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GFbotgood day jelkner10:00
jelknergood morning, GFbot 10:00
jelknerlet's meet on the scrum channel10:00
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SITarabuta_there we go, i've dying to say "Good morning!"10:15
SITarabuta_i've been dying*10:16
jelknerok, SITarabuta_ do you think 30 minutes is enough to pick our next user story?10:16
nrcernaGm SITarabuta_ :) 10:16
SITarabuta_i think so10:16
jelknerSITarabuta_, do you see the list?10:16
SITarabuta_it should be a matter of which one is the most impactful10:16
nrcernaYou wrote 'content managers' jelkner, I think this is a good iniciative, meaning have admins, content managers and user views 10:18
jelkneryes, nrcerna 10:19
jelknerthis is a crucial story10:20
jelknersince until our current 5 customers can host their websites on LO, we can't get them to use any features10:20
jelknera minimal viable product requires having web site content10:20
jelknerand being able to edit it10:20
nrcernaIn order to do that we need to define if every user story is for rhe admins or the managers 10:21
jelknerthanks, nrcerna, seems like you have better insight into this then i do10:22
jelknerplease run with it!10:22
jelkneralso, nrcerna, since you work side-by-side with GFbot 10:22
jelkneryou're in a good position to act as customer10:23
jelknerso i have a question10:23
jelknerwhat would rank choice voting require?10:23
ubuntouristI apparently cannot send messages to #novawebdev_scrum...10:23
jelkneryes, ubuntourist 10:24
jelknerit's broken10:24
jelknerwe'll need to fix it later10:24
GFbotubuntourist yes, im trying to find out the issue10:24
nrcernaGoing back to your question, I think that we need to focus on sokve the minimum features that our current customers are needing jelkner 10:25
nrcernaFor example, the bilingual thing is something we need 10:26
ubuntouristIn any case, what I started to say in Google Docs, and did say on scrum:10:26
ubuntouristEasier to implement accessibilty and standard data formats (iCal, vCard) early rather than after the fact.10:26
nrcernaubuntourist: iCal and Google Calendar could work too 10:27
ubuntouristnrcerna, I'm not sure what you mean.10:28
ubuntouristnrcerna, I'm suggesting that, when implementing an events system (and a contact system), that10:29
ubuntouristnrcerna, people use standard field names used by the iCalendar and vCard standards when possible, expect that users10:30
ubuntouristnrcerna, will want to integrate their personal calendar and address books with LO. Google Calendar and other systems10:31
jelknerwe can use your help on that, ubuntourist 10:31
jelknerwe should adhere to open standards wherever we can10:31
ubuntouristnrcerna, are capable of importing and exporting using these standard formats.10:31
jelknernrcerna, you are absolutely correct10:32
jelknerour task is to support the needs of our current 5 customers as soon as we can10:32
jelknerand to get them all using LOv0.210:32
ubuntouristSee and
jelknerubuntourist, this is most helpful10:33
jelknerbut we need first to decide which bit of functionality to implement next10:33
ubuntourist(Both of which have links to the official standards documents.)10:33
jelkneras in today10:34
jelknerSITarabuta_ and abuchholz and esutko and GFbot can get to work as soon as we decide what they should do10:36
SITarabuta_yes please10:36
jelknerso, SITarabuta_ thoughts?10:36
SITarabuta_i am a bit confused right no, but:10:36
jelknerwhat would be easiest for you to implement next10:37
SITarabuta_i do know that we need to start a new app10:37
jelknerthat might be the best choice for us10:37
SITarabuta_well nothing is necessarily easy. it is about what is useful10:37
jelknersince we want to have several successful iterations to build our confidence10:37
jelknerand get our workflow down10:37
SITarabuta_voting is useful, memberships are useful, forums are useful, events are useful and so on and so forth10:37
SITarabuta_maybe even PDF exporting is useful right now10:38
ubuntouristSITarabuta_, +110:38
jelknerSITarabuta_, we could also think about minimal viable product10:38
SITarabuta_and that isn't "hard" i would say10:38
jelknerwe can deploy without voting, we can deploy without membership on some of our sites10:38
jelknerbut we can't deploy on any without content management10:38
jelknersince no content, no website, yes?10:38
jelknercould we work on that next?10:39
SITarabuta_so we need to let them create the content10:39
SITarabuta_that is fair10:39
SITarabuta_but CMS means10:39
SITarabuta_boxes and navbars10:39
SITarabuta_and those are.. uhhh10:39
jelknerwe can't hide from them10:39
SITarabuta_well it is doable.10:39
jelknerso why not face the monster now?10:39
SITarabuta_sure i will take that10:40
SITarabuta_GFbot, we gotta do boxes and navbars :-|10:40
jelknerGFbot, what do you mean voting?10:40
GFbot"so why not face the monster now?"10:40
SITarabuta_maybe they can be ported from the current lo10:40
SITarabuta_oh GFbot haha10:40
jelknersince GFbot and SITarabuta_ are the main monster slayers, what do you two say?10:41
SITarabuta_personally, i just write the code.10:41
SITarabuta_i don't use it haha10:41
SITarabuta_so tell me what do you need ;-)10:41
jelknerGFbot, you use it and write it10:41
ubuntouristSITarabuta_, +1 ;-)10:41
GFbotwell 10:41
