IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2020-04-23

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abuchholzjelkner, do you have a moment to join
abuchholzbrb jelkner13:24
abuchholzback jelkner 13:40
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nrcerna!remind Check in - Business tracker progress (GFbot)15:14
"Check in - Business tracker progress (GFbot)" added to message queue15:14
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jelknernrcerna, abuchholz, GFbot can you join our hangout conference at 11:30 am?15:25
nrcernaYes jelkner 15:25
jelknerthanks, nrcerna!15:25
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abuchholzAEA Site ^15:45
jelkner!remind Update and plan for LO15:56
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jelknerGood morning, lbolz 15:57
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jelknerGM SITarabuta 15:57
lbolzgood morning!15:57
SITarabutagood morning15:58
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jelknerhello again, ubuntourist 15:59
@ubuntourist : SITarabuta : lbolz : cmoran : GFbot : nrcerna : abuchholz : +jelkner : wolcen : @ubuntourist[m] : @ChanServ : @mjsir91116:00
Update and plan for LO (jelkner)16:00
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nrcernaGood morning!16:00
jelknerGood morning, nrcerna 16:00
abuchholzgood afternoon16:00
nrcernaAlright, first item: Time to present LO on Agaric's Show and Tell?16:01
ubuntouristACTION goes for the more neutral time zone independent greeting...16:01
nrcernajelkner :)16:01
ubuntouristG'day all.16:01
jelknernrcerna, may i propose a change in the order of items?16:01
jelkner1. Tax forms (real short)!16:02
jelkner2. Business tracker16:02
jelkner3. LO16:02
ubuntouristAh the short form... I've heard of that. ;-)16:02
jelkner4. Show and Tell16:02
jelknerACTION done16:02
nrcernathank you jelkner 16:02
jelknerso, should i start with tax forms?16:03
nrcernaOk about tax forms, we are going to do that tomorrow jelkner 16:03
jelknerACTION done16:03
nrcernanext: Business tracker update16:03
nrcernathis is yours GFbot 16:03
GFbotWell, we have made good progress this week with the business tracker, we redesign everything and fix issues with the accounts app16:04
GFbotnow we use email for the authentication16:04
jelknerGFbot, when will it be ready for sign in and testing?16:05
GFbotwe also have a new fixture called "Projects"16:05
GFbotwell, im going to have a demo setup for today16:05
GFbotwhen i meet with Alan16:05
nrcernaThanks GFbot 16:06
GFbotif you are not going be in the meeting16:06
jelkneri can't16:06
GFbotwe can have the demo tomorrow16:06
GFbotfor you to test16:06
jelknerlet's do that16:06
GFbotACTION done16:07
nrcernaOk now: Libree organize 16:07
jelknerthat's mine16:07
jelkneri got an email this morning from ORA16:07
jelknerthey met last night and decided not to use LO16:08
jelknerso that impacts our planning16:08
SITarabutathis is so sad16:08
jelknerSITarabuta, can we video conference after to talk more about that?16:08
jelknerit means our own site, NOVALACIRO, and AEA are the current targets16:09
jelknerand we need to decide whether to got ahead with NEA4ORA16:09
jelknerlet's video conference after to talk about that16:09
jelknerACTION done16:09
nrcernaThanks jelkner 16:10
nrcernathe last item: time to present LO on Agaric's Show and Tell?16:10
jelknerme again16:10
jelknerok, this is a two parter16:10
jelknerubuntourist, do we have the capacity to record our video conferences?16:10
jelknerthe demo SITarabuta abuchholz ubuntourist and i gave last monday was really good16:11
ubuntouristjelkner, as near as I can tell, not in any "normal" way:16:11
jelkneri only realized after that my biggest regret was we didn't have a recording16:11
SITarabutahaha i thought of that16:12
SITarabutai recorded it ;)16:12
jelknersince for marketing purposes, we will be doing lots of demos16:12
jelknerand we need to learn to do them well16:12
ubuntouristjelkner, The recommendation is for "yet another server" and one with more muscle, to set up the native jitsi recording capability.16:12
jelknerrecording would really help16:12
ubuntouristjelkner, I gather that there are ways around that, but I don't know how well they work.16:12
jelknerubuntourist, the saying goes "you can't make money without spending money"16:12
ubuntouristjelkner, learning curve: Steep.16:13
jelknerok, that is disappointing16:13
jelkneranyway, i'll move on to the next, related part16:13
ubuntouristOK. Well, if more money is being thrown at the problem I'll look at the recommended minimum cost for a recording server.16:13
jelknerif we want customers, we are going to need to be do demos, recorded or not16:13
jelknerplease, ubuntourist 16:14
jelknerit would be worth it16:14
jelkneranyway, reaching out to fellow cooperators is going to be crucial for our success16:14
ubuntouristGiven that, I'll take down the Big Blue Button experiment first.16:14
jelknerand the wonderful folks at agaric are the place to start16:14
jelknerthey are a great group of people16:15
jelknerkind, dedicated, generous16:15
