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jelknermjsir911, are you here?09:44
mjsir911I am09:45
mjsir911jelkner ^09:45
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jelknerGM, mjsir911 10:32
jelknerI'm working on your W-210:32
jelknerI don't even have access to the bank records10:32
mjsir911looking at the invoices, there seems to be just one payment from the very beginning of last year10:32
mjsir911which is very inconvenient10:33
jelknerthat will make it easier10:33
jelkneri went to the credit union on friday10:33
jelknerand ordered the 8 months of records from 2019 before the account was closed10:33
jelknerwe transitioned to an LLC10:33
mjsir911actually there seem to be a bit more, I'll send you the invoices10:34
jelknerso in a sense, our old "corporate person" died, and a new one was born10:34
jelknerthat will be a huge help10:34
jelknerlet's reverse engineer this thing10:34
jelknermake sure we have the same number they are expecting10:34
jelknerso that all records align10:34
jelknerand i'll figure out next week what to do to submit the proper form on our end10:35
jelknerso you end up with what you need10:35
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mjsir911okay jelkner, sent you the invoice. double checking with my statements10:38
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jelknerGM, Doisaac 10:41
jelknerhow do you have electricity?10:42
DoisaacGood Morning, Jelkner10:42
jelknerncerna said there was a blackout today, Doisaac 10:42
Doisaacmmm i don't know it10:42
Doisaaci didn't hear about that10:43
jelknerok, so it isn't the whole city10:43
jelknerjust their part of it, i guess10:43
mjsir911oh jelkner, there's also the work for the virginia department of education, do you have to take that into account?10:43
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jelknerGM, GFbot 10:43
jelkneryou're here10:43
SITarabutaGood morning10:43
jelknerso you have electricity after all10:43
Doisaacmaybe only on her neighborhood10:44
jelknerGFbot, do you know if our meeting chair will be here?10:44
GFbotjelkner, let me ask10:45
GFbotjelkner, she's coming10:46
jelknerCool, GFbot, thanks!10:46
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jelknerGM, nrcerna!10:47
SITarabutaGood morning, nrcerna10:47
nrcernaGood morning jelkner, sorry the electricity is a mess here , its going and coming 10:47
jelknerlet's see how it goes10:48
nrcernaI mean energy10:48
jelknerGFbot, can you make that automatic?10:48
jelknerAlso, GFbot, I should be opped on novawebdev_learn too10:48
GFbotjelkner, i am not the one who created10:49
GFbotthat channel10:49
jelknerGFbot, do you know who did?10:49
GFbotjelkner, Kevin did it i think.10:50
jelknerCool, GFbot 10:50
jelknerhe said he would try to make our meeting today10:50
jelknerbut i wouldn't hold my breath10:50
jelkneri've started going to HacDC on saturdays10:50
jelknerso i'll see him next week10:51
jelkneri'll ask him about it then10:51
jelknerGFbot, do you have it fixed so i'll automatically be opped on our scrum channel now?10:51
GFbotjelkner, can you re join to check it?10:51
jelknerGFbot, let's to that after the meeting10:51
jelknersince its show time in 5 minutes10:52
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jelknerGood morning, ubuntourist!10:57
jelkneryou remembered10:57
ubuntouristACTION yawns10:57
jelkneri'm touched10:57
SITarabutagm, ubuntourist 10:57
nrcernaGood Morning everyone!10:58
ubuntourist"Hail and well met!" ;-)10:58
jelknernrcerna, big_brother didn't fire?10:59
jelknerit was early, now it's either late10:59
jelkneror down10:59
ubuntouristIs it living on the new site or still on the old site?10:59
jelknerGood question, ubuntourist 10:59
jelknerGFbot, do you know?10:59
@ubuntourist : nrcerna : GFbot : Doisaac : SITarabuta : lbolz : +jelkner : @mjsir911 : wolcen : @ChanServ11:00
Stefan report - Forking tendenci (Stefan) (nrcerna16)11:00
nrcernaWell i think is late jelkner 11:00
jelknerLol ;-)11:00
nrcernabut he's here11:00
GFbotubuntourist, its on new host11:00
GFboti mean vps11:00
ubuntouristGFbot, thanks.11:00
GFbotits not longer on webfaction11:00
nrcernaLet's start ;)11:01
nrcernaFirst item: ask lbolz to share the Tendenci document she is working on11:01
nrcernalbolz, coud you do that please?11:02
lbolzhere you go:
nrcernaThanks ;) lbolz 11:02
