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jelkner!remind Should be put "all hands on deck" for the new LibreOrganize?09:14
"Should be put all hands on deck for the new LibreOrganize?" added to message queue09:14
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nrcernagm jelkner10:02
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jelknergm nrcerna 10:11
jelkner!remind Workflow for invoices?10:12
"Workflow for invoices?" added to message queue10:12
jelknernrcerna, i'd be happy to chair the meeting today10:12
jelknersince all the items are mine10:12
nrcernaOk jelkner 10:13
nrcernaI dont have items to discuss,just a few things to share:10:14
nrcernawe are going to work on the issues you filed, German worked on the last thing about Id cards and profile pictures on NOVALACIRO jelkner 10:15
nrcernaSo NOVALACIRO is ready, (to continue creating user stories)10:16
nrcernaI need to ask, are we going to bill NOVALACIRO now? jelkner 10:17
jelknerNo, nrcerna 10:22
jelknerWe really can't10:22
jelknerHeylin can't even see a list of members yet10:22
jelknerWe haven't given them value10:22
nrcernawhen she tried to do it? jelkner 10:23
jelknershe is coming in today10:23
jelknerso we can talk about that10:23
jelknerbut more importantly, we need a serious strategic discussion today10:23
jelknerdid you see the email i sent this morning?10:24
nrcernathe financial one?10:24
jelknerall income since 10/3 has come from one customer10:24
jelknerJeff Elkner! :-(10:25
jelknerThis is not a way to make a business succeed10:25
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jelkneroh good10:25
jelknerSITarabuta, is here10:25
SITarabutaI am also coming to Career Center10:25
SITarabutaI will be just a tiny bit late10:25
jelknerOur meeting starts at 11 am10:25
SITarabutaBut I got IRC on my phone10:26
jelknerare you saying you won't be there then?10:26
jelknerif you are still home, SITarabuta 10:26
jelknerwhy not stay there and work remotely10:26
jelknerwe have an important discussion to have today10:26
jelknerso we need you at the meeting10:26
SITarabutaOh, ok. Should I stay here online?10:26
SITarabutaOk great! I will get my laptop and be back10:27
SITarabutain 10 minutes10:27
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nrcernajelkner, :(10:27
jelknernrcerna, when GFbot and SITarabuta are back10:27
jelkneri'm going to want you and i to do some serious planning with them10:28
jelknerwhile i have you, nrcerna 10:28
jelkneri want to start keeping better records for what we do each month10:28
jelknernrcerna, we are still not billing for hosting!10:29
jelknerwe need you to take care of that10:29
jelknernrcerna, you and i have access to our account, yes?10:29
jelkneri need to confirm that10:30
jelknersince as the two "business people"10:30
jelknerwe need to share access to that10:30
jelknernrcerna, how are you feeling, btw10:30
jelknershame on me for not starting with that question!10:30
nrcernayes you emailed me the pass jelkner 10:31
jelknerso, nrcerna, i think you should create a system (perhaps just a spread sheet to start)10:31
nrcernawell, Its kind of weird, I mean al the whole thing about me jeje10:32
jelknerdid you get a good report from the doctor?10:32
nrcernabut Im trying to figure it about ,since I feel like where someone is having a detox10:33
nrcernaand sometimes I feel week but they explain that is for the ups and downs of sugar10:33
jelknermy wife is pre-diabetic10:34
jelknerso she is *very* disciplined about what she eats10:34
jelknersugar levels have dramatic effects on how we feel10:34
jelknerits what powers our bodies10:35
nrcernayes, I just started doing that :(10:35
jelknernrcerna, you should talk to my wife10:35
nrcernayes jelkner 10:35
jelknershe is a bit like una monja in her discipline10:35
jelkneri couldn't do it, but she does10:35
nrcernathats great10:36
jelknerswitching back to nova web dev10:36
nrcernaabout the system spreadsheet?10:36
jelknercan you please prepare a document (i think spread sheet would be best)10:37
jelknerthat has a list of each of our current hosting customers10:37
jelknerand the dates they started hosting with us10:37
jelknerthen you need to find the contracts (if any), we have with them10:37
jelknerand figure out which ones we can bill for renewal10:38
jelknerwe need to get to the point where this is easy and quick10:38
jelknerwe need a good system10:38
jelkneror else we can't go into the web application development (and hosting) business10:38
jelknerits an important part of the business plan10:39
jelknereven Gallaudet is asking us to host now10:39
jelkneri think we can't avoid it10:39
jelknerso we need to learn to do it right10:39
jelknerkeep track of your hours, nrcerna 10:40
jelknerlike your uncle told you to do10:40
nrcernaOk I all the info is on the spreadsheet Edzon shared with me , the inventory one10:40
jelknergreat, well, you should prepare to present it to us10:40
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SITarabutaACTION is back.10:41
nrcerna do you have access to this jelkner?10:43
