IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2020-05-03

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jelknerGFbot, can you join us on hangout?15:26
GFbotjelkner where15:27
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nrcernaCoul you join us? Doisaac 15:36
nrcernaGreat, see you there15:36
Doisaac:) Ok 15:36
nrcernaubuntourist[m], could you join us?15:38
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@ubuntourist : SITarabuta : lbolz : abuchholz : SLewis : cmoran : Doisaac : GFbot : nrcerna : +jelkner : wolcen : @ubuntourist[m] : @ChanServ : @mjsir91116:00
nrcernaHello Everyone!16:00
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jelknerGood morning, nrcerna!16:00
jelknerand everyone16:00
nrcernaGood Morning!16:00
SITarabutagood morning16:00
ubuntouristACTION yawns16:00
nrcernaWe are going to start,16:00
nrcernafirst item: Status of LO deployments (NOVA Web, AEA, NOVALACIRO) and next steps16:01
nrcernajelkner, can you start talking about this?16:01
jelknerWe've had a lot of conversation around this over the last few days16:01
jelknerand we should connect it with item 216:01
jelknerbig changes we are proposing here16:01
jelkner1. To have zOnny and nrcerna (with help from GFbot) take over LO and working with clients16:02
jelkner2. Have SITarabuta take over Business tracker16:02
jelknerwith abuchholz helping both teams, i hope16:02
abuchholzYeah. I can work on both LibreOrganize and Business Tracker16:03
jelknerawesome, abuchholz, we need you involved with both16:03
jelknerzOnny, are you ready for that?16:03
jelkneryou said you were16:03
nrcernazOnny and GFbot  need to learn from you about testing abuchholz 16:03
abuchholzyep. I know that16:04
ubuntouristNo strong opinions one way or the other. Sounds good to me...16:04
jelknerbut now is the time to go on the record ;-)16:04
SITarabutawow, big changes ;)16:05
nrcernaSITarabuta, jelkner mentioned that you already start forking Business tracker16:05
nrcernaanything you want to share about that, any comment? SITarabuta 16:06
SITarabutai didn't want to do any changes on the main branch16:06
SITarabutai was just a bit surprised by the 43k lines of javascript libraries :)16:07
ubuntouristSITarabuta, it's better than one very, very, long line. ;-)16:07
nrcernaOkay, thank you SITarabuta 16:08
nrcernaOk, next item:16:08
nrcernaReport on Jisti server fiasco 16:08
jelkneryeah, i tried to host an AEA-PAC meeting16:08
jelknerevery time the 6th person joined, someone got kicked off16:09
jelknerthey were frustrated16:09
jelkneri was embarrassed16:09
jelknerif marketing is the goal, we failed in this instance16:09
ubuntouristI have no theories as to what's going on with Jitsi. I mean, here we are at 8 users. Nothing has changed on the server as far as I know.16:09
jelknerwe don't want that to happen again16:09
jelknerunderstood, ubuntourist 16:09
jelknerso we should decide if we think this is worth supporting16:10
jelknerand if so, broaden the number of devs beyond ubuntourist who are looking at it16:10
nrcernaWe need to keep trying it, meaning having the habit to use it everyday 16:10
jelknermattva01 runs a server at his work now16:10
jelknerhe supports up to 20 people at meetings16:10
jelknerwe could reach out to him to find out what he does to make sure it works16:11
ubuntourist(I am considering 20.04 since the trial with the nearly empty system went okay.)16:11
jelknerACTION done16:11
ubuntouristjelkner, does mattva01 have the specs?16:11
nrcernaGreat, Thanks jelkner 16:11
ubuntouristACTION listens to jelkner who said "Yes Matt set it up."16:12
ubuntouristACTION is done. Comments?16:12
jelknerubuntourist, i'll call him today16:12
nrcernaAnything to add or share? anyone?16:13
ubuntouristI'm wondering if they've any any glitches.16:13
ubuntourist20.04 anyone? Too soon to switch?16:13
SITarabutai tried16:13
SITarabutai like it16:13
SITarabutabut i am stuck on windows unfortunately16:14
SITarabutaso i just installed in the subsystem16:14
SITarabutalovely to see al the python2 stuff missing, it is satisfying16:14
ubuntouristThe blog post mentions the improvements to LSW (or whatever it's called).16:14
jelknerSITarabuta, abuchholz can you join us on the Jitsi hangout channel?16:15
jelknerwe have 8 there now16:15
jelknerlet's see if we can do 1016:15
nrcernazOnny, can you join us?16:16
nrcernaeveryone is there zOnny 16:18
nrcernaACTION Drops the bag of gravel16:19
nrcernaThank you everyone! 16:19
nrcernaACTION Taking Website Planning and Briefing course17:46
nrcernaACTION AFK19:47
nrcernaACTION Back20:40
nrcernajelkner, are you there?21:17
jelknerACTION signs off for the evening22:33

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