IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2020-04-20

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jelknerGood morning, nrcerna 15:13
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nrcernajelkner sorry I was talkin with Heylin15:14
nrcernaI'm going to work with her 15:14
nrcernaI'm going to create some designs to engage the social media jelkner 15:15
ubuntouristjelkner, nrcerna, speaking of design and social... sort of... See this morning's e-mail. Save the two attachments and then open the HTML attachment in Chromium.15:19
nrcernawhat email jelkner ? I dont get it15:21
ubuntouristnrcerna, me. Not jelkner. I just sent e-mail a few minutes ago about "embedding" the jitsi meet.15:22
ubuntouristnrcerna, No hurry. Just want to make sure people find two minutes to try it out.15:23
nrcernaACTION reading it15:23
nrcernaThats really nice I mean we can send a designed invitation to join the meetings ubuntourist  jelkner 15:28
ubuntouristnrcerna, Yup! ;-)15:29
nrcernathanks ubuntourist 15:29
ubuntouristIt might allow us to remove the logo from inside the video window. Right now, it is a little bit in the way15:31
ubuntouristwhen someone is screen sharing.15:31
ubuntouristThere may be a way to dynamically remove it or add it depending upon the preferences of the meeting host.15:31
jelknerubuntourist, can we meet on planning?15:43
jelknerit will save me from calling you at home15:43
jelknerubuntourist, i have questions about the new jitsi integration15:44
ubuntouristSee you in a min.15:50
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ubuntouristzOnny, Yup.16:03
zOnnyubuntourist: Do you want to chat about the Jitsi integration?16:11
ubuntouristzOnny, sure.16:11
ubuntouristzOnny, were you able to download the two email attachments and test?16:12
zOnnyubuntourist: I see16:14
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jelknerzOnny, nrcerna GFbot ubuntourist i need to sign off for the day18:54
nrcernaOk jelkner see you tomorrow18:54
jelkneri have interviews for school board endorsement with my union18:54
zOnnyjelkner: ok18:54
jelknerfor the next few hours18:54
jelkneri'll be back by 9 am tomorrow morning18:55
jelknerACTION signs off18:55
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