IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2020-02-13

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lbolzwhoops, i don't know what i was thinking17:29
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jelknerGFbot, nrcerna 17:36
jelknergood evening!17:36
GFbotjelkner, Hi!17:37
nrcernahi jelkner 17:39
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GFbotjelkner, ?17:50
jelknerhello, nrcerna and GFbot 17:59
GFbotjelkner, hi18:01
jelknerGFbot, nrcerna i just called my brother18:11
nrcernaOh jelkner 18:12
jelknerhe isn't coming tonight18:14
jelknermy grandmother is turning 10518:14
jelknerand my brother from puerto rico just flew in18:14
jelkneraelkner had to pick him up18:16
jelknerhe forgot about the meeting during that18:16
GFbotso we are not going to have meeting18:16
GFbotwith him tonight18:16
jelknerthat's what i'm saying, GFbot 18:16
jelkneralong with my sincere apologies18:17
jelknerthis is not good practice18:17
jelknerand he doesn't usually do this18:17
jelknerin any case, lbolz could use your help18:17
jelknersince she has to present sign-and-read tomorrow18:17
jelknerbtw, GFbot 18:17
jelknerdid you see what Stefan and abuchholz did with the tests?18:18
*** SITarabuta has joined #novawebdev18:18
jelknerthere he is18:19
jelknerit was wonderful to see!18:19
jelkner76% test coverage18:19
jelknerthey are working to see if they can get 100%18:19
GFbotwell, im doing some work in different branch18:19
SITarabutaGFbot, i got your email18:19
SITarabutadidn't reply18:19
*** abuchholz has joined #novawebdev18:19
SITarabutait is great that you get the templates. some tests are based on the templates though, so make sure to check that every test still runs18:20
GFbotSITarabuta, im going to push my changes tonight 18:20
GFbotso, you'll be able to see18:20
GFbotmy changes18:20
GFbotbtw, im pulling every change that you are doing on that branchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh18:20
GFbotups, lags18:20
GFbotto the branch*18:20
GFbotso, you'll be able to check that18:21
SITarabutaok, more changes incoming18:21
GFbotmaybe merge request 18:21
GFbotbut, let just finish what im doing 18:21
GFbotSITarabuta, jelkner can you give me 10 mins?18:23
jelknerGFbot, i can18:23
jelknerstart now, though, GFbot 18:24
jelknerwe're at a meetup18:24
jelknerand i'm the host18:24
jelknerwe might get interrupted at any minute18:24
jelknernrcerna, what happened to GFbot?18:25
jelknerhe asked for 10 minutes18:25
jelknerthen he signed off18:26
jelknernrcerna, r u here?18:26
nrcernaI think he is going to be back jelkner 18:26
jelknerok, nrcerna 18:26
nrcernaWait please, since he waited since 2 pm 18:26
jelknernrcerna, i understand18:27
jelkneri'm really sorry about the mixup18:27
jelknermy brother doesn't usually flake out like this18:27
jelknerhe should have emailed saying he couldn't make it18:27
nrcernaNo problem jelkner 18:28
jelkneranyway, hrodriguez is coming in soon18:28
jelknerwe are at a meetup18:28
jelknerso there are people all around me18:28
jelkneri'm the host18:28
jelknerso when they talk to me, i need to talk to them18:29
jelknerit is quiet at the moment18:29
jelknernrcerna, but at any minute i could get interrupted18:29
jelkneranyway, nrcerna 18:29
jelknerwhat SITarabuta and abuchholz have done is *really* good18:29
nrcernaYes jelkner 18:30
jelknerwe have a django app written by us18:30
jelknerthat has tests!18:30
jelknerand it looks really nice, too18:30
nrcernaAnd GFbot is doing a great work too! 18:30
nrcernaI'm really Glad jelkner 18:30
jelknerme too18:30
jelknerit gives me hope18:30
jelknernrcerna, i'll have another little paper to share this week18:31
nrcernaSweet!, The one you sent was really great18:31
jelknerwe are learning about CVP models this week18:32
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GFbotjelkner, SITarabuta im back18:32
jelknerthat is how you make calculations on what you need to charge to break even18:32
jelknerGFbot, let's go18:32
jelkneri think i have 10 minutes18:32
jelknerwhat's up, GFbot?18:32
GFbotim here :D18:33
jelknerGFbot, you asked me for 10 minutes18:33
GFbotyeah im ready18:33
jelkneroh, i think you meant you would be away for ten minutes ;-)18:33
jelkneri misunderstood18:34
GFbotim here, so we are good18:34
jelknerGFbot, i thought you were asking for 10 minutes of my time18:34
jelknerlike you wanted to talk to me about something that would take 10 minutes/18:34
jelkneryou meant you were going away for 10 minutes18:34
GFbotmy bad18:34
GFbotin any cas18:34
jelknerjust a miscommunication18:34
jelknerbb in 10 would have been less ambigious18:35
GFbotI was saying I see what SITarabuta is doing18:35
GFbotreally good job18:35
jelkneranyway, GFbot do you know how to run the test coverage thing that SITarabuta just showed me?18:35
jelkneri was thrilled to see that!18:35
GFbotjelkner yes i did it18:35
GFboti installed webdriver for firefox18:36
GFbotsince i have drivers for chroem18:36
jelknerso SITarabuta and abuchholz are working tonight on getting the coverage even higher18:36
jelknerand then on saturday, let's have a customer meeting18:36
GFbotjelkner sounds good18:36
abuchholzwe are around 80% coverage at the moment18:36
jelknerand decided which user stories to take on next18:36
jelknerabuchholz, keep going!18:37
GFbotas i was saying, I'll push my changes to my branch on LOv218:37
GFbotmaybe tomorrow SITarabuta could join to IRC18:37
jelknerGFbot, your changes have tests, yes?18:37
jelknerSITarabuta, and abuchholz said you were working on templates18:38
jelknerno need to test templates18:38
GFbotjelkner i pull every change that SITarabuta did on master branch to my code18:38
GFbotjelkner did you read my email?18:39
jelknerACTION goes to look18:39
jelknerGFbot, i don't see your email18:44
GFbotit should be there18:44
GFbotcalled "LibreOrganize2V Templates and Layout"18:44
jelknerjust found it18:45
GFbotjelkner thats all from me18:46
jelknercool, GFbot 18:47
jelknerhrodriguez is here18:47
jelkneri need to meet with her18:47
jelknerthank you, man18:47
jelknerwe are making real progress18:47
GFbotjelkner let see on saturday18:48
GFbotwhat we got18:48
*** hrodriguez has joined #novawebdev19:26
hrodriguezHola nrcerna 19:26
hrodriguezHola GFbot 19:28
hrodriguezespero que estes bien19:28
hrodrigueztengo una preguntata nose si estas ocupado19:28
hrodriguezTu de casualidad tienes el archivo del logo de novalaciro en ilustrator?19:30
GFboteso solo nrcerna19:31
hrodriguezsi me lo imagine y le envie un texto pero no me contesto 19:32
GFbotcreo que estaba en evento19:32
GFbotasí que no podra ahora pero seguro revise logs19:32
GFboto envíale un correo siempre revisa!19:32
hrodriguezooh okay! 19:33
hrodriguezMuchas gracias yo se lo envio19:33
GFbotde nada hrodriguez19:34
GFbotjelkner see you on saturday19:38
GFbotSITarabuta o/19:38
GFbotACTION sign off19:38

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