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inana_16gm jelkner_ 14:05
jelkner_gm, inana_16 14:05
jelkner_how are you feeling?14:05
inana_16I sent you a message, right now I have pain in my body and head, but I'm taking some medicine, still feeling weird, but I need to be here14:06
inana_16are you on hangout? jelkner_ 14:06
jelkner_not yet14:06
jelkner_i am now ;-)14:07
inana_16Ok, see you there14:07
inana_16!remind Following up, Updating Operation Agreement14:40
"Following up, Updating Operation Agreement" added to message queue14:40
inana_16!remind Plans for this week14:40
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jelkner_!remind NOVALACIRO grant14:42
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jelkner_gm, GFbot!15:31
GFbotgm jelkner_15:31
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jelkner_gm, abuchholz!15:42
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zOnny!do not remind15:53
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ubuntourist!remind Gallaudet contacted re: REDCap?15:57
"Gallaudet contacted re: REDCap?" added to message queue15:57
SITarabuta : @ubuntourist : PAldea : abuchholz : GFbot : inana_16 : zOnny : +jelkner_ : wolcen : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ16:00
NOVALACIRO grant (jelkner_)16:00
Gallaudet contacted re: REDCap? (ubuntourist)16:00
inana_16Hello everyone!16:00
jelkner_Good morning!16:00
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inana_16don't forget to check in:
inana_16Alright, let's start!16:01
inana_16first item: Financial report preview16:01
jelkner_ok, in brief16:02
jelkner_we need roughly $6K monthly revenue to stay afloat16:02
jelkner_we currently have $1.8K in our account16:02
jelkner_i uploaded the GNUCash file to our Nextcloud drive16:02
jelkner_so that all of us can see it16:03
jelkner_we will run short if we don't collect on some of what we're owed16:03
jelkner_particularly from Gallaudet16:03
jelkner_so i'll reach out to susan tomorrow16:03
jelkner_and VDOE as well16:03
jelkner_lastly, we need to bring closure to project and start taking on new ones to keep things going16:04
jelkner_ACTION done16:04
ubuntouristjelkner_, What will that bring us up to? 16:04
ubuntouristjelkner_, Or will the GNUCash file tell me?16:04
jelkner_No, ubuntourist 16:04
jelkner_it only shows what we've got, not what we're owed16:04
ubuntouristjelkner_, Business Tracker?16:05
jelkner_Business Tracker is the real place to look16:05
ubuntouristACTION wonders if it's possible to integrate the two...16:05
ubuntouristACTION is done.16:05
abuchholzoof poor stefan16:05
inana_16thanks jelkner_ 16:06
ubuntouristabuchholz, I might look at that... It seems parallel to what I did for the calendar...16:06
SITarabutaAny features go in the issue tracker :)16:06
inana_16next item: Following up, Updating Operation Agreement16:06
jelkner_well, we have everyone here now who said they wanted to work on that16:07
jelkner_SITarabuta, lelkneralfaro inana_16 and jelkner_ 16:07
inana_16I bring this, because is something that we mentioned that we are going to do16:07
jelkner_let's plan a time to get together on tuesday16:07
inana_16schedule a meeting to talk about that16:07
jelkner_and do it!16:07
inana_16jelkner_, SITarabuta lelkneralfaro ?16:08
SITarabutaI am available most of the time16:08
SITarabutaSuggest something and I will tell you if I can make it16:08
jelkner_take charge, madam project manager!16:09
lelkneralfaroTuesday is good for me16:09
inana_1611 am?16:09
lelkneralfaro11 AM works for me16:09
jelkner_ACTION goes to add that to the calendar16:09
inana_16thanks jelkner_ 16:10
inana_16Next item: Plans for this week 16:10
inana_16ok this is a brief check in for everyone16:10
inana_16who wants to go first?16:11
SITarabutaACTION raises hand16:11
ubuntouristabuchholz, PAldea, zOnny, ubuntourist meet with David from Gallaudet on Tuesday re: Sound Advice.16:11
inana_16;-) SITarabuta 16:11
SITarabutaBunch o' Business Tracker, start Gallaudet SAML hopefully *fingers crossed*, Update tests for Business Tracker if time is left16:12
inana_16zOnny and I still working on CIDU website16:12
