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jelkner!remind Goal for the week: test if GFbot and nrcerna can put front-end on LOv0.209:03
"Goal for the week: test if GFbot and nrcerna can put front-end on LOv0.2" added to message queue09:03
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abuchholzlbolz would you like to write the tests for the boxes app? I can push a branch with the overall file structure. All you would need to do is write tests to cover the logic of the boxes app.10:46
lbolzsure, although I haven't written any tests in a long time so i might need some help with figuring out how to do that10:48
abuchholzsure. I can help there. I will push a branch in a few minutes containing everything you need to do. You can ask me questions if you have any.10:50
abuchholzI will add comments on stuff you need to implment.10:50
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jelknerGood morning, ubuntourist!10:58
ubuntouristjelkner, whateva. ;-)10:58
jelknerSo nice to see you on this dark and surly morning ;-)10:58
jelknerubuntourist, next week we are back at HacDC on Saturday10:58
jelkneri'm really looking forward to getting together with you10:59
ubuntouristjelkner, masochist.10:59
jelknerany updates, ubuntourist, on thoughts about coming to Vermont?10:59
jelknerFlint says you can ride your bike there10:59
ubuntouristjelkner, I'm not going to make it. Too many other things pulling me away.11:00
jelknerokie dokie11:00
jelknerwe'll carry on without you11:00
ubuntouristjelkner, I may make an appearance via audio or video though, at some point.11:01
abuchholzlbolz the majority of the tests will be written in test_logic.py11:01
jelknerubuntourist, that's a great idea!11:01
jelknerlet's plan that11:01
jelknereveryone, nrcerna and GFbot may not realize we've changed our time here11:01
jelknercan we meet at noon this week, to give them a chance to adjust11:02
@ubuntourist : abuchholz : esutko : lbolz : +jelkner : @mjsir911 : wolcen : @ChanServ11:02
jelknerBig_Brother didn't fire either11:02
ubuntouristBut... It did... It just listed us all... No agenda?11:03
ubuntouristBang remind shows me nothing, which would indicate either, (a) it has already fired for this week, or (b) there's no agenda up for this week.11:04
jelknerubuntourist, must have been my error11:05
jelkneri though i put something in this morning11:05
jelknerlooks like i did: "Goal for the week: test if GFbot and nrcerna can put front-end on LOv0.2" added to message queue11:05
ubuntouristor (c) Big brother is horribly "confuseled". ;-)11:05
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jelknergm, nrcerna 11:07
ubuntourist!remind Figure out what's wrong with Big Brother.11:07
Big_BrotherInvalid arguments: No closing quotation.11:07
ubuntourist!remind Figure out what is wrong with Big Brother.11:07
"Figure out what is wrong with Big Brother." added to message queue11:07
nrcernagm jelkner 11:07
jelknercan we dive into our meeting?11:07
jelknerthe hour changed here last night11:07
jelknerso it's now 11:0711:07
jelknerif we keep our meeting at 11 am EST, it will now be 9 am your time11:08
jelknernrcerna, do you want some time for coffee first?11:08
ubuntourist"Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking... into the future. Tick-tock. do-do-do-do-do" -- Steve Miller Band11:08
jelknernrcerna, should we meet now, or at 12 noon?11:08
nrcernawe didn't noticed that, German doesn't know it jelkner11:09
jelknerok, let's meet at noon11:09
jelkneri figured11:09
jelknerand we forgot to notify you11:09
nrcernanp jelkner 11:09
abuchholzlbolz I pushed a branch with comments look at it and ask questions11:11
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nrcernajelkner,GFbot is here on IRC11:13
jelknerhi all11:13
ubuntouristSo, is anyone else using a fork of LOV2? If so, how do you keep your fork synced? 11:14
jelknersince everyone is now here, should we go ahead?11:14
ubuntourist(I just did a "git fetch upstream" and "git merge upstream/master" and it shows no changes.)11:14
jelknerubuntourist, abuchholz is the person to ask about that11:14
ubuntouristWe bow to the whims.11:14
jelknerI only had one item for today11:14
jelknerubuntourist, i'm confused?11:15
ubuntouristNe'er mind. Onward.11:15
jelknerGFbot, nrcerna work has been proceeding rapidly with LOv0.211:15
nrcernaThat's great11:16
jelknerit is ready to be deployed11:16
jelknerso, GFbot and nrcerna 11:16
jelknerthe main task this week is yours11:16
jelknerGFbot, are you here?11:17
jelknerstarting tomorrow, here's what you need to do:11:17
