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nrcernaHello SITarabuta_ 15:51
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SITarabuta_hi nrcerna16:13
SITarabuta_sorry i am late16:13
SITarabuta_i ordered food and misstyped the address and this is too long to write here haha :-)16:14
GFbotNo problem GFbot is helping me to fix somethin in my laptop (I'm natalia)16:14
GFbotare you eating right now? SITarabuta_ 16:16
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SITarabuta_i don't know why16:22
SITarabuta_but my internet16:22
SITarabuta_keeps dropping16:22
SITarabuta_no, i am not eatin16:23
GFbotThat's weird :/ SITarabuta_ 16:23
SITarabuta_anyway, it seems to be stable now16:28
nrcernaim here SITarabuta_ 16:28
nrcernaim gfbot16:28
nrcernaI'm me now SITarabuta_  Jajaja16:30
GFbot_SITarabuta_, so, what's new?16:32
nrcernaDo you have anything to report or share? SITarabuta_  GFbot_ 16:32
SITarabuta_well, i've been making progress16:32
SITarabuta_we have to decide on the users16:32
SITarabuta_but i did a lot of html for the past few days16:33
SITarabuta_got a dashboard, got login and other stuff16:33
SITarabuta_so what do you think we should do?16:33
SITarabuta_accounts and profile separate16:33
SITarabuta_or merge them into one16:33
GFbot_SITarabuta_, just told u on gitlab16:33
nrcernaHey, that's great! can we see that?16:33
GFbot_a few mins ago16:33
SITarabuta_oh, ok16:33
SITarabuta_yes sure, one sec16:33
SITarabuta_try going to
SITarabuta_hold on16:35
nrcernaACTION going to check16:35
SITarabuta_i am closing it to make an admin for you16:35
SITarabuta_so you don't have to register16:35
nrcernaI cant acces16:35
SITarabuta_ok, done16:36
SITarabuta_try now16:36
SITarabuta_and use admin admin for login16:36
nrcernaACTION going to check again16:36
GFbot_SITarabuta_, what?16:36
SITarabuta_use username admin and password admin for logging in16:36
SITarabuta_also, in the dashboard i've included a link to gitlab16:37
SITarabuta_which automatically puts you in the new issue page16:37
GFbot_she's in16:38
SITarabuta_i have changed the logos a bit in the footer16:38
SITarabuta_because they were too dark for the black background16:38
SITarabuta_of course, the dashboard is empty because there are no apps hehe16:39
GFbot_i see what is going 16:39
GFbot_you/we need to get profiles/accounts working as we want16:40
GFbot_to start creating events, groups, pages16:40
SITarabuta_i tried porting over the dashboard that we have, but i was unsuccessful, so i had to start it from scratch16:40
SITarabuta_yes, GFbot_ 16:40
GFbot_SITarabuta_, i started to use pyenv16:40
GFbot_great tool16:40
SITarabuta_it's great16:41
GFbot_SITarabuta_, what are you working on right now?16:42
SITarabuta_alright, so i am going with one app for profile and accounts. i think it will be easier because everything will be one model16:42
SITarabuta_I am working on the profiles and accounts16:42
GFbot_SITarabuta_, yes sir.16:42
SITarabuta_getting them together and working16:42
GFbot_it will be called accounts?16:42
GFbot_you'll be able to16:43
GFbot_register, login16:43
GFbot_and see you profile16:43
GFbot_i started to learn testing16:43
GFbot_i am not good as you right now on that but, i keep learning day by day.16:44
SITarabuta_oh i am a beginner too =)16:44
SITarabuta_alright then, i will get back to work. just call me here if something arises16:45
GFbot_me too!16:45
GFbot_SITarabuta_, when you'll push your last change today?16:45
GFbot_i'd like to clone this at night16:46
SITarabuta_well i kind of work non-stop on this haha, but a good time would be 8PM my time16:46
GFbot_i mean pull16:46
SITarabuta_which i think is 7pm for you16:46
SITarabuta_that is when i leave16:46
SITarabuta_and go home16:46
