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nana_16!remind Plans for the week13:57
"Plans for the week" added to message queue13:57
jelknernana_16, i'm going to sign off during os upgrade14:00
jelknerbb soon... i hope! ;-)14:00
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jelknerbuenos dias, nana_16!14:04
jelknerporque 16?14:04
jelknergood morning, pcardune 14:05
pcarduneWhy is this irc channel always so empty?14:06
jelknerwell, for now, most of our young developers are asleep ;-)14:07
jelknerbut they tend to hangout on discord14:07
jelknerwe gather here for meetings14:07
jelknerbut if you want to find them during other times, you should get on their discord14:07
pcardunejelkner: why irc at all then if everyone is just on discord?14:08
jelknerahh, pcardune, if you know me, and think about that, i bet you can answer ;-)14:08
jelknerits both a generational and cultural gap14:09
jelkneri'm old, their young14:09
jelknerand i'm free software to the core, they are not14:09
nana_16hello jelkner 14:09
jelknergm, nana_16 14:09
nana_16I born 11/1614:09
pcardunejelkner: I don't think that's a good enough reason14:09
jelknerwhat do you mean?14:10
jelkners/their/they're ;-)14:10
jelknerbtw, i'm also on our jitsi in hangout14:11
pcarduneHaving a single consistent mode of realtime communication for a team is more important than satisfying people's individual preferences IMO14:11
jelkneri agree, pcardune, that communication is super important14:12
jelknerso is respect14:12
jelknerlike with so many things, tradeoffs need to be negotiated14:12
jelknerwe've been here on irc for a loooong time14:12
pcarduneI'm not saying ditch irc14:13
jelknerbut, the young folks came in with their own culture14:13
jelknerrooted in being gamers i imagine14:13
jelknerand used to hanging out on discord14:13
pcarduneI personally could care less which communication platform gets used14:13
jelkneri'm just answering your question, pcardune 14:14
jelkneras to why there isn't so much traffic here14:14
jelknerit is where we meet to do business14:14
jelknerand you'll find me here14:14
pcarduneperhaps it's the young folks who need to learn some respect (for their older colleagues) and make more of an effort to be present in irc...14:15
jelknerso, pcardune, can you join on jitsi14:16
jelknerthis is getting to be one of those involved back and forths14:16
jelknerthat hurt my fingers when i have to type them ;-)14:17
jelknernana_16, perhaps you could join us there too?14:17
jelknernana_16, can you meet on jitsi?14:23
nana_16!remind Create ASAP: Privacy Policy in order to continue with OAuth 14:35
"Create ASAP: Privacy Policy in order to continue with OAuth" added to message queue14:35
nana_16jelkner, 14:35
nana_16sorry I dont know what happened jelkner 14:35
nana_16It seems like since yesterday I'm having problems with jitsi jelkner 14:36
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jelkner_Doisaac, good morning, can you join us on Jitsi?15:16
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abuchholz : @ubuntourist : GFbot : lbolz : SITarabuta : PAldea : +jelkner : pcardune : nana_16 : @msirabella : wolcen : @ChanServ16:00
Plans for the week (nana_16)16:00
Create ASAP: Privacy Policy in order to continue with OAuth (nana_16)16:00
nana_16Hello Everyone!16:00
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jelknerGood morning!16:01
abuchholzACTION opens his eyes for the first time today.16:01
nana_16Let's start with the first item:16:01
nana_16Prepare invoice for Gallaudet (jelkner)16:01
jelknernana_16, i found the two contracts from last year and the year before16:02
jelknermy memory was accurate16:02
jelkner$10K two years agon, $3K last year16:02
nana_16I see16:02
jelknerwe should meet today to prepare the invoice Susan asked us for16:02
jelknershould be SITarabuta, ubuntourist, zOnny, you and me16:03
jelknerACTION done16:03
nana_16I guess you found out that at the "Contracts" GDrive folder , right jelkner ?16:03
nana_16Okay jelkner Im going to take a look after the meeting16:03
nana_16thanks jelkner 16:04
nana_16the next one: Check on tax id status (jelkner)16:04
jelknerthat's for you and GFbot, nana_16 16:04
jelknerwe need to get that paper work done16:04
