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jelkner!remind Ask Stefan if he thinks now is the time to switch to Zoho.07:22
"Ask Stefan if he thinks now is the time to switch to Zoho." added to message queue07:22
jelkner!remind Move forward, then consolidate, is Kevin and/or German on top of our new email?07:25
"Move forward, then consolidate, is Kevin and/or German on top of our new email?" added to message queue07:25
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nrcernaGood morning jelkner  I need to ask you something about the Virginia department  of Education invoice09:29
nrcernaWhat is the task that Marco did to them? jelkner 09:29
jelknernrcerna, you know Marco is mjsir911, right?09:32
jelknerSo you should ask him directly, right here09:32
jelknerno me!09:32
nrcernaHello mjsir911, could you please tell me what exactly was the task you did for Virginia Department of Education?. That would help me a lot to write their invoice.09:44
mjsir911Yeah, sure. I worked with them to upgrade the internet-facing apache container, set up continuous integration so they consistently get the latest changes in the git repo, & set up a scheduled upgrade build to run weekly container rebuilds on the latest apache versions09:46
nrcernaOk thanks mjsir91110:05
jelknernrcerna, so here's what needs to happen:10:09
jelkner1. Draft the invoice10:09
jelkner2. Show it to me10:09
jelkner3. Send it to Glenda10:09
jelknerI'll then inform everyone when the check arrives10:10
jelknerand send payment to mjsir911 10:10
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GFbotgood day10:10
GFbotjelkner, 10:11
nrcernaok jelkner 10:11
jelknerGood morning, GFbot!10:13
nrcernamjsir911, jelkner mentioned that we are going to bill them $200, am I right?10:57
mjsir911that is correct10:58
nrcernaOk this is the total,or should I add rate per hour?11:02
nrcernamjsir911, 11:02
mjsir911That is the total, I don11:02
mjsir911't think jelkner discussed hourly rate with glenda11:02
nrcernaok thanks mm11:02
nrcernamjsir911, 11:02
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jelknernrcerna, ping!12:24
nrcernahello jelkner 12:25
jelknerI just transferred $2K into our bank account12:25
nrcernajelkner, 12:25
jelknerwell, the transfer to you will cost $1015.9912:26
jelkneri'll await for an invoice for that, btw.  we need to figure out how to do the accounting12:26
nrcernawhy it will cost that?12:26
jelknerit alwasy costs that12:27
jelkner500 x 2 + Xoom fee of 15.9912:27
nrcernaI just checked but I didnt received yet jelkner 12:28
nrcernacan you check it? jelkner 12:30
jelkneri didn't send it yet, nrcerna 12:30
jelknerlet me call you, i'm confused12:30
nrcernanp, I didnt understand it jelkner 12:30
nrcernaI didnt noticed the phrase : "our bank account"12:31
nrcernajelkner, 12:31
nrcernabut now I know ;) np12:31
nrcernajelkner, I have a quick question for you12:35
nrcernaabout the payments and VPS invoices, I noticed that for example we bill the on a period that starts on march and ends on march of the next year, but the payment that we collect is on june most likely12:37
jelknernrcerna, i'll be back12:37
nrcernaso, my question is: Can we bill them at the same moth that the period ends? If we dont do it, we are going to pay for them the renewal and we dont want that.12:38
nrcernawe need bring that revenue to us. jelkner 12:38
nrcernaOk jelkner 12:38
jelknernrcerna, i'm back13:07
jelkneri had a meeting13:07
nrcernanp jelkner 13:09
jelknernrcerna, i'm in school13:17
nrcernaoh, sorry13:17
nrcernatalk tomorrow13:17
jelknerit is very hard to focus on a conversation with so many distractions13:17
jelknerno, that's ok13:17
nrcernajelkner, 13:18
jelknertomorrow won't be any better13:18
jelkneri'm not complaining about you13:18
jelknerjust trying to explain13:18
jelkneryou're in a nice, quiet place13:18
jelkneri'm in a classroom with noise, people asking me stuff, etc.13:18
jelkneri have planning today from 1:40 pm to 3:10 pm13:18
jelknerso it will be quiet in 20 minutes13:19
jelknerone thing, nrcerna 13:19
jelknerplease use for our web address13:19
jelknernot .com13:19
nrcernasorry I just forgot that, my bad jelkner 13:20
jelknerwe really want novawebdevelopment.coop13:20
jelknerbut that's too expensive13:20
jelknerwe can't afford it yet13:20
nrcernaI changed the .com jelkner 13:56
nrcernaI didnt noticed since that is old data. 13:56
jelknergreat, nrcerna 14:04
jelknerdid you send it to me again?14:04
nrcernaI just update it, I mean if you open the same link, you should se the update as well14:06
nrcernajelkner, 14:06
nrcernaACTION AFK14:06
jelknerGreat, Natalia14:09
jelknerit looks good to me14:09
jelknerso you will want to make a nice PDF, and email it to Glenda Lewis14:09
jelknernrcerna, when you are ready to do that, let me know14:09
jelknermy students are now gone, and it is quiet here ;-)14:09
nrcernaI'm back jelkner 14:17
nrcernaOk Im goind to generate the PDF14:17
nrcernaI'm about to send you that jelkner 14:18
nrcernaemm wait, I need the contact info to send it to Glenda as well, right? jelkner 14:19
jelknerhold on, nrcerna 14:25
jelknernrcerna, Glenda is great14:48
jelknershe emailed us back already14:48
nrcernayes I just saw that14:49
nrcernathank you.14:49
jelknerthank *you*! ;-)14:49
nrcernaI just sent it15:00
nrcernajelkner, 15:00
jelkneri saw, nrcerna, thanks!15:03
nrcerna:) 15:04
nrcerna I have a quick question for you15:08
nrcerna<nrcerna> about the payments and VPS invoices, I noticed that for example we bill the on a period that starts on march and ends on march of the next year, but the payment that we collect is on june most likely15:08
nrcerna16/6/2019 - Period MARCH 18- MARCH 201915:09
nrcernaPAYMENT RECEIVED: $190 jelkner15:09
nrcernathis is Lee Carter15:09

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