IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2020-05-13

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pcardunejelkner: good morning13:57
jelknerhi back at ya, pcardune 14:34
pcarduneaha, I guess the email did the trick!14:35
jelknerpcardune, we meet here thursdays and sundays at 12 noon14:35
jelkneri'm trying to write another paper14:35
jelknerso i wasn't paying attention to anything else14:35
jelknerbut emails i see14:36
pcarduneso what's everybody doing the rest of the week?14:36
jelknerthey meet at various places14:36
jelknerthe young folks who were gamers hangout on a discord channel they have for us14:37
jelkneryou know me, i'm a free software guy, so once we setup our own jitsi server14:37
jelkneri use that14:37
jelknerthis has the advantage of being logged14:37
jelknerso its great for automatic meeting transcripts14:38
jelknerbut many times voice is better (easier, faster)14:38
jelknerso i find the combination of the two works well14:38
jelknerlastly, we use signal14:38
pcarduneso what do I have to do to join the party?14:38
jelknerhold on...14:38
jelkneryou should now be in everyone14:43
jelknerwe have the following aliases for our emails:14:43
jelkner1. members - which is the five signers of the operating agreement14:43
jelkner2. interns - stefan, adrian, and lena14:44
jelkner3. primes - which has several PRIME interns14:46
jelkner4. everyone - which has, everyone ;-)14:46
pcardunewhat are "PRIME" interns??14:47
jelknerits a month long internship that normally runs during the month of july14:48
jelknerit has been canceled for this summer14:49
jelknerbut we already had several applicants who were going to intern with us14:49
jelknerwe invited them to stay regardless of the official status of the program14:49
jelknerand several have chosen to do that14:49
jelknerthey are all focused on AP exams this week and next14:50
jelknerbut I expect them to become more involved after that14:50
jelknerbtw. tomorrow morning at 11:30 am EST we meet at on our jitsi server to hangout before the meeting14:50
jelknerso if you wanted to meet the biggest slice of the gang possible at one time, that's where we are14:51
jelkneralso, pcardune, i'm finishing a short paper for my Marketing Management class inspired by one of your questions from yesterday14:51
jelknerso i'll email you a link to it as soon as i finish14:52
pcarduneok, I can do that. what's the URL?14:52
pcardune(for the jitsi server)14:52
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jelknernrcerna, good morning!14:53
nrcernagm jelkner 14:53
jelkneri'm chatting with my friend and former student (from many years ago), paul carduner14:53
jelknerpcardune, permit me the pleasure of introducing you to nrcerna 14:54
nrcernaHey, that's great jelkner 14:54
pcardunegood morning nrcerna! nice to meet you14:54
nrcernaGood morning, nice to meet you too! pcardune 14:55
jelknernrcerna, pcardune, i'll let you two chat, i need to finish this paper before the faculty meeting i have to attend14:55
nrcernaSure :) jelkner 14:55
nrcernaHow are you pcardune ?14:55
pcardunebefore we chat, I need to fix my irc client which for some reason is not auto scrolling14:56
nrcernaNp pcardune  14:56
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pcardune_nrcerna: ok, i'm back. had to switch clients14:59
nrcernaI see 14:59
pcardunei haven't used irc in over a year14:59
pcardunei'm a little rusty14:59
nrcernaThat happens15:00
pcarduneJeff told me a bit about all the different stuff you are all currently working on and some potential future plans15:03
pcardunenrcerna: but I'm curious what if anything I could do to help with your efforts15:05
nrcernaYes, we are working on LibreOganize, also Business tracker (we need it urgently) and also we are porting our current websites to LO instead tendenci15:05
nrcernaOf course,  I mean we can see the issues we have and we could find any of them that you can do :) 15:06
nrcernaDo you like front-end or back- end?15:07
pcarduneI like it all :)15:08
nrcernaNice :)15:08
pcardunemaybe first thing I should do is try to get LibreOrgranize and Business tracker running on my computer15:09
nrcernaYes, you should try to do that :)15:09
nrcernawe have our regular meeting tomorrow, could you join us? pcardune 15:10
pcarduneWhat operating system is everybody running on?15:10
pcardunenrcerna: yes I can. It's at 11:30am EST right?15:10
nrcernaI use Ubuntu 4.11, the developers , 2 are using the same and 2 windows15:12
nrcernaYes, pcardune . We do a pre meeting at our jitsi server, but we always connect here  (I mean both)15:13
nrcernaand then we continue at 12 with the IRC chat15:13
pcarduneok, it's on my calendar15:14
nrcernaGreat! :)15:15
jelkner!remind report on agaric showandtell (mention next week on BBB to kjcole)16:07
"report on agaric showandtell (mention next week on BBB to kjcole)" added to message queue16:07
nrcernajelkner, pcardune is going to be at our meeting tomorrow16:24
nrcernajelkner, 17:01
nrcernaare you there?17:01
nrcernaNeed to tell you something, please call me when you can17:02
nrcernaACTION away18:48
jelknernrcerna, i'm in planning whenever you're ready to talk18:55
nrcernaI'm cocking now jelkner can we at 4?19:05
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nrcernameet at 4 please, now I cant19:07
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