jelknerThat's a good start, nrcerna 10:45
jelknernow turn it into a document that can answer the questions we have10:45
jelknerwhat is the time period for each customer's hosting?10:46
jelknerhow much does our contract say we are charging?10:46
jelknerwhen is the year up?10:46
jelknernrcerna, i bet you could spend all next week sending out invoices10:47
jelknerand we could start getting some revenue10:47
nrcernaGreat jelkner 10:47
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jelknernrcerna, can you please call GFbot10:53
jelknerto make sure we can start on time10:53
nrcernaI'm doing it since 15 or 20 minutes ago10:53
nrcernaIm trying again...10:54
jelknerSITarabuta, before Big_Brother fires10:55
SITarabutayes jelkner10:55
nrcernaHe answered jelkner10:55
jelkneri put an item on the agenda "All hands on deck" for new LibreOrganize?10:55
nrcernaYes jelkner 10:56
jelknerSITarabuta, i think that's the most important question we have on our agenda10:56
SITarabutagot it10:56
jelknerAnd it will require SITarabuta and GFbot to coordinate activity10:56
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jelkneryou've been making real progress, SITarabuta 10:56
jelknergm GFbot 10:56
*** ubuntourist has joined #novawebdev10:56
jelknerglad you're here!10:56
SITarabutagm GFbot 10:56
jelknergm ubuntourist 10:56
GFbotHello there!10:57
SITarabutaI will just say "Good morning" to everyone :-)10:57
ubuntouristACTION pops open yet another can of diet coke...10:58
jelknernrcerna and jelkner agreed he would run the meeting this morning10:58
ubuntouristACTION continues to set a bad example...10:58
jelknerACTION promises to be direct and quick10:58
jelknersince we have a lot to do10:58
ubuntourist(like a flu shot)10:59
jelknerhopefully it prevent us from dying, ubuntourist 10:59
SITarabutaThat's good but Big_Brother isn't as quick :-)10:59
jelknerok, let's start10:59
@ubuntourist : GFbot : hrodriguez : SITarabuta : lbolz : nrcerna : +jelkner : @mjsir911 : wolcen : @ChanServ11:00
jelknerthere we go11:00
jelknergood morning everyone11:00
jelkneri'm glad nrcerna is feeling better11:00
jelknerafter her scary trip to the doctor last week11:00
jelkneri'm going to chair today11:00
nrcernaGood morning everyone11:00
nrcernathanks jelkner 11:00
jelknerfirst item is financial planning11:00
jelknerthe only paying customer we have had since 10/3 is jeff elkner11:01
jelknerthat can't stand, obviously11:01
jelknermy wife's car cost me $130011:01
jelknerand i am living close enough to the edge i can't obsorb that11:02
jelknerso i'll be short the next few months11:02
jelknerprobably a good thing, though, since if we can't generate revenue other than me we can't run a business11:02
ubuntouristSilly question, perhaps. but is there some relatively fluid way of socking some of that away in a higher-yield interest account?11:02
jelkner1. i asked ubuntourist if he can stop by Gallaudet to check in with them11:02
ubuntouristWouldn't help much, but every little bit...11:02
jelknerit wouldn't help, ubuntourist 11:03
jelknerwe only have a few thousand left in the account11:03
jelknerit will be all gone soon11:03
jelkner2. i've asked nrcerna to bill our hosting customers11:03
jelkner3. lbolz is working on finalizing the $1250 we have already invoiced for arlington principles11:04
jelknerthat's all we have in the pipeline11:04
jelknerbut we need to keep much better records11:04
nrcernaAbout that I'm updating the information at the same document jelkner 11:05
jelkneri'm going to ask that anyone who receives payment from nova web development have an invoice associated with it11:05
jelknerso GFbot and nrcerna, you should do that too11:05
jelknerkeep track of your hours and your deliverables11:05
jelknerso we know what we are paying for11:06
jelknerok, next item11:06
nrcernaSure jelkner11:06
jelknerSITarabuta has been making real progress on LibreOrganize11:06
jelknerto the point where i think we need to take the chance11:06
jelknerand go "All hands on deck" for it11:06
jelknerSITarabuta was accepted to university in Scotland11:07
jelkner(congrats, SITarabuta!)11:07
jelknerso he will be leaving next summer to go there11:07
jelknerGFbot, this is mostly focused on you11:07
jelkneri want to use the next few months for you to work with SITarabuta on the new LibreOrganize11:08
jelkneri will be the customer mainly, but there is the possibility of getting others to pay once we can deliver11:08
jelkneras i told SITarabuta 11:08
jelkneri won't pay for broken code11:08
jelknerand code without tests is by definition broken11:08
jelknerso, GFbot, you need to learn to write tests11:09
jelknerboth functional and unit11:09
jelkneri will only pay for tested code11:09
jelkneri'll reach out to replaceafill soon to ask him to peak in on what SITarabuta has so far11:09
jelknerbut that's the plan11:09
jelknerwe start with a small, well tested new LibreOrganize11:09
jelknerthen we add to it, *with tests*, as we go11:10
jelknerGFbot, i need to make sure you understand what SITarabuta is doing11:10
jelknerso that when he leaves for Scotland11:10