jelknerthey run this weekly video conference called show and tell16:15
jelknerit was originally setup to share tech stuff internally16:15
jelkneramong their developers16:15
jelknerbut, in the spirit of cooperation, they thought, why not open it up to everyone?16:16
jelknerthey are a drupal shop16:16
jelknerso our tech doesn't align16:16
jelknerbut they do use some django apparently16:16
jelkneranyway, they are trying to build the platform cooperative movement16:16
jelknerso we could approach them about doing a show and tell16:17
jelknerto let folks know what we are up to16:17
ubuntouristDo they host their own Jitsi server or are they doing
jelknerit would be a next opportunity to demo16:17
jelknerthey use meet.jit.si16:17
ubuntouristAnd, in your rough estimate, how big was the audience?16:17
jelknera demo to a friendly audience16:17
jelknerif varies week to week16:18
ubuntouristThanks, jelkner. All about the numbers. ;-)16:18
jelkneri make a point of joining last summer16:18
jelknerit is always 11 am on wednesday16:18
jelknerso i couldn't do it while a work16:18
jelknerbut now i can again16:18
jelknerso, let's continue that on video conference as well16:19
jelknerbut i am asking the dev team to let me know when they would want to present16:19
jelknerACTION done16:19
nrcernaACTION drops the bag of gravel16:19
ubuntouristACTION has three tidbits.16:19
jelknerpick it up again, nrcerna 16:20
ubuntouristACTION picks up the bag16:20
ubuntouristI'll be brief:16:20
ubuntourist1. Our Jitsi meet hung up yesterday. Evidence points to a Java memory leak. My hope is a daily restart of the Jitsi services will16:21
ubuntouristmitigate but not cure the problem. And Java is a PITA. (Pain In The Ass)16:21
ubuntourist2. I wrote a development Markdown file that I hope is roughly accurate. SITarabuta, abuchholz have you glanced?16:22
ubuntourist(It's now out on GitLab with some corrections)16:22
SITarabutayup. i like it, a lot16:22
ubuntouristSITarabuta, OK, So it's accurate enough. I wanted verification of that before continuing.16:23
ubuntourist3. I'm slowly slogging through LDAP, but leaving the incorporating of Jitsi Meet into LO to others. abuchholz SITarabuta zOnny 16:25
ubuntouristthat was a relatively quick thing, right? I think you said it was done. Just checking. No rush.16:25
jelknerubuntourist, do you want us to continue testing Jitsi?16:25
jelkneri was thinking we needed to keep hitting on it16:25
jelknerto see how it holds up16:26
SITarabutait is on the local branch ubuntourist16:26
jelkneris that true?16:26
SITarabutadidn't push16:26
ubuntouristjelkner, good question. I don't know. It was holding up well until it ... didn't. 16:26
jelknerwanted to know, ubuntourist, if i should be encouraging primes, like cmoran here16:26
jelknerto use it16:26
jelknerwith friends, family, colleagues, etc16:27
jelknerubuntourist, that's why we need to keep banging on it, right?16:27
ubuntouristjelkner, So the question becomes, with further testing, how are we collecting data? It worked. It didn't. It did. 16:27
jelknerto see when and where it breaks16:27
jelkneri assumed logs16:27
jelknerthat's what unix does16:27
jelkneri reported the error16:28
jelknerand you went in and found what happened16:28
jelknerif that doesn't work, then hitting on it is useless16:28
jelknerthat's why i'm asking16:28
ubuntouristjelkner, I posted the logs of the failure in the GitLab issue... If anyone can make heads or tails, PLEASE do! I cannot.16:28
jelknerfair enough16:28
jelknerso, in summary16:28
ubuntourist(Beyond there is a memory leak. Why? How? No clue.)16:28
jelknerwe need a Java dev or we can't do this16:29
jelkneri didn't think Java could leak memory16:29
jelknerso i'm confused16:29
SITarabutait is not java's fault16:29
jelkneranyway, we're outta time16:29
ubuntouristYeah. That's why I've been trying to learn the raw WebRTC tech so that I can avoid a dependence on Java.16:29
SITarabutait is jitsi16:29
jelknershould we move to planning to continue?16:29
jelknerwe are getting in the weeds16:29
ubuntouristOK.  Switching...16:30
jelknerubuntourist, don't forget to drop the bag ;-)16:30
jelknerACTION grabs the bag of gravel from ubuntourist and drops it16:30
ubuntouristACTION redrops the baf.16:30
nrcernaACTION drops the bag of gravel16:31
jelknernrcerna, please join us16:31
jelknerGFbot, zOnny you too16:31
GFbotwhere? jelkner16:31
jelknerzOnny, can you join us?16:32
nrcernajelkner, Edzon is sick he is going to get some medicine16:33
*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev17:00
nrcernajelkner,  Im going to send you a report at the end of the day of what we worked this week17:42
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nrcernaACTION away18:32
nrcernaACTION back19:01
jelknernrcerna, can you please meet me, stefan and adrian on planning?19:34
nrcernaNow jelkner ?19:39
nrcernawe are working on something we are going to do for BT but I can go a couple of minutes19:40
jelknernrcerna, can you?19:40
jelknervery important19:40
nrcernaACTION Away19:59
nrcernaACTION back20:11
jelknerACTION signs off for the day23:01

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