GFbotif we want a minimal viable product10:41
GFbotwe need to basics things10:42
GFbot"boxes, navbars"10:42
GFbotthings like that10:42
jelknerwith tests!10:42
SITarabuta_yes, boxes and navbars. we'll get the fun stuff out of the way10:42
GFbotwhat else the cms needs?10:43
GFbotpages right?10:43
SITarabuta_let me think10:43
SITarabuta_i know we need boxes. that is number 110:43
SITarabuta_and then pages10:43
SITarabuta_because without navbars10:43
SITarabuta_you don't get to pages10:43
GFbotwe need a order10:44
jelknerGFbot, can we do this in stages?10:44
jelknerwe don't even need navbars to start10:44
jelknersince the *very* minimum thing we need is for customers to be able to update context on existing pages10:45
GFbotjelkner  we can do boxes and pages10:45
GFbotnavbars just need  the url from pages to work10:45
SITarabuta_well if we just let them edit existing content10:45
jelknerthe main request i get constantly is to be able to update context on the homepage10:45
SITarabuta_than the only thing we need10:45
SITarabuta_is boxes10:45
GFbotjelkner so, boxes first10:46
jelknerso boxes comes first, yes?10:46
GFbotyes sir.10:46
GFbotSITarabuta_ jelkner im thinking10:46
GFbothow to make this10:46
GFbotsince, our current libreorganize needs the "developer" to add the box on the theme10:46
SITarabuta_me too. boxes just... uhhh. they are like harder than voting imo.10:46
GFbotit would be if the customer can do that10:47
GFbotlike django cms10:47
SITarabuta_hmm, that is fine for i think10:47
SITarabuta_because we create the boxes10:47
SITarabuta_then they just change it10:47
SITarabuta_"for now"10:47
SITarabuta_the pages app will let them add the boxes10:47
GFbotdo they need boxes in pages?10:47
SITarabuta_hold up, watch this10:48
jelknerso, if we are in agreement *basic* cms is the next thing we need, are we done for today?10:48
SITarabuta_so we love simplicity: we make boxes and pages and navbars one app called PAGES, and we slowly implement everything.  we start with boxes and continue. sounds weird, but it might work10:49
SITarabuta_ACTION done10:49
jelknersounds like GFbot and SITarabuta_ know what to work on10:49
jelknerso, can we finish the 2nd agenda item, workflow10:50
GFbot1+ SITarabuta_10:50
jelknerwhere is the main LOv0.2 master?10:50
jelkneri'd like to clone it locally10:50
jelknerand try to run it10:50
GFbotSITarabuta_ so10:52
GFbotSITarabuta_ pages, boxes and navbar?10:52
SITarabuta_boxes first, right?10:52
GFbotyes sir10:52
SITarabuta_alright. well,10:53
SITarabuta_i guess i can start by moving over what we have10:53
SITarabuta_and refactoring it10:53
SITarabuta_so we don't have to start from scratch10:53
jelknernrcerna, do you have any scrum literature for me to read?10:53
nrcernaMmm just the one I sent you the last time om email jelkner 10:54
nrcernaI think Alan replied 10:54
nrcernaAbout that email10:54
GFbotSITarabuta_ did check my merge request10:55
nrcernaWe need to learn how to do brief and clear reports 10:55
nrcernaOf what we are doing 10:55
nrcernaGFbot and SITarabuta are doing it pretty well 10:55
nrcernaDescribing all they made on a brief email 10:56
nrcernaWe should try to report at the end od the day what we did10:56
nrcernaAnd what we are going to work next 10:56
ubuntourist(I've just cloned the beastie from the link provided by SITarabuta_ and will also be seeing what it looks like trying to run locally.)10:57
ubuntouristGFbot, yes, that was the link provided by SITarabuta_ that I just cloned.10:58
SITarabuta_oh, btw11:02
SITarabuta_it is using postgres11:02
SITarabuta_but i am reveting to sqlite3 for development11:02
SITarabuta_so it is easier to work with11:02
GFbotSITarabuta_ im using the default db the provides django11:03
ubuntouristSITarabuta_, separate git branch? That might be the best approach here.11:03
GFboti can delete whenevet i want11:03
SITarabuta_yes, that is sqlite311:03
SITarabuta_separate git branch? i am just putting an "if debug true, use sqlite3" ;)11:03
ubuntouristSITarabuta_, also an option. ;-)11:04
GFbotSITarabuta_ oh, we need that11:04
GFbotwhen something goes wrong page.11:04
GFbotwe  are going to have debug on pro11:04
ubuntouristGFbot, I don't know what "best practice" is but I can tell you it was VERY helpful11:05
ubuntouristGFbot, to be able to turn on and off DEBUG on the live ARA site.11:05
SITarabuta_and it is done11:06
SITarabuta_you guys can clone it11:06
SITarabuta_GFbot, i still didn't merge it, I will do it now very soon.11:06
GFbotSITarabuta_ 1+11:07
ubuntouristI'm going to sign off now... Later all.11:08
SITarabuta_bye ubuntourist 11:08
ubuntouristACTION wanders off11:08
GFboti added your last change before you merge it11:11
GFbotit was an error11:11
GFbotwhen you add sqlite11:11
jelknerACTION signs off to work on financial stuff11:13
GFbotSITarabuta_ i think we are done for today?11:15
GFboteveryone is leaving :D11:15
nrcernaSITarabuta_:? 11:17
SITarabuta_my bad11:23
SITarabuta_we should work now11:23
GFbotSITarabuta_ i just update11:24
GFbotSITarabuta_ 1+11:25
GFbotGFbot once you start working on something else like pages,boxes try to use branches11:25
SITarabuta_ok, sure11:25
GFbotSITarabuta_ we are done for today?11:27
SITarabuta_i think so11:27
GFbotthat was fast.11:27
SITarabuta_yeah haha11:27
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