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nrcernaGM jelkner14:54
nrcernaI want to ask you something, yesterday I tried to create the meeting on our jitsi server14:54
nrcernabut I couldnt14:55
jelknerGM nrcerna 14:57
jelknernrcerna, can you meet me in hangout now?14:57
jelkner!remind Quick update on what's happening15:09
LittleBrotherInvalid arguments: No closing quotation.15:09
jelkner!remind Quick update on what\'s happening15:09
"Quick update on what's happening" added to message queue15:09
nrcerna!remind Help to create the meeting link on jitsi15:11
"Help to create the meeting link on jitsi" added to message queue15:11
nrcernaACTION Meeting with Alan15:27
nrcerna!remind Meeting with Alan15:27
"Meeting with Alan" added to message queue15:27
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jelknerGM, abuchholz, can you join us in hangout?15:30
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jelknerGM, cmoran 15:35
jelknerWe are on our jitsi server in hangout15:35
jelknercan you join us?15:35
nrcernaabuchholz, sorry I dont know what happened 15:36
abuchholzthats alright15:36
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nrcernaBut I tried again and can you please see if this works:
cmorani am trying to but can't15:36
jelknerwhat happens, cmoran?15:37
cmoranthe link never loads15:37
jelkneris that what you're trying?15:37
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jelkner!remind Galluadet update15:55
"Galluadet update" added to message queue15:55
lbolz : @ubuntourist : cmoran : abuchholz : nrcerna : +jelkner : @ubuntourist[m] : @mjsir911 : wolcen : @ChanServ16:00
Galluadet update (jelkner)16:00
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jelknerzOnny, don't forget to sign in on the calendar16:00
jelknerlbolz, you too16:00
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nrcernaHello everyone!16:00
SITarabutai promise i was on time16:01
jelknerGood morning!16:01
SITarabutait's the linode16:01
ubuntouristA likely story.16:01
nrcernaWe know SITarabuta :D16:01
nrcernaAlright , lets start16:01
SITarabutaACTION yawns in the horrifyingly early morning16:01
nrcernafirst item: Quick update on what's happening 16:01
nrcernajelkner, shoot16:01
jelknerLoL, I've been up since 5 am16:02
SITarabutai call that a late night16:02
jelknerok, quick we are moving forward, everyone16:02
jelknerit is great to watch our hard work and dedication pay off16:02
jelknerwe are becoming a real development team16:02
jelknerand nrcerna and i have begun to reach out to the world16:03
jelknerand the world is reaching back16:03
jelknerwe have a presentation friday with folks in california16:03
jelknerthanks to mickey, we met folks yesterday who want to talk with us more16:04
jelkneri'll have more to say after friday16:04
jelknerACTION done16:04
nrcernathanks jelkner 16:04
ubuntouristI noticed the email said he'd seen the LO presentation... When? / Where? 16:04
ubuntouristjelkner, and who? ;-)16:04
jelknerubuntourist, yesterday on agaric's showandtell16:04
ubuntouristSorry. I completely forgot to attend. It was on my schedule...16:05
ubuntouristHow many people were in attendance?16:06
ubuntouristACTION done with the questions.16:06
nrcernaOkay, the next item is closed,Let's jump to "the next next" ;-)16:06
nrcerna"Meeting with Alan" 16:06
jelkneri spoke with alan this morning16:07
jelknerthe plan is to work with him on rank choice voting16:07
jelknerzOnny, nrcerna, abuchholz and GFbot are meeting with him today at 6 pm16:07
jelknerACTION done16:07
nrcernaIm going to email the link ;)16:07
ubuntouristLook at selectricity by Benjamin Mako Hill...16:08
nrcernaNext item: 16:08
nrcernaGalluadet update16:08
ubuntourist(online ranked choice voting system used by OLPC / SugarLabs = Selectricity.)16:08
jelknerubuntourist, will you take the reins on this one?16:08
ubuntouristThat's me.16:08
ubuntouristSo, Early in the year, I spoke with folks at Gallaudet and we were SUPPOSED to meet16:09
ubuntouristearly March.16:09
ubuntouristThat didn't happen. So, I sent a "let's stay in touch" message about a month ago.16:10
ubuntouristDidn't hear back. But then last week we started sort-of communicating again.16:10
ubuntouristResearch Support and International Affairs (RSIA) is now two departments instead of one:16:10
ubuntouristRS has split from IA.16:11
ubuntouristWe have work to do for both departments -- if they want us.16:11
ubuntouristIt looks like RS still wants the Annual Report of Achievements (ARA / RAGU).16:11
ubuntouristThe REDCap survey system ... MAYBE. A lot of variables there.16:12
ubuntouristMeanwhile, IA may want a revamping of the International Visitors Request Form.16:12
ubuntouristSo, we need to set up a time when all of the stars can come out and shine for Gallaudet.16:13
jelknerubuntourist, do you have some times to suggest?16:13
ubuntouristPROBABLY not using Jitsi.  The campus is very Zoom-happy.16:13
jelknernext week?16:13
jelknerwhile ubuntourist is away16:14
jelknerso as not to drag on the meeting16:14
jelkneri'll say the following16:14
jelknerGallaudet is our most important partner at this point16:14
jelknerand we are now in a position to provide real value16:14
jelknerto them16:14
jelknerwe need to make this work!16:15
jelknerACTION done16:15
nrcernaOkay, thank you everyone16:20
nrcernaACTION Drops the bag of gravel16:20
ubuntouristACTION is done. ;-)16:20
jelknerThanks, nrcerna!16:20
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nrcernajelkner, Celina is from Mount Rainer, Maryland20:51

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