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SITarabutarip jelkner 00:24
jelknerACTION logs off00:25
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ubuntouristjelkner, it is becoming increasingly apparent that CAcert has suffered from serious neglect. Alas. I'm exploring other ways.15:38
ubuntouristjelkner, Meanwhile, in an effort to annoy people as much as the <blink> tag did...15:40
ubuntouristjelkner, The ICA MatterMost portal has JUST implemented animated emoji. Yesterday morning, I could read. Now I get a headache looking at the site.15:41
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jelkneri'm on the phone with stefan15:44
jelknerACTION catching up now...15:45
jelknerok, just finished a good conversation with stefan15:46
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jelknerto share with y'all15:46
jelkner1. he will deliver Business Tracker to Agaric today15:46
jelkner2. Adrian and i meet with david today at 1 pm15:46
jelknerstefan will want to meet with inana_16 and me (and anyone else interested) tomorrow15:47
jelknerThe story here is big15:47
inana_16lelkneralfaro, 15:47
inana_16German and I are on
jelknerWe (by "we" I mean Stefan ;-)15:47
inana_16waiting for y and Cesiah15:48
lelkneralfaroinana_16, okay, I will join in a few minutes15:48
jelknerwrote an platform app that a fellow coop was able to replace the propriatary Harvest app with15:48
jelknerwe need to let folks know what we did15:48
jelkneralong with "see what we can do, you might want to look at Business Tracker"15:49
jelknerand "Anyone need our really good skills for another project?"15:49
jelknerinana_16, you and i need to reach out to the network15:49
jelknerput principle 6 in practice15:49
jelkneri'll report back after we meet with david15:50
jelknerubuntourist, mattva01 says we can just self sign15:50
jelkneri ordered a key15:50
SITarabutaHow much are those?15:51
SITarabutaI thought they are 4 figures15:51
jelknerno, an encryption key15:52
jelkneri bought 2 for $5815:52
SITarabutaohh ok15:53
SITarabutaOff topic: If any of you missed it, check the Dashboard of
SITarabutaI will remove it soon ;-)15:53
inana_16lelkneralfaro, yeah i need to tell u something before Cesiah arrives15:54
lelkneralfaroinana_16, okay, joining now15:54
jelknerbtw. Did ubuntourist ever find is diet coke?15:55
jelknerSo, ubuntourist, I'll generate a NOVA Web Development self-signed X.509 key15:56
jelknerput it on this physical key, and print it out on a piece of paper, and lock both of them in the ACFCU safe deposit box15:57
jelkner*after* using the key to sign everyone's own personal, self signed keys15:57
jelknerwe use those to sign the Operating Agreement15:57
jelknerubuntourist, I have a new version of the operating agreement with Signature objects inserted for each of the six of us15:58
jelkneri now just need to confirm the signing plan works15:59
jelknerbtw. It seems you need to upgrade to LibreOffice 715:59
jelknerbut that's easy to do15:59
jelknerSITarabuta, remember, zOnny's B'Day is two days from now16:00
jelknerand lelkneralfaro three days from then16:00
jelknerok, i'm going to get back to work on taxes16:00
jelkneri spend all day yesterday finishing NOVALACIRO taxes16:00
jelknerwhich is *way* too long to spend16:01
jelknerbut i'm documenting well16:01
jelknerso next time, it will take an hour instead16:01
SITarabutaI hope he found it jelkner\16:08
SITarabutaOh ok, so zOnny is on 13th and lelkneralfaro is on 14th?16:09
ubuntouristjelkner, Sorry. I stepped away for quite a while.16:19
ubuntouristI should have mentioned: I was exploring ways to abuse our Let's Encrypt key for signing.16:20
ubuntouristSITarabuta, I'm sipping on my Diet Coke now... 16:20
ubuntouristjelkner, I won a YubiKey ( years ago, but found it to be more of a nuisance than an aid.16:23
jelknerSITarabuta, lelkneralfaro is the 16th16:23
jelknernext Sunday16:23
jelknerubuntourist, it is just going to be a place to store the key we use to sign everyone else's key16:24
jelknerso the digital signatures will be signed by the coop16:24
jelknerand the coop's private key will be kept in the safe deposit box16:24
jelknerthat's my understanding, anyway16:25
ubuntouristjelkner, Have you succeeded in using an X.509 signature on a document yet?16:27
inana_16lelkneralfaro, 16:27
inana_16please come back16:27
inana_16to the channel16:28
inana_16just 5 mins16:28
lelkneralfaroinana_16, lol ok16:28
lelkneralfaroinana_16, you're learning that i disappear16:28
jelknerubuntourist, yes16:31
jelknerbut this has been a comedy of errors (bugs)16:31
jelknerseahorse has a bug that keeps LibreOffice from reading its keys16:32
jelknerbut, LibreOffice can read from the Firefox keystore16:32
jelknerso, you need to load the key into firefox16:32
jelknerthen sign from LibreOffice16:32
jelknerit's a mess16:32
ubuntouristjelkner, Documented on the wiki, per chance? (I was researching the same thing, and was reaching similar conclusions, but hadn't tried yet.)16:32
jelknerbut matt left me documentation which i will follow today16:32
jelknerubuntourist, will document16:33
