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jelkner!remind Check in with the PRIMEs - Plan for Summer11:39
"Check in with the PRIMEs - Plan for Summer" added to message queue11:39
jelkner!remind: NEA4OR needs to be updated in a hurry11:40
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inana_16!remind Check in- Plans for this week?14:10
"Check in- Plans for this week?" added to message queue14:10
jelknerirc is better inana_16 14:12
jelkneri'm sick of spending time playing with things that don't work14:13
inana_16I see, jitsi kicked us jelkner 14:13
jelknerthis almost always works! :-)14:13
jelkneri think Stefan did that14:13
inana_16Yeah, I know but just in case we want to discuss something (speaking we should use the Voice channel at discord) just this time14:14
inana_16Stefan did what?14:14
inana_16jelkner, 14:14
jelknerkicked us of the jitsi server, inana_16 14:14
inana_16I see14:14
jelkneri was on the phone with him asking him to look into the problem14:15
jelknerhe said he would14:15
inana_16Okay I think he could fix that14:15
inana_16;) hopefuly14:15
jelknerhe will let us know by 11:11 if he can fix it14:15
inana_16So there's a couple of things that I guess we can talk about our meeting with Mariana, the main thing that happened when you left14:16
inana_16can we use signal?14:16
jelknerwhy not here?14:16
jelknerremember what replaceafil said14:17
inana_16I think is better if I can explain you talking14:17
jelknerhe looks to these logs to see what we're up to14:17
jelknerand we are not using this enough14:17
inana_16I see14:17
jelknersometimes it's really hard to have to type everything14:17
jelknerbut we are getting lazy14:17
jelkneri like the way having to type things makes you focus on simplicity and clarity14:18
jelknerthat's a plus14:18
jelkneri understand that sometimes you need to "brainstorm"14:18
jelknerand typing isn't the best14:18
jelknerbut like i said, we are doing that way too much14:18
jelknerwe're getting lazy14:18
jelknerwhat's up?14:18
inana_16She was being nice, but I guess her goal also was to make it clear that she wanted to sale "our product / services", Douglas told her that your better interested on collaborating instead receive some money from them, right?14:19
inana_16but the the talk turned weird, since I guess she did'nt like it that , so she told Douglas to leave the conversation on a polite way14:20
inana_16and she wanted to touch base with me, on that I guess.14:21
inana_16That's what I think I need a feedback from you14:21
inana_16I mean you know that she is going to contact me soon14:22
inana_16I just want to be clear in the way we are going to do things14:22
inana_16I guess she was asking to hear from me: It's ok, we cand do some website work (in case you need it) 14:23
inana_16jelkner, any new from Stefan?15:00
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SITarabutaI am with abuchholz on Jitsi on planning15:01
SITarabutaThe thing still is in the top-right, but at least it works fine for us.15:02
SITarabutaI am trying to get rid of it.15:02
SITarabutaI am pretty sure the PRIMEs can join15:02
jelknerSITarabuta, let's meet on hangout15:02
SITarabutaoh ok15:02
jelknerwhich is where i asked to PRIMEs15:02
jelknerto show up15:02
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PAldea : bcassatt : @ubuntourist : cmoran : SLewis : Doisaac : abuchholz : SITarabuta : inana_16 : +jelkner : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ16:00
inana_16Hello everyone! :)16:00
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inana_16first of all:
inana_16dont forget to check in16:00
jelknerEveryone *please* checking16:00
jelknercheck in16:01
SITarabuta3rd time the charm16:01
inana_16As I noticed jelkner just started the first item :)16:01
inana_16Check in with the PRIMEs - Plan for Summer (jelkner)16:01
GFbotgood morning!16:01
jelknerin fact, i'll summarize briefly here, but we talked about it already16:01
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jelkner1. The understanding is PRIMEs can get paid if they generate revenue16:02
jelkner2. inana_16 and jelkner will begin marketing16:02
jelkner3. Interested PRIMEs should email to setup one on one meetings16:02
jelkner4. First thing jelkner will do is walk you through setting up your development environment16:03
jelknerACTION done16:03
inana_16thank you jelkner 16:03
inana_16I want to start with the next item and then you abuchholz ,GFbot, zOnny  can continue16:03
inana_16Check in- Plans for this week? (inana_16)16:04
inana_16as jelkner mentioned, I'm going to take the Platform coop course with Jeff (Starting tomorrow)16:04
inana_16then we are going to continue with FIPOL Website and the MD latino Caucus 16:04
inana_16(since you all know that the past week we worked on our NWD webiste)16:04
inana_16Then we are going to start networking in order to find people interested in collaborate with us 16:04
inana_16You know the goals that we set up is to marketing us in order to get some revenue to keep this going, 16:05
inana_16A little of bit of context...Doc Ritezel (We met him at our LibreOrganize demo with Agaric)16:05
inana_16he is interested in getting some work for us  and that would be really awesome  16:05
inana_16ACTION done16:05
jelknerThanks inana_16!16:06
inana_16I would like to know your plans for this week16:06
inana_16abuchholz, SITarabuta ,GFbot, zOnny 16:06
SITarabutaACTION MOAR Business Tracker, MOAR RAGU, MOAR LibreOrganize16:06
abuchholzACTION Mainly LibreOrganize16:07
jelknerSITarabuta, tell me when its time to email Susan16:07
jelknerGFbot, zOnny?16:07
SITarabutaYes, I haven't worked on it since we met with her to be honest. I worked on BT. I will see what I can do this week.16:07
GFbotI plan to work on FIPOL this week16:08
GFbotand some of the issues16:08
GFbotthat we have16:08
jelknerand in particular, zOnny NEA4OR i hope16:09
jelknerthat's another agenda item16:09
inana_16Sure go ahead16:09
zOnnyjelkner sure, with the same theme?16:09
zOnnythat can be ready for tomorrow16:09
jelknerlet's talk after zOnny16:09
jelknerbasically, we heard from NEA about the virtual convention16:10
jelknercaucuses have Zoom meetings on either june 25 or 2616:10
jelknerand we need to reserve our spot by june 516:10
inana_16About that, I have a question are we going to redesign the website? jelkner , zOnny ?16:10
jelknerso i need to work this week seeing if there is interest16:10
jelknerand we need to get a new site together *fast*16:11
jelknerto be ready for htat16:11
jelknerACTION done16:11
inana_16I mean GFbot did that one but I gues it could be improved jelkner , zOnny 16:11
jelkneris it new LO?16:11
jelkneri don't think it is16:11
jelknerinana_16, 16:11
jelknerthat's the issue16:11
jelknernot the design16:11
inana_16I see16:11
jelknerinana_16, let's talk after meeting16:12
zOnnythe only struggle I see there is the DB 16:12
jelknerit's all about the data, zOnny 16:12
jelknerso that is not a big surprise16:12
zOnnynew data yeah16:12
inana_16anyone has something that would like to add or share?16:12
inana_16ACTION drops the bag of gravel16:13
jelknerPRIMEs, i'll be looking for your emails16:13
jelknerACTION signs off until tomorrow22:10

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