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nrcernagm jelkner 15:05
nrcernaare we going to meet again with German to Write the  invoices right? jelkner 15:06
jelknergm nrcerna 15:12
jelkneri just tried to send an email15:13
jelknerdon't know if its going to work15:13
nrcernajelkner, 15:13
jelknernrcerna, i'm sitting in my wife's car in the parking lot at the Arlington Career Center15:13
jelknerwe had a power outage last night15:13
jelknerat 1 in the morning15:13
jelknerpower came back on at 10:15 this morning15:14
jelknerbut Internet is still not working15:14
nrcernaOMG jelkner 15:14
nrcernaso what are the plan? jelkner 15:14
jelknerfortunately, Arlington County has made free public wifi available in sereral places around the county15:14
jelknerincluding the parking lot at ACC15:14
jelknerthat's where i am now15:15
jelknersitting in my wife's car in the parking lot at ACC15:15
jelknerit's good to be back here!15:15
jelkneri wish i could return to work here15:15
jelkneri miss it ;-)15:15
jelknerlooks like the firewall won't allow our outgoing mail server to be used15:16
jelknerlet me send an email from my gmail account :-(15:16
nrcernaIn that case jelkner  I can write the invoices and share them with you, you can tell me if  we need to change something, tomorrow is 1st  and we need to have our regular xoom transaction and report for this month15:19
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jelkneri'm glad your feeling the time pressure, nrcerna, that's how things get done ;-)15:25
nrcernayeah jeje jelkner 15:26
jelknernrcerna, I should have Internet back latter today15:26
jelknerwe can work on this as soon as I get home15:26
nrcernaSounds good15:27
jelknerI'm going to stay here until the meeting15:27
jelknerso that i don't miss it15:27
nrcernaOk, are we having the jitsi and the IRC then? jelkner 15:27
jelknernrcerna, we have a meeting with micky and martin this evening at 6 pm15:27
jelkneri'm not going to try to use jitsi here15:28
jelkneri'll wait until i get home15:28
nrcerna:( at that time we have our meeting / wrok session with Alan jelkner 15:28
jelknernever mind then15:28
jelkneryou meet with alan15:28
nrcernaAre you sure?15:28
jelknerkevin, me, and perhaps abuchholz can meet with martin and micky15:28
jelknerand stefan15:28
abuchholzsorry who are martin and micky?15:29
jelknerhold on, abuchholz 15:29
jelknerthey are *very* interested in a business tracker, abuchholz 15:30
jelknermartin hacks Django15:31
jelknerso we want to discuss the possibility of collaborating on it15:31
abuchholzhis commit history :O15:31
jelknermoving into the big leagues, abuchholz ;-)15:31
nrcernajelkner, But I think German should be at the meetings, I mean he dont know them and I think if they are going to talk about Business tracker German should be aware of that15:33
nrcernabut we have the schedule issue15:33
jelknerwe are a team, nrcerna 15:34
jelknerwe can handle the first meeting15:34
jelknerit is just exploratory15:34
jelkneraelkner takes the time to meet with you each week15:34
jelkneryou need to respect that15:34
nrcernaI know and we really appreciate that15:34
jelknernrcerna, if it looks like we have a shared view of what we want to do15:35
jelknerwe would have a follow up meeting, perhaps this weekend, to begin mapping out the work15:36
jelknerwe need to add tests to what we have now15:36
jelknerand soon!15:36
jelknerso getting abuchholz and GFbot to work on that will be key15:36
nrcernaYes jelkner 15:36
jelknerthen we can meet again with martin and anyone else from agaric interested in working on it15:37
jelknerand figure out how to proceeed15:37
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jelknerthis is potentially a huge step for us15:37
nrcernaSounds good15:37
abuchholzthe good thing about business tracker is that a lot of tests are already written15:37
abuchholzat least for the accounts app15:37
jelknersince it means we would be connecting directly with the platform coop movement through our dear friend micky15:37
jelknershe has been so supportive all along15:38
jelknerit would be nice if we could help by giving something back in return15:38
jelknercool, abuchholz 15:38
jelknernrcerna, any word from zOnny?15:40
