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jelkner_ubuntourist, good morning12:47
jelkner_i'm on GallaudetSoundAdvice12:47
jelkner_that's where we are meeting with David, yes?12:48
jelkner_ubuntourist, 40 minutes to the meeting13:18
jelkner_i'm on
jelkner_hope that's the right place13:18
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inana_16GM jelkner_ 13:54
inana_16you're not on hangout13:54
inana_16neither planning13:55
inana_16!remind Upcoming projects14:32
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inana_16I dont remember how to remove it jelkner_ 15:02
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jelkner_!remove Upcoming projects15:03
jelkner_!remove Upcoming projects15:04
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jelkner_!remind How did we do this week?15:05
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jelkner_!remind SoundAdvice, It\'s *ALIVE*!!15:39
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jelkner_!Public Tools for Public Schools15:41
jelkner_!remind Public Tools for Public Schools15:41
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SITarabutaPricing for AMS Start Up Package15:55
SITarabuta : PAldea : abuchholz : zOnny : inana_16 : @ubuntourist : +jelkner_ : wolcen : @msirabella : @ChanServ16:00
inana_16Hello everyone! :)16:00
jelkner_Good morning, inana_16!16:00
SITarabutaACTION ^16:00
inana_16Ok let's start!16:00
inana_16first item: How did we do this week? 16:01
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SITarabutaRAGU is out the door and we found the pricing16:01
ubuntouristACTION raises his Diet Coke as a toast / greeting. 😉16:01
inana_16and bios ;) SITarabuta 16:01
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jelkner_Good afternoon, amina!16:02
aminaGood afternoon!16:02
inana_16things with Clayton are moving, we have National hospital project as well16:03
jelkner_zOnny, GFbot how did your week go?16:03
inana_16and we are going to work a side project "Claudia Jones"16:03
zOnnyI'm including test to business tracker but struggling with unit test a bit16:04
jelkner_that's ok, zOnny, keep struggling, please16:04
ubuntouristMost of my week has been sitting in on conversations / meetings... Nothing in terms of software development.16:04
jelkner_it will benefit us a lot16:05
GFbotWell, I have my new class ready for today, so I think i'm good since the last week we did a good progr16:05
inana_16so, GFbot is having his bi-weekly study group16:05
abuchholzI finished the forums app16:06
abuchholznext thing is func tests16:07
inana_16Next item: SoundAdvice, It's *ALIVE*!! (jelkner_)16:07
ubuntouristACTION is up16:08
jelkner_ubuntourist already described this in the jitsi chat16:08
jelkner_but we have 100 hours and an interested partner to work on a fun and useful project16:08
jelkner_what's not to love?16:08
ubuntouristSo. A fun contract, working with Python, the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol, sockets, and the Qt graphic framework16:08
jelkner_let's check-in on Sunday to plan for next week16:08
jelkner_ACTION done16:08
ubuntouristto further enhance an "audio virtual environment" setup.16:09
ubuntouristIn the interest of keeping things short, "me" is done. 😉16:09
ubuntouristACTION is done16:09
inana_16Thanks ubuntourist 16:10
inana_16Next item: Public Tools for Public Schools (jelkner_)16:10
jelkner_I'm going to work on a campaign to put people's software in schools given this pandemic16:10
jelkner_just an FYI16:10
jelkner_Naomi Klein has an excellent article about the "Screen New Deal"16:11
jelkner_which will put billions of dollars of our resources into the hands of the tech oligarchs16:11
jelkner_i don't know where it will go16:11
ubuntouristPlaying the parts of Public Fools for Public Tools in Public Schools... 😉16:11
jelkner_but a good argument can be made that if you are going to make students use software to learn virtually16:12
jelkner_that software should be the property of us people16:12
ubuntourist+100,000,000 !!!16:12
jelkner_we have friends at a coop in Boston16:12
jelkner_that are working on a pilot with some schools there using BigBlueButton and Canvas16:13
jelkner_to create a platform controlled by the school16:13
jelkner_more later16:13
jelkner_ACTION done16:13
inana_16Thanks jelkner_ 16:13
inana_16well we did really good progress this week16:13
inana_16that's nice 16:14
jelkner_and we're only just getting started, inana_16 16:14
inana_16anyone has anything else to share?16:14
inana_16I know jelkner_ ;)16:14
jelkner_well, i would like to make a strong appeal to the Romainian contingent16:14
SITarabutaBusiness Tracker update ;)  It's been done for about 1 week but I didn't have time to demo it, so I'll show it on Hangout16:14
jelkner_Please, PAldea and SITarabuta 16:14
jelkner_talk to each other!16:15
jelkner_ACTION done16:15
SITarabutaI am swamped jelkner_, I will wait for information from the other end :D16:15
jelkner_i called him yesterday16:15
jelkner_he's here16:15
PAldeaI'll be in contact!16:15
inana_16Ok I think we're done16:16
inana_16ACTION drops the bag of gravel16:17
jelkner_Great job, inana_16!16:17
inana_16Thanks everyone!16:17
jelkner_cya all on sunday16:17
jelkner_have a great weekend16:17
jelkner_nova web weekend that is16:17
jelkner_friday and saturday ;-)16:17
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