nrcernanext item: - AEA report - New features on LO theme 11:03
nrcernathis is for us GFbot 11:03
nrcernaThis week we worked on AEA website  and LO Theme for it.11:03
nrcernaWe realized that they needed a news section to add all the information and updates they want to show first, 11:04
jelknernrcerna, GFbot, i'm heading for Richmonmd at 3 pm today11:04
nrcernathey had boxes at the home page in the old design to add info as well but it didnt look that good.11:04
jelkneri'll see ingrid this evening11:04
jelknerand tomorrow11:04
jelknerso i'll give her an update11:04
nrcernaSo we decided to improve the LO theme by adding "News", we created a nice home page and add a preview of the udpated content there, meaning that they will have all the post / new or update at this11:04
GFbotjelkner, we have progress11:04
GFbotfor aea11:04
GFboti can show you on a dev site11:05
nrcernaAt this point its almost ready, we are going to : Add the current info to news  (today) and  then Migrate it11:05
jelknergreat, GFbot 11:05
GFbotwhat we have11:05
GFbotjelkner, do you prefer after the meeting?11:05
nrcernaWell that's all we wanted to report ;)11:06
nrcernaNext item:Stefan report - Forking / cleaning tendenci11:06
nrcernaWe are really excited about this11:06
SITarabutaAlright, buckle up! 200 words are about to come at you.11:06
SITarabutaFor the past week I've been blindly working on LO V2 as it was not compiling and I was just fixing errors. Well, today at around 1 AM it ran. We now have LO V2 with one app included (accounts) running. The profiles app is coming soonTM. 11:07
SITarabutaIt is completely refactored, made for Python 3 only, updated to Django to 2.2, Bootstrap 4, and cleaned off a bunch of useless things. It is insanely fast, like really fast. Probably because of all the dependencies that are gone. Also, we don't have "themes" anymore. Everything is in one repo at GFbot, please check it so you can tell me your opinion and if I should change something.11:07
SITarabutaIt is also very easy to deploy. Here are the steps:11:07
SITarabuta1. Create virtual environment11:07
SITarabuta2. Clone the repo11:07
SITarabuta3. Run pip install -r requirements.txt11:07
SITarabutaThat's it.11:07
SITarabutaIt does not have tests yet, unfortunately. I had to move fast with this. It took approximately 20 hours. Tests would double that time.11:07
SITarabutaPlease go to and try to use the website, make an account, etc. A lot of templates are missing, but if you get an error related to them, you succeeded. The background theme might make the site laggy on slow computers, but it looks fancy. I will remove it when we have things to put there.11:07
GFbotACTION loves boostrap 4 :)11:08
nrcernacould you please send an email with all this info SITarabuta ?11:09
nrcernato everyone11:09
ubuntourist(Should be in the IRC logs...)11:10
GFbotjelkner, what do you think?11:10
ubuntouristBTW, small suggestion: Switch from virtualenv and pip to pipenv... Much nicer.11:10
jelknerGFbot, the big question is, "What do you think?"11:10
SITarabutanrcerna, i will send you an email11:10
jelkneri have a dream11:10
SITarabutaubuntourist, yup11:11
jelknerthat one day we will have a libreorganize that is well written and easy to maintain11:11
jelknerand has full test coverage!11:11
jelknerif we can get to that point sooner rather than later11:11
jelknerthat would of course be just what we need11:11
GFbotSITarabuta, 11:11
jelknersince a well designed platform11:12
GFbotyou have just11:12
GFbotaccounts at the moment right?11:12
SITarabutayes, and profiles are almost done11:12
SITarabutabut that is all atm11:12
GFbotwell my dream11:12
jelknerwould allow us to begin meeting customer needs quicker and better11:12
GFbotis to create our own app11:12
GFbotfor events11:12
jelknerGFbot, now is our chance, perhaps?11:12
GFbotthats what i did with AEA11:13
GFbotremoving old tendenci apps using our own app11:13
nrcernawe talked about the things we need to achieve about creating our own apps jelkner 11:13
GFbotshould be easier to understand11:13
nrcernawe talked with GFbot a lot this week11:13
GFbotjelkner, As i told natalia last week, mess with tendenci its a nightmare.11:14
nrcernaGFbot, read and learn a lot to create News this week11:14
GFbotSimple and easy to use but it works.11:15
nrcernaI'm sure that what SITarabuta did it would help us a lot 11:15