jelkneri hope he is doing ok and starting to feel better15:40
jelknernrcerna, you're ready to chair today, yes?15:40
nrcernaNo yet jelkner , I mean a couple of days ago we wrote that he was feeling better, but I didnt know about him15:41
nrcernaYes jelkner 15:41
jelkneri'll send him a text15:41
nrcernaYou should try to call him15:42
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jelknerzOnny, so great to see you!15:44
jelknerhow are you feeling?15:44
zOnnyHello World15:44
jelknerzOnny, can i give you a call?15:45
jelkneri'm sitting in my car at ACC15:45
jelknersince we lost power15:45
jelkneryou lost it too, right?15:46
zOnnyjelkner: nope15:47
jelknernope what?15:47
jelkneryou didn't loose power?15:47
jelknerhow weird15:47
jelknerwe're in the same neighborhood15:47
zOnnyjelkner: nope15:47
jelknerzOnny, i just tried to call15:48
jelkneryou didn't pick up15:48
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lbolz : bcassatt : SITarabuta : zOnny : GFbot : abuchholz : +jelkner : nrcerna : @ubuntourist[m] : @ChanServ : wolcen : @mjsir91116:00
Agaric ShowAndTell scheduled for Wednesday, May 6 at 11 am. (jelkner)16:00
Friendly Reminder: please check your assigned issues at (abuchholz)16:00
nrcernaHello Everyone!16:00
jelknerGood morning / afternoon!16:00
SITarabutagood morning!16:00
abuchholzgood afternoon!16:01
nrcernaWe are going to start this meeting with this important item that jelkner  added: ask folks to sign-in to the meeting16:01
nrcernaPlease check in16:02
nrcernaThank you!16:02
jelknerbcassatt, lbolz can you check in too?16:02
nrcernaWe should to this regular before every meeting 16:03
jelknerthis is a simple way to contribute to our platform development and testing16:03
lbolzi just did16:03
bcassattI just did too16:03
jelkneryup, i refreshed and see it bcassatt 16:03
nrcernaOk next item:  Status of bilingual support for NOVALACIRO?16:04
SITarabutathat's a bit out of date ;)  it has been deployed16:04
jelkneryes, SITarabuta but let me make a quick comment16:04
jelknerour dev team rocks!16:04
nrcernaNice to know that, did help the document I shared with you SITarabuta ?16:04
jelknerabuchholz, did the demo to hrodriquez yesterday16:04
jelknerit was smooth16:04
jelknerwe are ready, folks16:05
jelknerexcellent work!16:05
jelknerACTION done16:05
SITarabutayes nrcerna16:05
SITarabutathanks for that16:05
nrcernaThank you for let us know16:05
nrcernaThanks SITarabuta , abuchholz 16:05
nrcernaOk next item, 16:05
nrcerna 16:06
nrcerna ocus on Business Tracker in light of Agaric interest?16:06
nrcernaFocus on Business Tracker in light of Agaric interest?*16:06
jelknerso, i'll handle this16:06
nrcernajelkner, I guess you want to start talking about this16:06
jelknersince ubuntourist isn't here16:06
jelknera group of us had a meeting with micky metts from agaric16:07
jelknermicky has long been a supporter of ours16:07
jelknerwe are scheduled to show off LO to them on wednesday, may 6, btw16:07
jelknerat 11 am16:07
jelknerbut what they were most interested in was the idea of developing a business tracker16:08
jelknerthey have needs very similar to ours16:08
jelknerand they are currently using a propriatary business tracker called harvest16:08
jelknerit hurts micky deep in her soul to use unfree softward16:09
jelkneras it does me ;-)16:09
jelknerso she was very interested in the possibility of building our own tool16:09
jelknerthey have an experienced Django dev who works with their coop16:09
jelknerwe are meeting tonight to explore the possibility of working together on it16:10
jelkneri'll send out a detailed email after the meeting16:10
jelknerbut for now, just be aware that we may need to put a lot more effort into this soon16:10
jelknerACTION done16:10
abuchholzjelkner its a 6 on meet.novawebdev?16:10
jelknerabuchholz, ?16:11
nrcernaThis is a great opportinity, Micky is very open and we can collaborate with them16:11
abuchholzwe are meeting with them tonight correct?16:11
jelknerare you asking about tonight?16:11
abuchholzmy bad sorry half awake16:11
jelkneri'll send you the address16:11
jelknershe is hosting16:11
abuchholzalright. perfect thanks16:11
jelknerher jistsi server16:11
abuchholz(y) 16:11
nrcernaOK I think you covered the next item as well jelkner 16:12
