'm doing laundry15:03
jelknerso nrcerna, GFbot, where are we?15:04
nrcernaYes jelkner15:04
nrcernaGFbot Im not sure if he is back15:05
jelknernrcerna, who is back?15:05
nrcernaI'm not with him, but we had a long meeting with replaceafill and GFbot15:05
jelknerAnd what did you conclude, nrcerna?15:06
jelkneris it easier to type, or talk?15:06
jelkneri could call if you like15:06
nrcernaGFbot is going to start working with me at my place15:06
nrcernasince as you know Eduardo work here and we have our small office here at home15:07
jelknerGreat idea15:07
jelknerHe needs the discipline of being in a work environment15:07
jelknerthe main thing is setting a schedule15:07
jelknerSo that I can push Stefan to work with him15:08
nrcernathat's the point15:08
nrcernaGFbot is going to be here at 9 am15:08
jelknerCan i call you on whatsapp?15:09
jelknerjust to plan for Thursday15:09
jelknersince my fingers are hurting from all this typing ;-)15:10
nrcernaI just have a request, can we add to our budget about 200? to set up his space here? meaning his desktop (he is going to use the laptop you gave me)15:10
nrcernaIt could be even less than 200 jelkner15:11
jelknernrcerna, no answer15:11
jelkneryou don't have your phone?15:12
nrcernaOoohhh sworry15:12
nrcernaIts charging 15:12
nrcernahold on 15:12
nrcernaACTION Calling back jelkner15:13
jelknerokie dokie, nrcerna and GFbot, i'm signing off for the day15:19
jelknerhasta tomorrow15:19
jelknerACTION signs off15:19
nrcernaOk jelkner15:19
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