SITarabuta_so probably the end for today16:47
GFbot_cool, i'll pull it by then16:47
GFbot_SITarabuta_, since you remove BS316:47
GFbot_and the old templates16:47
GFbot_we can talk with nrcerna to make "base theme"16:47
GFbot_for that16:47
SITarabuta_yes, she can design something16:47
GFbot_SITarabuta_, something that looks stable16:48
GFbot_for now16:48
nrcernaAbout planning, I need to know what things you SITarabuta_  and GFbot_ are going to do this upcoming weeks16:48
nrcernayou know that we need to report everything as well16:49
SITarabuta_well after i get the accounts done, i will probably start on another app16:49
nrcernawe need to be clear who is make what GFbot_  SITarabuta_ 16:49
SITarabuta_which well i don't know which app yet16:49
SITarabuta_GFbot_ can get events if he wants, i know he wanted to do a custom app for events for some time ;-)16:50
GFbot_SITarabuta_, SO THAT what we need to talk about16:50
GFbot_SITarabuta_, youre right16:50
GFbot_SITarabuta_, so16:51
GFbot_we need to "add" o "put" on asana what we are going to do16:51
SITarabuta_about that, wouldn't it be easier if we used gitlab? i am kind of scared of asana16:52
SITarabuta_i've never used it16:52
SITarabuta_we could assign issues to people on gitlab, and an issue would be a feature16:52
GFbot_if you want you can add issues to gitlab16:53
GFbot_nrcerna, will add them to asana16:53
SITarabuta_ok, thanks16:53
SITarabuta_it is easier for me :/16:53
GFbot_what we need is to have16:53
nrcernaWe cand do this SITarabuta_ :16:53
GFbot_some workflow or planning that we are  going to do.16:53
SITarabuta_ +116:54
GFbot_SITarabuta_, but, once you have keep nrcerna on the top of your work16:54
nrcernaYou can file issues on Gitlab, but we are going to continue the process in asana, we can reply to your issues or comments as well on gitlab 16:54
GFbot_to put that there16:54
GFbot_if you don't mind!16:54
SITarabuta_ok, i will make the asana accounts well16:55
GFbot_SITarabuta_, thats not necessary for you16:55
GFbot_you and I will use gitlab as well16:56
SITarabuta_oh, ok16:56
nrcernaAsana is just to track the progress we need to report weekly or  monthly SITarabuta_ , that's the reason GFbot_ and me are using it16:57
nrcernato track every task 16:57
SITarabuta_i see, that makes sense16:57
nrcernaIf you want later you could join us, is up to you! ;)16:58
nrcernaWell we a lot of work to do! :D17:00
nrcernalbolz, are you there?17:36
nrcernaI wanted to ask you something about Sign and Read17:36
nrcernaIt's already running on my machine but it shows an error, I mean the pictures doesnt load, I cant see images or videos17:38
lbolzdo you have the files?17:41
lbolzthe media files?17:41
nrcernammm not sure, could you please send me that? lbolz 17:44
lbolzsure, one second17:45
nrcernaThanks lbolz 17:47
lbolzyou will also need the database for it to work, i'll forward you the email with it17:47
GFbot_lbolz, we have it.17:48
lbolzdoes the link work for the two of you? i think it might have said that it would stop working after one download17:49
GFbot_lbolz, maybe we are going to need ur db17:50
lbolzi forwarded it to natalia, but i don't know your email gfbot17:50
GFbot_lbolz, whats the user and password?17:52
lbolzuser: aelkner17:53
lbolzpass: st4sla17:53
lbolzallen said we should create our own account after logging in17:54
GFbot_we are having python errors17:54
lbolzlike what?17:55
GFbot_when we start doing the test17:55
GFbot_and the pictures and videos still not working17:56
lbolzi had to change the static in all of the templates17:56
lbolzi would push my code, but i don't have access rights17:56
lbolzto the repo17:56
GFbot_lbolz, done17:57
lbolzi pushed the branch17:59
GFbot_lbolz, thanks!18:02
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