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jelkner!remind Jitsi server misbehaving10:52
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jelknerubuntourist, zOnny, great to see you13:56
jelkneri tried getting on our jitsi server13:56
ubuntouristUg. ;-)13:56
jelknerbut it restarted13:56
ubuntouristjelkner, investigating...13:56
jelknerand wouldn't let me connect to hangout13:56
jelknerplease let me know when i should try agin13:58
ubuntouristSimultaneously working on mail PostgreSQL database -- and in IRC on another channel...13:59
ubuntouristAnd I see we have more e-mail from rick. Haven't looked at it yet though.14:00
ubuntouristjelkner, rebooted. On hangout now...14:01
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inana_16!remind Website Estimate for NOVA Cleaning  / Work on price list 14:17
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inana_16!remind Plans for this week14:18
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lelkneralfarozOnny, hello15:02
zOnnyHey lelkneralfaro, where r u?15:02
lelkneralfarozOnny, at home relaxing, it's Sunday, day to rest, not work15:03
zOnnylelkneralfaro I see, Have good weekend 15:04
ubuntourist!remind Investigate using community-driven Certificate Authority CAcert as OUR certificate authority
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GFbot : PAldea : abuchholz : cmoran : lelkneralfaro : inana_16 : zOnny : @ubuntourist : +jelkner : wolcen : @ChanServ : @mjsir91116:00
Investigate using community-driven Certificate Authority CAcert as OUR certificate authority (ubuntourist)16:00
inana_16Hello everyone!16:00
abuchholzhi :)16:01
jelknerGood day!16:01
lelkneralfarogood morning16:01
inana_16let's start16:01
inana_16item: Jitsi server misbehaving (jelkner)16:01
jelkneri couldn't sign on this morning16:02
jelknerubuntourist, restarted the server, and it worked after that16:02
jelkneri was hoping Stefan would be here16:02
jelknerto ask him what happened16:02
jelknerpart of our long term discussion of whether this infrastructure is worth the effort we put into maintaining it16:03
jelknerACTION done16:03
inana_16zOnny and I noticed that jitsi had issues, we met with Clayton on on Wednesday, and we couldn't make it, we used a public one16:03
jelknermy point exactly, inana_16 16:03
abuchholzthis might just be a problem with jitsi not our server16:03
ubuntouristI thought Stefan had set up a nightly restart, but could not find it. Meanwhile, my nightly restart of only the Jitsi services16:03
jelknerif our server isn't reliable, its a net negative for our business16:03
jelknerbetter not to have it than to have it16:04
ubuntouristdoes not appear to be enough.16:04
jelknerif it is reliable, on the other hand16:04
jelknerit makes us look competent and shows off our skills16:04
jelknerso we need to determine which it is16:04
ubuntourist(My nightly systemctl restarts have been in place for quite some time now. Stefan's was, I thought a full "shutdown -r")16:05
jelkneri'll talk to stefan when next i talk to him16:05
jelknerACTION done (again ;-)16:05
ubuntouristI have logs to look at, showing failures.16:05
ubuntouristACTION is done16:05
inana_16next item: Website Estimate for NOVA Cleaning / Work on price list16:05
inana_16I mentioned to jelkner and zOnny that Heylin sent me a contact of a manager were she used to work16:06
inana_16and he's asking for a "basic website", he sent some references (screenshots)16:06
inana_16So, I think we started to define the prices list16:07
inana_16I created a document on our next cloud16:07
inana_16I need zOnny and lelkneralfaro to discuss and add information there16:07
lelkneralfaroinana_16, we have been discussing this all morning16:07
inana_16so I can send him an estimate ASAP16:08
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jelknerlelkneralfaro, inana_16 let's learn from our previous experience on these kind of gigs16:08
inana_16We? you and zOnny, lelkneralfaro ?16:08
lelkneralfaroinana_16, not this site specifically, so we can work on that after this meeting16:08
lelkneralfaroinana_16, yes me and zOnny 16:08
jelkneroften times, we can't actually deliver value that makes it worth our while16:08
jelknerif all you need is a little website16:08
inana_16I would like to know about that discussion lelkneralfaro 16:09
jelknerwordpress works fine16:09
jelknerit's cheaper16:09
zOnnyyeah wordpress!16:09
inana_16he's now using Wix16:09
jelknerwe really need to have clear what our business model is16:09
lelkneralfaroinana_16, yes of course, we will share16:09
jelknerright, or Wix16:09
inana_16-.- zOnny 16:09
zOnnyYeah Wix!16:09
jelkneroften times we don't have anything to offer16:09
inana_16So, you think that is not a good idea to say yes to that kind of gigs? is something pretty similar to Abbys cleaning jelkner 16:10
jelknerand we and the person for whom we are doing the work will both go away unhappy16:10
lelkneralfaroinana_16, maybe we should all speak after this meeting, zOnny you and me16:10
jelknerinana_16, exactly16:10
SITarabutaCan't we just deploy a lil' GitLab page?16:10
jelknerimho, it's not the kind of thing we could get into16:10
SITarabutajelkner,  are we that rich that we can afford declining jobs16:10
jelknerbut i leave it up to y'all16:10
inana_16Yeah, I have a meeting later with Daniela and jelkner but I can join you lelkneralfaro after that16:10
jelknerSITarabuta, yes16:11