jelkner1. GFbot, you need to show up at nrcerna's place each day11:17
jelkner2. You need to get LOv0.2 running on your local machines11:18
jelkner3. You should work together on two websites: NOVA Web Dev and NOVALACIRO11:18
jelknerthat's the task11:18
jelknerby next Sunday, we want those two websites to be using LOv0.2 in production11:19
nrcernaWhat about ToDo++? jelkner 11:19
GFbotso.. if i do that i wont be able to work on business tracker.11:19
nrcernaare we going to pause that? jelkner 11:19
jelkneryes, you need to switch to the priority task11:20
jelknerif we don't move forward on LOv0.211:20
jelknerwe have no product11:20
jelknerwe obviously need to track invoices and customers11:20
esutkoDoes that mean I am the only person currently working on ToDo++?11:20
jelknerbut with nothing to sell, that is all moot11:20
GFbotok, so this week we are not going to meet with Alan11:20
jelknerI'm confused, GFbot 11:20
jelknerwhy can't you meet with Alan?11:21
GFbotI can't meet with Alan if i dont have progress with ToDo11:21
jelknerwill it really take you all week to do some html and css?11:21
GFbotthis week11:21
jelkneryou don't need to write the app11:21
jelknerjust the front end web pages11:21
jelkneri don't think that's a full week of work11:21
jelkneri hope not11:21
GFbotI saw the html is a mess11:21
GFbotso thats why11:21
abuchholzThe HTML was taken from NovaWebDev. Essentially just copy and pasted. What you need to do is not rewrite it but modify it to make it look pretty.11:22
abuchholz^ GFbot11:23
nrcernapretty, well better than our last design I guess.11:24
jelknernrcerna, i just tried to call you on signal11:24
abuchholzyes. that is correct. don't focus on rewriting the whole thing it takes to long. The content is there focus on the looks. 11:24
nrcernajelkner, we are going to work, we are going to share our progress, we will try to do it, as you want but even if is juts front end, have the design you know that is not "pupusas" 11:25
nrcernaam I right, jelkner?11:25
jelknernrcerna, can we chat by phone?11:25
nrcernaplease, we need to comunicate here11:26
nrcernajelkner, 11:26
GFbot1+ nrcerna11:26
jelknerwell, to me, the bottom line is, can we create a development team?11:27
jelknerstefan, lbolz, and abuchholz are becoming such a team11:27
jelkneri watch them here working11:27
jelknerand see the progress11:27
jelknerthey have delivered11:27
jelknerwe are now blocking on getting customer websites up11:28
jelknerthat is the job of team guananco11:28
nrcernayes jelkner , and we are going to do it as well, this week.11:28
jelknerthat's all i have11:28
jelkneranyone else with anything?11:29
nrcernaI want to report that we are making good progress on to ToDo++11:29
nrcernadid you called Alan? jelkner 11:29
jelkneri want to talk to you first11:30
jelknernrcerna, is your phone not working?11:30
abuchholzlbolz hows it going with the tests?11:31
lbolzi'm just running into an issue with getting the server to run now that i've pulled so i'm trying to figure that out11:32
abuchholzmake sure to makemigrations and migrate. I forgot and there were problems.11:33
lbolzi tried that but that wasn't it11:33
abuchholzDon't spend too long. I would try deleting and pulling and following the steps again. Sorry.11:33
lbolzalthough i just looked and apparently i haven't installed something in requirements so i'm just going to try pip installing it and hoping that's it11:34
ubuntouristNot keeping up: Is ToDo++ in a NovaWeb Codeberg or GitLab repository, or elsewhere?11:34
ubuntouristabuchholz, Regarding my earlier question: LOV2. After the git fetch and git merge, I see there are four branches:11:35
abuchholzwhat are the four branches ubuntourist?11:35
abuchholzdev, prod, staging, and boxes_tests?11:35
ubuntouristabuchholz, master, dev, prod, and staging. Stefan annouced all these changes in e-mail. Which branch should I be looking at?11:36
esutkoubuntourist, There are a few diffrent prototypes for ToDo++ but we are not ready to commit to a design yet.11:36
ubuntouristabuchholz, I'm not seeng boxes tests... Should I be?11:36
ubuntouristesutko, Ah.11:36
abuchholzThis is a fork of LOV2 correct?11:36
ubuntouristabuchholz, actually "git branch -a" shows:11:37
ubuntourist master11:37
ubuntourist  remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master11:37
ubuntourist  remotes/origin/gfbot/material_classes_removed11:37
ubuntourist  remotes/origin/gfbot/templates_layout_html11:37
ubuntourist  remotes/origin/master11:37
ubuntourist  remotes/origin/misc-fixes11:37
ubuntourist  remotes/upstream/dev11:37
ubuntourist  remotes/upstream/fixtest11:37
