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nrcerna!remind brief report about what we worked this week09:11
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jelknerGM, nrcerna 09:12
nrcernaGM jelkner 09:12
jelkner!remind LOv2 testing sprint next Sunday?09:13
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jelknernrcerna, are you good to chair today?09:13
jelknernrcerna, or did you want me to do it?09:13
nrcernaCould you please do it just today? 09:14
jelknerI could, nrcerna 09:14
nrcernaThank you jelkner 09:15
jelkner!remind Quick list of goals for next week.09:15
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jelknernrcerna, ping09:51
jelknernrcerna, are you willing to learn to be our bookkeeper?09:51
jelknernrcerna, if you are, it will be my job to teach you09:51
nrcernaBookkeeper? jelkner 09:52
jelkneryes, nrcerna 09:52
jelknerwe need to become a viable business09:52
jelknerwe need someone keeping our books09:52
jelknerthat means recording financial transactions09:52
jelknerfollowing up on invoicing and collection of funds09:53
jelknertracking where we our money is going09:53
jelknerthat's called bookkeeping09:53
nrcernaAaaahhhh jelkner I wasn't sure what it means jeje that's why I asked 09:53
jelkneranyway, think it over09:54
jelknerdon't answer right away09:54
jelknerbut we need a bookkeeper09:54
jelknerthat is super clear09:54
jelknerour financial management is a mess09:55
nrcernaI could try to do it jelkner 09:55
jelknerand if we can't get that in order as we build our marketable skills09:55
jelknerwe can't be a real business09:55
jelknerthe first step is to record where all our money goes09:56
jelknerincluding the money i send you and GFbot each month09:56
jelkneri should be invoiced for it09:56
jelkneri'm the customer in this case09:57
nrcernaI mean I kind of do that in our 'Santein' business (Eduardo and mine) jelkner 09:57
jelkneryes, nrcerna 09:57
jelkneri understand that09:57
jelknerthat's what i've been saying all along09:57
jelkneryou already have to do this09:57
jelknerso i figured it was in your interest to learn and develop your skills09:57
nrcernaOh I didn't know it, that we needed to invoice you with our payments 09:58
jelkneryes, i said that last week09:58
jelknerand you agreed, i thought?09:58
jelknerfrom here forward, no money goes in our out unless it is part of our financial records09:58
nrcernaI mena started to track and look for every invoice 09:59
jelknerthat means i need a monthly bill from you NOVA Web Dev that I need to pay in the amount that i have to pay09:59
nrcernaMean *09:59
nrcernaOkay 09:59
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jelknerGood morning everyone!10:58
abuchholzgood morning10:58
jelknernrcerna asked me to chair this week, if that's OK with y'all10:59
nrcernaGood morning! 10:59
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lbolzgood morning!10:59
ubuntouristSuch optimists! ;-)10:59
ubuntouristLooks like Big Brother is once again late to the party.11:01
jelkneryes, let's start11:01
jelknerubuntourist, you were 1st with Investiage Crowdin...11:01
ubuntouristSo everyone, I sent out mail yesterday.11:02
esutko : abuchholz : @ubuntourist : GFbot : lbolz : +jelkner : nrcerna : @mjsir911 : wolcen : @ChanServ11:02
Quick list of goals for next week. (jelkner)11:02
ubuntouristI noticed DjangoGirls was using Crowdin for their multi-lingual translation service.11:02
ubuntouristSince we want LOV2 to be multi-lingual, it would be good to check out such a service.11:03
jelknerGFbot, can you please ask replaceafill if he thinks this could be something we could use?11:03
ubuntouristI noticed they offer free service to Free Open Source Software projects. So we're a good fit.11:03
GFbotjelkner mmm ok11:03
jelknermmm ok? is that a yes?11:04
jelknernrcerna, can you help him with that?11:04