lelkneralfaroinana_16, okay16:11
ubuntouristWordPress - barely tolerable. Wix... well maybe it's gotten better, but it used to be just a way to get yourself locked into a troublesome piece of crap.16:11
lelkneralfaroinana_16,  what time?16:11
inana_16My meeting with them is at 1pm16:11
inana_16not sure how long will be16:11
jelknerinana_16, you need to learn from experience16:11
lelkneralfaroinana_16, okay I will want to eat lunch too16:11
jelknerso do what you think is right16:12
lelkneralfaroinana_16, so how about 2:30 PM EST16:12
lelkneralfaroinana_16, idk what UST that is :)16:12
inana_16you can get your lunch while I'm meeting with them16:12
ubuntourist(WordPress, from a user perspective, can do a lot of cool stuff. Wix, again, from memory, was just utter garbage.)16:12
inana_16Ok, sounds good16:12
ubuntouristACTION is done opining.16:12
inana_162:30 lelkneralfaro, zOnny 16:13
inana_16ACTION done16:13
inana_16Next item: Plans for this week16:13
inana_16who wants to go first? ;)16:13
jelkneri will, since i can be quick16:13
lelkneralfaroinana_16, yes 2 3016:13
jelkneri'm working on two things: taxes and electronic document signing16:14
jelknerubuntourist, has an item on 2nd of these16:14
jelknerACTION done16:14
ubuntouristACTION is finally getting back to GASP (I hope), and riding shotgun on abuchholz / Gallaudet "Sound Advice" meeting Tuesday.16:14
SITarabutaHOPEFULLY, after a delay of 3 weeks, I can actually finish Business Tracker?16:14
abuchholzSoundAdvice, if David wants more stuff then implement that... otherwise its more or less done. Needs some finishing touches16:15
jelknerabuchholz, we need to invoice!16:15
ubuntouristSITarabuta, what's the state of Azure SSO? Any word?16:15
jelkneryou and i should do that this week16:15
abuchholzyeah sure. 16:15
SITarabutaubuntourist, It is working beautifully. I thought I CC'ed you. Anyway, it works ;16:16
inana_16Meeting at 11 with Cesiah from MD latino Caucus (lelkneralfaro and I) , Design improvement for NOVALACIRO, CIDU wave test (regarding Accesibility) and other design issues (with zOnny ),16:16
ubuntouristSITarabuta, You probably did. ;-)16:16
inana_16Focus on find new projects with jelkner16:16
inana_16zOnny, regarding the mattermost thing, what's the next step?16:17
jelknerzOnny, GFbot, lelkneralfaro?16:17
ubuntouristSince it's August, I'm dreading / anticipating the inevitable coming ARA crunch-time...16:18
jelknerthis would move much faster if everyone could write up what they are doing and submit it together16:18
jelknerthen we could glance over it and make any adjustments that are needed16:18
ubuntouristACTION is done16:19
zOnnyinana_16 I haven't received a reply back yet from CAMBA but I follow up with them.16:20
ubuntouristzOnny, you need to register users, right? Or is there a self-registration page I missed?16:21
lelkneralfaroI'm continuing to learn Postgres and Django, that's my primary focus, but ill be dedicating time time to figuring out this price problem16:21
inana_16Good question ubuntourist 16:21
zOnnyubuntourist good point16:21
ubuntouristI poked around on the site but couldn't find a way to login or register.16:21
zOnny@you can register themselves16:21
abuchholzI just wanted to mention that from August 23 to Sep 6 I will be gone. I'm traveling a bit and need to start working on college apps16:21
lelkneralfaroand I've got the meeting with inana_16 tomorrow16:22
jelknerabuchholz, who will take over from you on SoundAdvice?16:22
ubuntouristACTION ducks16:22
jelknerwe have two weeks, abuchholz 16:23
abuchholzIll take care of it16:23
abuchholzdont worry16:23
inana_16ACTION Tik tock...16:23
ubuntouristACTION needs to pay attention to what's changed with Sound Advice...16:23
inana_16ok, let's move to the last item:16:23
inana_16Investigate using community-driven Certificate Authority CAcert as OUR certificate authority (ubuntourist)16:23
jelknerthis is just an assigned task to me16:24
jelkneri'll work with zOnny on it when he is here tomorrow16:24
jelknerACTION done16:24
inana_16thanks jelkner 16:24
inana_16Anything else?16:24
SITarabutabut just running certbot --nginx is easier ;-)16:24
SITarabutajust kidding16:24
SITarabutaI am glad they are CA, but... try going there o_O16:25
ubuntouristSITarabuta, CAcert issues certificates for signing documents -- in addition to duplicating what Let's Encrypt does.16:25
SITarabutaubuntourist, I see. Well that makes sense ;-)16:26
ubuntouristSITarabuta, more in hangout on that.16:27
ubuntouristACTION is done16:27
inana_16ACTION Drops the bag of gravel16:27
inana_16Thank you everyone16:27
jelknerThank you, inana_16!16:27
inana_16np ;) jelkner 16:27
inana_16GFbot, I just sent u the Claudia Jones resources design16:28
inana_16please work on that ASAP16:28
inana_16So I can check with u regarding text stiles16:28
inana_16I found the solution
lelkneralfaroinana_16, hi zOnny and I are starting up planning18:33
lelkneralfaroinana_16, to meet there18:33
*** ubuntourist has joined #novawebdev19:56
ubuntouristinana_16, Looks like we both reached out to the ICA folks regarding mattermost. (I reached out early today via e-mail.)19:58
inana_16yeah ubuntourist 19:59
jelknerinana_16, *MUCH* better20:08
inana_16yeah, we can improve it with time20:08
jelknerbut i still have a few easier, font and color tweaks20:08
jelknercan we meet on planning?20:08
inana_16jelkner, 20:09

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