jelknerbut with so many things broken16:33
jelknerlet me get through the process first16:33
jelknerubuntourist, this is my task16:33
jelknerwhile i appreciate the help16:33
ubuntouristyour cross to bear (of small brain). ;-)16:33
jelknerbut i'm also stubborn, ubuntourist 16:34
jelknerboth stubborn and stupid16:34
jelknerso i wont' give up ;-)16:34
inana_16love the gift u made SITarabuta 16:35
inana_16I was sharing my screen to a partner I saw that during the demonstration lol SITarabuta 16:35
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SITarabutaubuntourist, I am glad you found it ;-)16:53
SITarabutainana_16, haha oops !16:53
inana_16lol 16:55
inana_16I thought that it was a paid advertisement lol16:56
SITarabutaSide note: Jitsi has some big issues with sharing your screen on Linux when you have multiple monitors.17:03
SITarabutaACTION executed the magical touch18:32
inana_16ACTION AWAY 18:56
jelkner!remind Our wiki is not that useful for documentation (see
"Our wiki is not that useful for documentation (see" added to message queue19:10
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jelknerACTION makes note to self, making wiki work with reStructuredText like The Blog would make it really useful!19:13
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SITarabutameeting is over19:15
SITarabutaand my magical touch is spreading happiness19:15
jelknerSITarabuta, do we have our Operating Agreement in a place where it can be seen publicly?19:20
jelknerI have a copy on my own website19:20
SITarabutait is right? let me see19:20
jelknerbut folks should be able to see it on the novaweb domain, not mine19:20
SITarabutaI remember you told me to put it at or something like that19:20
SITarabutaIndeed this is valid
SITarabutaAnd this is the full link
SITarabutanp ;-)19:21
jelkneri'm going to remove it from my own site19:21
jelknerbut i already linked to it19:22
jelknerso i need to find those links and change them first19:22
SITarabutajelkner, about
SITarabutaShould I follow these steps to get myself a key/certificate?19:25
SITarabutaI am a bit confused o_O19:25
inana_16Hey zOnny need to call u regarding CIDU's19:30
jelknerinana_16, should we talk tomorrow?19:45
jelknerit's getting late in the day19:45
inana_16hold on 19:45
jelknerand after trying to call the IRS about your tax id, i'm going to read19:46
inana_1615 mins19:46
ubuntouristjelkner, last I heard, we have a four o'clock meeting...19:57
jelknerahh, i thought it was 3 pm19:58
jelkneri was there, and no one showed19:58
ubuntouristOh. Maybe I'm wrong then...19:58
jelknerbut you're right (as usual), ubuntourist 19:58
jelkneri think it was 419:58
jelknerbut we left it open19:58
jelknerwe said "at this point, you should work together and call a meeting when you need one"19:59
jelknerbut i think i also said i would be there just in case19:59
jelknerso let me go19:59
ubuntouristjelkner, Amina's here20:00
inana_16jelkner, I'm on planning now20:03
jelknerinana_16, my bad20:03
jelkneri'm meeting with amina20:03
inana_16maybe tomorrow?20:04
jelkneri forgot i had that until ubuntourist reminded me20:04
jelknerhow about after?20:04
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aminaHi everyone! Has anyone here used React js?20:06
jelknerSITarabuta, zOnny, abuchholz, could one of you please answer amina's question?20:06
SITarabutaOh boy React JS ;-)20:06
SITarabutaI have not touched that yet, sorry!20:07
zOnnyme neither20:07
abuchholzit does look like they have good documentation
aminaWhat kind of front end development do we use at NOVA web development?20:09
SITarabutaWe use a raw stack of HTML + CSS + JavaScript / JQuery where necessary. Bootstrap would be a framework that we include everyone that just makes CSS styles nicer.20:10
SITarabutaSo not that raw because of Bootstrap20:10
SITarabutaBut otherwise mostly raw ;-)20:10
SITarabutaeverywhere* not everyone haha20:10
SITarabutaI would say it limits us most of the time because we can't do cool dynamic pages, but it keeps things simple, fast, and bugs free most of the time.20:11
SITarabutaamina, I hope that answers your question.20:11
aminaYes, it does. Thank you!20:14
zOnnyamina: React components are awesome and when u combine them with django there is probably no other need for any other javascript library, literaly or even a front end framework. 20:18
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ubuntourist!remind Make LitteBrother post agenda to the IRClogs.20:46
"Make LitteBrother post agenda to the IRClogs." added to message queue20:46
jelknerinana_16, i'm on planning now20:56
jelknerinana_16, still here?20:57
SITarabutaCan I have Louis' email address? I have to create a Business Tracker account for him and I don't want to misspell it :/21:11
SITarabutanvm ^21:18
zOnnyjelkner:  are u around?21:37
zOnnyubuntourist: are you around?21:38
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ubuntouristzOnny, Around.21:47
zOnnyubuntourist: please21:47
jelknerACTION signs off for the day22:45
jelkneri'll be on *early* tomorrow ;-)22:45

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