ubuntouristI recommend contacting them for a demo to see how it works.11:04
jelknernrcerna, could you please follow up on that?11:04
nrcernaYes jelkner 11:04
jelknersince i'm not sure what mmm, ok means ;-)11:04
jelknernext item11:04
jelkner*brief* work reports11:05
jelkneri'll go first11:05
nrcernaThe mmm is because it depends replaceafill time, you know that he work and is not always available jelkner 11:05
jelkneri'm dividing my time equally between learning TDD and business accounting11:05
jelknermaking progress on both11:05
jelknerACTION done11:05
ubuntouristThe e-mail from earlier in the week summarizes my adventures at Gallaudet.11:06
jelkneri understand, nrcerna, but we need to try11:06
jelkneror if GFbot thinks he can make that call without him, fine11:06
jelknerwhose next?11:07
ubuntouristThe department offering us the most potential work is "reorganizing". So, we're still "on hold"11:07
jelknerubuntourist, thanks for following up on that!11:07
jelknerwe'll get something from it at some point11:08
jelknerlbolz, what have you been working on?11:08
ubuntouristTentative plans with them are for a meeting in a week or two and a separate meeting first week in March,11:08
lbolzi've been finalizing the document to send to dr. thompson so that she can use the asa site11:08
nrcernaIs because replaceafill told us that we need to try to do things without ask him a lot jelkner 11:08
ubuntouristACTION is done11:08
jelknernrcerna, let's talk after meeting11:09
lbolzalso preparing for tuesday to present to ATAC to get fundraising money for the django girls workshop11:09
nrcernaMeaning, we can try to resolve our problems 11:09
jelknergreat, lbolz 11:09
jelknerabuchholz, esutko, how about you?11:10
esutkoI've been familiarizing myself with the LibreOrganize V2 code base and with the Django test suite.11:10
jelknerhold on11:10
jelknernice, esutko 11:11
jelknerabuchholz, 11:11
abuchholzBeen working with on Unit Tests on the LibreOrganize V2 Project should commit some more today11:11
jelkneri'll have something to say about that next item11:11
ubuntourist(BTW, congrats all on resuscitating the Sign'n'Read app.)11:11
jelknerThat was zOnny and lbolz 11:11
jelkner+1 on congrats11:12
jelknerGFbot, 11:12
jelknerwhat did you do last week?11:12
nrcernaGFbot helped me to run it on my machine 11:12
GFbotlearn pytest or testing in general, yesterday i went with Douglas and teach me a lot11:12
jelknernrcerna, LOv2?11:12
jelknerexcellent, GFbot 11:12
GFbotjelkner now i just need to learn about webdriver11:13
ubuntouristIs there a nice doc in the repo?11:13
jelkneryou're last11:13
GFbotbut, i understand now the concept of testing.11:13
nrcernaWe met Douglas and Stefan this week, 11:13
nrcernaGerman and Stefan are going to coordinate to. Work on the apps for LOV211:14
jelknernrcerna, *NO* new apps without first learning testing!11:14
nrcernaI made progress working tracking hosting invoices11:14
nrcernaBut im not done11:14
nrcernaYes we know jelkner 11:15
nrcernaThat is wht GFbot is learning 11:15
nrcernaThat's why we met Douglas and Stefan11:15
nrcernaAnd GFbot is reading and trying hard to learn 11:16
jelknerwe can share resources11:16
jelknerfinished, nrcerna?11:16
jelknerok, i want to finish on time11:17
jelkner2 more items11:17
jelknernext one, i would like to propose an all hands on deck LOv2 "mini sprint" next Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm11:17
jelknerwho could make that?11:17
jelknerwe want Stefan there too, but he is sleeping now11:18
jelknerGFbot, lbolz, esutko, abuchholz could you?11:18
esutkoI can.11:18
jelknerGFbot, you can, yes?11:18
jelknerwe will work together looking at the current code base for LOv211:19
abuchholz I should be able to make it. 11:19
jelknerand talk about adding full test coverage to it11:19
