IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2020-02-27

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jelknernrcerna, gm09:37
nrcernagm jelkner 09:37
jelkneri'm calling now...09:38
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jelknerping, mjsir911 14:57
mjsir911Hi jelkner 14:57
jelknermonday is our day, jelkner 14:58
jelknermonday is our day, mjsir911 14:58
jelkneroops ;-)14:58
mjsir911alright, sounds good14:58
jelknerso please choose a place14:58
jelknerno rush14:58
jelknerwe need to know before we head to boston though14:58
mjsir911Will keep lookin14:58
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ellisGFbot, are you available to talk about ToDo++?17:19
mjsir911btw jelkner & co, you might have issues with the freenode migrations at ~ sun 1800UTC17:21
mjsir9111PM est, but just keep a lookout17:21
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GFbottell me17:31
esukoSo I've begun drafting a database in SQLite317:33
esukoits currently an empty file, but I have some stuff locally.17:34
GFbotyou should push your stuff to see17:35
esukoI want to get it to work first.17:35
esukoanyways I was wondering if you've done anything.17:36
GFbotright but, no sqlite 17:37
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jelknernrcerna, GFbot r u here?17:37
nrcernayes jelkner 17:37
esukoyeah. we can't use SQLite3 for the final version but I don't know how to properly make a database in Django.17:38
nrcernaGFbot, Is now at his home , but we are here jelkner 17:38
jelkneresuko is here too17:38
GFbotesuko, we use postgres as DB17:38
GFboton django17:38
jelknerhe was asking how to reach GFbot 17:38
jelkneri told him here17:39
jelkneror email17:39
nrcernaYou can call him on signal as well jelkner 17:39
jelknerGFbot, nrcerna its time to get our website running with LOv0.217:39
nrcernait is stable now? jelkner 17:39
GFbotjelkner, good time17:40
GFbotto change ubuntu18.1017:40
GFbotwe still using 16.10 on vps17:40
jelkneroh, 18.0417:40
GFbotoh yeat17:40
jelkner20.04 will be out in 2 months17:40
jelknerand we will move to that17:41
jelkneronly LTS releases17:41
GFbotjelkner, 17:41
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jelknerabuchholz, has just volunteered to learn about continous deployment17:41
jelknerhe doesn't know what it is yet17:42
jelknerbut he agreed to do17:42
jelknerso we may have all the pieces coming together, GFbot, nrcerna 17:43
nrcernaabuchhol is Adrian right? jelkner 17:43
GFbotfirst we need base theme if you want novawebdev running in LOv0.217:44
jelknerSo SITarabuta, nrcerna, GFbot 17:44
GFbotand then we need to create the theme based on that.17:44
jelknercan you all talk about moving our website to LOv0.217:44
jelknerso we can start using events17:44
jelknerand satisfy kevin's request17:44
esukoGFbot, do you have any ToDo++ code in a repo?17:46
GFbotyes, but, need to clean it17:47
GFbotwe are going to use SQLite3 on this?17:51
GFbotesuko, 17:51
esukoNo. just prototyping.17:54
esukoI don't want to deal with Django while designing the database.17:55
GFbotgot it17:57
nrcernado you have anything about Sign and read today? Alan is on learn channel lbolz 18:15
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