IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2020-08-03

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inana_16Gm jelkner 13:54
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jelknerGM, inana_16 13:57
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jelknerping inana_16 15:47
jelknercan you meet me on planning?15:47
inana_16yes 15:48
jelkneri'm there now waiting for you, inana_16 15:49
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ubuntouristjelkner, losing track of stuff. Today: Django Boys? Django Girls? Nothing in the calendar, but last month it was Django Boys...16:38
ubuntourist(Every time I hear "Django Boys", my musical brain reaches for "Disco Boy" by Frank Zappa (
ubuntouristACTION is stepping away for an hour. Maybe more.17:25
inana_16ACTION AWAY19:23
inana_16ACTION back19:50
jelknerinana_16, i woke up and started working at 4 am this morning, so i'm shutting down for the day20:36
jelknerhasta tomorrow inana_16 20:36
inana_16See u maƱana jelkner 20:36

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