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jelkner!remind Plan for AEA-PAC vote?11:36
"Plan for AEA-PAC vote?" added to message queue11:36
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inana_16gm jelkner 13:22
inana_16jelkner, need some help with ASA email13:43
inana_16ACTION Away, brb in 15 mins13:49
inana_16ACTION back14:06
inana_16!remind Take down Members login on AEA14:16
"Take down Members login on AEA" added to message queue14:16
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jelknerabuchholz, we're on hangout15:55
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jelknerGM. lbolz!15:58
lbolzgood morning!15:59
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SITarabuta : lbolz : abuchholz : @ubuntourist : inana_16 : +jelkner : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ16:00
Plan for AEA-PAC vote? (jelkner)16:00
Take down Members login on AEA (inana_16)16:00
inana_16Hello everyone!16:00
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jelknerGM, inana_16!16:00
inana_16first of all, please check in
inana_16and then our first item: -Time to start marketing outreach! (jelkner)16:01
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SITarabutaGuid mornin16:01
jelknerThis one is real brief16:01
jelknery'all have done a great job!16:01
jelknerwe are "ready" to begin our marketing outreach, i am convinced16:02
jelknerso i'm starting to look into it16:02
ubuntouristSITarabuta, ;-)16:02
inana_16it's happening ;)16:03
jelknerin general, this will be the task of inana_16 and jelkner 16:03
inana_16yes 16:03
jelknerbut i would encourage all of you to take a look at:16:03
jelknera blog post tailor made for us ;-)16:03
jelknerACTION done16:03
inana_16Thanks jelkner 16:04
inana_16so the next item: Clients need SMTP we can not postpone this any longer (abuchholz)16:04
abuchholzso we have several clients still without an SMTP server16:04
SITarabutapoor guys16:04
jelknerbtw. AEA wrote us this morning to ask inana_16 to remove the login button16:05
abuchholzmy fear is that they will try to use features that require SMTP and see that it doesn't work16:05
SITarabutawe have several clients still wtihout an SMTP server *from us*16:05
abuchholzand then we will be emailed16:05
jelknerso this is serious, abuchholz, you are absolutely right to bring it up16:05
abuchholzI have a couple of solutions16:05
abuchholzthe first is we use NOVAwebdev SMTP 16:05
abuchholzbut our reputation would go down16:05
abuchholzthe second is to create a MISC server16:06
abuchholzI don't know if anyone else has any solutions 16:06
SITarabuta1. ew, i don't want them on my email server16:06
abuchholzthis is gonna be tricky16:06
abuchholzeither way we probably are going to have to pay16:06
SITarabuta2. that costs money - we gotta bill them for it16:06
abuchholzACTION is done.16:06
inana_16thank you abuchholz 16:07
abuchholzsoemthing we can discuss more after the meeting16:07
abuchholzcause its going to take time16:07
jelkneri think SITarabuta is right, we need to be able to bill for these things16:07
jelknerfor AEA we need to think this through thoroughly16:08
jelknerfor now, we should not use email, i think16:08
jelknerand thus not have any need for SMTP with them16:08
jelknerACTION done16:08
abuchholzthey need it for creating accounts and memberships16:08
SITarabutayep - have fun16:08
abuchholzthats the only time when we send emails16:08
SITarabutaACTION done16:08
jelknerlet's talk on jitsi after meeting16:09
jelknerACTION done16:09
inana_16next item: Plans about update: Fipol and MD Latino Caucus (inana_16)16:09
inana_16I talked about this with jelkner , we are going to update Fipol website and MD latino Caucus, but first we need News and Articles, so abuchholz abuchholz is going to help us with that16:10
inana_16before we continue with that its time to redesign our website16:10
inana_16to have it ready for June 1st16:10
SITarabutaoh cute I am excited for a new NOVA Web Development website ;)16:11
inana_16so, I think then we are going to continue with the website updates ( meaning 2 first weeks of june)16:11
inana_16just to have it on mind16:11
inana_16me too SITarabuta 16:11
abuchholz(y) 16:11
inana_16Alright, next item:16:12
inana_16Plan for AEA-PAC vote? (jelkner)16:12
jelknerso as ubuntourist pointed out, this has already been addressed16:12
jelknermore after the meeting16:12
inana_16the last item as well jelkner 16:13
jelknersince we need to resolve logins or it is not relevant16:13
jelknerACTION done16:13
inana_16you mentioned that16:13
inana_16so we need to take down the members from the navbar 16:13
inana_16I think is time to continue the side conversation on jitsi16:14
inana_16anyone has anything to add before we switch to it?16:14
SITarabutaplease stop hummiing abuchholz16:15
inana_16ACTION Drops the bag of gravel16:15
jelknerthanks, inana_16!16:15
inana_16thanks everyone!16:15
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zOnnyjelkner ?17:06
zOnnyI would like to have access to novawebdevelopment@gmail.com17:09
jelknerhold on...17:09
zOnnyjelkner thx17:15
jelknerzOnny, i installed the Signal desktop app17:15
jelknerpretty cool17:15
jelkneri used it so i could copy and paste17:16
jelknerjust sent you what you wanted17:16
zOnnygot it17:17
zOnnyjelkner seems that you set up two-factor authentication 17:24
jelknerahh yes, i did17:24
jelknerlet me turn that off17:24
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inana_16ACTION getting something to eat, brb18:37
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inana_16ACTION back19:15

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