SITarabutayes, please check the repo with the code, get familiar to it.11:15
SITarabutai also wrote some guidelines that i used in the README11:15
jelknerGFbot, i am sitting here talking to SITarabuta 11:16
SITarabutaso we don't get a huge mess11:16
SITarabutabe free to change them11:16
jelknernrcerna, its time for a meeting with replaceafill11:16
jelknerto figure out how to go forward11:16
GFbotjelkner, :D?11:16
nrcernameeting about jelkner ?11:16
jelkneri'm telling SITarabuta 11:16
jelknerthat what he did is great11:16
jelknerbut we need to add tests to it 11:16
jelknerand while i'm willing to pay for what he has done11:17
ubuntouristSITarabuta, NameError at /accounts/register/ - name 'success_url' is not defined -
SITarabutaYes, I know there are a lot of them11:17
jelkneri won't want to allow *any* more code into it without establishing testing practices first11:17
SITarabutaBut it did create an account11:17
jelknernow's our chance11:17
jelknerthat's what we need to talk to replaceafill about, nrcerna and GFbot 11:17
ubuntouristSITarabuta, Ah.11:17
jelknerwe need help getting there11:17
jelknerSITarabuta will resist and resist11:17
SITarabutaI wanted to get it working (running) for today11:17
jelknersince it's not something he knows how to do11:18
SITarabutajelkner, maybe someone can help me with that.11:18
jelknerso he won't like it at first11:18
ubuntourist(BTW all: See the channel topic, re large pastes. To whit:11:18
jelkneryes, SITarabuta, replaceafill can11:18
ubuntourist"The #python channel recommends for your pastebin needs")11:18
SITarabutaoh yes that would be cleaner, ubuntourist 11:18
nrcernaI need to ask him first jelkner 11:19
nrcernaI mean when he is available11:19
nrcernaI'm going to ask him ;) jelkner 11:20
ubuntouristSITarabuta, The disadvantage is that stuff in pastebin is meant to be temporary and expires eventually. So for the meeting, having your report in the log is the better option.11:20
nrcernaand email too! ;)11:21
ubuntouristI just want people to be aware of / remember pastebin.11:21
SITarabutaThat's fair11:21
nrcernaOk, anyone has something to add or share?11:22
SITarabutaACTION is done.11:22
nrcernaACTION drops the bag of gravel11:23
jelknernrcerna, thanks!11:23
GFbotjelkner, you free now?11:23
nrcernaThanks everyone!11:24
jelknerit is really good to keep meeting short and to the point11:24
jelknerGFbot, we are talking to Ellis11:24
jelknerwho thinks he can help SITarabuta add tests11:24
GFbotjelkner, tell me when you have free to show you wha have we done.11:24
jelknerGFbot, i have time now11:25
jelknerlet me take a quick break11:25
jelknerand we can do it now11:25
ubuntouristACTION heads to the elliptical machine to do battle with the forces of laziness... Laziness is winning...11:26
jelkneri'm back11:27
jelknernrcerna, GFbot before we start11:28
jelknerwith Ellis's offer, we can continue dividing up our effort as we planned11:28
jelknerEllis and SITarabuta can work together on LibreOrganize_v211:28
jelknernrcerna, lbolz, we need a knew name for sign-and-read11:30
jelknerread-and-sign? ;-)11:30
jelkneri'll call my brother as soon as we finish here11:30
jelknerok, GFbot, you're on11:31
jelknerGFbot, i've got a lot to do11:32
jelknerlet's move please11:32
GFbottake a look of this
GFbotjelkner, 11:32
GFbotthis is a dev-site.11:33
jelknerit's blocked11:33
jelknerby APS firewall11:33
jelkneri get access denied11:33
GFboti do not get that error.11:33
jelknerhold on11:34
nrcernaI love it GFbot 11:35
jelknerGFbot, nrcerna, i really like it!11:35
jelknerWe only need to talk about a plan, though11:35
GFbotthats a "Homepage"11:35
jelknersince I'm not the customer11:35
jelknerthis is certainly good to show the customer11:36
jelknerso that should be my task this week11:36
jelkneri can ask ingrid if i can stop by thursday11:36
jelknerwill this be running tonight and tomorrow?11:36
jelkneri may be able to show it to her in Richmond11:36
jelkneri know we need more content11:37
jelknerbut i need to find out from them what that is11:37
jelknerthis is good for now, GFbot 11:37
GFboti can migrate it today11:37
GFbotif you want to11:37
jelknerto the live site?11:37
GFbotyes sir11:37
jelknerGFbot, that scared me11:38
nrcerna:O 11:38
jelknerThis is only phase 111:38
jelkner1. Put up a demo site11:38
jelkner2. Get *customers* to look at it and suggest changes11:38