ubuntourist  remotes/upstream/gfbot/material_classes_removed11:37
ubuntourist  remotes/upstream/master11:37
ubuntourist  remotes/upstream/misc-fixes11:37
ubuntourist  remotes/upstream/prod11:37
ubuntourist  remotes/upstream/stagin11:37
ubuntourist(that last was "staging" not "stagin".)11:38
ubuntouristabuchholz, Right, I forked from
abuchholzOk. I know the problem11:38
abuchholzLiveorganize-v2 was the old name11:39
abuchholzit has changed to just libreorganize11:39
abuchholzfork that repo and you should see the latest changes.11:39
ubuntouristabuchholz, Thanks.11:41
ubuntouristabuchholz, Are changes happening in the master branch? (I simply edited ".git/config" and it picked up "boxes_tests"11:42
ubuntouristabuchholz, but "git log" still shows the last change to "master" being my changes.11:42
abuchholzso dev is the "master" branch in this case11:43
abuchholzthis is where we push most of our changes11:43
abuchholzmaster no longer exists11:43
abuchholzdev is master now11:43
ubuntouristabuchholz, Got it. Thanks. (That is showing changes from this morning.) I may drop master if that's the case.11:45
GFbotabuchholz what repo should i clone?11:48
GFbotbase or novawebdev?11:48
abuchholzSo. have you cloned Libreorganize?11:48
abuchholz1. Clone this repository.2. Create a virtual environment using $ python3 -m venv venv3. Activate the virtual environment using $ source venv/bin/activate.4.Install the dependencies using $ pip install -r requirements.txt.5.Change the directory to libreorganize using $ cd libreorganize/.6.Clone the instance repository using $ git clone11:49 instance/.7.Apply the migrations using $ python migrate.11:49
abuchholzIts in the readme11:49
abuchholzfollow those steps.11:49
abuchholzgit clone instance/ 11:50
abuchholzwill clone the custom designs in the libreorganize repo11:50
GFbotabuchholz i mean11:50
abuchholzthen you cd instance/ 11:50
GFbotcustom desgin branch11:50
GFbotshould i use the base or novawebdev?11:50
abuchholzin the libreorganize repo cd into instance11:50
abuchholzand git checkout novawebdevelopment11:51
abuchholzand work out of there11:51
GFbotthats all i need to know, thanks!11:51
abuchholz(y) 11:52
ubuntourist"Internal Server Error"
abuchholzubuntourist works for me12:08
jelknerubuntourist, abuchholz and i can load it12:09
jelkneri'm looking at it now12:09
ubuntouristjelkner, abuchholz, Sorry. Stepped away. Will check again in a sec. 12:22
ubuntouristjelkner, abuchholz, I have refreshed / removed the cache, and I still get "Internal Server Error".12:24
ubuntouristjelkner, abuchholz, Are you seeing cached copies?12:25
abuchholzlet me try in a different browser12:26
ubuntouristCuriouser, and curiouser: Chromium is fine. Firefox is not.12:26
jelknerubuntourist, i'm talking to my brother in NJ12:26
jelknerhe can reach the site without problem12:26
abuchholz works for me 12:27
ubuntouristInteresting. I will continue to see if I can determine the issue.12:27
ubuntouristNo idea of the cause, but explicitly telling Firefox to forget "" as a site fixed the issue.12:32
jelknernrcerna, i just got off the phone with aelkner12:36
jelkneri was going to tell GFbot, but his connection dropped12:36
jelkneranyway, let him know aelkner understands the situation12:36
jelknerand will meet with you two next thursday only expecting that GFbot has had a day or so to work on his "homework"12:37
jelknernrcerna, r u here?12:38
*** GFbot has joined #novawebdev12:40
jelknerGFbot, welcome back12:40
jelknerI talked to aelkner12:40
GFbotjelkner tell me12:41
jelknerhe said last thursday went really well12:41
jelknerhe understands the situation12:41
jelknerand understands you'll only have a day or so to work on your "homework" this week12:42
jelknerso, we're good, right GFbot?12:42
nrcernasorry I was away jelkner 12:46
jelknernp, nrcerna 12:46
jelknerGFbot came back12:46
nrcernayes jelkner 12:46
jelkneri just wanted to let him know i talked to aelkner12:46
jelknerhe knows12:46
jelknercool, i'm going to sign off for the day12:57
jelknerbefore i go, let's talk about the new schedule12:57
jelknernrcerna, GFbot you still here?12:57
jelknermy planning is 9:30 am to 11 am12:57
jelknerthat is now 7:30 am to 9 am your time12:58
jelkneris it too early for us to talk at 8:30 am your time (10:30 am my time)?12:58
jelknerGFbot, can we start having our daily check-in at 8:30 am your time?12:58
jelknerthanks, man12:59
jelknertalk to you tomorrow12:59
jelknerat 8:30 am your time ;-)12:59
jelknerhasta tomorrow...12:59
jelknerACTION signs off12:59
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