nrcernaAbout  the show and tell and the time16:12
jelkneri did that by accident16:12
nrcernathe last item: Friendly Reminder: please check your assigned issues at
jelkneri'll add one thing16:12
nrcernaSure jelkner 16:13
abuchholzjelkner go ahead then i will talk16:13
jelknerafter, nrcerna, sorrry16:13
jelknerabuchholz, i'd like closing remarks ;-)16:13
abuchholzThis is just a reminder16:13
abuchholzplease check the issues
abuchholzlook at the ones that you have been assigned and try to complete them16:14
abuchholzalso when filing issues, all you need is priority, desc, title, and assign it to a couple of people who fit the criteria not everyone16:14
nrcernaIm still adding issues :)16:14
abuchholzno need to add 42 to the weigh jelkner? though i got the reference16:14
jelknerabuchholz, i really would like that fixed16:15
abuchholzIts good that you are adding them just please check once and a while 16:15
jelknertell me what i should add16:15
nrcernawe found yesterday one important about language on AEA LO theme16:15
jelknerwe are mixing things in the current setup16:15
nrcernaSITarabuta, abuchholz 16:15
abuchholzyeah i saw nrcerna16:15
jelknerprojects or priorities in the same label section16:15
abuchholzsuper easy fix16:15
jelknerso you need to choose16:15
jelknerand weights, which should be priority16:15
SITarabutayou can choose multiple labels16:16
jelknerwith no guidance as to how to use it16:16
abuchholzno need for weights16:16
jelknernot true16:16
SITarabutawell weights is too verbose. it is standard gitlab to do it like us16:16
jelknerok, i'll do whatever you tell me16:16
abuchholzno need for milestone, weights. Due date if we have a deadline16:16
jelknerbut i'll fight back when it isn't clear16:16
jelknersince other partners will have even more trouble understanding16:17
jelknerif it isn't16:17
abuchholzalright. you have been informed. Some of these issues are not assigned to stefan and/or I but assigned to you. Just look at them16:17
abuchholzwe have one about privacy policy which isn't for stefan and I to create16:17
abuchholzACTION is done. 16:18
nrcernaanyone has something to add?16:19
nrcernashoot jelkner 16:19
abuchholzI am going to create a link to documentation on how to file an issue in the next update!16:19
jelkneri just want to let our whole team know how well we are doing16:19
jelknerthere will be lots of growing pains ahead16:19
jelknerfighting over who is supposed to do what, how things should be done, etc.16:20
jelknerbut we are way ahead16:20
jelknermy brother, who has worked in large corporate environments as a software developer for 30 year16:20
jelknertold me he was impressed to see how well we are coming together as a developement team16:20
jelknerwe are going to be ready to make this business work16:21
jelknerthanks to all of you for all your hard work!16:21
jelknerACTION done16:21
nrcernaThank you jelkner 16:21
nrcernaOk I think we are done, right?16:22
nrcernaif so...16:22
nrcernaACTION Drops the bag of gravel16:22
jelknersee y'all sunday16:22
nrcernaThank you everyone!16:22
jelknerenjoy your days off!16:22
jelknernrcerna, i'll contact you as soon as i can get home16:23
jelkneri'll call my wife now to see if we have internet yet16:23
nrcernaOk jelkner , Ill be waiting16:23
jelkneryes, GFbot?16:24
GFbotyou'll be able at 3pm your time tomorrow?16:24
jelknerSure, GFbot 16:24
jelkneri'm not going anywhere ;-)16:25
nrcernawhat do you want to do GFbot ?16:25
nrcernajelkner, is going to meet us later today to get the invoices GFbot 16:25
nrcernaIm going to call you16:26
nrcernaIm calling you GFbot 16:27
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abuchholz Just a start 16:35
jelknernrcerna, my battery is running low16:43
jelkneri need to head home16:43
jelkneri'll get back online as soon as i can16:43
jelknerACTION logs off for a bit16:43
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jelknerping nrcerna, zOnny, GFbot 18:38
jelkneri'm back18:38
jelknercan we meet on planning? i'm there18:38
wolcenACTION waves!22:11
wolcen<- Chris Thompson on call.22:12
jelknerACTION waves back!22:32
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jelknerubuntourist, can you meet us on planning?22:34

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