jelkneryou could continue working on it11:10
jelknerGFbot, thoughts?11:10
GFboti need to learn how to make tests11:10
jelkneryes, GFbot 11:11
jelkneryou do11:11
jelknerok, that's all i have for now on that11:11
jelknerthe last item was invoicing workflow11:11
jelknerwe already touched on that11:11
jelknernrcerna, this is really up to you to coordinate11:12
jelkneryou are the only full time person we have that can do it11:12
jelkneri just told lbolz to write an invoice for the work she did on testament11:12
jelkneri'm the customer11:12
jelknerbut nrcerna, you should get the invoice from lbolz 11:12
jelknerand be the one who sends it out11:13
nrcernashe jsut sahered that with me11:13
jelknerlbolz asked me how to number it11:13
jelkneri don't know11:13
jelknerwe need a single person who does that11:13
jelknerlouie used to do that when he was with us11:13
jelknerbut he isn't11:13
jelknerso that task now falls on his replacement, nrcerna 11:13
nrcernaI agreed when you where here jelkner that we are going to use the date and add it the number of the invoice of each customer11:14
jelknerso let's start doing that11:14
jelknerok, that's all i have11:14
jelknerGFbot, your task today is to look at SITarabuta repo11:14
jelknerand start to understand it11:14
nrcernaI want to add something jelkner 11:14
jelknerSITarabuta is learning quickly how to write tests11:14
ubuntouristThe numbering scheme was some identifier of the project followed by a sequence number.11:14
nrcernaabout GFbot  and SITarabuta 11:15
jelknernrcerna, go for it11:15
nrcernaWe need to set up a schedule11:15
ubuntouristnrcerna, lbolz look at invoices already on Google Docs for numbering schemes.11:15
jelkneragain, nrcerna, you can help with that11:15
jelknerits a lot like herding cats11:15
jelknerbut someone has to do it :-(11:16
nrcernaand all the communication they are going to it has to be cc'd to us11:16
jelknernrcerna, i will do what i can to help11:16
jelknercool, we're all on the same page11:16
ubuntouristI have LibreOffice (not LibreOrganize) templates that I use for my invoices.11:16
SITarabutaACTION chuckles.11:17
jelknersomeday it will be LibreOrganize11:17
jelknerbut not now11:17
jelknerok, we done?11:17
jelknernrcerna, i'll check in with you during the week11:17
jelknerif you feel up to it11:18
jelkneryou can chair again next sunday11:18
jelkneri'll be your back up11:18
jelknersound good?11:18
nrcernaGreat, thank you jelkner 11:18
jelkneranything else, anyone?11:18
SITarabutaACTION done.11:18
jelknerACTION drops the bag of gravel11:18
jelknertalk to y'all next sunday11:19
ubuntouristACTION has nuthin'11:19
jelknergood luck at gallaudet next week, ubuntourist 11:19
nrcernalbolz, you did it great11:19
ubuntouristSITarabuta, where in Scotland? I loved Edinburgh! (which is the only place in Scotland I've ever been).11:20
SITarabutaI got accepted to Glasgow.11:21
SITarabutaEdinburgh is on the list too. I will have to decide11:21
jelknerACTION plans to visit while he's there11:21
jelknernrcerna, got a minute?11:21
jelknerhere's what you can do to help GFbot this week11:22
jelkner1. reach out to replaceafill and let him know what we're doing11:22
jelknerhis feedback would be helpful11:23
jelkner2. Make sure GFbot shows up at your place each day to work on schedule11:23
jelknerbtw, i sent the transfer, you got it right, nrcerna?11:23
jelknerGFbot, you need to learn to do testing in Django11:23
jelkneri don't know how to tell you how to do that11:24
jelkneri've got a long list of books11:24
jelknerbut you told me last summer you like videos better11:24
jelknerthere are *lots* of videos, GFbot 11:24
ubuntouristEdinburgh <-> Glasgow is less than 1 hour via ScotRail.11:24
jelknerbut you'll need to find them yourself, since i haven't gone that route11:24
GFboti'll do it11:25
SITarabutaubuntourist, yup. I am going to visit   e v e r y t h i n g. I love Scotland!11:25
SITarabutaand the transportation system is great. I can get anywhere11:25
jelknernrcerna, most of the communication between GFbot and SITarabuta will be asynchronous for now11:25
jelknergitlab and email11:25
jelknernrcerna, GFbot needs to study what SITarabuta is doing11:26
jelknerand try to become ready to contribute11:26
jelknersince i won't pay for code without tests any more, nrcerna 11:26
jelknerhe needs to learn to write tests!11:26
jelknerwe should mostly leave SITarabuta to do what he is doing11:27
jelknerwhile GFbot brings himself up to speed, and we await feedback from replaceafill11:27
jelknersound good, nrcerna?11:27
nrcernaOk, we are going to try to reach him tomorrow11:27
jelknernrcerna, i'll call you at 9:35 am tomorrow11:28
jelknerwe can do that tomorrow instead of our 10:45 am irc11:28
jelknersince we don't have anything new on the agenda for that11:28
jelknerwe need to let GFbot focus on his assigned task11:28
jelkneruntil he comes back and says he is ready11:29
nrcernaACTION AFK11:32
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jelknerACTION signs off for the day13:56
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