jelknermy son is waiting for it16:04
nana_16yeah, I know that we've been struggle in with that jelkner 16:04
nana_16and we need to do it ASAp16:05
nana_16So, GFbot we are going to do that today 16:05
nana_16The next item: Ask ubuntourist if he's got time / interest in playing with owncloud mail (jelkner)16:05
jelknerubuntourist, any time today to experiment with owncloud and calendars?16:06
jelkneranyway, nana_16, we can move on16:06
ubuntouristZero knowledge: I thought owncloud / nextcloud were dropbox clones.16:06
jelknerubuntourist, can i call you today to talk?16:06
jelknerACTION done16:07
nana_16Great ,next item:16:07
ubuntouristNot going to do much on computers today but I can chat for a bit after the meeting.16:07
nana_16Plans for the week (nana_16)16:08
nana_16So as you all know we met with Susan (Gallaudet) so the plan is that zOnny and SITarabuta are goint to work on that and GFbot and abuchholz work on LibreOrganize with me filing issues16:09
nana_16GFbot, front end and abuchholz Back End?16:09
jelknersounds like a great plan!16:09
nana_16Okay, Im going to reach out Joselinne (one of our customers) and we are going to see if we can migrate the site to LO16:10
jelknerGFbot, don't forget to talk to Doisac16:10
nana_16in order to update all of our customers16:10
jelknerzOnny, can you get nana_16 her contact info?16:10
nana_16please zOnny 16:10
jelknermaybe introduce her16:11
nana_16Thank you16:11
nana_16The last but not the less important:16:11
nana_16Create ASAP: Privacy Polic16:11
nana_16this is for you and me jelkner 16:11
nana_16abuchholz and SITarabuta asked me about that16:12
jelknerfor Google, nana_16?16:12
nana_16they need that16:12
jelknerif you have the info, nana_16 16:12
jelknerwe can work on that today16:12
SITarabutait has been assigned for 2 weeks, back when i was working on that16:12
nana_16I know :( SITarabuta 16:12
nana_16I promise to get that soon SITarabuta 16:12
jelknerso, nana_16 16:12
jelknerlet's do it today!16:13
nana_16Yeah jelkner 16:13
nana_16Ok, does anyone anything to share, discuss or say?16:13
jelknerabuchholz, i plan to try one today16:14
abuchholzcan people go vote please16:14
nana_16Sure ;) abuchholz 16:14
abuchholzI haven't tested the system with more than three users on a local instance.16:14
abuchholzyou have to be logged on.16:14
ubuntouristabuchholz, I didn't try a second time, but the first time I went to polls I got a permission error.16:14
abuchholzanyone can view. /polls/list16:14
nana_16Done abuchholz 16:15
abuchholzthat the public list 16:15
ubuntouristabuchholz, (I could see the list of polls -- empty at the time I checked.)16:15
jelkneroh, and don't forget to check-in16:15
abuchholzand anyone with an account can vote16:15
abuchholzubuntourist go
abuchholzand see the poll16:15
jelknerabuchholz, it said i already voted?16:15
abuchholzdid you already vote?16:16
GFboti did16:16
SITarabutalol jelkner16:16
jelkneri clicked "Submit"16:16
nana_16Yeah I guess we need a modal that let you know that you vote was submitted abuchholz 16:16
pcarduneMy wife is awake now so I'm going to take off (Sunday is still Sunday for me :). But nice chatting with y'all this morning. ttyl16:17
ubuntouristBTW I guess everyone saw the "Story Time" offer from pcardune -- yes?16:17
nana_16Thank you pcardune  ;)16:17
ubuntouristlater, pcardune 16:17
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nana_16before we switch to the side conversation, 16:18
nana_16anyone has something to add? 16:19
nana_16if not we can switch back to the jitsi meeting16:19
ubuntouristPost-meeting: Before chatting w/ jelkner, SITarabuta is first in my queue...16:19
nana_16Great ubuntourist 16:19
jelknerubuntourist, let's meet at 1:30 as usual16:19
jelkneri need lunch first16:19
nana_16ACTION Drops the bag of gravel16:20
jelknerthanks, nana_16!16:20
ubuntouristI'm leaving for the afternoon. Not hanging around til 1:30.16:20
jelknerlater, ubuntourist 16:20
SITarabutaubuntourist, would you like to join /hangout?16:23
jelknernana_16, i'm leaving for my sunday family reunion20:47
jelknersee you tomorrow20:47
jelkneri sent the invoice to susan20:47
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