jelkner3. Make changes and go back to step 211:38
jelkner4. Once the customer gives the go ahead, deploy to production11:39
GFbotwell, do that then jelkner 11:39
jelknerGFbot, i just said i would11:39
jelknerand i will11:39
GFbotonce you get feedback11:39
GFbotwe can moe11:40
jelknerok, moving on11:40
jelknerGFbot, take a look at what SITarabuta and Ellis are working on11:40
jelknerit is going to be really important that you follow their progress11:40
jelknerhere is what i hope to do:11:40
nrcernaGFbot, are you going to add the info they have as well (on the demo)11:40
jelkner1. Get refactoring and testing done with what we have11:41
jelkner2. Make sure GFbot gets any questions about it answered11:41
jelkner3. Ask replaceafill to do a *code review*11:41
jelknerIf we can get that far, we can begin to proceed in a disciplined way, using best practices, to build a LibreOrganize of which we can be proud11:42
jelknerand which we can use to effectively handle the needs of our customers11:43
jelknerlet me give my brother a quick call to confirm he is meeting with lbolz and nrcerna this thursday11:43
jelknernrcerna, lbolz, just got off the phone with aelkner12:03
jelknerhe has thursday 6 to 7 pm (5 to 6 pm ES time) on his schedule12:04
jelknernrcerna, it might be good to reach out to him before then, and send him our irc channel, etc.12:04
GFbotjelkner, try to re join to scrum channel12:05
nrcernajelkner, ok I will do that12:06
jelknerGFbot, will do12:06
*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev12:07
jelknerDidn't work, GFbot 12:07
jelkneri'm not opp12:07
jelkneron that channel12:07
GFbotjust checking12:07
GFbotjelkner, try again12:14
Doisaacbye everyone thanks12:17
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jelknerGFbot, do you need me to try one more time?12:25
jelkneri need to do grades12:25
jelknerand i want to log off for the day to focus12:25
jelknerso, GFbot?12:26
nrcernaI think you should try again tomorrow jelkner 12:27
jelknernrcerna, i'll be in richmond tomorrow12:27
nrcernaon tuesday12:27
jelkneri'll see you on irc at the usual time tuesday, nrcerna 12:28
jelknerbefore i sign off12:28
jelknernext weekend i'll have an extra day to work12:28
jelknersince friday is a teacher planning day12:28
nrcernaI see12:28
jelknerso i told SITarabuta and Ellis that i want to check-in on their progress then12:28
jelkneri mean sunday12:29
jelknernrcerna, Friday is the last day of the month12:29
nrcernaOkay so you wont be able to attend the meeting12:29
nrcernaare you going to make the trasfer that day jelkner ?12:29
jelknernrcerna, attend what meeting?12:30
jelkneryes, i'll make the transfer12:30
jelknernrcerna, i'm confused12:30
jelkneri got distracted by a question from lbolz 12:30
jelknernrcerna, what meeting are you talking about?12:31
GFbotjelkner, just told u to try12:31
nrcernaour sunday meeting jaja jelkner 12:31
jelkneroh, okie dokie12:31
*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev12:32
GFbotit works12:32
jelknerit does12:32
nrcerna   yay!!!12:32
jelknernrcerna, i am definitely going to be at the sunday meeting12:32
jelkneryou miss understood12:32
jelkneri have *extra* time next weekend12:32
jelknersince friday is a teacher workday12:33
jelknerso i won't need to do grades on sunday12:33
jelknerlike i need to do now!12:33
jelknerso, i will work with SITarabuta and Ellis12:33
jelkneron sunday12:33
jelknerbefore and after our meeting12:33
nrcernasure! ;) 12:34
jelknerto see how far they got by then adding tests and refactoring LibreOrganize_v212:34
jelkneri'm telling SITarabuta, I will *only* pay for tests now12:36
jelkneri won't pay for any new app code12:36
jelknerwithout tests12:36
jelknerso we can check in next sunday12:36
jelknerok, nrcerna, are we clear? i was talking about 2 things at once12:37
jelkner1. i'll transfer funds on friday12:37
jelknerwith the extra we talked about for GFbot office setup12:37
nrcernaEverything clear jelkner 12:38
jelkner2. on sunday, we check-in with SITarabuta and Ellis to see where we are12:38
jelknerafter that, can ask replaceafill to look at it12:39
jelknersound good, nrcerna?12:39
nrcernaYes jelkner 12:40
jelknerhasta martes12:40
nrcernasee you jelkner 12:40
jelknerACTION logs off to do teacher stuff!12:40
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