SITarabutaOthers are going to be lazy this week? ;)16:13
jelkner_SITarabuta, i'm waiting for an upcoming iteam16:13
abuchholzI can do tests for business tracker if you want SITarabuta. My plans are Sound Advice, and putting some finishing touches on event notification and the CIDU news app16:13
abuchholzWe have several merge requests for LibreOrganize at the moment16:13
ubuntouristSITarabuta, I prefer the term "preoccupied" 😜16:14
abuchholzEdzon and I have been busy ;)  and thanks to our quality assurance Stefan everything getting merged into master is much higher quality16:14
jelkner_btw. bringing Noah into this is *really* important!16:14
ubuntouristNot to mention zOnny dealing w/ National Hospital busy-work...16:15
SITarabutaso many things I don't even who to respond to lol16:15
jelkner_the project will only succeed if we grow an ecosystem around it16:15
jelkner_now that we have some reaching out to us16:15
jelkner_we need to effectively reach back16:15
inana_16Oh, SITarabuta I think I'm going to work on the business tracker website as well at the end of this week (hopefully)16:16
SITarabutathat'd be nice16:16
inana_16so I will need to see the features ;-)16:16
ubuntouristGNU features? 😜16:17
inana_16Ok, next item: NOVALACIRO grant 16:18
inana_16jelkner_, 16:18
jelkner_ok, i'll try to be bried16:18
jelkner_and follow up later16:18
jelkner_Arlington Community Foundation is encouraging NOVALACIRO to apply for a grant to establish a childcare cooperative16:19
SITarabutai love the fact that we are just getting money for doing nothing from novalaciro - should i even say this? O_o16:19
jelkner_possible federal funding ranging from $20K to $50K for basic grant16:19
jelkner_and up to $200K for other grants that could be associated with the project16:19
ubuntouristSITarabuta, now you'll need to scrub the logs...16:19
jelkner_needs to be a 501c316:20
jelkner_and NOVALACIRO is16:20
jelkner_but we are thinking of the need to build a web app to make this work16:20
jelkner_something like Up&Go as it relates to brightly16:20
jelkner_so this could be a big job for us16:21
jelkner_we will right us into the grant16:21
jelkner_ACTION done16:21
SITarabutaare we talking about a native app or a web app16:21
SITarabutameaning .apk and .ipa or something in django hosted somewhere16:21
ubuntouristjelkner_, should "up&go" and "brightly" mean something to the rest of the class? Or am I the only outlier here?16:21
SITarabutaubuntourist lol don't worry, i just googled this haha16:22
jelkner_not until you do some web searching, ubuntourist 16:22
jelkner_i don't want to take an hour to explain16:22
jelkner_just putting it on the radar for now16:22
jelkner_ask questions in hangout after16:22
ubuntouristjelkner_, I just wanted to know if I'd missed the memo. Apparently not.16:22
jelkner_SITarabuta, let's talk after16:23
jelkner_ACTION done16:23
inana_16Last item: Gallaudet contacted re: REDCap?16:23
ubuntouristjelkner_, unless my wires are crossed, that was on you when last we spake, yes?16:24
jelkner_ubuntourist, your loosing your memory16:24
jelkner_i talked to you after reading the agreement16:24
jelkner_it is crystal clear we can't do anything with this16:24
jelkner_so i talked to you about it16:25
jelkner_and suggested we just drop it16:25
jelkner_ACTION done16:25
SITarabutaACTION grabs the popcorn16:25
ubuntouristjelkner_, Right... And it was a bridge too far. But I thought you were going to let Susan know that we dropped it.16:25
jelkner_fair point16:25
abuchholzACTION smiles intently16:25
jelkner_i'll email her tomorrow16:25
inana_16anything else? 16:26
ubuntouristACTION thanks jelkner_ 16:26
ubuntouristNothing from me...16:26
inana_16ACTION Drops the bag of gravel16:27
jelkner_you did it, inana_16!16:27
inana_16thanks everyone16:27
jelkner_let's jump over to hangout to talk about the grant16:27
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jelknerping inana_16 18:37
inana_16pong jelkner 18:37
jelknercan you meet me on planning please?18:37
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inana_16ACTION away19:54
inana_16ACTION back20:21

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