jelknergreat, abuchholz 11:19
GFboti can start working on LOv2 ? jelkner11:19
jelknerGFbot, *definitely*11:20
GFbotyes or not?11:20
jelknerif by working on my mean adding tests11:20
jelknerthe more we can do before next sunday the better11:20
GFbotfor sure.11:20
jelknerso we will have something to look at to start11:20
jelknerthe last item is work for next week11:21
jelknerbut i think we all know what we're doing, yes?11:21
jelknergetting ready for next sunday if you are a developer11:21
ubuntouristAlso a should be written by folks writing tests, so that new users of the repo can run tests themselves.11:21
jelknerand trying to get our business financing in order otherwise11:21
jelknergreat idea, ubuntourist 11:21
jelknerubuntourist, any chance you could join us next sunday?11:22
ubuntourist(My limited understanding there is it's probably going to be a very small doc. Something like "Type 'run tests'. ;-) )11:22
abuchholzyeah, I can add the 11:22
ubuntouristRemotely, yes. F2F unlikely.11:22
jelknerin Django its python test11:22
jelknernrcerna, can you chair next week?11:23
ubuntouristjelkner, Yeah, that's kind of what I was guessing it might be.11:23
nrcernaYes jelkner 11:23
GFbotjelkner so i plan to work on LOv2 with the new app that  i talked with Stefan, obviously with the test running as well.11:23
jelknerany last items?11:23
jelknergreat GFbot 11:23
ubuntouristSo, maybe not much need. But I frequently see,,, and in repos.11:24
esutkoWe definitely could use an INSTALL.md11:24
jelknerwell, ubuntourist, we need selenium, so thanks to you we've been using pipenv to get that all in place11:24
GFbotjelkner btw, i was learning and using pyenv this last week.11:25
jelknerok, unless anyone has a pressing item11:25
jelknerlet's call it til next sunday11:25
GFbotuseful tool.11:25
jelkner+1 GFbot 11:25
ubuntourist(There's an issue on the DjangoGirls repo encouraging a switch to pipenv as well.)11:26
GFbotACTION is done11:26
jelknerACTION drops the bag of gravel11:26
jelknertalk to you next thursday if not before everyone11:27
jelknerGFbot, nrcerna have a minute for a quick summary of what came up during the meeting?11:27
jelknerGFbot, what replacefill says is really important11:28
jelknerGFbot, we need to work hard to transition you into him ;-)11:28
jelkneror him into you?11:28
ubuntouristGFbot, our crazy man to the north, Paul "Hurricane" Flint, likes pyenv too. But, as we move further and further from the dead Python 2, I expect it will not be much use for us.11:28
jelkneranyway, you need to be the one we go to to make decision on our tech and how we do things11:28
GFbotjelkner i know.11:29
jelkneri'll stop asking you, GFbot and nrcerna, to check with him11:29
jelkneri'll just ask you to do things11:29
GFbotubuntourist 111:29
jelkneryou decide if and when you need his advice11:29
jelknerGFbot, i have a lot of resources i've been using11:29
jelknerincluding pdf versions of books11:30
jelkneri could send you if needed11:30
GFbotjelkner he told me to reach him only for technical things.11:30
GFbotjelkner sure11:30
GFbotdo it11:30
jelkneri'm going to do the bowling game with me students on tuesday11:30
jelkneri worked on it yesterday at HacDC11:30
GFbotit has testing :)11:31
jelknerso lbolz and abuchholz will have a chance to do it in class this week11:31
jelknerit is all about testing11:31
jelknertesting *first*, GFbot 11:31
GFbotACTION understands now :)11:31
jelknerokie dokie, i'm signing off to grade and lesson plan11:32
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jelknernrcerna, i'll call you tomorrow at 9:35 am as usual11:33
GFbotjelkner go ahead11:33
GFbotjelkner send me your pdfs.11:33
jelknerwill do, GFbot 11:33
nrcernaOkay jelkner 11:33
jelknerhasta pronto11:33
jelknerACTION signs off11:33
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