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inana_16!remind help to set up mattermost to join
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inana_16!remind Next steps 14:23
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inana_16!remind check in -  Plans for this week14:23
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lelkneralfaro : GFbot : @ubuntourist : abuchholz : inana_16 : @ChanServ : wolcen : @mjsir91116:00
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inana_16Hello everyone!16:00
inana_16Hope everyone is doing great,16:01
inana_16alright, 16:01
inana_16first item: help to set up mattermost to join
inana_16I bring this, I guess you know that we meet with a cooperative from Argentina and they're inviting us to join them to the movement they have16:02
ubuntouristIs there something to set up? I thought one could just either join via a web site or download the application.16:02
inana_16no ubuntourist, they ask you if you are a business, coop or organization and send some credentials16:02
inana_16I'm going to forward that email16:03
inana_16to you16:03
ubuntouristAh. Membership. Not a technical issue but rather a logistical issue. Got it.16:03
inana_16In fact is something related to technical as well16:04
inana_16but I guess first I need you to see that email.16:04
ubuntouristI'll look later.16:05
inana_16Ok, next item: Next steps 16:05
inana_16as jelkner mentioned int the past we need to continue working in order to survive16:06
inana_16so we need: 16:06
inana_16- Build long lasting relationships with other tech coops ( getting new projects) as we are doing with Agaric now and maybe with Cambá16:06
inana_16(that's what we are trying)16:06
inana_16- Improve communication skills, try to check in and plan 16:07
inana_16(this is a struggle we had since a looong time)16:07
inana_16- Continue learning how to manage customers (partners) and accounting, lelkneralfaro you and I need to be a team in order to do that16:08
lelkneralfarolelkneralfaro, of course :)16:08
inana_16you have experience that I know that would help us a lot ;)16:08
lelkneralfaroinana_16, yes, of course16:08
inana_16next item: check in -  Plans for this week16:09
inana_16who wants to go first?16:09
ubuntouristMaybe more posting on social media? Getting our name in front of people and our philosophy...16:09
ubuntourist(That was in reference to the previous item.)16:10
inana_16Yes, ubuntourist 16:10
lelkneralfaroI can go first, just so people know what's going on with me...16:10
lelkneralfaroI'm still very much a beginner, so I'm practicing and improving16:11
lelkneralfarowith django and postgres16:11
lelkneralfaroand unfortunately I can't do much yet to play a helpful role in the team16:11
abuchholzI have a meeting with David on Tuesday at one to talk about SoundAdvice16:11
lelkneralfarobut I will soon16:12
abuchholzI assume thats what i will be working on this week16:12
lelkneralfarothat's it for me16:12
inana_16perfect, thanks abuchholz, lelkneralfaro 16:12
ubuntouristI'm "riding shotgun" on the David +  abuchholz meeting -- largely planning to take a back seat and let them talk it out unless I'm needed. 16:13
inana_16zOnny, and I are going to meet with Clayton for a project with Agaric (tomorrow) and the progress with CIDU, I'm going to work with GFbot on the website that we didn't migrate to LO16:14
inana_16anyone has anything to add?16:14
ubuntouristlelkneralfaro, you might want to join the S&T wednesday.16:15
lelkneralfaroubuntourist, I'm available16:15
ubuntourist(Agaric's Show and Tell sessions, Wed 11:00 AM to 12:00 noon, but people sometimes hang longer.)16:15
lelkneralfaroubuntourist, thanks for expanding, I was just about to ask16:16
inana_16Show and tells are great ;)16:16
lelkneralfaroubuntourist, I get their emails, I'll be glad to join16:16
ubuntouristBasically, a good community, and a presentation related to stuff both technical and non-technical that we're trying to emulate.16:17
ubuntouristAnd, by being friends, it brought us CIDU...16:17
ubuntouristACTION is done16:17
inana_16ok, It seems like this was a really brief meeting 16:17
inana_16ACTION Drops the bag of gravel16:18
inana_16Thanks everyone!16:18
lelkneralfarothanks inana_16 :)16:18
abuchholzalright i have to go so talk to everyone later.16:18
ubuntouristlelkneralfaro, I've been trying to attend all of them for the past month or two.16:18
inana_16GFbot, can we talk?16:19
inana_16I need to see the website16:19
ubuntouristMostly, I sit and listen, but now we're starting to recognize each other's faces.16:19
lelkneralfaroubuntourist, I've seen them and they sometimes looked interesting16:20
ubuntourist(And, of course, I make the occasional quip / attempt at humor, as is my nature.)16:20
lelkneralfaroubuntourist, I usually stayed away because they looked to technical, and because I wasn't in the fray16:20
ubuntouristlelkneralfaro, I think it's more about "being seen".16:20
lelkneralfaroubuntourist, but i think it would be good to join mostly as a spectator if that's welcome16:21
lelkneralfaroubuntourist, +1 that sounds good to me16:21
ubuntouristlelkneralfaro, Very much so. Most people are spectators. But it often leads to a discussion that is less technical and more...16:22
ubuntourist"managerial / philosophical / political" where you should feel free to voice an opinion or ask a question.16:22
lelkneralfaroahh okay, that sounds fine16:23
ubuntouristOne week we closed out with a great video from Madrid and Paris about two groups that turned their bike messenger services into co-ops.16:23
ubuntouristNothing super "computery" about the video. It was more about "Why we decided we should be a co-op."16:24
lelkneralfaroubuntourist, oh that would have been good to see, a backup plan if I can't learn to make my SQL databases cooperate16:24
ubuntouristAnother week the closing video was on "sustainable forests". It was called something else. That's not exactly the right term, but16:25
ubuntouristit was something about how various planting strategies would yield much more fruit and sustainability....16:26
ubuntouristI'll see if I can find the two videos. (There is a fair amount of "shop-talk / tech-talk" too.)16:26
ubuntouristlelkneralfaro, Different name. Something with "green" in the name, IIRC.  I'll look and send the links.16:27
lelkneralfaroubuntourist, okay no biggie, 16:27
ubuntouristACTION wanders off to find the video links...16:28
lelkneralfaroACTION away16:28

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